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Description[edit | edit source]

The Shimano Family was a Coolsville-based yakuza clan led by patriarch Shimano Futoshi. One of the main aspects of the group is the disposition to having most of their members have a shaved head.

They provide multiple services, be it illegal goods, to doing several kinds of jobs including assassination.

History[edit | edit source]

The group was established long ago by Futoshi as subsidiary to a bigger organization.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

They were formerly allies with the Sonozaki Family, until the then young Futoshi and Steven Sonozaki came to a moral dispute on their desires, and Shimano turned into their bitter rivals.

Thanks to Futoshi's wits, it grew exponentially and made itself grand connections both to the normal world and underworld. Among their infamous business partners were The Bogdanoff Twins (whose transaction for razors and scissors led him to meet Vitalik) and the Eden of Coolsville whose owner became Futoshi's friend and received protection. Eventually, subordinates were allowed to start business of their own, such as Majima Constructions, and most notably Heavyweight's underground porno ring which became involved with various sex shops, hostess clubs, photographers, TV producers, and more, creating a network under Futoshi's very own.

Such connections allowed them to have anything anyone could request, but their greatest weapon was their availability of Porno Mags, contraband good which had become quite rare since the president's term began.

To further their goals and power, they also formed a hitman agency where they would only accept requests that benefit them in some ways.

Their status even got President Maticus to initiate a partnership with them, when he decided to use their network to fund Coolsville Hills and eventually become close presidential allies working for him in as security.

However, Futoshi's plans didn't stop there, as he desired to take Hazz's power for himself, and although taking out the old man wasn't part of his plan, it made things more convenient. With that, he only had to cut loose ends, such as cutting all ties with Chuck's, and letting Heavyweight get caught when his porn ring started to fall.

As the an unavoidable conflict stirs between between Shimano's forces and Steven's, negotiations quickly fall through and surprise agents join both sides (Yeagerists and CPD agents (including Chris Redfield) joining each side, respectively). The tide is in Shimano's favor until Kasai Tatsuyoshi arrives with reinforcements after having successfully defended the Sonozaki Estate. Just when Kiryu Kazuma about defeated Futoshi, he turns around and his life rests in peril when Futoshi pulls out a keyboard that Steven ends up taking, and Futoshi is shot in the head by an unknown assailant, which Redfield chalk up to a stray bullet.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

The fate of the Shimano family afterwards is clouded, at least one known count of a member joined the Amon Clan, but Mafia City claims to have absorbed many of their remains.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Details
Extreme Rules
Piers Nivans & Enrico Marini Lose 0 0 1 Members: Heavyweight & Charles
Ichiban's Party Win 1 0 1