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    "..." ― Serge
    Serge is the main character of Chrono Cross, the second game in the Chrono series, after Chrono Trigger and before Chrono Break (If it ever happens).

    Silent Protagonist From Another World[edit | edit source]

    Born as a fisherman's son, Serge is a silent young man who enjoys a quiet life. However, one day, Serge went to the beach only to have a tidal wave crash down on him, transporting him to another timeline.  In this new timeline, Serge was drowned by the tidal wave, allowing a chain of events that allowed the supercomputer FATE to rule humanity. Noticing that Serge is alive, FATE has decided that Serge's existence is a hindrance and seeks to eliminate him.

    To do that, FATE turned Serge's father, Wazuki, into Serge's nightmare, Lynx. It is believed Lynx managed to swap bodies with Serge to stop him. This body swap has left Serge with furry DNA, tainting him throughout all timelines.

    TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

    "Ok, I'm gonna go take a piss, make dinner, die and become fossil oil, and wait until the end of the universe." ― Chat exaggerating 60 seconds during his intro
    Once again, Serge shifts into a new timeline where wrestling reigns supreme. The Final Rumble provides the perfect training ground for Serge to improve himself. On TFR, Serge aims to gain enough strength to overthrow FATE and avoid such a fate in this timeline. Or maybe Serge will keep acting like a furry for the rest of his life. Who knows.

    Episode 1

    Aimless and unfocused, Serge does poorly on most matches, but somehow still manages to win. A simple fisherman's son, he has no means to be this skilled a fighter as he is. Could it be that he has been BOGGED by the Bogdabots, or is another force controlling him...?

    Episode 5

    Serge aims high and even defeats the original /v/ champion. But one can't help and notice there's something ominous about his style.

    TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

    Serge continues to fight with unknown motives. Due to him not getting to TFR's world until recently, he does not appear during the Dimensional Merge.

    Episode 6

    Serge is back, and aiming for the title.

    TFR/Season 4[edit | edit source]

    As with a lot of other characters, he was trapped in the Universe 2K20 and any match he participated on before Episode 10 was not recorded.

    Episode 10

    Trapped and with the end of the world coming, he has one final match of pent up furry rage.

    TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

    Serge still tends to act like a furry in the ring. Maybe he will even become Dark Serge...

    Episode 9

    However, after his match, Kasuga Ichiban approaches him to tell him how cool he is being always silent and all, much like a JRPG hero. Serge is initially annoyed, but eventually they become friends.

    TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

    With the heightened friendliness of the Locker Room, Serge and Ichiban spend a lot more time together, becoming good friends.

    Episode 3

    When Ichiban can't be in his match due to Law School, Serge fills up for him.

    Episode 5

    12 years in the future, it has been a while since the last time anyone has seen Serge.

    Episode 7[edit | edit source]


    Apparently, Serge left The Final Resistance only a few years after The Disaster, build himself a fort and gathered minions, and became a powerful ally of BANS Army, calling himself Dark Serge.

    The Resistance plan a raid to Serge's Fort, where he keeps his Reservoir of Souls. Ichiban leads the raid against his former friend in hopes of returning him to his party. Serge sends his subordinates, including The Clowns, against the invaders after BANS and Kotomine Kirei leave.

    Eventually, Ichiban makes it to the heart of the Fort and meets Serge. Ichiban tries to remind him of their good times together, but Serge reveals why that doesn't matter; Dark Serge isn't Serge at all, he is merely a soul from the Death Game controlling his body, biding his time until he is powerful enough to overtake the skeleton and give everyone their reminder. And now, he will remind him.

    As they fight while the building is set on flames, Ichiban's punches hit true to Serge's heart, and eventually defeat Gippo Dudee's soul. The few-spoken Serge utters some of the few words he has ever said, pleading Ichiban to leave him and escape, but he refuses, and Serge thanks him with weak words. On their way out, they pick up the lost Narushima Koga

    Episode 8[edit | edit source]

    Kasuga Ichiban killing it at karaoke with Serge and Nero.
    While Ichiban discusses with Central on how things ended this way, Serge was apparently taken by one of the souls from the reservoir at some point, and that's how he became Dark Serge.

    Episode 10[edit | edit source]

    During The Final Resistance's Christmas Party, Ichiban and Serge sing karaoke together.

    After the Troubleshooters maddened slaughter begins, Ichiban, Serge and Central are gunning to the entrance and being closed on, when Central orders them to run for it as he will stay and face consequences for his sins. Serge triest to help him, but Ichiban tells him he's having his "protagonist moment" and to not interrupt.

    The entrance still completely sealed, Pixy shows up to put down both of the resistance members for "turning on them". Before he can shoot them, Ichiban lunges at him and throws his gun away while Serge takes the offensive. Pixy is unyielding in his unfounded vengeance and defeats him easily, grabbing his gun...
    Oohhh... I see you're still alive, huh?
    Well, not for long, that is.
    Serge... This will all have a happy end, won't it...?
    Totally. Just not for you two.

    TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

    A silent guy who often acts like a furry for strange reasons, but deep down feels like there's friends somewhere that need him.

    Episode 8

    After HEAVY MACHINERY defeats Kasuga Ichiban, Jack and Sinbad, from nowhere, an extremely long entrance saves them as the gigantic headpatter falls asleep and goes to take a piss break. His timely entrance at the perfect moment had saved the party, and Ichiban is so amazed to meet a silent JRPG hero he instantly asks him to go with them. Although Serge speaks no words, it's as if his very aura told that he owed something to Ichiban, perhaps from another world, and that's why Sinbad had no problem instantly understanding his intentions to join their party.

    Episode 9

    After an excellent karaoke performance by Serge, a mechanical roar resonates and The Dragonlord's servants arrive. His right-hand man Seeker will not have them escape again and has brought his lord's left-hand man, Jason, along with a prototype weapon of mass destruction to drive terror into their heart. The mere sight of him makes Ichiban tremble, but Serge's fearless expression invigorates him with confidence to face a fraction of KaibaCorp's full power.

    Episode 10

    After such a difficult battle, Ichiban & friends rest in a bowling bar (where Sinbad is adept at breaking pins too) when Ichiban witnesses an incredible display of skill, and the person responsible for it introduces himself as Okada Kazuchika "The Rainmaker". Okada has been scouting Ichiban and asks him to join his cause, but Hayashi Hiroshi comments on Okada's choice since he seems "far below The Dragon's level", when Jack calls them CHAOS and lunges at Okada only to be blocked by Heat O'Brien and Bob Utsunomiya. Ichiban is surprised Chaos is actually real and rejects their offer because he hates when party members leave, but Sinbad tells him to be careful since they are as formidable as KaibaCorp, and since he won't join them the easy way, Okada decides it's time to test Ichiban.

    Okada gives credit to Ichiban for his potential as leader, and their team escapes. Sinbad tells Ichiban to calm down since pursuing them any further would be pushing their luck, but the remark makes Jack exclaim that they aren't taking Chaos as serious a threat as they are, and runs off to purse Chaos by himself. Ichiban tries to tell him to come back, but it's not use, and hopes he'll be back for the next boss battle...

    Episode 11

    Ichiban's still waiting along with Serge for Jack to return at Survive Bar, wondering if they can handle CHAOS and KaibaCorp without Jack, but Serge's determination makes Ichiban pull himself up. After he's done with his hourly calls, Sinbad informs Ichi that they have a meeting to attend, and leave.

    Episode 12

    Back at Survive Bar, Ichiban and Serge await until Sinbad returns who left to visit Sindria, and once together decide to head to KaibaCorp HQ to end everything once and for all.

    With all his equipment ready, the three arrive at KaibaCorp's entrance with only little trouble, only to notice the area had been taken over by CHAOS. Okada, Heat and Bob challenge Ichiban, while Hayashi is busy running away from the police (...seriously, Date?), and Ichiban faces off against CHAOS once again. However, they are too fierce this time.

    Okada recognizes Ichiban's formidableness, and he likewise praises him, but by fighting in front of KC, Okada's plan is realized when they attract their attention and Jack appears with his squad to block the entrance. Okada is prepared this time, and joins Ichiban's party now that their goal are aligned and he has tested Ichiban enough.

    Before he challenges Jack, Okada holds their position so Ichiban can complete all the substories.

    Episode 13

    After losing a bunch at Dragon Kart, Ichiban returns to the entrance to KC HQ where Jack's team continues to stand guard until they make their move. Now that Ichiban's back and the teams are balanced, the party makes their move, and Jack reveals his squad members: Depp, Bathhouse Owner and Hopper. The party is easily wiped out by such legendary mercenaries, and Jack is left but no choice but reveal why he left Ichiban; he's not only sided himself with Chaos, but with a mass murderer who enacted a death game and led the world to ruin along with anyone who rejected his lead. These memories within him are what are telling him he must stop Chaos, no, KILL Chaos. Neither Sinbad nor Ichiban have heard of anything like it, and the only thinkg Okada can muster is that... he got it all wrong, his group is CHAOS, not Chaos. Upon learning of such revelations, he apologizes to Ichiban for the misunderstanding, and him and his squad leave.

    Episode 14[edit | edit source]

    Remembering to equip his substory-obtained armor, Ichiban's group charges on into KaibaCorp HQ. Seeker warns them that he was lucky to escape alive the first time, but Ichiban then notices the place looks exactly the same, which Seeker admits is because their chief engineer is gone, but they still managed to produce enough models to take over the world. Jason ambushes the party with two brand new Robo-Kiryu models, but before the situation turns hopeless, Jack make his return; while he was gone, he came to understand what Chaos' nature truly was, something that destroys friendships, and because of that they need to take down Chaos together... even Okada too.

    As Ichiban has something to settle with the Dragonlord, his party takes on the threat while he stays in the backguard in a support role. After (half of) the group beats their asses, Ichiban finds the key to the main office, but they feel the entire rest of the production line coming for them. Before they have a chance to stop them, Okada's CHAOS' allies show up to back him up, and Evil Itself admits that even if he may not be as powerful as Kiryu, Ichiban really can be a Dragon too after all. However, the robot army arrives and still far outnumbers them... but the person who has witnessed Ichiban's adventure from the start arrives: The Bartender, who brings along three mercenaries who were having a drink at his bar: Depp, Hopper and Bathhouse Owner. With so many people helping them, the party ventures further into the Dragonlord's lair.

    What they find, instead, is an empty office. Sinbad moves away from the party and congratulates Ichiban, because the Dragonlord has been slain... many weeks ago, in fact, all thanks to Ichiban drawing his attention, as Sinbad infiltrated while they were disposing of his body and headcranked his neck. Sinbad became CEO of KaibaCorp which is now part of Sindria Trading Company, and Ichiban getting thrown into a dumpster instead of a hospital was also all arranged by him. But why would someone do that to the very knight he hired, asked Ichiban, and the answer is... he's not even really sure himself. Kasuga can't take the betrayal trope anymore, and even if Sinbad tells him to control his emotions, he can't take someone betraying his quest like that, so Sinbad arranges a deal: defeat him and he'll get his quest reward, lose and... he'll see.

    But a hero never stops fighting, even if he has to overcome the unexpected. So even if he's not good enough to defeat the legendary ruler of the seven seas, he can give his all in one last attack in his final turn, leaving both on their knees. Suddenly an opportunistic old man enters and shoots at one of them, but Serge takes the blow as he says...
    I've been waiting for this
    and Sinbad tries to congratulate him for doing as they planned, but another blast was more than he expected and blows him away. This man, Tengan Kazuo, was the reason Sinbad put on such a show on the first place and attacked Ichiban to lure out; this man was the person pushing KaibaCorp as its real chairman towards the path of world domination, his goal to make KaibaCorp so abominable to create the greatest despair, which would birth the greatest hope.

    However, what he hadn't realized is that he lost the moment Serge drew him out from the shadows and made him visible on-screen; Sinbad's plan B activates and Sakakura Juzo lands over the chairman while on top of 20 or so piles of ladders. Sinbad thanks him for accomplishing the favor he owed him, and Juzo leaves thanking Sinbad instead for welcoming Yu into their country now that Chuck's closed. Ichiban is still confused, but now that its all over Jack and the rest go give the Karaoke machine a rematch, leaving Ichiban behind as he keeps asking questions...

    Now that it's in postgame, the party relaxes at the Survive Bar. Ichiban plays modern FF games with Jack, who explains the action gameplay makes it faster to kill Chaos. Serge puts his great voice to work on the karaoke, and Sinbad has gathered new stories from this adventure. Okada smirks at Ichiban being the same, and hopes he can spar with CHAOS in the future as well, but Ichiban remembers he can't... because he has to defeat that fat plumber in Dragon Kart!

    Episode Extra

    While Ichiban is out stocking up on healing items for a powerful upcoming fight, Jack explains how Chaos hacked his Spotify account, and Sinbad wishes he could be participating in the fight (but they forgot to send an invite to Sindria). Suddenly Survive Bar's Bartender complexly starts talking about Chaos being defeated by people he used to know long ago and it not coming back ever again... Bullshit.

    Jack then goes to seek out Chaos, and finds it being incarcerated but challenges it to a fight nonetheless.

    TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

    Has been participating in international TFR house shows.

    Feats[edit | edit source]

    • Jobbing so fucking hard, it seems like he gave Armstrong the match on purpose.
    • Successfully killed Chrono Trigger as a series and dabbed on the original fans but CC is still kino.

    Match History[edit | edit source]

    Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
    Rando, Graham, Serge, Alucard Win
    W1 L0 1
    2 0 P
    Mastema Win
    W2 L0 2
    3 0 P
    W1 L0 1
    1 0 P
    For: MITB Qualifier
    MITB Senator Armstrong, Serge, Bane, Steve, Arthur Morgan, Battler, Agent 47, Edward Richtofen Lose
    W2 L1 1
    3 0 P
    For: MITB
    Royal Rumble
    S2E4§#/v/ Championship: Rumble of /v/
    Full List
    W2 L2 0
    3 0 P
    Iconic Match
     /v/ Championship: Rumble of /v/
    For Title: /v/
    Extra Win
    W3 L2 1
    4 0 P
    W2 L0 2
    2 0 P
    Royal Rumble
    S2E6§#BONUS: Not-so Big Headed Royal Rumble
    Full List
    JC Denton Win
    W4 L2 2
    5 0 P
    W3 L0 3
    3 0 P
    Falls Count Anywhere
    Zoomer, Serge, Travis Touchdown, Bane Lose
    W4 L3 1
    7 1 P
    For Title: /v/ #2 Contender
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    W4 L4 0
    7 1 P
    For Title: /v/ #1#2 Contender
    Albert Wesker Win
    W5 L4 1
    8 1 P
    W4 L0 4
    4 0 P
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    NC Note: Match crashed, went into a Battle Royale next match.
    Serge, Komaeda, Bane, La Creatura Lose
    Falls Count Anywhere
    V, Zeke Yeager, Fred, Serge Lose
    W5 L5 0
    8 2 P

    For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender

    Chosen Hunter Win
    W6 L5 1
    ~9 2 P
    W5 L0 5
    5 0 P
    The Final Impact
    Game: 2K19
    Fatal 4-Way
    Serge, Adam Jensen, Shingo Shoji, Zoomer Lose
    W6 L6 0
    ~9 3 P
    For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender
    30-Man Royal Rumble
    1. Fred Jones
    2. Tom Brady
    3. CJ
    4. Rance
    5. Hisoka
    6. /v/ Rage Guy
    7. Marco Rossi
    8. The Protomen
    9. Demaro
    10. Kazuhira Miller
    11. Shingo Shoji
    12. Pixy
    13. Fargoth
    14. Extra
    15. Serge
    16. Nagito Komaeda
    17. Archer
    18. Zoomer
    19. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
    20. Elite Crew
    21. Zeke Yeager
    22. Tatsuya Suou
    23. Rando
    24. The Janitor
    25. Tsukasa Kadoya
    26. Travis Touchdown
    27. John Bradford
    28. Ichiban Kasuga
    29. Joshua Graham
    30. Chosen Hunter
    W6 L7 -1
    ~9 3 P
    Elimination №9
    Solid Snake, Rance, Gene, Serge, Yuki Makoto, Aniki, Kasuga Ichiban, Geralt of Rivia Lose
    W6 L8 -2
    ~10 4 P
    38-Man Royal Rumble
    1. Sakakura Juzo
    2. Geralt of Rivia
    3. Zoomer
    4. Balthios James
    5. Shoji Shingo
    6. Aniki
    7. Van Darkholme
    8. Joshua Graham
    9. Door-kun
    10. Osama bin Laden
    11. Kazuhira Miller
    12. Tazuna Joe
    13. The Protomen
    14. The Chosen Hunter
    15. Rean Schwarzer
    16. Rance
    17. Kadoya Tsukasa
    18. Pixy
    19. John Bradford
    20. Alucard
    21. King
    22. Suou Tatsuya
    23. Boomer
    1. The Chosen Hunter
    2. Rean Schwarzer
    3. Pixy
    4. Suou Tatsuya
    5. Boomer
    6. Kuzunoha Raidou the XIV
    7. Kasuga Ichiban
    8. Fred Jones
    9. Arthur Morgan
    10. Gene
    11. Marco Rossi
    12. Rando
    13. Serge
    14. Robert
    15. Hisoka
    16. /v/ Rage Guy
    17. Demaro
    18. Demi-fiend
    19. Komaeda Nagito
    20. Mario

    W6 L9 -3
    ~10 4 P
    Elimination №29
    Alucard, Boomer, Serge, Kazuhira Miller, Robert, Pixy, Hellcarder, Edward Richtofen Lose
    W6 L10 -4
    ~10 5 P
    Note: MITB qualifier.
    Extreme Rules
    2/3 Falls
    Ironman 10m.
    Kasuga Ichiban (2-1) Lose
    W6 L11 -5
    ~11 7 P
    W5 L1 4
    6 2 P
    Pixy Lose
    W6 L12 -6
    ~11 8 P
    W5 L2 3
    6 3 P
    Elimination Chamber
    1. #4 Donte
    2. #3 Dan Schneider
    3. #5 Zeke Yeager
    4. #6 Big Smoke
    5. #1 Shoji Shingo
    6. #2 Serge
    Lose Rokkenjimania II
    Hell in a Cell
    Boomer, VECTOR, Serge, Bane, Fargoth, Joshua Graham Lose
    Royal Rumble
    Full List
    W6 L13 -7
    ~11 8 P
    For Title: TFR
    Ichiban's Party


    W7 L13 -6
    ~11 9 P
    Ichiban's Party


    W7 L13 -6
    ~11 9 P
    Note: Count-out
    W7 L14 -7
    ~11 10 P
    Ichiban's Party

    Jack's Squad

    W7 L15 -8
    ~11 10 P
    Note: Count-out

    Note: Serge did the thing again. Ichiban got unlucky. Sinbad tapped out despite being only a few minutes total tagged in. Okada was 1v4.


    Ichiban's Party

    W8 L15 -7
    ~13 11 P
    Iconic Match
     Vs. KaibaCorp
    Vitalik & The U.S.S.

    Ichiban's Party

    W9 L15 -6
    ~14 11 P
    Walter, Tazuna Joe, Serge Lose
    W9 L16 -7
    ~14 12 P
    For Title: Literal Jobber #1 Contender
    Cam on Ingerland, Jonesy, Serge Lose
    Iconic Match
     Most Innovative Triple-Threat Award
    Game: WWE 2K19
    Falls Count Anywhere
    Joshua Graham, Robert, Serge Lose TFR's 5th Anniversary
    Game: WWE 2K19
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