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A character from Yakuza.

Galaxy Brain Shimano[edit | edit source]

Shaves his head so that all of his plans can fit in there.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

Shimano is the patriarch of the Shimano Family, a Coolsville based mafia who has lately been working together with part of Coolsville's government, especially being involved with The President.

Episode 2

Majima is happy to finally prove his worth by winning the TFR Championship, but his boss is less than happy to see him going out of his way when given orders. It seems he didn't learn from Saejima's example, and forgot his real mission. And, there's only one requirement for those in the Shimano family... that he will be made to fulfill. As he screams and begs for mercy, Heavyweight and Charles show up to act on his rectification... his head was shaven bald. After they are done, the two lackeys go with Shimano to hear about some job for them.

Episode 7

On a meeting at the president's office, Shimano congratulates the president Hazz Maticus for the success of Coolsville Hills and the increased area control. Hazz refers to him as a master of street knowledge and a truly trusty man for his decisions, as well as being the fists of this government. Were it not for a strong-armed man as him, The Armstrong Surge and The Yeagerists would have driven this city to the ground, and that's exactly why Hazz wants to nominate the patriarch of the strongest mafia as his second-in-command.

Shimano only has to say that from now on, his men will keep doing their best to support the city's growth, but one day, Hazz not only will be the most powerful man in the world, but the Shimano Family will stand at his side. Hazz acknowledges him as the only man capable of standing toe-to-toe with the Sonozaki Family, a man who ought to pay Shimano for what he did in the past, but Hazz affirms that even a man of his strength will be powerless as Coolsville will under their iron fist.

Episode 8

In the past, when Shimano was threatening Cagist for some information he dealt and was about to shave his head "beyond bald", Steven Sonozaki showed up and stopped him, saving the Cagist's life by heroically stalling Shimano with all his might.

In the Shimano Family HQ, Shimano greets and thanks Ruber for his loyalty and his work on keeping the Yeagerists in check, having them disperse in time when the cops arrived to watch Eren's match. Shimano has been using the Yeagerists as front and controlling them against Hazz, and Ruber appreciates a man who has a plan.

Heavyweight arrives with the hitlist for their next jobs, and after scolding him for his attitude, Heavyweight informs Shimano that the president's name is in it for some reason. However, Shimano laughs at the fact that his very own son requested for his death. Being the second-in-command, Hazz is less than useless, and Shimano thanks Heavyweight for bringing him the list... and bringing himself as man for the job, as he can't think as anyone more perfect; Shimano puts Heavyweight in charge of the job, to the latter's dismay.

Episode 9

The TV Newscaster announces further reports about the "Eden of Coolsville Incident" and the reported assassination of President Maticus. Coolsville's Governor Deid Mann announces from the establishment's front that he's saddened about the president's sudden passing at his eighth year of mandate, and that although they didn't always agree he has surely done his best to develop the country in his career; While Coolsville's police solves the case, Chuck's will remain closed. Chuck's Suck & Fuck's Manager Vergil also has to comment on the situation that they could not prevent this due to their lack of power, and all the blame remains on them; but Chuck's will keep on sucking and be back soon enough.

Turning the TV off, a mook Joe congratulates the success of the hit, and Shimano rejoices at the final stage of their plan. That old man always had the power but he was never man enough to stand up to his family and they needed them to protect his ass, but this "muscle" had brains behind it all along. Now their last obstacle is the Sonozaki Family, and Futoshi's feud with Steven will soon be settled for good.

However, Joe also informs Shimano about Majima's truck, which leaves him dumbfounded as he didn't order any of it. Shimano ponders about the state of his subordinates, Joe leaving a strand of hair in his head, Chales disappearing, Heavyweight acting too cocky, and Majima not even acting under him... but, they are all disposable after all.

Episode 11

Shimano observes the city from the top of Coolsville Hills and plots how it will soon be his-along with the entire country. He can't let anyone catch wind just yet, and that's why he orders Joe to cut all ties to Heavyweight and his collapsing underground porn scheme, so that the bill he planted cannot be traced back. Joe informs him that Heisenberg owes a huge sum and has failed in his monthly payment, and so Shimano orders him to get the Shimano Family's ultimate punishment and blessing.

Episode 12

7 years in the past Shimano became friends with Charles "Chuck" Tamzarian, the owner of the Eden of Coolsville, and it was also there where he eventually became acquainted with President Hazz Maticus, a relationship both seek to profit from. When Hazz decided to go forwards with his Coolsville Hills project, he came to Shimano for funding, and the two developed a complex network of profit; Vitalik, the then recently hired manager of TFR, had done business with Shimano in the past while working for Bogdanoff Industries when he acquire an ungodly amount of razors and scissors for his schemes, and decided to include him into the scheme of Hazz. Vitalik readily accepted as it was always his plan to profit at TFR's expense until it's ruin.

Hazz invests some money in Chuck's, whose profits are sent to Vitalik, he multiplies such money through betting, and those return to Cum Bucket, who gives the cash to Hazz at the club. The Eden of Coolsville also became part of Heavyweight's porno ring, bringing in even more profit.

However, Shimano had his own reservations about Chuck's, being a link to him and also the first place where he and Steven had their first conflict; so it's current state was no accident. Once he had seized control, he planned to support The Bogdanoffs' new business franchise, but the deal got delayed since Deid Mann got in the way, and the Bogdanoffs refused to put a hit on him until his term was over and he was out of the spotlight.

Episode 13[edit | edit source]

Shimano and Steven meet in person for the first time in ages. Since Steven is a kind man with all kinds of people (and he even was in an all-black band before drummer Dwight got arrested) he's willing to listen to his peace propositions. Shimano tries to intimidate with his political power for him to leave with the Sonozaki Family at the end of the week, but with the Aikido that guides his body and soul, Steven doesn't fear any kind of Shimano's powers. Seeing his kindness rejected, Shimano calls his goons, and in turn Steven gives the signal to enter to several cops (and Date) from Coolsville Police Department lead by BSAA Captain Chris Redfield, which surprises Shimano but quickly brushes it off as more of his troops are on the way along with the now fully bent to his will Yeagerists.

As BSAA, Chris tries to pin bioterrorism charges on him for taking the top-secret object his team has been searching, which amuses him as he didn't even know what it was. He had given it to Hazz to guarantee his place as his right-hand shortly before his death, and still holds the key to the safe. Chris calls him nothing but a filthy betrayer who has accomplished nothing, and the comrades he has caused to lose give him power to defeat even God; but Shimano calls him incompetent if he lost so many people he would have to take on Shimano, as only a man with nothing left to lose would do something that stupid. But Chris has enough talk of his stupid ideals, and they take their shirts off to make punches do the talking.

Chris, Kiryu and Steven are backed into a corner by the sheer numbers of the Shimano family, until Kasai arrives with two truckloads of reinforcements after being delayed defending the Sonozaki State with Leo. Kasai and Steven mow down the enemy forces, while Kiryu and Chris deliver a deadly double punch to Shimano, Chris loses it for a moment, but Kiryu reminds him no matter how many of his friends Shimano has killed, as a main character he can't afford to stoop to his level, and Chris just takes the key as him and Kiryu turn around for the police to take care of him. Suddenly, Shimano draws out a hidden Keyboard and throws it at Kiryu, but Steven blocks it, and Shimano intends to throw one at Chris, before suddenly being shot in the head by an unknown assailant, which Chris chalks up to a stray bullet.

This character is Dead

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Ironman 30'
Spazz Maticus (5-12) Win Spazz Wrestling Training VI
Ironman 30'
Extreme Rules
Steven Sonozaki (5-4) Lose
W0 L1 -1
4 5 P
Stage: The Past
No-DQ Chris Redfield Lose
W0 L2 -2
4 6 P
Note: Quality short match. Boulder Smash 1-2-3