TFR Season 8 Episode 4

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The Dragon of Kojima's Return[edit | edit source]

Kojima Hideo
...No, no. Doesn't rook right. We needo do it overu!
You need to understando concepto behind this scene!
He become brue because coror brue represent wisdomu and serenity.
It mean his soul ascend to higher prane of existence. That he trury become Dragon among human!
And for scene after... You see, there's reason I came uppo with idea carred "camera".
We shooto this from other angre, and The Finaru Impacto rook better!
This way peopre connecto with movie worudo and feel rike they're part of it!
So... Did you rike, Kiryu-san?
Kiryu Kazuma
Hmmm, yeah... I think I understand it better now. Let's redo.
But what about this Social Scream System you talked about earlier? How's that gonna work?
Kojima Hideo
That's for another taimu. Then I'll terr you how I created concepto carred "scream".
Kiryu Kazuma
...You sure are a special one. Being the Dragon of Kojima isn't an easy job, but I'm proud of it.
I can't wait to see the kids again, though. It's only been a few days of work, but I miss them already.
Hold on a second. It's Date.
Date Kaname
Sorry for calling you like that. I know you're busy.
But we need to talk... You need to come back to Coolsville.
It's about Jackson.
Kiryu Kazuma
What's the matter? Is he alright?
Date Kaname
He... He's been taken into custody.
Kiryu Kazuma
Custody... He was arrested?!
Date Kaname
Come to the Detention Center. I'll provide more details there.
Kiryu Kazuma
Dammit! I'm on my way!
Kojima... I need to go. Something very serious is happening. Family issues.
Kojima Hideo
Ahhh, no probrem! For my most speciaru actor, I created geniussu invention.
"Paido Reave". Revorutionary for situation rike this.
Kiryu Kazuma
Thanks, Kojima. Sorry for rushing out like that.
I'll be back. Take care.
Kojima Hideo
You too, Kiryu-san.
Hmmm... Justto had new idearu for scripto. Movie aboutto prototaipu...

Kiryu Kazuma
So... An arson at Sneed's. The former Eden of Coolsville.
"At the scene of the crime, a suspect, identified as 'Jackson Kiryu,' was apprehended by Detective Manny Pardo of the Coolsville Police Department.
Jackson attempted to flee the scene while carrying a stove but was successfully intercepted and arrested by Detective Pardo."
A stove. At a crime scene like that. They must've thought it was enough evidence.
I need to ask Date about how exactly it went down.
Jackson... What happened there?
Whatever it was, I'm the one to blame.
The orphanage, back in Honolulu, Sindria...
Most kids were having a great time there.
But Jackson was different.
He wouldn't participate in any of our group activities, and always acted like a loner.
That's why, at some point, I started trying to make him crawl out of his shell.
I'd treat him different from the other kids. I wanted to talk to him, and for all of them to have fun together.
It seems like my message never got through. We had a hard time connecting.
As a paternal figure... I failed.
When he told me he wanted to follow his dream of being a wrestler, though... I was happy.
I thought things were looking up for him. A big opportunity came his way.
But I was also worried. He was leaving to Coolsville, alone, to pursue his dreams.
It's a dangerous city. A person like him could easily fall victim to its claws.
And that might have been just what happened.
I want to believe, though. To have hope that he wasn't the one responsible for this, and it's all a misunderstanding.
At the end of the day, no matter what, though, this is all my fault. So there's only one way to fix things.
Tch... I can't believe it...
I'm going back to that damn city, once again.

Opening Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Donte
  2. Hisoka
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Hisoka Winner

Extra's "MyRISE" Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Hey guys! Welcome to the third episode of MyRise!
We've had plenty of fun in the first two videos, didn't we?
Well, those didn't do big numbers, which is a shame, but you know what they say... Third time's the charm!
Maybe this one can triple the viewership and get it up to 6?
...Anyway, plenty to talk about here, but let's start with the most important part...
People are saying I screwed up last week, during the title match. I mean, it might be true, but, y'know...
It's wrestling, right? You're supposed to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. And I'd say I take pride in doing just that!
The fact that it just happened to be Colombo Spice and those Plan guys on the other side... I can't deny it felt kinda good, you know?
Not like I did it on purpose or anything, but could you imagine this...
"Pissed by the referee's actions, Colombo Spice challenges him to a match."
"He belittles him during the fight, but in an unexpected twist his opponent is actually a very sturdy underdog with a lot of heart!"
"The 'referee' punishes Colombo for his arrogance and hits him with a DDT out of nowhere, finishing with a Place Beyond the Pines for the shocking 3 count!"
That would put butts in seats, wouldn't it? Working this thing into an angle, Extra vs Colombo... Main event worthy stuff.
Well, it seems like he's getting a rematch first, though. And I'm banned from refereeing that one...
But it's fine. Maybe he wins the title back and THEN I get my shot, and for the strap this time around! Gotta make the dream match even bigger!
Heh... Gotta fantasy book stuff sometimes. I'll give creative a call later.
It's been going straight to voice mail these past few weeks but I'm sure they'll pick up eventually...
So, next, let's talk abou-
Uh... Might have to mute that part...
W-Well, guys, it seems we'll be cutting this one short. G-Good stuff, though, l-looking forward for more! See ya!

Tribal Chief Championship: The Top of the Family Tree[edit | edit source]

  1. Champion Roman Reigns
  2. The Prince
  3. Dave Meltzer
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra (w/ neckbrace)
  • Championship: Tribal Chief
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Dave Meltzer The Prince
The Prince Winner

Flip into the Madness[edit | edit source]

  1. Spazz Maticus
  2. Ilya Kuvshinov
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra (w/ neckbrace)
  • Singles

Ilya Kuvshinov Winner

The Locker Room Strikes Back[edit | edit source]

Van Darkholme
Billy Herrington
I was looking for you, actually.
Van Darkholme
Shit, man. I'm sorry.
Billy Herrington
Sorry for what? 
Van Darkholme
Sorry I didn't make it in time. They had it all planned from the start!
And now, because of me, Ricardo and Therapist...
Billy Herrington
They'll... They'll recover. Ricardo wouldn't go down that easily... I trust him.
No matter how long it takes... He's coming back to this ring one day. I know it.
If anything, Van, I should be thanking you.
Your big opportunity, and you gave up on it. All so you could try to help a friend of someone you're used to calling your rival.
If that doesn't show what's on your heart, I don't know what does.
Matter of fact, I was the one who should've been here... I was foolish to leave Ricardo alone knowing how far those guys can go to hurt their opponents.
Van Darkholme
At the end of the day, you still represent the same art form I do.
You fist them, you bend them, you pin them. You might not be a dungeon master, but you're still a real man, one that I respect.
I know how I want to hurt you and when I want to hurt you. All within the limits of our bodies.
Dutch's gang, though? They have no respect for anything.
Talking about that, though... Have you seen Chris?
Billy Herrington
I did. I tried talking to him, actually.
He looked... Like a weird mix of furious and sad. Something I've never seen before.
Passed right by me and straight into the office. Then he stormed out shortly after and left the arena. Almost took the door with him on the way out.
I decided to leave him alone... But I wish I could reach out to him.
Van Darkholme
Fucking assholes.
Sorry, Aniki, but I'm not gonna sit back anymore. I'm gonna make them pay.
No one else deserves to go through this. The locker room needs to fight back!
I'm tired of those guys thinking they run this place.
Billy Herrington
Van... Don't put yourself in danger.
If I lose you, I'll be all by myself here...
And revenge is never worth it.
I do agree that we need to fight back, though. But, much like them, we need a plan.
Just me and you is not gonna be enough.
I know an old friend who could help, though.
Van Darkholme
You can't mean... Mark?
Billy Herrington
Yeah. Time to show those little puppies what a real Wolff can do!

Bad to the Bone Championship: The Re-Bump of Prophecy[edit | edit source]

  1. Colombo Spice (The Plan)
  2. Champion Adol Christin
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Championship: Bad to the Bone
  • Singles

Colombo Spice Winner

Tough Enough STAGE 2: Cut a Promo[edit | edit source]

Roger Retinz
Last week we saw how comfortable each of our competitors were in the ring.
Now, we'll take a look at the other major aspect of wrestling: The mic work.
It's very important for a wrestler to know how to improvise when needed. And to manipulate the crowd into giving them the reactions they wanna hear.
So, the way this challenge goes, first, a competitor is gonna have a promo cut on them by someone else. Then, he's gonna cut a promo of his own.
The topic of such promos will be randomly determined and assigned by our judges on the spot. That way, we'll get to see who can improvise best.
Let's see who's starting... Aaaand you're up, Samurai Flamenco!
Samurai Flamenco
Gimme the greenlight, 'cause I'm ready to go.
Jingu Yugo
Alright. You gotta build your promo around the word... "Thunder".
And you'll be delivering that speech on Reize.
Samurai Flamenco
Thunder, huh...   

The time has come for me to finally expose myself.
My true colors shall be revealed.
For I am not satisfied with how things have been going lately.
There is only one way this can go from here on out.
Only one path leads to justice. And it's...
I will face off against my greatest foe yet.
Against the man who has ruined TV for everyone.
Against his Highness... Reize.
In an all-out, no-holds-barred fight... It ends tonight!
Till death do us part, we shall battle.
As partners in crime... We shall part ways.
This is goodbye.

To be continued in next week's episode of Battle Parking Championship.
Kyle Hyde
Well, you got really into it, at least.
Next, it's Reize's turn... Let's see... You'll be cutting a promo on Chai.
And your word is... "Apex".
Reize Seatlan
Ah, I've got this!

You see, I've been studying for quite some time. I've taken my time to understand...
And now that I do, it's become clear the truth is... I am the Apex of Wrestling!
It took me a while to realize that my past was not an accident.
My victories were not just ones born out of skill.
They prove I deserve to be at the top of this industry!
Only someone as talented as me could have such an incredible history!
Every step I've taken has brought me closer to this goal...
And now, finally, I'm about to achieve it!
As I said before, those who know their history...
Know exactly what I'm talking about when I say I'm the true successor to HUNK!
The Apex of Strength! The Apex of Power!
I shall inherit all his titles and records!
I shall rise above everyone else in this industry!
Only one path leads to such a glorious end...
And that is by passing through the AEW Women's World Champion...
Tsk tsk, it seems like you are the only one standing in my way right now, Chai.
But once I get my hands on you, there will be no stopping me.
Because I am the Apex of Readiness!
Better watch out, little guy. I'll take you prisoner next week!

...The WHAT's World Champion?
Jingu Yugo
Nevermind. Don't repeat that.
Okay. Next, Chai. You'll be talking to Ricky. And you'll be talking about "Radiance".
Too easy!
Well... Hmmm...

...RADIANCE... What power lies within that word?
It encompasses all my dreams and aspirations.
To shine brighter than anyone else, in every way.
For my talent to be recognized worldwide.
For me to make friends from around the globe...
For an adoring fanbase that stretches as far as my eyes can see...
All of those are RADIANCE to me!
There's nothing I wouldn’t do for such things.
Every step I took, every match I had, every promo...
They were all part of a master plan.
And now... It's time for the final piece.
My participation in the Tag Team Titles tournament with Ricky.
If we win, it'll all be worth it!
Because if I hold one of those belts...
Then I'll have more leverage to get what I want.
Such as my wish for an English friend...
Not like those Japanese kids I meet on the street are gonna understand me!
That Radiance will let me live in luxury!
No more having to eat out of vending machines or sleep on trains!
I shall reside in a 5-star hotel, fed well by a butler who brings me Radiant Deluxe Meals!
And most importantly, I'll get delivered fresh Radiance Milk straight to my bed at night!
The best part is, I don't even need to pee out of it anymore!
Life would be so comfortable...
Sometimes, though, I fantasize about getting my Radiant Delivery while still awake and in a public place...
Once I've gotten enough milk, though...
I could really go all out. I've dreamed of doing insane moves on the ceiling!
123! What a rad combo! And then another 123! And then another 123!
Just imagine how high I could go if I kept going like that!
Up until the very lights in the room went off, and then some!
Those heights. Those are where the radiance lies.
Only by reaching them would I truly fulfill my potential.
But lately... My body just doesn't wanna cooperate.
Even when I try to reach mundane heights, like grabbing a bag of chips from above my head...
Nothing happens. The Radiance just isn't with me today.
Maybe it's because of the cold weather? Or the fact that I haven't had any milk in a while?
Well, either way, I can't back down now.
Whenever I take a break, they'll steal the belts from me! That won't happen if I'm holding both ends!
So, no matter what, I must keep up the pace. I must achieve greater heights.
Because if I don't, then...
I won't shine bright anymore.

Jingu Yugo
Damn, this took so long it's his bedtime already...
Kyle Hyde
You had me on the first few lines... And then I don't know what the hell happened.
Yeah, don't overdo it.
Kyle Hyde
Let's just move on. Ricky... Just cut a promo on Boogie or something... Your word is, uh, "Rampage".
Don't go mentioning other companies. I know it's tempting.

Ricky Cumshotta
You know, I've been watching you for a while now.
We go way back, don't we, Boogie?
I saw how you lost to that skinny faggot Ryan.
And I was like, "Hey, maybe if I give him a massage every once in a while he'll calm down and stop trying to boogie!"
But no, it seems like things just kept getting worse!
So, I figured... Maybe I should step up my game.
See, when I fight, I always bring an extra dose of energy...
It helps me out in the ring. And when I'm doing my camwhore job on Chat, too!
That's why I decided to take some Extra Strength Raperampage XL before coming here today.
Gotta really bring my A-game when fighting someone as dangerous as you, homie.
And look at me now! I feel like a goddamn superhero!
The power is mine! The power of RAMPAGE!

You could probably sell an energy drink with that one.
Kyle Hyde
Not so sure about a match, though.
Boogie, you're up. Your target is Tatsuya.
And let's talk about "Punishment".

Boogie Woogie Wu
My father never taught me anything.
He just gave me a name that'd make people laugh, and sent me out to wrestle.
But those people... They understood me.
They knew what it was like to have no guidance.
To be alone in this world...
To have no one to dance with!
That's why they cheered for me when I first came here.
I thought it was because of my moveset or something.
But in reality, they saw themselves in me.
They could feel just how I felt back when I was dating that bitch Kimberly back in NXT (or whatever her name was)
The PANIC that set in when I discovered she was SCAMMING ME!
And most importantly, the JOY I felt when I decided to CHOSE SIDEMISSIONS instead of her on our DATE TO MARDIPILCOMA
Because deep down, we all know that the REAL PUNISHMENT is choosing multiplayer over singleplayer!
Thanks to that, I ended up becoming a BEASTLY BADMAN who lives off the GRANNY RACK!
And ever since then...
I've been getting more AND MORE FURious at the system that scammed MEMES out of their rightful PENIS ENHANCEMENT therapy sessions!
And now, after witnessing the DIABETES INDUCING MONSTEROOS that walked out with the championship last week...
I've finally had enough.
There's a limit to how much shit I can tolerate.
And that limit has been reached last week.
It's time for the p-party to come crashing in on the r-rave.
It's time for the punishment to begin.
And it starts with... The Chump Change Man, Tatsuya!

Jingu Yugo
...Nice energy. Like the way it escalated. Gave the crowd some stuff to pop for.
Could work on the content, though.
Tatsuya... You and Gregson now. Use the word "Mental".
Suou Tatsuya

So, I've been diagnosed with a "mental disorder".
It seems that ever since that day when I got hit on the head... My mind has been playing tricks on me!
A very unsettling and scary place, truth be told.
I don't think it's right to blame my actions on such things. Like how I tried to kill Gregson in the ring last week.
No sane man would do something like that.
wary Yet, they are telling me it's not my fault. That it's all due to my brain working differently now.
And that what I did was perfectly normal... Under the circumstances.
Just how far will this "circumstances" go? Will I end up killing someone else someday?
Are those demons really just figments of my imagination?
Have I truly gone mad?!
Or maybe... I was the demon the entire time. And the man I tried to murder last week...
Was simply a victim of my own personal justice.
Maybe next week we'll find out.
Maybe, I won't be satisfied with just "trying".
But until then... Good night.
Sleep well, Gregson. If you still can.

Kyle Hyde
...Fine speech.
Uh... Yeah...
At least you guys are okay in the creativity department, it seems.
Kyle Hyde
Yeah. Being able to imagine yourself as another person, as a character you created on the spot... That's an important skill to have to develop your mic work.
Jingu Yugo
Just don't get too outlandish. We're a realistic product, after all.
Kyle Hyde
Gregson, you know the drill. You and Mechazawa. Word is "Timeless."
Just like me, then!
I can keep wrestling until my 90s... I'm confident on it!

I have a theory, Mechazawa!
When it comes to the Timeless...
So, yeah... About that... Uhmmm...

...What? I forgot my lines.
Theories schmieries!
Next up is Sudou! Let's go!
Kyle Hyde
Jingu Yugo
Kyle Hyde
Mechazawa, please. Koga. Word is "Life".

Mechazawa Shinichi
The very essence of what I've fought for.
My motivation since day one.
What has driven me to train harder, and harder?
To endure all the pain, the humiliations...!
For the sake of my dreams!
...And now it's gone.
Everything I held dear...
All of my reasons to fight...
They were taken away in an instant.
By the hands of that man!
What does it mean now?
Is there anything left for me?
Yes, there is!
There's only one thing left for me to do.
Only one reason to keep fighting.
I shall take his life, and make him understand the torment he put me through!
It stops here.
It ends with him.
That's the meaning of life.
For me, that is the truth.
Goodbye, everyone.

That... That had me emotional...
What a captivating story about revenge!
Jingu Yugo
Wow, that's a character the crowd could sympathize with. A struggling man with nothing to lose.
Kyle Hyde
You sounded really cool, gotta admit.
Okay, last but not least... Koga. You can use Kyle as your "opponent" for this one. Your word is... "Moment".
Narushima Koga
Sheeesh, I've got this!

You see, all of y'all in the crowd...
You better be paying attention to this moment.
Because this is the start of the GOAT's career.
Yeah... We finna... No cap... I'll be HIM...
The man, you know? A bigtime player in this company.
So in the future you can look back and see, uh...
That starting in this moment... From now...
From this moment on... This I'll be the moment... Starting now... In the near future... Presently...
At this moment... This will be the moment... The start of this moment... Will be... Right now...
In this moment... Starting now... The moment... Of the Genesis... Of the Kengan Omega, Narushima Koga.

Yeah! I was bussin', right?
Kyle Hyde
Retinz. The poll.
Roger Retinz
Right! It's up, right now, starting now, in this moment, this will be the moment... Of the Tough Enough Challenge voting!
Make your voices heard, people! Who did it best?
Points will be distributed the same way as last week.
Have fun, and let's look forward to the results!

»VOTE: PROMO'S GOOD«[edit | edit source]

  1. Mechazawa [3+3 Pts]
  2. Tatsuya [1+2 Pts]
  3. Samurai Flamenco [2+1 Pts]
  4. Boogie
  5. Chai
  6. Koga
  7. Gregson
  8. Ricky
  9. Reize

Anti-Planning Chamber[edit | edit source]

  1. Dutch van der Linde #5
  2. George Jackman #3
  3. Jonesy #4
  4. Wayne #6
  5. Agent 47 #1
  6. Sinbad #2
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Contendership: world title #1 Contender
  • Elimination Chamber

Elimination By Details
Dutch van der Linde Agent 47 Dutch died in under 60s lmao
Sinbad George Jackman
Agent 47 Wayne
George Jackman Jonesy
Jonesy Wayne
Wayne Winner

KAngel Exposes the Truth: Arson Case[edit | edit source]

Hey cuties! It's KAngel, your favorite underworld investigative reporter!
Tonight, we've got some huge news coming your way, and they're more relevant than ever in light of recent incidents!
Let's talk about the hottest news of the day... The fire at Sneed's Feed & Seed!
See, I was doing some background checks on the Tough Enough participants, once they were revealed...
You know, with TFR, you have to keep your eyes peeled for evil schemes at every possible turn!
And wouldn't you guess? Even before the news broke out, I discovered some nasty things about one specific participant.
They're trying to pretend he was never on the show now, but you all saw the interviews a couple of weeks ago!
I'm talking about the Coolsville Arsonist himself, Jackson Kiryu! Also known as "Chinman" on the show.
Now, we all have seen the horrible things he just did. But would you believe it if I told you anyone could see that coming from a mile away?
Because, truth is... He was raised that way!
His legal guardian is a criminal legend some of you might have heard about.
That is, Kiryu Kazuma! Yes, the man known as the "Dragon of Kojima".
Many would think of him as just a normal actor. Owner of an orphanage, a good guy who does his own share of charity work.
But only those who know of his dark past and reputation can put two and two together and figure out just why someone like that would raise a criminal!
In reality, Kiryu is a hard-boiled yakuza, through and through. A cruel man that has caused pain to many.
And if you need even more proof of that... Well, we've got a very special guest tonight!
An underworld expert himself, who is now focused on philantrophy and fixing society's wrongs... Ruber, from the Yeagerists!
So, Ruber... What do you have to say about this Kiryu Kazuma guy?

First of all, good evening, everyone!
Second... Guy is evil, plain and simple. Not many other words to describe him.
I've heard so many stories from back in the day...
Like... There was a time he used an innocent waiter as a meat shield to protect himself from bullets.
That guy had a family, dammit. Did that not even cross his mind?
Well, considering how terrible of a parent and a human being he is, probably not.
Nevermind the multiple chases, explosions and killings he was involved with.
No wonder he could make it as a known action movie actor. He had all the real life experience!
More than that, he was raised as part of a known Coolsville yakuza family, to which he still has ties to this day.
Now... Would you be surprised if the reason that Chinman guy was in TFR in the first place... Was because of his mafia connections?

I see! That's a very interesting way to put it!
We knew "the fed" was up to no good... But to think they'd let the mafia tell them what to do?
Things just keep getting darker and darker! That's why you need to be on the lookout, everyone!
Next time around, we'll expose more of those ugly secrets the media is too scared to touch.
Could another Tough Enough participant be hiding something? Is the Dragon of Kojima gonna strike back and cause more pain to others?
We'll see about that! BLESS!

Amakusa's Announcement: Shuichi Saihara Memorial Show[edit | edit source]

Amakusa Juuza
Good night everyone great to be here tonight at great place for great show we're gonna have so much fun it's gonna be really great
But let's get ahead to the big announcements right that's what everyone came here for so expect some great stuff coming up
See while some in the fed are making the news for crimes not like their crimes against the sport of professional wrestling weren't enough
Here in aew we are making the news for breaking records and putting on GREAT shows with some GREAT attendance
And to continue that streak going we're gonna take things to the next level
And we're gonna be bringing in even more debuts and even more new talent promising new talent
The rock of tomorrow the stone cold of tomorrow just like eugene chaud just like steve burnside you know that caliber of talent just amazing great stuff great
But more important than that next week we're gonna be having the biggest show in AEW history
It'll be the biggest show right now tonight is the biggest show but next week it's gonna be great it's gonna be bigger
The biggest show you know a pay per view not a premium live event that's bad fed terminology just a pay per view you know old times
And the first ever AEW pay per view will be truly an epic clash between our strongest and greatest
And I'm proud to announce that next week at the usual time on twitch dot tv next week we'll be having next week the first AEW pay per view next week
It will be named in honor of one of the greats a man that we have lost but that we all can only hope to be like
A man that brought a new vision to the great sport of professional wrestling he revolutionized this business
No not business this art form known as professional wrestling
And that man is of course the great Saihara Shuichi so next week the first ever AEW pay per view with the Saihara Shuichi Memorial Show
Where you can expect us to put on something that would make him proud wherever he is
Such a great man such a great wrestler great human being and we're gonna honor his name
So you have that to look forward to and of course after the show we're gonna be having a great press conference
Where I'm expecting all of you to ask the hard hitting questions you know because we go all in we go balls out every time
So I'm hoping to be asked about what is Peppino's favorite pizza just the hard stuff that not many would have the courage to answer
And definitely not those guys at the fed
Anyway really looking forward to all the great stuff coming up and of course how could we ever forget LETS FUCKING GO!

Future of Wrestling Championship: Proof of Power[edit | edit source]

  1. Dante is #AllElite
  2. Champion Eugene Chaud is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Championship: Future of Wrestling
  • Singles

Eugene Chaud Winner

Searching for Newfound Hope[edit | edit source]

Maximillion Pegasus
...You know, it is indeed good to relax a bit after traveling all over the world like that.
But still, even while on this break, he won't leave my mind.
I'm sure he'd love this place. He'd probably be strategizing about his future matches here.
And yet, no new leads...
Kaiba Seto
Wrestling all those guys sure was nothing but a waste of time.
I guess there are some things that not even money can buy. I didn't think information would be one of them, though.
Maximillion Pegasus
Indeed, Kaiba-boy... Indeed...
Excuse me. I couldn't help but overhear you two talking.
Maximillion Pegasus
And who would you be?
Kaiba Seto
That's the owner. I saw him last time I was here. He generally works in the back office.
So, you two are wrestlers? Is that right?
That reminded me of my childhood friend. Could you have crossed paths with him in the past?
Maximillion Pegasus
We've fought so many people just to get here I couldn't say I'd remember if I did.
Ah, I see... I just miss him a lot.
He was a kind man. But he was also a ring general.
Wrestling was very important to him. But more than anything, he was a leader of men.
He could command entire troops with his charisma.
And just... His eyes... The hope in his eyes...
Maximillion Pegasus
That... Sounds a lot like Erwin.
...Your friend wouldn't happen to be a certain Erwin Smith, would he?
Erwin Smith... Yeah, actually. That's the name he's going by.
Kaiba Seto
It was right under our noses the entire time?
Maximillion Pegasus
I'm sorry, could you please tell me where your friend lives now?
I... I've actually been looking for him... For very long.
You'd be doing me a great favor. I'd be glad to reward you if it turns out to be true.
Yeah, actually. He lives in Ingerland now. We parted ways a while ago.
You should be able to find him there, if you ask around.
Maximillion Pegasus
Ingerland... How did I not think of that before?
Kaiba Seto
Guess we didn't go "all over the world" after all.
Maximillion Pegasus
Kaiba, make preparations post-haste. We're leaving as soon as possible.
Kaiba Seto
Got it.   
Maximillion Pegasus
Erwin... It's been so long...
I'm coming, old friend.

First Ever AEW Bridge Royale[edit | edit source]

  1. Captain Soap is #AllElite
  2. Teddy Maxis is #AllElite
  3. Majima Goro is #AllElite
  4. Joe Merrick is #AllElite
  5. Peppino is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Stage: Bridge
  • Bridge Royale

Elimination By
Teddy Maxis Majima Goro
Peppino Captain Soap
Majima Goro Joe Merrick
Joe Merrick Captain Soap
Captain Soap Winner

About Legacy[edit | edit source]

Sooooooooo... What do you guys wanna talk about?
What I wanna talk about... Is legacy.
Legacy. What we leave for the ones that come after us. What kind of inheritance will they receive?
Possibly the greatest thing about this business. The one thing we all want to achieve.
Because this is how you make yourself eternal.
This is how people will remember you, and what kind of performer you were, many and many years from now.
However, that greatness can only be achieved by few.
Those who have fought to make wrestling better. Those who have introduced us to things we have never seen before.
And Saihara Shuichi was one of those men.
That's why, as announced by Amakusa earlier tonight... Next week, we're paying homage to Saihara's legacy.
He inspired many who are in AEW today. He was a glimmer of hope in the pit of despair that was the fed back then.
More than that... He didn't let those associated with him drag him down.
Sure, he could've chosen better friends. But he never followed the path of that snake Wright, or that disappointment Kyle.
All he wanted was to help his fellow wrestlers. And maybe, just maybe, that's why he's not with us anymore.
It's an unfair world. And the biggest proof of that is how people like his two little friends are still around, while he isn't.
But that's exactly why we fight. We fight to bring change to this unfair world. We fight... For Saihara's legacy.
And this is part of the reason why the Elite Enigmas are just one of many projects in AEW with the objective of developing talent for the future.
Because unlike the "Fed", we're more worried about the people than about whatever bribes we're receiving!
Here, in AEW, we are a family. And here, the young ones are overseen by good people.
Not by selfish frauds, like a certain guy who thinks he's "Tough Enough" to teach you how to be a wrestler, or how to do something as simple as a bump.
Truth is, someone like that isn't good enough to win a match even if the whole company was depending on him!
So... Wrestle how you damn well please. We're not gonna force anything down your throat.
We're not gonna give you some magical formula and make you follow it.
This is why our talent is unique. This is why we're the best company there is.
And this is why, tonight, Battler is gonna show you just how far he's come!
Let him be another proof of how the AEW structure can develop the biggest stars this business has seen.
...Let's give a round of applause and welcome one third of the Elite Enigmas, Ushiromiya Battler!

  1. Ushiromiya Battler is #AllElite
  2. Ryuki Kuruto is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

Ushiromiya Battler Winner

Rakesh came out and attacked Battler after the match

Visit to the Detention Center[edit | edit source]

Date Kaname
Kiryu! I've been waiting...
Over here, take a seat.
Kiryu Kazuma
Date... I've read up on the media coverage about the incident.
Is it really true, what the newspapers are saying?!
Date Kaname
There's plenty to talk about. Most of it is unfortunately true, yes...
However, first things first. There's something that just made matters much worse.
Have you seen the video that came out today? Everyone's talking about it.
Kiryu Kazuma
Date Kaname
Here, let me show you...

Could another Tough Enough participant be hiding something? Is the Dragon of Kojima gonna strike back and cause more pain to others?
We'll see about that! BLESS!
Kiryu Kazuma
Date Kaname
I know, I know. It's a lot to take in.
But... Things will be fine! That's what we're here for.
So, how about we go talk to Jackson, first and foremost?
Kiryu Kazuma
Date Kaname
...What do you mean? You don't wanna meet him?
Kiryu Kazuma
It's not that I don't want to. I have no right to.
As if I hadn't screwed up enough as his legal guardian...
Now my past is about to destroy his future... His dream.
Date Kaname
Well... You're free to think that... But I really do think he could use a familiar face being around right now.
Kiryu Kazuma
I'm not gonna do him any good by being there. If anything, it might make things worse.
Date Kaname
Going back to the case, if you want my opinion on it: It is quite suspicious that Chinman was there, and carrying a stove to boot.
I don't know if there's anything that could free him of the arson charge. But something just doesn't sit right with me.
He has no motive. And he refuses to talk to anyone about it.
So, Kiryu, as your friend, there's only one thing I can do.
I'll dig as deep as I can, and I'll find the truth!
Na-ha-ha-ha! What do we have here?!
Ooishi Kuraudo
Talking to a dangerous gangster, are you, Date?
Date Kaname
Ooishi... Not the time for jokes. Sorry.
Kiryu Kazuma
Sorry, Date. I don't think there's anything you can or should be doing right now.
I'll be going.
Date Kaname
Wait, what do you mean? We're not done here. You can't just shrug this off!
Kiryu Kazuma
Just... Don't stick your nose into this stuff.
Date Kaname
Dammit... He's gone.
Why, Kiryu? Why are you acting like this?

Terrible Timing for Family Business[edit | edit source]

Ushiromiya Battler
Man, even if it was rough at times... That match still had me fired up!
This Elite Enigmas deal is really teaching me something I didn't know before.
Win, lose, it doesn't matter! Wrestling is just great, as long as you're doing it the way you want!
Hm? Wait a minute...
Ushiromiya Kyrie
Oh, there you are. I was looking for you, actually.
Ushiromiya Battler
Didn't expect to see you here, of all places. It's been a while!
Ushiromiya Kyrie
Ushiromiya Battler
So, what do you think? AEW is looking great, isn't it?
Ushiromiya Kyrie
It's... Certainly a wrestling promotion.
We're gonna be real busy with family business in the foreseeable future. Had to check up on you before that.
Ushiromiya Battler
Oh, I see! Well, you guys can come anytime. We've got plenty of tickets available for all shows lately.
What about Ange? She seems to really like wrestling. I could get her a backstage pass if I talk to Nero, maybe.
Ushiromiya Kyrie
Oh, it's good that you mention her.
You see, Battler, the reason I wanted to talk to you...
Me and Rudolf, we were discussing it earlier... And we think it'd be great if you were to stay with Ange in Japan while we're busy with things around here.
She'd need someone to look after her, after all. Who better than you?
Ushiromiya Battler
Huh? O-Oh... Japan?
Hah, I don't think... I don't think AEW has a Japanese branch, does it?
And taking a plane every week is probably out of question...
Ushiromiya Kyrie
It's no problem. I'm sure you'd be able to find another job there real quick.
Ushiromiya Battler
R-Really? Ahahahahaha... Yeah... I need to take care of my little sister, right...
Ushiromiya Kyrie
Well, I just wanted to tell you ahead of time so you can make arrangements. Feel free to tell your friends about it until the day of the flight.
Let me know if anything comes up. See you.
Ushiromiya Battler
Y-Yeah, see you... 
That's some terrible timing... Dammit...

Burning the Streak[edit | edit source]

  1. HUNK is #AllElite
  2. Steve Burnside is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

HUNK Winner

Are You My Friend, Sir...?[edit | edit source]

Rakesh Kumar Orton
Ever since I was a little kid... Life was never easy...
For years I struggled in the Indian wrestling scene. Evil corporations would try to take down our videos, but we prevailed.
We had a dream to make it big. That's why we came to Coolsville.
So much talent... The Rohit, Chris Vinay, Big Knife Manju, Big Himang, Great Shiva... My family...
And yet, I'm the only one left.
To carry not only their dreams, but the dreams of the 1.4 billion people of India, it was a tough task.
But someone needed to redeem it.
That's why, despite all the hardships, I grew, and I gave it my all to this business.
So much so that, at times, I had to do things I'm not proud of, in order to take the spotlight and make a name for myself.
That ruthless approach is what led me to the BCW Championship.
Still, it didn't feel like my journey was complete. It was empty. Like I was missing something.
That's when he came. The one person who believed in me. A friend who always had my back no matter what... Kaidou...
Things started feeling like they mattered again.
Even after I betrayed him in order to remain at the top, he still saw the good in me. He accepted my heartfelt apology.
So when we both made it to AEW... I thought those happy days could continue forever.
But now... He's distancing himself from me...
He got himself in a fancy stable, and forgot all about his good friend...
So I had to ask myself... Is this the Kaidou I know? Did I ever know him at all?
Or was he just playing the long game and tricking me for his own benefit?
Some people have always said I'm a snake. "The Indian Cobra"...
Well, tonight, Kaidou, that snake came out and bit your new buddy.
And it did that... Because it wants to ask you a question:
Are you still my friend...?
I hope you can prove it... Sir.

Hardcore Ass Motherfucker Championship: The Titans of Delusion[edit | edit source]

  1. Raiden is #AllElite
  2. Zag "5'0" Reus is #AllElite
  3. Champion Perc Jones is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Championship: Hardcore Ass Motherfucker
  • Triple-Threat
  • Ladder

Perc Jones Winner

Arisato's Retribution[edit | edit source]

Arisato Minato
Listen up, slapnuts!
Last week, a crime against wrestling happened in this very ring.
The man with all the stroke in AEW was unfairly dethroned by some weirdo who calls himself a "stepping stone".
Buddy, you aren't anything like that. You're more like an anchor to this goddamn company, dragging it to the bottom of the ocean.
I don't know what gave the impression that some failed fed reject like him could just walk in and claim this company's biggest prize like that.
He'd lose a match to fucking Spazz Maticus on his best day.
Friend, no one was willing to put you over until you came here. And there's a reason for that.
For those who know the inner workings of this business, this guy has zero backstage pull. He can't stand up for himself.
Worse of all, he's terrible in the ring. Not a single five star match under his belt.
I carried that worthless pile of garbage to the best match of his career according to the Observer, you know?
Now, if you wanna truly be a stepping stone to someone or something, you should relinquish that title right now. Give it back to its rightful owner.
The soon-to-be four-time AEW World Champion himself, me!
Because if you don't step back... Well, then you're gonna piss me off. You don't wanna piss me off.
If you do, then next week, at the first ever Saihara Shuichi memorial show...
Then pay attention, people, because I'm gonna stretch his ass like it's never been stretched before!
After all, well... Ain't I great?

Vs. Blacklist Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

Kyle Hyde
That's another hard day of work done...
Haaaah, those kids just kept rambling on and on.
I guess it's normal. They must be nervous.
Still, teaching them is gonna be a painful and arduous process.
Is this really all you had in mind, Wright?
No, it can't be that simple...
When am I gonna understand your true intentions?
Text from Jack... It reads...
"Look out, Kyle! One of the leaders for the Blacklist Brotherhood brought his men to come after you!"
"And you know what they did? They beat my friends black and blue, all because they said they might've seen you!"
"Please, is there anything you can do to help!?"
Thought that place was supposed to be frequented by strong, capable wrestlers...
Am I really the only one who bothers to stand up?
...Whatever... Can't leave a good friend hanging.
Hey, Bolo, look who's here!
Bolo Reynolds
If it isn't our personal little bitch!
Why do you keep coming back, huh? Still want more?
Kyle Hyde
It's called having a backbone. You geeks wouldn't know what that means in a million years.
Bolo Reynolds
You're saying you have one? Well, that's one more thing for us to break.
Alongside his will, of course.
Kyle Hyde
Very funny. Let's get down to business, shall we?
You're kidding? You couldn't take either of us one-on-one, and you want both?
Are you masochistic or something?
Kyle? That you, dawg? Fr?
Narushima Koga
Yoooooo, man, what a small world!
Kyle Hyde
Koga? The hell are you doing here, kid?
Narushima Koga
My master would always talk about this one restaurant where only wrestlers would eat... It sounded like the coolest shit.
So I decided to check it out for myself, now that I'm one!
Kyle Hyde
...They let you in?
Narushima Koga
Well, I just got here, so why don't we find out?
Heheh... I'm afraid the place is closed. Maybe for good.
Narushima Koga
No cap? Damn... 
Kyle Hyde
He's full of shit. Those guys are just some gangsters trying to shake down the owner.
I was about to kick their asses before you interrupted.
Narushima Koga
You? One-on-two? Hahahahahahahahahah!
Kyle Hyde
...Why are you laughing?
Narushima Koga
Come on, man. Haven't you seen those street fight videos on TikTok?
It never ends well for the dude that's ganged up on.
Let me help out, bro. You gotta see my rizz up close.
Kyle Hyde
Do you even know how to throw a punch?
Narushima Koga
You kiddin' me? I'm on my way to becoming a master of the Coldsteel Style!
Kyle Hyde
...Whatever you say. Just don't get in my way.
Wouldn't you look at it? Two for the price of one!
Bolo Reynolds
Things are about to get real fun.
Kyle Hyde
Not for you, that's for sure. Bring it on!

  1. Kyle Hyde & Narushima Koga
  2. Gene & Bolo ReynoldsBlacklist Brotherhood
Iconic Match

Elimination By
Narushima Koga Bolo Reynolds
Blacklist Brotherhood Winner

Narushima Koga
My master... Still didn't tell me... How to stop holding back...
Kyle Hyde
Urgh! N-No way...
One more time, eh?
Bolo Reynolds
Bring more of your little friends next time. I could use a workout tossing them around!
Did you ever think we're gonna stop anytime soon?
You haven't even seen all of us yet.
Bolo Reynolds
Actually, why don't we bring more of the gang next time?
It's not fair to them if it's just us doing this stuff, right?
Good point. Hey, Kyle! Real big dude is gonna be coming next time.
Don't think anyone could bail you out when he does. He's ruthless.
Kyle Hyde
Tch... I'll take all of you on if I need to.
Looking forward to see if you put your money where your mouth is.
Bolo Reynolds
Yeah. Until next time, Mr. Traitor.
Narushima Koga
...Traitor? What are they yapping?
Kyle Hyde
Forget about it. Just some dumb shit.
But hey... Thanks for the backup, I guess.
Narushima Koga
Chill, no biggie. Do I score any points for that, though?
Kyle Hyde
No way. Gotta pay your dues.
Narushima Koga
...Aight, fair enough. Just had to shoot my shot, you feel?

Vs. Mafia City[edit | edit source]

Francis Zach Morgan
...So this is their usual spot?
Manny Pardo
Yeah. Those Mafia City goons always slither in here to chew over their dirty deeds and shadowy transactions.
Francis Zach Morgan
I see. You must have some well-connected informants.
Manny Pardo
If I didn't have sources as solid as concrete, I'd be swimming with the fishes by now.
The underworld's crawling with the meanest sons of guns, like the Coolsville Cutthroat.
Speaking of which... They've all got their peepers on us. We better rustle up some drinks.
I'll take a straight whiskey. Need to keep a lid on things.
Francis Zach Morgan
I'll chance one of those cocktails. Gimme "The Forbidden Sip".
Manny Pardo
That's a real kicker. Heard they stir in quicksilver for that extra kick.
Wouldn't buy into that malarkey if you paid me a king's ransom.
Francis Zach Morgan
Only one way to separate fact from fiction, right?
Heeeey, who do we got here? What's the score, boys?
Francis Zach Morgan
Manny Pardo
Cheap shot... Asshole...
Some fucking dirty rats, poking their noses where they don't belong!
You were aiming for a one-way ticket to the afterlife, you could've just let me know, savvy?
Would've saved us all the trouble!
Boys... Take care of 'em. I got places to be, and this ain't it.
You got it, boss.
Mexican Goku
You don't look THAT strong... But I'll fight you regardless!
Cow Tools
*cow intimidation*
Francis York Morgan
Seems like the odds ain't in our favor, huh, Zach?
Even then... We'll have to face them head-on.
Hold up a minute.
C'mon, Frank. Gonna sit down and not even say hello?
Well, we'll have time to catch up later. There seems to be more pressing matters.
I-I mean... Charles?!
Cow Tools
*cow angry*
Mexican Goku
Now we're cooking! Let's add a little extra spice!
H-Huh... Y-Yeah! We'll teach you not to mess around in our turf!
Richter. Fancy seeing you here, as well.
Almost didn't recognize you. The guy I knew wasn't a coward who'd gang up on people like that.
W-What's that supposed to mean?!
Heh. Lit a fire under your ass, huh? That's how I like it.
Francis York Morgan
Time for me to get into action again, Zach.
Manny Pardo
Damn thugs! You're biting more than you can chew!
That's it... Get 'em!

  1. Charles, Francis Zach Morgan, Manny Pardo
  2. Mexican Goku, Richter, Cow Tools
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: Underworld Hangout
  • Elimination
  • Tag-Team
  • KO

Elimination By Details
Richter Francis Zach Morgan KO
Mexican Goku
Manny Pardo Cow Tools
Cow Tools Francis Zach Morgan
TEAM Francis Zach Morgan Winner

Manny Pardo
This ain't a show, dipshit. You're not getting your 15 minutes of fame today.
Richter... I thought you had learned... This isn't how mafia works.
Truth is, before I got up from my table, I gave the cops a call.
They should be rolling in any second now.
Seems like it's in our best interest to wrap things up here, huh?
We gotta scram! Can't afford to get pinched like this.
Manny Pardo
Yellow-bellied punks. This ain't the end of it...
Doubt this is the last time we'll cross paths.
Francis York Morgan
That was a bar fight reminiscent of Steven Sonozaki's Out for Justice. 1991, directed by John Flynn.
I don't think we can fight as well as Steven could, but we sure put on a show there, didn't we, Zach?
Date Kaname
...Looks like I just missed all the action. Everybody okay?
I was investigating the arson a few miles away. Sorry I didn't get here faster.
Manny Pardo
Just some small-time hoodlums stirring up trouble, Date.
Date Kaname
Figured as much, in a place like this...
Manny Pardo
If you're itching to talk arson, you're barking up the right tree.
Francis Zach Morgan
Yeah. We were both on the scene that night. You probably knew that already.
Date Kaname
Sure do. So spill it, what went down?
I'd order a drink, but this place doesn't have any hostesses to appease...
...It DOESN'T have hostesses, right?
Date Kaname