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    A character from Sega Saturn's marketing campaign. A staple character of VGCW.

    YOU MUST PLAY SEGA SATURN[edit | edit source]

    The hero of Sega who helped make Sega Saturn a great success. He sacrificed his life so that Sega could live.

    Season 0[edit | edit source]

    Nintendo and Sony's overwhelming power have awakened Segata from his deep slumber; returned, he now seeks only one thing: bringing back Sega's glory days.

    Episode 10

    With his one goal, Segata enters into NXT's King of /v/ Tournament as the /vr/ rep, intending to win the tournament to restore the popularity of the Sega Saturn.

    Segata's King of /v/ Ending:
    After becoming King of /v/, Segata's first royal decree was to make any console not made by Sega illegal. Snoyboys went on a rampage and had to be put down by their wives's boyfriends. Nintendies screeched and shat their pants, but everything went okay for them because chicken tenders went down in price. Microsoft Pahjeets were all banished back to their home land. And, from then on, criminals who didn't own a Sega Saturn would have their fingers broken by law enforcement.

    Episode 11

    Nintendo and Sega decide to once and for all settle the console wars how it began. After Segata wins the long struggle, they honorably shake hands, and the era of the Nintendo-Sega rule beings.

    Together, they decided to take on their greatest enemies: Nintendo's most useless team and Sega's arcade competitors.

    Match History[edit | edit source]

    Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
    /vm/: gregor Lose
    W0 L1 -1
    0 1 P
    NXT's King of /v/ Tournament
    Note: gregor randomly won
    Mario Win
    W1 L1 0
    1 1 P
    Note: Consolewars are over.
    Tag-Team Kane's Pokemons

    The Console Wars

    W2 L1 1
    2 1 P
    Notes: Schizo match end
    Tornado-Tag The Console Wars


    W2 L2 0
    2 2 P
    For Title: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contender
    Narushima Koga, Stork, Segata Sanshiro, Dan Schneider, No One Lose
    W2 L3 -1
    2 2 P
    NON-CANON Sinbad Lose Note: Kyle showed up after the match to stare at Sinbad for no fucking reason.
    Royal Rumble Full List Lose
    W2 L4 -2
    2 2 P

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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