Script of the Mad Writer

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The Script of the Mad Writer, or also called TFR Scrip, is key plot element in Season 4.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Script was created by Kojima, by pouring his vision on a notebook. The Script and the Universe 2K20 are intrinsically related, as Kojima used his magic to bind the Script to the foundations of the universe before it was made. This way, he can change anything that is inside that universe by writing in the script, from how something or someone looks, to the very fundamental laws, even fate itself can be changed with it.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

The creation of it began even before Season 4 started. It began when HUNK gave Battler Ushiromiya the artifact needed to return everyone from the Meta-World, The Focusing Stone. It was all arranged by Kojima, in such a way that when Battler was defeated by Agent 47, shortly after he would be sent to a different universe, one in where there was complete emptiness. It was at that part that The Script was bound to the universe itself. Then, Kojima used Battler's mind to shape the universe, sentencing him to endless suffering where he would have to endure seeing the very fabric of reality construct itself using his mind, causing endless mental damage to him.

Episode 11[edit | edit source]

Thanks to Sminem, Phoenix Wright was able to reveal all of this. However, the damage on Battler's psyche was to such degree that the only way to escape the suffering he had was to abandon himself as "Battler Ushiromiya" and develop a new persona–Tohya Hachijo. After waking up, the only memories lingering of Battler was that of a sense of loyalty to his friends, and his fight against a legendary soldier. Explaining the situation as Sminem placing his trust in him to defeat Kojima to save everyone from The Final Impact, Tohya went to confront Kojima himself who was eagerly awaiting him. Kojima, full of smugness about his own ego as always, considered his vision superior to even the best of TFR–That being Battler–which made him consider Tohya a rival of sorts. Kojima enjoyed annoying and somewhat torturing Tohya while spouting of his greats schemes for his vision, while Tohya just wanted to end this sick game of his. Eventually, Tohya was confronted by what Kojima exclaimed as his "undefeatable construct", HUNK v2. The two engaged in combat but a sudden burst of energy from deep within his soul burned so bright not even the grim machine could stand against it.

Thus, Kojima was defeated, the Script was rewritten in such a way that no longer could anyone write into it to alter the destiny of the universe, and Tohya had reached the Golden Truth about everything Kojima had created: