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The Sonozaki Estate

An organization from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Description[edit | edit source]

One of the "Three Syndicates" mafias that operate in Coolsville and Paris.

More open than your average criminal organization, they hold power in their Yakuza-like operations and their strong political ties that make them highly untouchable. They also run and operate civilian establishments such as Angel Mort.

Among their ranks, of most notability is Kiryu Kazuma, who climbed their ranks and rose to the status of legend with his accomplishments.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally based on Hinamizawa, the Sonozaki held many members of the family on high positions on the country, overtaking the region around Hinamizawa by having the family control many establishments in it. Due to their immense power, many rumors about them were born, and Ooishi Kuraudo has never let down the chase on taking them down for their crimes, no matter the means necessary.

Eventually, the head of the family was moved to Coolsville and established their main house there, starting their campaign for influence in the city, and becoming a feared and respected group there as well, forming many connections with power to make opponents stay back.

Due to a feud between the Sonozaki and the Matou Family, Sonozaki Oryou, the then matriarch of the group and a figure of unparalleled cunning and ruthlessness, orchestrated the demise of the Matou, a group she had labelled as fundamentally evil. Under her directive, the family's forces led by Steven Sonozaki and Shimano Futoshi attacked the Matou, and massacred them. Amidst the carnage, Matou Zouken whispered vows of retribution, as Steven killed the Matou Boss due to a misunderstanding caused by the presence of a young Kiryu Kazuma.

After Oryou's passing, since Akane was still forbidden from becoming the next family head, she successfully rallied for her husband, Steven, to become the next patriarch. This sent the Sonozaki into a prosperous era thanks to his unparalleled might.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

Quickly rising to strongest mafia in Coolsville soon after it's establishment, it's all owed to the next patriarch Steven, who brought a revolution not only to the family, but the world of combat arts as a whole, and developed the feared Sonozaki-style Aikido. Every member was trained to some degree in Aikido from a young age, and the family quickly gained respect through fists, though many feared retaliation from Steven himself if they dared attack.

The Sonozaki and Shimano families were once allied long ago, however when Futoshi's desire for power and money grew too great in conflict with Steven's ideals, they had a falling out, and since then have become bitter enemies.

One of Steven's disciples, Kiryu Kazuma, was bound to rise within the ranks, but he was arrested for a murder, killing the mother of Kariya's niece, whom both often treated as a little sister, since she was going to experience the inhuman Matou practices. As the years pass, Kariya formed his own family, and around the time Kiryu is released, started an insurrection within the Sonozaki, aided by the nefarious Sudou Tatsuzou and his keyboard smuggling ring, who had his own motives. Jill Stingray, Kiryu and Kariya's orphanage sibling and childhood friend, was revealed to hold the key to the smuggling operation, so a hunt for her begun, but at the climax of the conflict she allowed the Sonozaki to fight back. Kazuma would arrive to the top of the Millennium Tower and atop it fight both Kariya and Sudou, defeating them. But Sudou would then reveal his betrayal, attempting to shoot Kiryu and Jill's son, only for Jill to take the shot instead, pushing Kariya over the edge. The violent conflict ended with the explosion at the top of the Millennium Tower that destroyed both keyboards, Sudou and and one of Steven's disciples.

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

After the death of the patriarch, the heir Mion (along with Shion) take over the family, and decide to take a stake in the world of wrestling like many other mafias by taking over the locker room of Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

As Mion and Shion decide to strengthen their legam business, the factions of the family grow worried about the turf war with Mafia City and the Sonozaki Family's lack of participation, until they grow discontent enough that they reject Mion and Shion as the heirs and start rebelling. After a failed assassination attempt at the "demon princess" Akane, she and her daughters run away with the Ceremonial Handbell, which without no heir is legitimate, making the different factions unable to do anything but butt heads with each other as they won't acknowledge the succession otherwise. Having taken over the Sonozaki Estate, the divergent factions now hunting the family down include the Sumadera Family led by Kyrie, and the revived Matou Family, led by Matou Kieran.

Known Members[edit | edit source]