TFR Season 8 Episode 9

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Mulling over a Glass[edit | edit source]

Kyle Hyde
The Bartender
Mr. Hyde? Quite unusual seeing you at such a time.
Kyle Hyde
Not like I have anything better to do right now. I'd rather not have my eardrums blown up again.
The Bartender
The protests again? I didn't think they'd be as much of a problem as last time around.
Hard to keep a large group like that mobilized so consistently.
Kyle Hyde
Those guys are insanely dedicated. Well, it's pretty obvious there's ulterior motives behind it.
The Bartender
So... You just decided to come here, drink all night and feel sorry for yourself?
Kyle Hyde
You know me so well. Pour me some of the usual bourbon.
...But really, it's not like I haven't tried...
Hard to get them out when our General Manager would rather lock himself in his office and watch Joshi stuff all night long.
We can only hope they're driven away by external circumstances again or something.
Guess I should be thankful that he at least doesn't get in our way during the show.
The Bartender
I understand. Still, there must be something you can do about it. Some contingency plan.
Kyle Hyde
Is that so? I bet a glass of alcohol would help with that...
The Bartender
Fine, you win. I'm not someone who'd deny a drink to one of my best customers anyway.
But really, it'd be good if you got back to work sooner rather than later.
Training those kids has been good for you. No doubt.
Kyle Hyde
Whatever you say...

One thing is for sure. It's been some time since I was able to sit down and think about things like this.
Between those damn brats and Jack messaging me every minute with some Blacklist Bullshit, I haven't had time to collect my thoughts.
Maybe it'd be good to reminisce for a little bit...
Especially about the one thing I don't want to lose focus on. Wright.
Since the last time I was on this bar, a lot has happened.
Coming off the second episode of Tough Enough, I had a confrontation with Bolo and Gene at Jack's restaurant.
At that time, I was surprised to see one of our Tough Enough rookies, who tried to help me take them out.
That's right... I ran into...

Kyle Hyde
Koga. From the way he talks, you wouldn't guess he's a pretty alright guy.
Still very green in the ring, though, despite being a student of the well-known "Coldsteel Style."
We didn't have much luck against the two of them, though. Koga says we were using "Holding Back Kata."

Kyle Hyde
No... In fact, I haven't ever seen Ricky there.
I believe he prefers to hang out at massage parlors, cabaret clubs and such...
Yes, soaplands too.

Kyle Hyde
Although I'm sure he has experienced culinary delights from all over the world, such as Japan, Mexico and The UK...
I doubt any amount of beans on a toast could ever compare to Jack's delicious steak, that Reize still hasn't tried.

Anyway... Not long after, I heard of that "Saihara Shuichi Memorial Show."
And yeah, I was not happy about that. Not one bit.
To think those guys had the courage to use my friend's name like that... To say he's dead, to profit on top of it...
And then to pull out a stunt like bringing a completely unrelated guy and having him steal his gimmick?
...I wonder what Wright would think about it...
Being Saihara's partner in the Mystery Masters as well...
No matter how much he'd put wrestling ahead of everything else, I don't think even he would stoop as low as AEW did that day.
I was on the crowd, and the moment Saihara's music hit, I can't deny my heart skipped a beat.
For a second, I thought he really was back from wherever he is...
But then... Out came...

Kyle Hyde
"Masked Saihara". What the hell?
The guy was twice Saihara's size, and wrestled and looked nothing like him.
The moment I saw that, I knew I couldn't stay quiet.

Kyle Hyde
Uh... No... I doubt anyone with that name or gimmick even exists... No idea what made me think of such a thing.
Can you imagine what that'd look like, though? Jesus, I'd rather not.

Kyle Hyde
I mean... I've seen the crowd singing in a similar way as they do when Seth comes out.
But no, they have nothing to do with each other. Saihara can actually draw a penny... I think?

I headed backstage as soon as the show was over and tried to find Amakusa, to give him a piece of my mind.
Instead, the one I met with was the Executive Vice-President of AEW.
A man that I once sympathized with. Someone that went through similar struggles to mine, and shared complicated feelings regarding Wright.
That man... Was "The Fortuna Nightmare", Nero.
And I could see it all in his eyes...
Anger, resentment, sadness, disappointment. All those emotions he's been nurturing inside himself.
Most of them, directed at me.
He made sure to remind me of why he feels that way. Of course, he was talking about...

Kyle Hyde
Nero thinks that me facing off against Wright at that tournament was a selfish decision on my end.
I doubt he'd have the courage to say that if I had beat him...
Fact is, though, I didn't. I failed. Wright had something up his sleeve... And I had no response to it.
A lot of things must have crossed Nero's mind since then.
Maybe he thinks I laid down for Wright on purpose, because we were friends in the past.
Maybe he thinks I wanted that spot as a way to put myself over. For my own personal gain, without thinking of the responsibility that match involved.
Or... He just believes I was never good enough, and he could've gotten the job done in my place.
In fact, he said exactly that himself, that day.
I wonder if he truly believes that...

Kyle Hyde
I mean, I have to admit... It was pretty funny.
But that must've hurt him. He was a young wrestler with a lot of potential.
To think Wright would force such a gimmick upon him... Was definitely an indication of what he'd become.
Still, I don't think that had anything to do with his current feelings towards me.

Kyle Hyde
Considering how they seem to worship Saihara's wrestling style over at AEW, you would think that could be a possibility.
But it's not as simple as that. Those guys, Nero included, even have the gall to disrespect his name...
They don't truly care about my old friend. No way.
Although I believe there's some jealousy there, it's related to something else...

Well, as much as I hate to admit, he's right in some capacity. As far as my selfishness at the time, at least.
But... I just figured my issues with Wright were more personal than his.
He felt he was being held back by an incompetent boss.
Me? I felt like my best friend, my mentor, had just stabbed me in the back.
And that's why, to this day, I still want to understand what was going through his mind.
Is it really wrong for a man to act selfish when it comes to such a personal conflict?
Was I really in the wrong... Just because I stepped up to him?
I thought I could carry the weight of everyone's hopes. That I was the most motivated and the one who knew Wright best. That I was the right man to stop him.
However, in the end... I crumbled under that weight.
And even so, right now, I've made it my mission to put someone else's dreams on my shoulders, once again. Wright's, no less.
That must piss Nero off even more... I can't say I'm happy about it myself, either.
...Whenever I remember that day, I wonder if I made the right choice. If this destiny was truly inevitable.
Or... Had Nero been in my place... Would our fates be different?
Would I still be dealing with this conflict inside me, then?
I don't know. But I know I need to solve it.
If I were to beat Nero, would I feel better about myself?
Whatever the answer is, if he gets in my way again, I'm not gonna hold back.
...Moving on, it was after my confrontation with Nero that I first came across that group of protesters in front of the arena.
It makes me wonder if they're somehow related to AEW, considering both seem to treat TFR as the devil itself.
No matter what their origin is, though, they sure are an annoying bunch.
They call themselves...

Kyle Hyde
"The show must go on". Ha... Try getting through a whole army of fatasses that are trying to shatter your eardrums.
Still, I wonder how Wright would behave at a time like that.
He'd probably come up with some insane bullshit in order to make the episode air.
Like having all matches be street fights or something, with no regard for talent safety.
Those last few months he was really taking that carny mentality to an extreme. I still don't know why.
That said... Although it's a bit gross, I can't deny following his footsteps has done me good.
Getting to know those kids and help them develop has certainly been quite the experience.
They sure are rough around the edges, though. Very rough, at times...
Honestly, it makes me kinda sad we haven't been able to put on a show.

Kyle Hyde
The USS does have a considerable amount of mercenaries. And they just seem to keep expanding day after day.
I'd hate to have to deal with someone like BELTWAY. That finisher of his gotta hurt. Thankfully, that isn't the case.

Kyle Hyde
Those assholes sure have been polluting my thoughts recently.
Whatever I'm doing, I always think my phone might suddenly receive a new message from Jack, telling me to save his friends...
...Don't you dare ring now, phone.

(phone rings)

Kyle Hyde
Jack? Nope, not this time...
Phi? What's up?
May I know why you haven't gotten your ass to the arena yet?
Kyle Hyde
I passed by. There was no way in. Same as last time around.
Yeah, that excuse isn't gonna work anymore. They're gone.
Kyle Hyde
Gone? Football game is on again or something?
Or did Mod finally get off his ass and hire a competent security team?
I heard ramblings about some sort of "special broadcast" they had to watch. I think they went towards the Town Square.
Kyle Hyde
Huh... Must be that damn YouTuber I heard about...
Wonder if she has anything of substance to say this time around. Not like it matters.
Here I was thinking I'd have another day off... Well, I'll be there in a moment.
Be quick. Don't forget you've got someone to mentor.
Kyle Hyde
How could I ever? You've seen the guy.
He's... Pretty remarkable alright.
I'll be going through the script with Retinz and Jingu. See you soon.
Kyle Hyde
Yeah, see ya.
The Bartender
Life always finds a way, right?
Kyle Hyde
To make me work myself to the bone? It sure does.
Guess I won't be "sitting here and feeling sorry for myself" tonight. Apologies for shattering your expectations.
The Bartender
Gladly accepted. Go have some fun.
Kyle Hyde
...Hah... As if...
Wright is the one who'd look forward to a work day. Don't mix us up.
The Bartender
He might've rubbed off on you a bit.
Jokes aside, have a good one. And Kyle...
Kyle Hyde
Hm? You can put it on my tab. I'll be back soon enough.
The Bartender
Nah, I don't mean that.
I just wanted to say... Follow the path that will put your heart at ease.
Even if the truth might hurt, you'll feel some peace when you reach the end of the road.
Kyle Hyde
...Yeah... I'll see it through, don't worry.

Opening Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Apollo Justice
  2. Potemkin
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Singles

Potemkin Winner

KAngel Shocking Revelation! The Secret Behind Sneed's!?[edit | edit source]

Hey cuties! It's KAngel, your knowledgeable internet archeologist!
As you might've figured from that introduction, today we're gonna be digging up the past!
The deep, dark, secret past of Coolsville...
Namely, the store turned crime scene known as Sneed's Feed & Seed.
Or should I say, the former "Eden of Coolsville", Chuck's Fuck & Suck!
Right now, it's nothing but a pile of ash resting on the ground...
But back in the day, it used to be quite the luxurious establishment!
And as you would expect of such a place, it was frequently visited by none other than the disgraced President, Hazz Maticus!
While you might imagine what he was there for... Yikes, I didn't need that mental image...
He was also handling some of his other businesses at that place.
That including a huge match-fixing scandal that shook the entire foundation of the wrestling business!
Would you guess, though, who was in bed with Hazz at the time, other than the hostesses?
None other than the vile people running the show at TFR!
We've been on a roll figuring out their evil schemes lately...
And now, we've received some very important tips from an anonymous contributor!
That's how we learned of this bombastic revelation. But there's more coming!
Why not reveal it all immediately? Hehe, come on, what would be the fun in that?
I'm gonna need you guys to work hard for it first. By liking and sharing this video, of course!
And well, I wouldn't mind seeing you making your voice be heard on the streets, either.
After all, our viewers are just so smart... And so cool, too!
You all looked awesome at the recent protests. Even managing to stop one of their episodes from airing!
I guess TFR should learn not to underestimate the power of the people, right?
I'm looking forward to uncovering more of their dirty secrets alongside all of you.
Until then... BLESS!

TFR Tag-Team Championship: The Wolff of Tag Street[edit | edit source]

  1. The HacksIlya Kuvshinov & Andrew Dobson
  2. The GymMark Wolff(Champions) & Aniki
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Championship: TFR Tag-Team
  • Tag-Team

Elimination By Details
Ilya Kuvshinov Mark Wolff count-out
Mark Wolff Winner

Sony Always Wins[edit | edit source]

Kojima Hideo
...I thinku that concrude negotiations.
Kaz Hirai
So then, we're in agreement, Mr. Kojima. Both Death Stranding 2 and Physint will be PlayStation 5 exclusives.
Kojima Hideo
Yes, yes. We have agreemento. Desu Strandingu 2 and revorutionary geimu Physint wirr be PrayStation 5 excrusive* (*also on PC)
Kaz Hirai
Drake, this is a nice office wouldn't you say?
Nathan Drake
I've seen better, but yeah I guess.
Kaz Hirai
It would be a shame... if something were to happen to it. I hear there's been a problem over in Coolsville lately, what with buildings burning down.
Kojima Hideo
Kaz Hirai
I can't imagine that were you to relocate from this state of the art facility to some ramshackle hovel...
That your Hollywood friends would be keen to continue working with you. What do you think, Kratos?
Do you think Mr. Kojima here is going to continue working with A-list celebrities while working out of some rat-infested warehouse?
Probably not.
Kojima Hideo
Kaz Hirai
No asterisks this time, Mr. Kojima. PlayStation 5. Exclusive. Now... sign the contract.
Kojima Hideo
...Berry werru.
Kaz Hirai
That will be all then, Mr. Kojima. As always, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Kaz Hirai
Hehaha. All too easy. The Dragon of Kojima's incarceration couldn't have been more serendipitous.
Japan is all but under our control. Sindria is in our back pocket.
And with the work Ricky Bobby has been doing in TFR, we've even made inroads in Coolsville.
It's only a matter of time... Before the whole world falls under our branding.
Nathan Drake
That's great and all boss, but... Is this really gonna sell more PlayStations?
I mean at the end of the day, market presence aside, you can't sell a console without games.
And uh, no offense to Mr. Kojima, but I'm not sure what he makes these days really qualify as “games”.
Kaz Hirai
Fool. “Games” are for children. What we sell are cinematic experiences.
And it doesn't matter what they're called. Those pitiful gamers...
Once we successfully monopolize the console market... Once we outlaw keyboards for good, thereby eliminating the threat of PC...
And in the same breath, replacing the keyboard black market with our illegal DualShocks... They'll have no choice but to consume whatever we tell them to.
A world where $599 is the norm...
Kaz Hirai
No, my friend. Your vision is not near grandiose enough. A new era is dawning.
In our brave new world, the PlayStation 6 will have a market retail value starting at...

Gold-Clad Fighters[edit | edit source]

  1. Jonesy
  2. Gold
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Contendership: Bad to the Bone #1 Contender
  • Singles

Jonesy Winner

Undefeatable Contenders[edit | edit source]

  1. Regigigas
  2. Ryan Rave
  3. Hisoka
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Contendership: TFR world #1 Contender
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Regigigas Ryan Rave
Ryan Rave Winner

Hisoka had clear shot at stopping the pin but was distracted by taunting.

The Belief of Inokiism — Vs. Sagara Sousuke[edit | edit source]

Ushiromiya Battler
678... 679... 680...
Tohno Shiki
745... 746... 747...
Ushiromiya Battler
H-Hey... Did Mr. Inoki not like our match or something?
Tohno Shiki
Huh? No, that's not what I heard. Actually, I heard he was really impressed.
Ushiromiya Battler
Then... Why does it seem like we're getting punished?!
Tohno Shiki
Oh... Do they not make you do Hindu squats where you wrestled before?
Ushiromiya Battler
No? The only thing they made us do backstage was play video games and watch Neil deGrasse Tyson videos.
Tohno Shiki
Well, that's just the way things are he-
Hey! You two! Less jaw jacking, more squatting!

Ushiromiya Battler
997... 998... 999... 1000! Fwah! F-Finally...
Tohno Shiki
Good work.
You're that new kid... Battler, right?
Ushiromiya Battler
Uh, yes sir. That's me.
Solid Snake
I heard you complaining earlier.
Ushiromiya Battler
Eh? Uh, well, I wasn't really complaining, I just-
Solid Snake
Battler. Tell me. What do you think the most important aspect of pro wrestling is? What should your goal be as a professional wrestler?
Ushiromiya Battler
Um... It's to entertain the fans right? To make sure that they go home happy.
Solid Snake
Ushiromiya Battler
Solid Snake
The most important aspect of professional wrestling... Is to be the strongest.
Ushiromiya Battler
The strongest? You mean like a main eventer? The strongest draw on the card?
Solid Snake
No. The strongest. The strongest fighter.
Ushiromiya Battler
I don't get it... It's not like this is MMA, right?
Solid Snake
Why would anyone want to watch pro-wrestling if they think that other martial arts are superior, like you seem to?
In order to maintain the validity of pro-wrestling to the public, we need to show its superiority to other martial arts.
To show that even if we're putting on a show, it's still the strongest and most lethal discipline.
That's Inoki's philosophy. Some people call it, “Inokiism”.
Ushiromiya Battler
I-Inokiism? I see.
Solid Snake
And what happens if you get into a fight on the outside? Where there are no rules or regulations, and your opponent isn't trying to protect you?
Who's going to pay money to watch someone compete in wrestling when they got publicly humiliated out on the streets?
On the battlefield, the only one that can protect you is yourself.
Ushiromiya Battler
Well that's easy, just don't get into fights out in public.
Solid Snake
Sometimes you don't have a choice. Inoki's mentor, who taught him everything he knows about pro-wrestling, was a man named Rikidozan.
One night, Rikidozan went out drinking. He got in a fight with a member of the yakuza.
He beat the yakuza handily, but during the fight, the yakuza pulled out a knife and stabbed Rikidozan.
Even though he finished the fight, and even went back to finish his drinks... That wound he suffered would get infected. He died from it.
Ushiromiya Battler
Man... I had no idea...
Solid Snake
After that, Inoki began to cultivate Strong Style. He, and the wrestlers that followed him, went to dojos across Japan, challenging them.
Proving the superiority of professional wrestling. Boxing, karate, judo, jiujitsu... Inoki and his wrestlers beat them all.
The only martial art that could stand against Inoki's Strong Style was aikido...
Inoki fought against the most powerful aikidoka, a man named Steven Sonozaki, but he was only able to force a draw.
Inoki did all of this... To ensure that people would respect pro-wrestling...
To ensure that anyone, even a yakuza, would think twice before challenging a pro-wrestler to a fight.
That way, the tragedy that befell his beloved mentor would never repeat itself.
Ushiromiya Battler
Excuse me. Um, Mr. Snake...?
Solid Snake
What is it?
There's a representative from Sony here.
Solid Snake
He's demanding to speak with someone in management.
Solid Snake
Wouldn't he want to talk with Inoki? Why are you telling me?
Well, Mr. Inoki has stepped out of his office... And you're the most tenured guy backstage... Koto's with him right now, but he didn't seem to happy about it.
Solid Snake
Mrgh. All right, I'll go deal with him. Guile, you take over here.
Sure thing.
All right, new kid. Today's lesson will be in the same vein as what Snake just lectured you about.
The only way to truly learn Strong Style is to experience it yourself!
Sagara Sousuke
Yes, sir!
Okay Battler. This here's Sousuke. He's one of our Young Lions, just like you and Tohno. He'll be your opponent today. That work for you, Sousuke?
Sagara Sousuke
It won't be a problem.
Ushiromiya Battler
Great. I'll see you out in the ring then. Looking forward to our match!
No. No match.
Ushiromiya Battler
Huh? What do you mean?
No ring either. The two of you are fighting. Right here, right now.

  1. Ushiromiya Battler
  2. Sagara Sousuke

Sagara Sousuke Winner

All right you two, good work. That's it for today then. Dismissed.
Ushiromiya Battler
Haa... I'm sore in places I didn't even realize I could be sore.
Tohno Shiki
You'll get used to it.
Good work today, you guys!
Tohno Shiki
Ah, thanks Chidori.
Chidori Kaname
Don't mention it! Ah! You must be that new guy everyone's talking about.
Ushiromiya Battler
Yeah, I'm Ushiromiya Battler. Nice to meet you.
Chidori Kaname
Likewise. I'm Chidori Kaname.
Ushiromiya Battler
Are you one of the female wrestlers here, Chidori?
Chidori Kaname
Huh? Oh, no. I just help around backstage sometimes. Sousuke's my, uh... He's my... My classmate, that's it!
Sagara Sousuke
I'm her bodyguard.
Chidori Kaname
Y-You... You moron! Aren't you supposed to keep that under wraps? OpSec or something, you dumbass!?
Sagara Sousuke
Ah. You're right.
Ushiromiya Battler
He's... your bodyguard?
Chidori Kaname
It's... It's complicated. Sorry, I'm not really at liberty to discuss it. You must think we're weirdos now. Well, I guess with Sousuke that was inevitable.
Ushiromiya Battler
No, everyone has their own circumstances. Sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
Chidori Kaname
Thanks for understanding. And uh, please do the opposite of Mister Blabbermouth here and refrain from spreading that little piece of info around.
That goes for you too, Mister Fly on the Wall.
Tohno Shiki
Haha. I know better than to incur your wrath, Chidori.
Chidori Kaname
...What was that?
Tohno Shiki
Uh, so Sousuke's wearing those clothes you got him, did you see that Chidori?
Chidori Kaname
Huh? Oh hey, you're right! What do you guys think, he looks pretty cool, huh?
Tohno Shiki
Uh, sure.
Ushiromiya Battler
I guess?
Chidori Kaname
And what about you, Sousuke? What do you think?
Sagara Sousuke
Right. The fabric is both flexible and durable, and should allow for a high degree of mobility. Close quarters combat shouldn't be a problem.
I have my doubts that fabric will survive extended use out in the field, but it should suffice for urban operations.
As for climate concerns... The fabric is breathable enough while trapping a sufficient level of warmth.
It shouldn't be a problem for temperate environments, though in extreme cold or extreme heat it may need to be reevaluated.
The fingerless gloves are a nice touch, they provide sufficient padding to the bones of the hand and the phalanges while not sacrificing finger dexterity.
It could prove crucial in a combat scenar-
Chidori Kaname
Ugh! Enough! Jeez, would it kill you to be normal for ONCE?!
Can't you just say “These are really comfortable” or “I'm bussin' on fleek fr fr” like a regular person? I mean how many times do I have to tell you...
Ushiromiya Battler
(It seems that even if things are more physically demanding here, the friendships and camaraderie backstage is the same.)
(As much as I miss AEW, I think I'll be just fine here. Though... I don't know if my thighs are gonna survive any more of those squats.)

Tough Enough STAGE 6: Prepare a Song[edit | edit source]

Roger Retinz
We're finally back! Welcome to a long-awaited edition of Tough Enough!
Throughout the past few weeks, we've explored many different aspects of what constitutes a star in this business.
But tonight, we'll navigate into yet uncharted waters.
Because in this challenge, our rookies will collaborate with their respective mentors, but not in the ring.
Instead, they'll be tasked with developing another vital skill: Their creativity.
And what better way to do this than with music?
An entrance theme can sometimes be the most important part of a wrestler's presentation.
Sometimes, you may get over based on your song alone!
Just off the top of my head, I can already name a Snorious example.
...Anyways, we've got some very talented staff working on theme songs backstage.
Your challenge is helping them come up with a new theme for each and every one of you.
Does that mean you'll be using that theme from now on? Not necessarily. That's up to Creative.
But at least for tonight, you're free to do whatever you please.
So, how are you all feeling? Ready for the challenge?
Narushima Koga
I've kinda wanted to be a trap GAWD my whole life ya know? Just never had a shot at it.
Excited to put out some fire shit! Actually, I'm finna bring TWO bussin' tracks instead of just one!
Gotta make sure both the English audience and my huge Latino fanbase get what I'm spittin', right? Just like Bad Bunny!
Agent 47
...Not even gonna ask me for any advice?
Tch... Alright. If that's the case, I'll show your faggot ass what I can do...
Jingu Yugo
Well, I'm not a music instructor myself, but I'm looking forward to the beautiful melodies you'll create.
I'm sure they'll touch my soul.
Melodies that touch the soul? Oh, I get it... But you gotta get on with the times, right? Like the new hotness... Disco!
Let's shuffle the universe's lexicon into a disco fever of cosmic serendipity.
Boogie Woogie Wu
Damn, looks like Gregson knows what he's talking about. He loves to Boogie, too!
I better bring my A-game to this. Maybe some influence from my homeland...
Hey, Donte, any ideas for lyrics?
Fuck you!
Boogie Woogie Wu
Ricky Cumshotta
I don't wanna lose to Boogie this time around.
Heh, don't worry about it, heh... I'm a master DJ, in case you didn't know.
Ricky Cumshotta
Really? Guess I got lucky! Let's see what you can do.
Reize Seatlan
Hmmm, that's kinda boring. Can't I just do it like AEW and grab some royalty-free song for myself?
Rean Schwarzer
Haha... Don't worry, I'll make a song for you. I'm sure the crowd will be happy to hear the story of Rean Coldsteel!
Kido Reiji
Yo, Mechazawa. This one is with you. I'm not taking part in something so dull.
Mechazawa Shinichi
Worry not, Reiji... I will shoulder that burden with pride.
Suou Tatsuya
An entrance song, huh. I doubt anyone would like to listen to a fighter jet, a motorcycle or construction noises...
Maybe I should text Eikichi or Ginko about it?
Kat, do you think you could get a music video ready in time?
I'm not sure how that would help right now...
But I can try sending some footage to record labels later if you want!
Samurai Flamenco
Hmmm... What would I want my theme to be like...
I don't think it's ever possible to surpass La Parka's "Thriller", but maybe there's something interesting we could make.
George Jackman
Ha, shounen! I've got the perfect idea!
We need a truly epic song, like what you'd see in a Japanese anime, telling the story of the modern Samurai...
Yes, I can already hear it! The heroes who wield the blades of JUSTICE!
This is my big break. No one here knows more about music than I do, surely!
I can feel the beat inside me, after all.
Kyle Hyde
Can't say I'd trust you with anything else, but...
Surely you wouldn't mess up when it comes to getting a track together.
Don't worry, boss. I got you!
Roger Retinz
Good seeing you all working hard!
So let's see the results that brings... Next!

Electronic Fighting Spirit[edit | edit source]

  1. Quote
  2. Third Carlos
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • No Holds Barred

Third Carlos Winner by CO

match restarted because CO on Ex. Rules is retarded also Extra fired.

  1. Quote
  2. Third Carlos
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Extreme Rules

Third Carlos Winner by Sub

Sindrian Prison Escape — Vs. Sindria Trading Company Goons[edit | edit source]

Kasuga Ichiban
Heh, things sure have been a lot better compared to the first time I was in the slammer.
Didn't expect to meet such a fun group of people when I got here!
Harrier Du Bois
Kasuga Ichiban
Is that how it's always been, Billy?
Billy Coen
Warden Osborne's been making things better for everyone. He really looks out for all inmates.
Massive man
Ya'd never guess from how he used to act back then...
Al C. Traz
Huh? You knew the guy before you were arrested?
Massive man
Nah. He was in the same prison as me before. I guess somethin' happened in life that made 'im change...
But hey, if you're not growin' day after day, what's the point?
Kasuga Ichiban
Hm? You were transferred?
That reminds me, I never got to ask what you're here for! Give me some of that backstory...
Massive man
Me? Well... Last time they got me, it was because I had escaped prison...
Kasuga Ichiban
...You did? Damn, must've taken some skill. But uh, I mean, what about before that?
Massive man
Hmmm... Before that... I escaped prison...
Kasuga Ichiban
What about you, Billy?
Billy Coen
I escaped prison.
But then, my friend here convinced me to go back.
...What can I say, he had a pretty good argument.
Massive man
Heh... That's right. We must serve hard time to the end, Billy. It's a good thing we met during my last prison escape.
Al C. Traz
I'd ask for some tips, but we're gonna be out soon, right?
Kasuga Ichiban
Yeah, it's almost time. Can't deny I'll kinda miss this place... Some of it, at least.
Billy Coen
Talking about time, we gotta go. Our shift should be starting now.
Massive man
Yeah. Gotta sweat a bit.
Kasuga Ichiban
Alright. By the time you're back, we might be out already. Let's catch up with some drinks once you're out!
Billy Coen
Looking forward to it.
Massive man
Same. Gonna be a while, though.
Kasuga Ichiban
Until then!
Hey, bear... Take care of them, alright?
Kasuga Ichiban
Hm? Someone's coming? Already?
Al C. Traz
About damn time. Can't wait to be free again.
Kasuga Ichiban
Warden Osborne
Ichiban... R-Run... T-They're after you...
Kasuga Ichiban
OSBORNE! C-Come on, what's happening?
Al C. Traz
Shit... They beat him black and blue!
Kasuga Ichiban
But who? Who could've done this?
Al C. Traz
And just when I was looking forward to being set free...
Oh, you'll be free soon enough.
Free from this mortal coil, that is.
Al C. Traz
The hell are you doing here?
Isn't it obvious? The so-called "Hero of Sindria" really thought he could walk into our prison and do whatever the hell he wanted?
Getting all chummy with that traitor of a warden... Good thing he's dealt with.
Al C. Traz
Kasuga Ichiban
You know him, Al?
Al C. Traz
Yeah. Remember those underworld goons working at the Sindria Trading Company I told you about?
That's his crew.
Kasuga Ichiban
Wait, really? Seems like we have a recurring villain here!
Are you finished? Because I'd like to get down to business.
The fact is, Ichiban, the higher ups won't stand for snakes.
Isn't that right... Escharum?
...Pick up the phone already...
What do you wa-... Oh.
I see that traitorous Warden has already been taken care of.
Much like your little friend Sinbad, he was bound to meet a terrible fate.
Who could think you'd be so clueless?
Sindria lost this war months ago.
Because, this entire time... We've been one step ahead. Always!
Taking over the government... I wish I could tell you it was difficult... But it wasn't.
Kasuga Ichiban... Pray Heavyweight punishes your defiance now.
Because if we ever meet again, I will peel the flesh from your bones with my own hands!
Even if you managed to get out, it matters not. We will hunt you down. Pursue you wherever you run!
Good thing neither of us has to worry about that, because you're about to be made an example of!
That's right. Traitors first, vermin second. Meaning that now, it's time to get rid of you!
Al C. Traz
Seems we're up for one more fight.
Kasuga Ichiban
You've got our back, too? Alright, then nothing can stop us!
Let's do this!

  1. Kasuga Ichiban, Al C. Traz, bear
  2. Heavyweight, Crack Ripper, Toby Cream
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: Sindrian Prison Outskirts
  • Elimination
  • Tag-Team
  • KO

Elimination By Details
Crack Ripper Al C. Traz KO
Al C. Traz Toby Cream KO
Toby Cream Kasuga Ichiban KO
Heavyweight count-out
TEAM Kasuga Ichiban Winner

Maritime Encounter — Vs. Great Shark[edit | edit source]

Kasuga Ichiban
Alright! Now let's get the loot!
Al C. Traz
...I don't think those guys are carrying anything we could use...
Y-You... This isn't over yet...
You'll need to get through this whole prison if you want to escape your death!
Crack Ripper
We've got you surrounded now, mate!
Al C. Traz
Shit, Ichi. We gotta bail!
Kasuga Ichiban
T-That's unfair! I didn't have time to level up all those bonds! There's too many people in here!
Now they want my head?!
Harry... Hop on my back, we gotta run!
Harrier Du Bois

Kasuga Ichiban
...Where now?!
Toby Cream
You're dead meat...
Al C. Traz
There's no end to them. Do we have to fight?
Kasuga Ichiban
What's with the infinite spawns?
No worries. We'll handle it from here.
Massive man
Been' wanting to try out a few new moves I learned.
Billy Coen
Heard you were in need of a bodyguard, Ichi.
I got plenty of combat experience from my time in the Marines. Surely I'm not that rusty.
Kasuga Ichiban
You guys...
Al C. Traz
Ichiban! Quick, the gates are opening!
Kasuga Ichiban
Huh? Could it be... Osborne...?

Warden Osborne
Ugh... I-I'm... Done for...
A-At least I could... Make it here...
I'm counting on you... To protect Sindria... Kasuga Ichiban...

Kasuga Ichiban
That has to be his doing... Even after they beat him black and blue, he's still helping us... Somewhere...
Hey, you two! Come with us! We aren't leaving you behind!
Billy Coen
Sorry, Ichiban. We've got a long sentence ahead of us, still.
Massive man
And a long battle, as well. Enjoy your freedom, pal! I'll think about escaping another time.
Al C. Traz
We can't let their help go to waste. Let's move!

Kasuga Ichiban
Huff... Huff...
H-Harry is kinda heavy, you know?
Al C. Traz
We're almost outta here. Hope you know how to swim.
Once we get to the shore, I'll-


Al C. Traz
Not today, fuckers.
Kasuga Ichiban
T-The hell? How did you get a gun?
I work for powerful people. As a spy... And an arms dealer.
Now... Die, Ichib-
Kasuga Ichiban
Huh? You want some, too?
I know damn well bullets are one thing that can put you down!


roar!!! roar!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!
J-Just die already!!! STOP COMING TOWARDS ME! STOP!


Al C. Traz
Hah... You aren't... G-Getting away with t-this...
Kasuga Ichiban
Al C. Traz
I-Ichi... T-This guy... Me and him... W-We'll be sleeping with the fishes...
But you... P-Please... See that our dreams of freedom... Come true...
Live on... For our sake...


Kasuga Ichiban
AL!!! BEAR!!!
D-Dammit! W-Why... Why did it have to be like this?!!
...M-More of those guys are coming... Ugh...
Harry... They entrusted their dream to us...
We must make it back home, dammit!

(Ichiban jumps into ocean)

Kasuga Ichiban
We've been swimming for a while. Civilization can't be that far away...
Harrier Du Bois

(bubbling sounds)

Kasuga Ichiban
Was that you, Harry?
Heh, it'd really help if you stayed still for a bit. Kinda hard to carry you already.

(shark sounds)

Kasuga Ichiban
If that noise isn't coming from us, then...

(shark attacks!!)

Kasuga Ichiban
Come on, what does the animal kingdom have against me?!!

  1. Kasuga Ichiban
  2. Great Shark
Iconic Match

Kasuga Ichiban Winner

Kasuga Ichiban
Huff... Huff... F-Fighting underwater sure makes things h-harder...
M-Made him go away, though...
H-Harry... On my back... We must... Keep swimming...
J-Just a bit more...
We... Must... Blblblblblblbl..

La Demonica Pelea de los Hijos de Sperdo por el Poder & la Hermandad[edit | edit source]

  1. Donte
  2. Vorgin
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Singles

Vorgin Winner

Somehow Vorgin tanked a direct kick to the chest and bounced from his knees hitting the floor to deliver an improbable backkick to Donte. Then, when Vorgin was ready to deliver a Roberto to Donte, he countered it with a Fuckerkick, but Vorgin had scouted this and teleported behind Donte. Later on, Donte shouted "NOW IT'S MY TURN" and did the same after Vorgin's Roberto. At one point, Donte spat blood from the sheer strain of his body, and Vorgin did likewise due to having broken his ribs to suppress the kick to the chest.

At the very end, Vorgin had just enough energy for one last Roberto at the opposite corner to Donte's initial fuckerkick, and it won him the match.

The Clutches of the Past[edit | edit source]

A man lies on the bed, a shadow of defeat etched across his features.

Kiryu Kazuma
At least it's not the same ward as him...

His lips curve into a wry smile, a fleeting moment of relief before it vanishes into the somber ambiance of his cell.
The distant echo of a metal door swinging open pierces the silence. The rapid approach of boot steps towards his holding cell is unmistakable. He knows all too well who it is.

Date Kaname
What... What were you thinking? I was out of my mind with worry when you wouldn't wake up for days...
Kiryu Kazuma
Date Kaname
Do you even realize how close it was?
We just happened to be investigating the Sonozaki family's ongoing turmoil when we received a report of a brawl erupting at their estate...
I dread to think what might have happened if we hadn't arrived in time.
Kiryu Kazuma
Date Kaname
Why did you have to take them on alone? I've always been here for you!
Kiryu Kazuma
They attacked me and pissed me off, so I decided to take it to their home base. That's all.
Date Kaname
Cut the bullshit, Kiryu! I'm not playing games here!
Kiryu Kazuma
Do not get involved, Date...
I don't want to make the same mistake again... This... All of this... It's on me.
The Sonozaki family's turmoil... I had a chance to put a stop to this back then... But I was selfish, and...
Involving Steven's precious daughters was a mistake. They were still much too young to be heading the clan...
I should've foreseen that the older members of the clan would seize the chance to strike.
Date Kaname
No one could've foreseen that, Kiryu!
Kiryu Kazuma
And not just that... The Matou family's return, too... I'm their sole target... Yet, because of my actions, they've harmed those around me too...
Date Kaname
The Matou family? They're back? Again?
Kiryu Kazuma
...Yes. Not as merely shadows of the past... But vengeful spirits of the present. They are not after the Sonozaki family, they are after me.
Date Kaname
Are you... Are you still haunted by what happened to Jill Stingray?
Kiryu Kazuma
She was the only woman I loved... If only I hadn't been so careless...
Date Kaname
Taking on the world alone isn't the answer, Kiryu. We're supposed to carry this burden together. Remember everything we've been through?

It all began with Matou Kariya, Kiryu's sworn brother, whose ambitions led the Matou family to the doorstep of the Sonozaki family, seeking power through unity. Yet beneath the surface, treachery brewed.
Sudou Tatsuzou, the Secretary of State secretly running the keyboard smuggling ring, forged an alliance with Kariya, aiming to dethrone the Sonozaki patriarch, setting the stage for the unfolding drama.
The keyboards that have flooded the streets of Coolsville with the silent keys of discord greatly threatened the existence of Yakuza itself. Disregarding this, the remnants of this once venerable family, rallied under Kariya's flag, ignited an insurrection within the Sonozaki family.
Yet, the master plan to decimate the Sonozaki family was thwarted by a single woman, Jill Stingray, Kiryu and Kariya's childhood friend from the same orphanage. She possessed the key that threatened the entire operation, enabling the Sonozaki family to strike back. The conflict reached its zenith atop Bogdanoff Tower, the tallest building in Coolsville at the time, its crown jewel.
Kiryu, with his indomitable spirit, triumphed over the treacherous duo, putting an end to the conspiracy with his own hands. Yet, as Sudou, having completely lost his dignity, unleashed the accursed power of keyboards in a desperate attack on Kiryu, Jill Stingray, the beacon of Kiryu's heart, sacrificed her life to save her beloved.
In her fall, Kariya found redemption, turning against the very conspiracy he had woven, dismantling the keyboard smuggling ring in a cleansing fire.
Yet, the tapestry of fate was far from complete. The ashes of conflict gave rise to new adversaries, drawing foreign shadows to Coolsville's doorstep. The Soprano family, from the distant land of Japan, cast their gaze upon the Sonozaki family.
Kiryu, assuming the role of an emissary, traveled to Japan to mend their relations, where he encountered the underboss of the Soprano family, Joey "Il Drago" Larocca, a man whose ambitions mirrored his own, determined to be the sole "Dragon" in the world.
But Kiryu didn't only find enemies in Japan. Amidst the backdrop of this burgeoning war, he met Jill Valentine, a formidable detective. She bore the same name as his late love, capturing his heart with her spirit and resolve.
Just as Kiryu seemed to make amends with the Soprano family boss, Joey overthrew the power within his family. As his insatiable hunger for power threatened to consume all, the dormant specter of the Matou family reawakened. The man believed to be long dead... Matou Zouken, a figure whose thirst for vengeance transcended mortality, rallied the Matou under his banner, reigniting the flames of war.
It all began many, many years ago, before Kiryu even joined the Sonozaki family. The demise of the Matou family was orchestrated by the hands of Sonozaki Oryou, the clan's matriarch, a figure of unparalleled cunning and ruthlessness. Under her directive, Steven and Shimano, young but formidable lieutenants of the Sonozaki family, laid siege to the Matou stronghold.
It was a massacre meant to herald the Sonozaki as the dominant force within Coolsville, a declaration written in blood. Yet, amidst the carnage, the elderly patriarch, Matou Zouken, whispered vows of retribution, his life extended beyond nature's intent by sheer will and spite.
The vendetta found new life in the most unexpected of alliances, as Joey "Il Drago" Larocca unveiled Zouken as his dark patron. The city of Coolsville, barely recovered, was plunged into chaos once more. The Soprano and the reawakened Matou unleashed a tempest, setting Bogdanoff Tower ablaze yet again.
In this labyrinth of deceit, where fanatical members of the Matou family had infiltrated not just both the Sonozaki and Soprano families for years but even the desolate roster of NXT, Kiryu stood firm, with Jill Valentine by his side.
The climactic battle atop Coolsville Hills, the new hope of Coolsville still under the construction, saw Kiryu defeating the combined forces of the Matou and Soprano families. He learned the terrible truth: both Jill Valentine and Joey Larocca were unwitting parts of the Matou conspiracy, pawns of Zouken's game of vengeance. Shaken to the core, Kiryu nevertheless marched onwards, defeating Zouken alongside Jill Valentine, and then inviting Joey to a decisive duel atop the world, a testament to their resolve and the fate of Coolsville and its citizens.
Yet the treachery didn't end there. As Zouken revealed himself once again, attacking both Kiryu and Joey with offscreen keyboards. Joey, with his last strength, chokeslammed the demented old worm off the top of the tower to his final demise, ending the cursed alliance. Refusing to end things there, Kiryu and Joey resumed their fierce battle for the title of the true dragon.
Emerging victorious, Kiryu acknowledged Joey as a formidable and honorable foe, letting Jill tell goodbye to her dying brother. Yet, they were still in grave danger as the Matou family had rigged the building to explode. As Joey lay dying, Kiryu and Jill Valentine embraced each other atop his lifeless body, making out as an unfitting J-Pop song started blasting.

Date Kaname
And that's when I swooped in with my helicopter, saving you both at the last moment. Now, do you understand?
Kiryu Kazuma
I remember, Date. But Steven left us with a legacy that's about more than just fighting.
Mion, Shion... They're trying to steer the Sonozaki family in a new direction, away from the darkness we've known.
And yet, it's that very darkness that's threatening to swallow them whole.
Date Kaname
And what about you, Kiryu? Throwing yourself into the fray, making enemies left and right... It's a war out there, and you're standing right in the middle.
Kiryu Kazuma
I've always known the path I chose would make me enemies.
If standing against them means protecting those kids and honoring Steven's memory, then so be it.
Date Kaname
Do you... Do you think this is what Jackson would've wanted?
And the kids at the orphanage... How would they feel if you ended up dead, leaving them all alone?
Kiryu Kazuma

Their conversation is cut short by the arrival of another officer.

Detective Date, sir... Some important-looking men have arrived. The higher ups ordered that you should clear the premises.
Date Kaname
The hell? Since when do we have to clear our own premises?
It's urgent, sir!
Date Kaname
Damn it...
Listen, Kiryu. I talked to Kasai and Akane while you were unconscious.
Akane called you a bonehead, you know. Said you're too stubborn for your own good.
But... She also said you're not alone in this. Remember that.

Kiryu's expression momentarily softens, a mix of gratitude and renewed resolve lighting his features.

Date Kaname
I have to go. Just... Think about what I said, Kiryu.

As Date is escorted out, leaving Kiryu to his solitude, the silence of the jail becomes suffocating. Kiryu's thoughts are a whirlwind of guilt, duty, and the specter of futures uncertain.
Suddenly, the monotony is broken by slow, deliberate footsteps. A figure in an expensive black suit, sunglasses masking his eyes, approaches. He stops before Kiryu's cell, an air of cold authority surrounding him.

Robert Corleone
Kiryu Kazuma, "The Dragon of Kojima." Joined the Sonozaki family at the age of 20, quickly forging a legend of his own.
Yet, with the legend came misfortune. After all, you can't make a name in the underworld without making enemies.
Even his own sworn brother, Matou Kariya, turned against him, causing the death of his only true love, Jill Stingray.
Left to care for the late Jill's son, he left the life of the yakuza and founded an orphanage, much like his own father figure, Kasai Tatsuyoshi.
Yet, the past always caught up with him, forcing him back into the underworld time and again...
What a tragic way to live.
Kiryu Kazuma
And what's it to you? My past, my family... It's none of your business.
Robert Corleone
I come with a proposal.
Your son, Jackson... It's unfortunate what happened to him. The media circus, the public smear...
He's been caught in a storm not of his own making. But we can clear his name, erase the blemishes your past has left on his future.
Kiryu Kazuma
...You think you can manipulate me with promises and threats? Jackson's life isn't a bargaining chip. Don't you dare toy with our lives!
Robert Corleone
Consider it a mutually beneficial arrangement. I'm offering you a way out. A deal.
We can clear Jackson's name, and make the media retract the stories. We can even erase the public connection between you two.
All it requires is your cooperation.
Consider it, Kiryu Kazuma.
You're not just fighting for Jackson now. You're fighting for a chance to right the wrongs, to cleanse the legacy you're so keen on protecting.
This is the best course of action for you, and deep down, you know it.
Kiryu Kazuma
What do you need from me?

King of Jobbers Championship: Race to the Top of Justice[edit | edit source]

  1. George Jackman
  2. Ricky Bobby(Champion)
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Championship: King of Jobbers
  • Singles

Ricky Bobby Winner

Otis Dozovic invaded the match to distract Jackman.

Then Agent 47 decided backstage to cash-in on his contract.

The Long-Awaited Assassination Cash-in...?[edit | edit source]

  1. Agent 47
  2. Ricky Bobby(Champion)
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Championship: King of Jobbers
  • Singles

Ricky Bobby Winner

Ricky shot on him with 2 finishers kwab.

Tough Enough STAGE 6: Entrance Theme Concert[edit | edit source]

"Boogie Woogie FUCK U" by Boogie Woogie Wu

"BIGGER" by Ricky Cumshotta ft. DJ Vorgin

"The Adventurer's Path" by Rean Schwarzer

"Happy to Be Here" by Chai

"The Lawyer's Groove" by Gregson

"The Fist Eye" by Narushima Koga

"El Puño" by Narushima Koga

"From the world I've left behind" by Suou Tatsuya

"Normal Guy" by Mechazawa Shinichi

"Blades of Justice" by Samurai Flamenco ft. George Jackman

"B.I.G." by Agent 47

»VOTE: BEST SONG«[edit | edit source]

  1. TATSUYA [9+5 Pts]
  2. BOOGIE [8+4 Pts]
  3. KOGA [8+3 Pts]
  4. GREGSON [5+2 Pts]
  5. AGENT 47 (not a participant)
  6. REIZE [0 Pts]
  7. MECHAZAWA [11 Pts]
  8. SAMFLAM [12+2 Pts]
  9. CHAI [7 Pts]
  10. RICKY [2 Pts]

TOUGH ENOUGH RUMBLE[edit | edit source]

  1. Adol Christin
  2. Vorgin
  3. Jonesy
  4. Narushima Koga
  5. Tavish
  6. Mechazawa Shinichi
  7. Sareth
  8. Kido Reiji
  9. Reize Seatlan
  10. Colombo Spice
  11. Suou Tatsuya
  12. Boogie Woogie Wu
  13. Chai
  14. Wayne
  15. Van Darkholme
  16. Sam Stone
  17. Gold
  18. Papillon
  19. George Jackman
  20. Gregson
  21. Ryan Rave
  22. Dutch van der Linde
  23. Ricky ***shotta
  24. Aniki
  25. Samurai Flamenco
  26. Quote
  27. Potemkin
  28. Apollo Justice
  29. Rean Schwarzer
  30. Hisoka
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • For: MITB
  • Royal Rumble

Elimination By @
Jonesy Adol Christin 05
Sareth Kido Reiji 08
Tavish Narushima Koga 10
Vorgin Suou Tatsuya 11
Suou Tatsuya Reize Seatlan
Narushima Koga Adol Christin 12
Kido Reiji Colombo Spice 13
Colombo Spice Adol Christin
Boogie Woogie Wu
Mechazawa Shinichi Reize Seatlan 14
Wayne Adol Christin 15
Adol Christin Chai
Van Darkholme Reize Seatlan 17
Reize Seatlan Chai 20
Gregson Gold 22
Sam Stone Dutch van der Linde
Gold Papillon 24
Papillon George Jackman
George Jackman Chai
Ryan Rave Potemkin 27
Ricky ***shotta
Chai Dutch van der Linde 28
Aniki 29
Quote Samurai Flamenco 30
Rean Schwarzer Dutch van der Linde
Samurai Flamenco Hisoka
Apollo Justice Potemkin
Dutch van der Linde
Potemkin Winner

※Tough Enough participants who reach the Last 5, will get 2 additional points to their score, and another 2 points if they win the rumble.

Chamber of Eliminating Ricky Bobby[edit | edit source]

  1. Sareth #4
  2. Adol Christin #5
  3. Hisoka #3
  4. Van Darkholme #6
  5. Dutch van der Linde #1
  6. Kido Reiji #2
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Contendership: King of Jobbers #1 Contender
  • Elimination Chamber

Elimination By
Sareth Dutch van der Linde
Kido Reiji
Adol Christin Hisoka
Hisoka Dutch van der Linde
Van Darkholme
Dutch van der Linde Winner

Dutch suddenly drew a golden phone and, in pure ecstasy, called someone and excitedly talked about his win, even despite the referees attempt to stop his call.

Grinding Sidequests[edit | edit source]

Francis York Morgan
Zach, I see you've only killed 521 alligators so far. 29 more to go.
Right, about those Squirrels... Where do you find the blue ones?
Don't forget we still need to try the Bartender's Sunday Cocktail. I wonder where he'd be at such a time?
And Chuck... I believe he had asked us for a certain artifact...
Oh, and Van asked us to take a look at a locker room leak.
Hmmm... It seems we can't find Chuck at his place until tomorrow morning...
Let's have a smoke to pass the time until then.

Francis York Morgan
There we go, Zach. I believe we're done.
Oh, hey there, York. You got here earlier than I expected.
Manny Pardo
Ready to go in?


  1. "Yes"
  2. "No"

Francis York Morgan
Wait a minute, Zach... That's right... Kirei asked us for some ingredients for his tofu!
I guess we gotta head back...