Sea of Fragments

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カケラの海(Kakera no Umi) is a location/concept from the When They Cry series.

Description[edit | edit source]

A Fragment (also known as Kakera) is the crystallized form of human thoughts, memories, emotions and everything that encompasses a world. A Fragment can become cracked and break apart, changing the fate within that world. Putting the Fragment back together will thus show a different future. It is also possible for certain beings to combine Fragments.

Fragments are found floating freely in an infinite, shapeless space, where no matter which direction one looks only waves upon waves of shining possibilities are visible, like being surrounded by stars, thus it is called the Sea of Fragments. It exists outside of time and space, as is expected. In very rare cases, things resembling places and objects of worlds can be found floating around.

Naturally, normal humans cannot interact with or even perceive Fragments, let alone visit the Sea of Fragments; very rarely, exceptions do occur however. Fragments are named by those visiting them, most often Witches and other voyagers following their tradition, to tell them apart, much like reading a book to give a name to one who has lost it to time. Beings that exist incompletely across worlds may have alter-egos in the Sea of Fragments which exist alternately to them.

The Vents are a special domain existing under the Sea of Fragments, it is an equally vast space that connects Fragments more directly, however it exists somewhat more 'physically' and in a hard-to-find-your-path way. Allegedly, The Vents have a kind of will and a purpose to their existence, which remains unknown.

There exist many adjacent dimensions to the Sea of Fragments, which may exist further away or closer to worlds, such as the Meta-World or Diamond Realm, but no Fragments belong to them.

Fragments[edit | edit source]