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The player character in Tsukihime.

The Cutting Scar Marked by Death[edit | edit source]

A fairly normal high school student most of the time. Due to his close brush with death, he is not overly concerned about dying, and instead seeks to cherish every moment of his life - 'just living is enough' is his perspective on life. He is playful with his sister Akiha and the maids Hisui and Kohaku, and not at all above exchanging jibes with his best friend and classmate Inui Arihiko or pleasantries with his senpai Ciel. He's entirely capable of being serious in a serious situation, and just as often flustered or embarrassed. His personality is one of that who is slightly mean to those he loves. He is also a very, very heavy sleeper, to such a point that Hisui is unable to awaken him.

He has a darker side, that of his instincts, skills buried deep within capable of manifesting themselves in dire situations. Although not on the level of an alternate personality, his other side is the highly trained killer within him and thus is much colder. Shiki is filled with a desire to not only kill but ruin and defile, and instinctual knowledge on how to do it. He becomes all to eager to take advantage of girls in this condition.

At age 9, he was involved in a life-threatening accident, which led to anemic symptoms and left him with a large scar on his chest. Due to these symptoms, he suffers from frequent collapsing and fainting. In addition to the physical problems, the accident also caused Shiki's eyes to develop a peculiar ability, the ability to see lines superimposed on objects and people. If Shiki traces these lines with a sharp tool, the object immediately falls apart along them regardless of the amount of force used. Upon discovery of this ability, Shiki understood how destructive it was and how fragile the world around him could be. Because his eyes would not return to normal, the realization began to gnaw at him. a few days after his time in the hospital, he ran outside and met Aoko Aozaki. Aoko (whom Shiki decided to call Sensei) comforted him during the next few days. Shiki was eager to impress Aoko, thus he demonstrated the ability of his eyes by destroying a tree. Aoko reprimanded him by slapping him and explained to him that what he had done was unjust. Aoko later provided a pair of magical glasses which, when worn, removed the lines from sight.

Because of his poor health, Shiki was removed from the Tohno household by his father, Makihisa, despite being the eldest son of the family. Instead, he was sent to live with a distant branch of the Tohno family named Arima. He frequented the practice of doctor Jinan Sougen during this time, and once had his first sexual experience with his daughter, Jinan Tokie. Shiki was called back to the Tohno mansion after eight years of absence due to Makihisa's death, called back by his younger sister, Akiha. Although he had not seen his sister in those eight years, she has grown into a proper lady of a high-class family, and after removing all of the family residents and servants of the mansion except for a pair of maids, had chosen to invite him to return.

In G1 Nonstop Infinite Climax[edit | edit source]

G1/Season 1[edit | edit source]

In The Final Rumble[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

A cool, well-natured guy who joined G1's trainee program as a scouted Young Lion, and has real keen instincts for wrestling.

Episode 7

Antonio Inoki welcomes Ushiromiya Battler to his office and asks him to take a seat. He notices he brought company, and recalls she must be Kinzo's youngest grandchild, asking if he got her name right, but Ange's too shy to answer. Anyway, Inoki wants to be the first to welcome Battler to G1 Nonstop Infinite Climax, where G1 stands for "Grade 1", as they pride themselves on selecting the best of the best in fighters and athletes, true warriors who embody the spirit of professional wrestling, the supreme martial art. He sees that spark in Battler, but things may be a little different from the "sports-entertainment" he's used to, so he'll be placing him in the Young Lions program.

Before Inoki can continue further, an energetic woman bursts into the room wondering something, before cutting herself and saying this must be the new guy everyone's talking about, and came with a little cutie pie in tow. A brash woman also enters, telling the other woman to stop pretending she didn't come see the new teenage guy, but the energetic woman throws it right back at her. A cool woman wants them to knock it off, but the brash woman tells her to not act so high-and-mighty just because he's seen "more summers than a ruler's seen inches", and the energetic woman adds that he must be "six years past expiration for her standards". The cool woman becomes exacerbated by them attacking in sync, and then a whore arrives aiming directly for him, causing Ange to grunt profusely, and the energetic, brash, and cool women's killing intent to flare up.

Finally, Inoki tells Aozaki he's been considering her proposal, but for now... all of them need to get the hell out of his office. Inoki apologizes, as he can see they have a very talented fledgling women's division, but in the current climate women's wrestling isn't economically feasible. Back on topic, he'll be in The Young Lions program, and just then one of his fellows arrives. He introduces himself as Shiki Tohno, and Inoki tells Battler that Tohno-kun will be showing Battler the ropes... literally.

Episode 9[edit | edit source]

After 680 Hindu squats, Battler starts wondering if Mr. Inoki might not have liked their match, but Shiki (who's ahead at 747) heard he was really impressed and wonders if they didn't make them train this hard from where he came from, but before Battler can explain they just made them play video games and watch Neil deGrasse Tyson videos, coach Guile hammers it in for them to continue. Once Battler's done, Solid Snake appears after hearing him complaining and asks him a question: What do you think the most important aspect of pro wrestling is? What should your goal be as a professional wrestler? The first thing that comes to Battler's head is to entertain fans, but with a stern face Snake affirms that it's wrong; it's to be the strongest. He recounts the story of Inoki's mentor, Rikidōzan, tragic death after a chance encounter with a yakuza, and how it motivated Inoki to make people respect pro-wrestling, so that even a yakuza would think twice before challenging a wrestler. Battler is left completely shocked at all this which he knew little about.

A reporter appears to tell Snake that there's a representative from Sony waiting, and since Inoki left and he's the most tenured guy backstage she thought of coming to him. Koto with him, but he didn't seem happy to be made to wait, so Snake obliges and leaves it to Guile. Taking from where Snake left, Guile's lesson will be just that, and the only way to learn Strong Style is to experience it. Guile summons Sagara Sousuke, a fellow Young Lion. Before Battler can head to the ring, Guile stop him, because there will be no match—the fight is happening right here, right now.

With that done, they are all dismissed. Battler claims to be sore in ways he didn't know he could be, but Tohno tells him he'll get used to it. Telling everyone they worked good, Chidori Kaname appears and meets Battler, the new guy she's heard of. He wonders if she's one of the female wrestlers, but she claims she just helps backstage because Sousuke's her...uh...classmate. Then Sousuke claims he's her bodyguard, and Chidori calls him out for blurting out something against OpSec just like that. Battler is intrigued by what she meant, but she apologizes that they aren't at liberty to say and must think of of them as weirdos now, yet Battler apologizes instead for prying since he understand everyone's got their circumstances. She thanks Battler and asks to not spread that fact around, and also to Mr. Fly-on-the-wall Shiki, who claims to know better than to incur her rage, but when she wonders what exactly he meant by that, he quickly points out Sousuke is wearing the clothes she got for him, and upon noticing asks the three if they agree that they look cool on him. Battler and Shiki quickly dismissively agree, while Sousuke goes on a long tactical appraisal tangent, exasperating Chidori until she interrupts him wishing for him to reply like a regular person for once.

Episode 10

While silently leaving the office, Shiki greets Battler, asking if his first paycheck was everything he dreamed of. Responding disappointedly, Shiki at least says they'll rank up from peanuts to something respectable once they graduate. It's not like he needs the extra money, having his expenses paid and even an allowance (thought most of it goes to Ange's McDonalds), but out of the blue, Shiki offers to get Battler into a place he moonlights at, although he asks to keep it secret. Though Battler's reaction is expected, Shiki reassures it's nothing fishy or illegal, it's just better if certain people here are kept in the dark. If it's something like that... Battler agrees to go in, so Shiki says he'll explain once they meet after the show next week.

Episode 11: Mystery at Club Vesuvio[edit | edit source]

.....Club Vesuvio? Did Shiki take him to an italian restaurant? At some point in time, Shiki explains to Battler, it was, but since the Soprano Family left and no longer used it as meeting spot, the owner had to reopen it as a host club. While still puzzled, at first Battler guesses keeping their working here secret must be to keep the older guys from busting their balls, but much contrary, Shiki reminds Battler of his run-in with Aoko-sensei and the others, at which point Battler finally understands. He still asks if they are really that dangerous, but Shiki admits in actuality they're quite harmless despite putting on an act (save for D.Va, one should steer clear from ever being near her, for health risks) and hopelessly awkward when it comes to romance; they're too proud to ever come to a host club, but if they found out their work, that pride would instantly crumble. It'd be too much stimulation for them, and something inside them would doubtless awaken. With a vivid enough picture of the premenopause apocalypse in his mind, Battler absolutely promises not to tell. Next to the entrance is normal-looking japanese teen who greets Shiki and asks if that's the guy he mentioned, but before anything else, Shiki notices his red hands asks why Emiya looks like he killed someone. The apron-clad teen recounts that he and Artie made a display cake earlier with industrial food coloring, but within the hour someone knocked it off, and with how staining the stuff is, he, Yukari, and the bartender (and Artie too, for a bit between meltdowns) spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning. Shiki can only imagine the mood of Artie, but if Yukari had to help and got her clothes ruined, their only hope is praying... Thankfully, he comments, they had enough aprons to avoid clothing stains, but all their hands ended stained, so her mood's still pretty bad. Only stuff that gets rid of it is bleach or alcohol, but since they lack the one that they can actually touch and they're about to open for the night, it's tough luck. After Shiki thanks him for the warning, he apologizes for rambling without manners and introduces himself as Emiya Shirou, and Battler likewise while also asking if he's one of the hosts, but Emiya thinks he'd rather die on the spot than run into the chance of someone he knows like Fuji-nee walking in on him sweet-talking older women for money. Instead, he's just a cook working since when it was a honest restaurant (as honest as a mafia hangout can be). Out of options for delaying the inevitable, Shiki guides Battler in.

For about 2 seconds Yukari is polite, until realizing it's just Tohno. She wonders who's his fruity friend and asks if he's finally taking male clients, but after a sardonic greeting, Shiki mentions he was on his way to talk to Artie and The Bartender to see about getting him a job, which Yukari smugly replies that he's got the metrosexual look down and even got the 'fairy saunter', a surefire hit with those 'dried up battle-axes'. Battler attempts to calmly greet her, but she continues that he walked in here with his Queer Eye ensemble already on, which tells her everything she needs to know, namely that he could suck a golfball through a garden hose. But since he insists, her name is Takeba Yukari, and she's the receptionist who looks pretty so that the desperate hags feel extra insecure when they spend the evening here. After that, Battler does one last attempt at getting his name across, but it's instantly shut down. Next up is meeting Artie.

Screaming again, Artie Bucco wonders where The Bartender had been, but she tells him to sue her if just washing hands is against the rules now. She asks if he thinks the guy will work out, but he's exasperated since he lacks any idea of how "this" works and throws it back at her, so The Bartender points that he's pretty tall compared to Tohno and Matou and not dressed too shabby, so Artie gives the go ahead. The Bartender turns to Battler, and says that he gets points for making her job easier since his outfit is good enough. Next she asks if he's alright with talking to older women, which he addledly nods to since he's 'talking to her right now after all', which instantly has her take away the bonus points. Either way, all their clients are pushovers, so even if he's a wet towel personality-wise, his looks will carry him. Until he's called, The Bartender tells him to wait in the locker room and bleed his lizard or whatever he needs to do to freshen up. Ignoring the strange remark, Battler moves on.

Part 2

Now that he's just waiting, Battler admits his previous calmness is getting swept in nerve, to the point he kinda hopes he isn't picked at all. Amidst Battler's tension, another host, a young man with blue seaweed-looking hair, haughtily addresses Battler as the "newbie everyone's talking about", although he doesn't see what the big deal is. Battler introduces himself, which makes the guy's expression drop, as he has to do a double take to ask if he's part of those Ushiromiya from the Ushiromiya Group who have a mountain of gold, but Battler claims he's never personally seen his grandfather's gold. As if in response, the man introduces himself as Matou Shinji, as in those Matou who struck fear across Japan and Coolsville, AND the #1 host in the establishment, so Battler should just fall in line and stay out of his way. Battler casually waves him off, as Shiki comes out in his work clothes; without glasses and wearing a loose-fitting shirt which displays his surprisingly toned body (and a large scar across his chest), it comes to shock Battler a little, making Shiki jokingly exclaim it's a roundabout way of saying he's normally a geek, but Battler throws back that those were his choice of words. Shinji addresses Shiki to "advice" him in telling his friend to show some respect, so Shiki turns around to congratulate Battler on figuring Shinji's bullshit by himself, Shinji protesting at such a claim, but Shiki dismissively continues that despite being a dick he's not that bad once you get used to him, annoying him even further at being ignored. Since they're coming up, Shiki asks Battler for his gameplan, who was thinking of going for something like <Good evening, madam.> and then to finish, <See you again. Have a nice day!>. The choice of using english has Shiki nervously looking away and Shinji calling him a clown as he laughs, but Battler isn't discouraged. From outside the locker room, Artie calls 'Nanaya', Shiki's stage name, up, and next The Bartender calls the "new guy", leaving Shinji in complete disbelief and outrage.

Part 3

As he goes into another meltdown, The Detective explains to Artie that someone has been buying Google Play Cards, utterly untraceable technology, using the customers' credit cards, but they've traced the transaction to the locale's computers. Artie shouts that he's not closing up so he can conduct an investigation without a warrant, but the Detective is just giving him the chance to solve this in-house because, from the way the culprit has it set up, they're splitting the customer's transactions between his club and these cards, so it's only him being defrauded. Optionless, Artie calls Yukari to gather everyone for a meeting, even thought she was just about to leave.

Battler can't believe things are going so wrong in just his first day. Most of all, Artie is flabbergasted that after being so good to them, they PAY HIM BACK WITH NONSTOP ASSRAPE!?!?!? Emiya tries to calm him down since it must be a misunderstanding, but the Detective cuts him short since it's traced to the club's network for the past several weeks, so it narrows it down to some employee. His best course of action, he suggests, is to put the person with an impregnable alibi to lead the investigation―Artie of course suggests himself first, but to his dismay Togusa says that he's not necessarily free of suspicion. Battler decides to speak up to say that it's his first day not only working but visiting here, as strong an alibi as it gets, and that he'll "do it". When asked if he has any experience, he mentions he's read a bunch of detective novels and was part of the "Elite Enigmas", prompting Yukari to say that they're saved now that "Sherlock Holmes" is here after reading trashy books while on a wrestling gimmick. Either way, the Detective says the important thing is his alibi, and that he'll be waiting if he gets stumped. He's ready to begin his job as "Battler Ushiromiya: Ace Detective", but Yukari thinks it's more appropriate to call him "Faggler Ushitromiya: Stupid Faggot Little Cocksucker"!... he wonders if she's related to any bald guys perchance, but she just yucks. The floors is his', but the Detective outlines that he should concentrate on interviewing everyone and investigating the club itself, as his two cents.

First (and with the next strongest alibi), Battler takes Shiki's testimony. He claims this is as shocking and news to him as to the new-hire next to him, and the strangest thing he's seen lately was the "blood"-covered Emiya, although he can't imagine it being related. He then remembers something weird and red in the locker room's trashcan that he didn't bother to check, but still doesn't find the relevancy. But you never know, and Battler says it might even come in handy, so Shiki wishes him good luck.


Everything that could be turned up was done so, so he approaches The Detective, but there's just one thing left to check... everyone's hands. Not bad for a kid, the Detective notes, and calls everyone over.

Shiki's are bony with long fingers, not very manly yet not dainty, and logically free of stains. Emiya's are calloused and rough, caked with flour and grease, and unmistakably red-stained beneath that. Shinji's... wearing gloves, claiming it looks fashionable as a host but wouldn't expect a philistine to understand, so Battler asks if he's been wearing them all day, which Shiki answers for him that he was since the first meeting of the day; still, he refuses to take em off wondering if Battler's is some kind of "hand fetishist" (even if he was, he wouldn't be interested in men's hands). Yukari's are neither too bony nor too pudgy, elegant, graceful and perfectly balanced; there's nary a hint of callusing or dry skin, only stained blotches of red marring this exquisite, immaculate beauty... Battler gets called out for staring too long. The Bartender's are a good deal cuter than one would expect, and perfectly clean, as you'd expect that from a bartender. Artie's are plain and without standout features, much like he himself, with almost imperceptible tiny red stains, and an indentation where a wedding ring would be (probably irrelevant). The Detective's aren't the most rugged, but look firm and powerful, with a decent amount of callusing, definitely not a desk jockey... why the hell is Battler looking at a man's hands (when it has nothing to do with the investigation)?

Evidence Present

Without further ado, Battler's ready to present his conclusion. First of all is the most crucial piece of evidence: the Google Play cards. Naturally everyone is shocked, but more so Emiya as the red coloring means it really was one of them, not in the sense Shiki thinks at first, but rather that he hoped none of them present was the culprit. But if Tohno got here after the cake was cleaned up, and she herself never goes to that smelly lockerroom, Yukari deduces herself and Tohno are officially innocent (although Tohno bickers that she couldn't know the smell if she never enters)―yet while Battler doesn't want to halt the banter, he has to say neither are enough to exonerate them: Shiki could have smeared the cards from the dumpster, and Yukari could simply have had an accomplice dump them in the room for her. Yukari protests that the accomplice would have ratted her out by now, but Battler thinks that they'd be too worried about casting suspicion on themselves.

Stopping the sidetracking, The Bartender summarizes it that, in all likelihood, it was someone who had been here before the cake got cleaned and thrown away, and also been in the locker room. Now it's Battler's time to present one more piece of evidence, and this is the one that will open the path to accuse someone. He chooses...

...the red-stained keyboard (which scares Artie as someone used to deal with organized crime). The Bartender, Emiya, and others are confused at what does that prove, until Yukari mentions her hands were dry before using it and only noticed the stains after they got done cleaning, assuming some cake just flew into it... awfully late to bring it up, says Shiki. Before Battler can say another word, The Bartender stops him since she figured what he'll say next and calls it a leap of logic: he was about to imply that because the cards were stained, they must have been redeemed on the stained computer―but that's a leap of logic―just because the person got the cards stained doesn't mean the keyboard would necessarily also be stained; they could have stained the cards on accident, and then redeemed them later. That's pretty logical, Battler agrees, but she's making a critical mistake: entertaining the 'how' and ignoring the 'why'. First, Yukari's scenario is pretty unfeasible, considering how through they were, and second, why would someone use the computer with west frosting? Yukari starts saying there's no way they wouldn't have noticed if someone had–––but stops herself before finishing, owning it to a bad cramp (leg one!). The conversation was cut short and Battler didn't get to make all his points, but it's finally time to point out the culprit―or he was going to, until Yukari decided to steal "mr. cumbreath"s thunder to announce it herself―it's Shinji. While "Sherlock Homo" was out, they had nothing to do but stare at the walls... or each other, and the faggot gloves stick out like a sore thumb. After forcefully taking them off, he's, quite literally, red-handed; Emiya nor Tohno can act surprised, and Artie burns up as he shouts that he took him in despite being one of "them". Of course, Shinji claims the bitch Yukari is setting him up and is probably the culprit. The Detective gets next to Battler and laments having to put him on the spot, but he's gotta pick a definitive before it gets out of control.

Naturally, Battler... claims he's innocent; he already knew about his hands. So why waste their time, wonders Yukari? Because his guilt has nothing to do with what's being discussed right now. In fact, calling him innocent might not be correct, because he's guilty... of knocking over the cake. However he did it, he rushed in to change his clothes at the locker room (staining the locker in the process), and then put on gloves when he couldn't clean the stains. In that case, Yukari thinks it makes her argument even stronger, proving he did it on purpose: he got the icing on the cards, and used the gloves to redeem them in the bar computer. However, the gloves only serve to hide his stained skin as he could've washed the wet icing off by then, and more importantly, Battler has two points that prove it can't be Shinji. First, the Google Play Cards are composed of the card itself and an envelope, one should be able to handle them with stained hands and then take the card itself after having cleaned up, but both parts are stained, and moreso he can't imagine a reason to open the envelope ahead of time yet keep it around; the envelopes were being opened as cards were redeemed―and in that way, the keyboard got stained as well. The only keyboard that makes sense as being used is the reception one, which brings about the other point... did anyone see Shinji entering the room? In order to be the culprit, two conditions must be fulfilled: having wet icing-stained hands, and using the computer with those hands. It's possible he could have done all this before anyone stumbled upon the scene, but's it sounds highly unlikely for Shinji to not flee the scene as quickly as possible, fearing getting yelled at over the cake and completely ignorant of the greater goings-on, before taking refuge in the locker room to sequester himself until the cake was mostly forgotten about.

While Shinji certainly appreciates being exonerated and all, he doesn't really have to make him sound so pathetic, but Artie tells him to zip it since he still owes him a cake. Either way, the culprit must have redeemed the cards in plain sight, so Battler asks the ones who were cleaning... did they see anyone using the computer?

As they remain silent in doubt (or culpability), it's now time to reveal the one who has their hands as stained as Shinji, but in guilt rather than red, and stained hands are to be cleansed. Battler takes the opportunity to reveal the culprit... The Bartender! Yukari suddenly tries to get Battler to not "gloss over" Shinji just because it's unlikely, but he throws back that she herself said the first time she saw the stain was when the club was about to open. Yukari screams up in frustration, but while The Bartender appreciates her sticking up for her, she's confident she can take it, and tells Battler she assumes the accusation isn't without some kind of evidence.

That evidence is... her hands. Completely spotless. While it's par for her job to not end the complaint subject of chatty Cathys and Karens, Emiya was unable to get it off after cleaning dishes all night. So she claims she used something else, but still, why didn't she tell Emiya and Yukari? Picking up the subject of the claim, Yukari props up Artie whose hands are clean, much as he protests that they obviously aren't (which Emiya whispers isn't good to shout for a cook), which Yukari says is obviously because he does everything half-assed, but he still could have totally used the computer while the others were cleaning.

There's two things Battler has to address here. First, what Yukari said about him is exactly right... he's lazy (at first agreeing, then almost shouting, Artie can't decide if it's better to disagree or not); he helped out a little, so his hands are a little dirty. Then... the final piece of evidence: A half-empty Moonshine, kept on display, and not on the list of drinks bough in the day, with its seal in the trash despite Emiya taking all trash out before opening. Emiya's also been saying before the night even begun that rubbing alcohol might be able to get rid of the stains. Yukari still wouldn't put it past Artie to drink on the job, who admits he might here and there but isn't so far gone to drink moonshine like a hillbilly―a conveniently timed inappropriate outburst, as Battler gets to ask where he gets the drinks for the job. Since Artie can't form a coherent word, Emiya answers for him; he used to sneak stuff from the bar, so The Bartender started to charge him whenever so much as a single drop went missing, and soon enough learned to bring his own flask. With Battler's impression that The Bartender wouldn't miss a beat when it came to her 'domain' confirmed, it begs the question how half a bottle went missing; if she's the kind of person to charge for even the smallest missing merchandise, then wasting half a bottle of a drink on something trivial like replacing rubbing alcohol is out of the question... without a reason. But just like her responsibilities, that logic doesn't stop at the bar; everyone agreeds she basically runs the club, except for herself who said a portion of the finances were outside her control, while Artie actually claimed the opposite... it wasn't clear who was lying, until now. Now there's just one last question, that Yukari already answered, but needs to be verified by everyone else. Battler asks Emiya directly: when he was cleaning up... someone got up to use the computer, didn't they?

Indeed, it happened. Emiya didn't pay it attention since it didn't seem unusual. The Bartender said she needed to take care of some reservations before the club opened, that she'd then be right back to helping. Battler also says that Yukari cut the conversation earlier because at that moment she had figured it out, and has been trying to cover for her since then, but Yukari's only response is telling him to not talk to her.

Now, I think it's obvious to everyone. The culprit of this defrauding scheme... is you, the Bartender.


Finally, she gives up. Not like she was gonna get out of this, even if Battler didn't figure things out, The Detective's smug look proves he had this figured out since he walked in the door. For stringing them all along despite being fucked from the start, Shinji calls her the rotten miserable excuse for a woman he always knew she was, and for once Shiki agrees with him (on the first part only), but asks why. She thinks, maybe she was hoping Battler fucked up so bad even The Detective would get caught up, or... maybe she'd rather be slowly ruined by a young guy than unceremoniously destroyed by an older one (The Detective not appreciating much the innuendo since he's a married man).

The only thing that Battler's missing is 'why'―the true reason too obviously, but after weeks of getting away with it, why today? The answer, is the single piece of evidence Battler couldn't have found, and why The Detective knew all along: The customer who called the police to report the defrauding, who also called the club first, and spoke with The Bartender herself. She guesses when she called the police, she mentioned who she spoke with. Of course, The Detective mentions, he didn't bring that tidbit up in case it wasn't a solo work. She was trying to convince the woman not to call the police when the cake incident happened, the final proof Shinji was nothing but a pain in her ass (and he agrees the feeling's mutual).

She panicked, time was running out, the cops could drop any time. It would have been smarter to just dump the cards... but she couldn't just throw that money away. The truth is, she has a son. A lot of things happened, very long ago, and she lost the privilege of calling herself his mother. In that way, Shinji's remark was completely right. The person taking care of him now is a man―a REAL man, probably only one she's known to exist. He started an orphanage, and she thought, even if she lost the right to be a part of both their lives... she could still support them, anonymously. But couple of weeks ago, something terrible happened. Jackson, he... on the news.... he got in some trouble... and he needed her help more than ever, so... The Detective tells her that's enough, and she doesn't owe it to them to say anymore.

Even if they don't know the specifics, Emiya argues she could've asked for help and they'd all have chipped in, even Shinji (who tries to protest but is interrupted), and Shiki understands why she'd resort to stealing, but their money problems are insignificant compared to what rough she has it. For once even Yukari agrees with everyone. Thought their words are kind and she thanks them all, The Bartender couldn't afford to put that onus on any of them, and believes she has to carry her sins and burdens. Maybe that's right, but Battler says that doesn't mean she can't be lent a shoulder―and if she's too proud to lean on, maybe they ought to pick up and carry her instead! Battler turns to The Detective, and wonders if since it's a criminal case, he's gonna find out exactly where she's been sending the funds... normally that information isn't made public, he says, but maybe something slips through the cracks every now and then.

Still, The Detective says hates to interrupt the mood, but he's still gotta take "Ms. Stingray" to the station... a crime's a crime. He can't see the club doing gangbusters, so he guesses it's not enough for her to do any real hard time. Yukari tries to appeal to everything she confessed, but The Detective puts down that rules are rules... still, he'll make sure the judge and prosecutor take it into account. The Bartender apologizes to Yukari, and asks her to take care of the place and keep the boys in line, who promises to do her best while holding back tears.

The Detective approaches Battler, patting him for a good job and wondering if he ever considered the force; he wouldn't be a plainclothes off the bat and make even less money than he does now, but he got a real knack for it. Battler's a little beyond himself as The Detective explains that, while he started with more information, the kid filled the blanks and even figured things he probably couldn't have. As Battler thanks him profusely for the praise, The Detective motions to get going, and if he's ever by HQ, to ask for Togusa, which Battler replies with a positive "I will!". As The Bartender walks, Artie can barely muster to ask how she could do this to him when he loved her, but The Bartender throws back that he'd fall for anything with two legs and a hole between them fresher than his wife's―which is why it was so easy to steal from him. He has a complete breakdown...


Seeing her beyond herself with grief, Battler tries to console Yukari one last time, only for her to tell him to shut up and never talk again. Tohno comes running with how amazing Battler was and that The Detective even put him over, but after a short laugh, Battler admits he still finds kind of bad, after all it was his first day at the place and he basically tore its heart out. He's being a bit melodramatic, Shiki thinks, and while everyone liked her (even Shinji although he'll never admit), it wasn't his fault. Most of all though, Battler laments giving Yukari an actual reason to hate him. Shiki gets she's hot and all, but he also thinks of the nicest way to put this, so he just says she's "kind of a cunt"... Battler's expression lightens slightly, Shiki can't believe it... he can't really have a thing for girls like that, can he...?

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History - TFR[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Ushiromiya Battler Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
Iconic Match
The Young Lions
As: Shiki (casual)

Stage: G1 Arena

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