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A character from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Demon Princess' Loved Triangle[edit | edit source]

Akane is the daughter of Oryou, head of the Sonozaki Family, who disowned her after a certain incident (likely related to her marriage with a yakuza boss). Despite appearances, she keeps a good relationship with the family. Kasai Tatsuyoshi and her husband were friends who both were in love with her, but Kasai ended up losing and became a simp.

The mother of Shion and Mion. She is an energetic and dynamic woman whose personality is like her daughters combined. She doesn't spend much time in the Sonozaki Main House, since she and her mother aren't supposed to be on good terms (but she swings-by now and then to drink tea). She and Ooishi are on bad terms, but secretly, every year she gives personally-grown flowers and gifts to the grave of Ooishi's fallen friend.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

She is the mother of Mion and Shion, and the wife of Steven Sonozaki.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Following the death of her husband, as is befitting the woman of such a powerful man, she stood strong without letting a single tear be seen, and started preparing her daughters to become the following successors.

Episode 6

Kasai knocks on the backdoor of the Angel Mort, and a Sonozaki mook opens the door–safer to not be seen by customers, he says. Inside, Akane, Mion, Shion, and Leo Shishigami all greet Kiryu after so long. Kiryu didn't initially know the Sonozaki Family operated Angel Mort, but he's heard much about the place from the orphanage kids, and Shion intersects that it's all thanks to her genius: she worked part-time on the first Angel Mort operated by her uncle, and after 'spicing it up' with the uniforms and Leo's idea for the menu, it became such a huge success that all their uncles and distant relatives wanted to run a joint! Mion grunts that she helped too, and Leo was surprised at being able to come up with a dessert menu since his specialty was mixing drinks. Kiryu says Steven would be proud for them to find such an ingenious way for legitimate Yakuza business, but Akane's mood changes drastically... the reason they are on the run is because many of the subsidiary families joined due to the late Steven's unmatched strength and charisma, and are not pleased with the civil direction of the family instead of fighting in the turf war against Mafia City, and have not accepted Mion and Shion even with Akane teaching them. Such groups have banded together under the Sumadera Family and diverted away. Because of an assassination attempt on Akane which forces her to be carried by Leo, Mion blames themselves for not keeping them in a tighter leash, and Shion should've never trusted that bitch Kyrie... Kiryu can hardly believe someone who has helped the family for so long would do this. But Akane believes they can tough it out as long as they have the Ceremonial Handbell used to declare the next head of the family, for their lack of unity will make them claw each other's throats to take power, as succession won't be acknowledged otherwise. All of these things happening, Kiryu blames himself for all of them, from leaving the family before making sure they could succeed safely, to throwing the weight of declaring them the next heads on such young shoulders, Kiryu blames his lack of responsibility, but Mion, Shion and Akane protest that he's being foolish and speaking nonsense while being too hard on himself.

Suddenly, it seems the customers are making too much of a ruckus when Shion realizes they aren't really customers. The yakuza guarding the door staps Kiryu in the name of the Matou Family, shocking Akane as they were supposedly disbanded long ago. As Kiryu reminisces about Kariya, a strangely familiar yet unknown voices says the Matou Family were forcefully disbanded and distributed across other families, but never forgot their hatred for the Dragon of Kojima. Akane is shocked when that man appears, and after him comes another ghost, Hayashi Hiroshi appears to tell Kiryu how good a job Kieran's been doing, since it's his brother's kid after all. The man that shared Kiryu's Way of the Virgin having a secret son is beyond shocking to Kiryu, with Kieran telling him his 10 years in the joint must've gotten him senile unless his father really didn't tell him, but either way, he's here to make the Sonozaki Family respected again. Kasai orders Leo to protect the family while he supports Kiryu, who steels himself to face Kariya's son since it's what Steven would do.

Even with all his years of hardwork, Hayashi and Kieran fall while stating this isn't the end. After escaping to the next safehouse, Akane tells Kiryu that the Sonozaki Estate has fallen too and they've taken it as stronghold, Kiryu cursing their lack of honor. Almost everyone decides to rest for the time being, and Akane walks up to the restless Kiryu despite her injuries, since she's the widow of Steven Sonozaki after all. Kiryu's reunion with Kariya was shortlived after his 10 years, so he probably doesn't know, but his restless effort to climb the Sonozaki ranks led him to marry the daughter of the Sumadera patriarch, Sumadera Kasumi—a calculated, strategic arranged marriage. Unexpectedly, the Sumadera patriarch was found hanged in his room, so the role was passed to his eldest daughter, Kyrie, and Kasumi & her future son were banished. When they lost sight of them, Akane figured the civilian life would be good for them, but for Kieran to join the yakuza again... Kiryu never knew, after he lost Kariya and her, he just tried to forget... so Akane tells Kiryu to stop blaming everything on himself and rest.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

The Sonozaki Estate houses some of the Dragon of Kojima's allies, discussing the current situation. Date Kaname laments at how he never changes, always recklessly risking himself, and now his higher ups won't even let him keep tabs on him. But Akane says the secrecy makes sense; with how the media's been treating him, his higher ups might want to keep the friendship between the Dragon of Kojima and a high-ranked agent from making rumors. And Kasai thinks they've probably moved him to a secure place where a guy like him couldn't escape anytime he wanted, although of course his guilty conscience would never allow him to do such a thing. But still, Date can't help but feel utterly useless; he promised he'd clear Jackson's name, and still has nothing to show for it!

Mizuki barges into the room to tell Date to stop complaining, whom he though was busy "being a teenager" with Mion and Shion, but she reiterates that the only angsty 14yo is himself. Following her in, Mion finds it weird that Mizuki calls him "Date" while being Date herself, but Shion smugly theorizes she must call him "papa" whenever they are alone, which Mizuki tries to deny as lies, yet Aiba suddenly announces there's no lie to be found, making Mizuki threaten to stuff her back in Date's socket, which Aiba claims wouldn't be very entertaining since she'd just solve all his problems in a jiffy. The situation makes Akane smirk as someone else around also never changes.

Still, Akane thanks Kiryu from the bottom of her heart; when they were in a pinch, Kiryu singlehandedly ended the nightmarish situation they had been living for weeks, facing an entire clan alone without any regard for himself, Akane can't understate what a man he is... Date despondently agrees. Their mission is clear, as Akane proclaims they must save Kiryu... from himself. Date warns that Kyrie and Rudolf are still out there, which Akane agrees as she bets they're already on the move, which is why they can't lag behind, so she went and got in contact with someone who's willing to help. A shivering person complains about how damn cold the place is, as Yamai Yutaka enters the room and wonders why she didn't chose a more candid place (like a candlelight dinner), and although Date is unsure from his past allegations, Yamai points out they are "past" since the Dragon wiped them, and besides, they were never direct subordinates of the Sumaderas since it was merely a small business agreement (that fell apart). He reminisces that back in Steven's days the underworld was good and all, but right now there's more lucrative deals for an independent family such as his'.

As far as Kyrie goes anyways, he just joined since she'd let him have Akane if the coup was successful; he knows a devoted widow would never be with scum like him otherwise. Akane snidely calls him disgusting, but Yamai relishes the insult, Kasai joining in to appreciate him being a man of culture, and Date adding that Akane is, after all, very attractive, explaining why a powerful man like Steven fell for her... Mizuki offers to slap them, but Mion instead tells Shion to get "it", as she diligently goes to get her taser, to Date's dismay. Kyrie herself, Yamai reflects, isn't half bad, but isn't quite ripe yet for another five-to-ten years, and that pinch of malice adds the perfect spice, Date comprehending the appeal and adding that she has a great bone structure to boot!

Coughing back into topic, Akane admits she's been deep in thinking, wondering what could've caused her to take the risk; not just the betrayal, but having no contingency, which is uncharacteristic of her. She wouldn't do anything without having extreme confidence in its success, and there's no way she didn't take the Dragon of Kojima's return into account. It's gotta be something in her sleeve, Kasai assures, and it'll be a problem until they deal with it. Date brusquely changes the topic to the Matou Family; wondering if they are legit, and why would they be after Kiryu. Kasai responds that it's too long a story, but they consist of not only old members and fanatics, but also remnants of other families and gangs: Shimano Family, Evolution, even those who worked under "Il Drago". Basically, any enemy of Kiryu is free to join them. A family that was once a cornerstone of the clan, now reduced to a machine moved by pure hatred... but it's to be expected, considering the man who considers himself Kiryu's archenemy, Hayashi Hiroshi, is not only prominent in their business and their de-facto leader, but mentoring Kieran and nurturing his hatred... he must hope that Kieran's hatred grows strong enough, that through hard work a foe worthy of ending the Dragon once and for all will be born. Apparently, Akane heard he came to the Sumadera clan himself, but why, considering Kyrie is responsible for his mother's fate in the first place. Akane wonders, if maybe his hatred stems from his mother's obsession with Kariya, who abandoned them because he only had eyes for Jill Stingray... only to have her "stolen" by Kiryu, Kasai finishes.

Finally Date understands, Kieran is suffering from some sort of intergenerational, father-to-son cuck rage... that's a great idea, actually. Date begins salivating wondering if there's any online stuff like that (like the, uh, "husbandry" videos he keeps at home), and hastily asks Aiba if she can jump in for a sec for some important research–ZAP!–one too many chances, Shion remarks; Mizuki asks to let her do him next, but Mion wisely tells her kouhai to wait until he wakes up.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
5 Falls
Ooishi Kuraudo & Sonozaki Akane

Takano Miyo & Kasai Tatsuyoshi

Win Game: Higurashi Daybreak
Ooishi Kuraudo & Sonozaki Akane

Tomitake Jirou & Irie Kyousuke

Maebara Keiichi & Houjou Satoko

Ooishi Kuraudo & Sonozaki Akane

Royal Rumble
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