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Opening Match[edit | edit source]

  1. The Prince
  2. Max Payne
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Singles

Max Payne Winner

The Locker Room's Honor against The Plan[edit | edit source]

Dutch van der Linde
It never fails. When you follow my plan thoroughly, it NEVER fails!
They thought they were so smart, trying to prevent our interference. They thought they had a free path once they got Red out of the way...
Little did they know I brought Papillon out as the contingency! While me and Colombo stayed at ringside, he lurked among the crowd.
Always making them second-guess. Always making them think they'd get attacked from the back anytime.
That gave us the psychological edge through the entire match! They were so confused they didn't even try to stop us!
We always had the advantage in the numbers game, anyway. Even if they did try to intervene, we'd just make that advantage count.
So, with the match on our hands, all I had to do was a simple but effective way of manipulating the result.
I just stood in place and made sure Van couldn't get back on the ring in time.
That, kids, was a masterclass on how to think a step ahead of your opponent at all times. I hope you learned from it.
Colombo Spice
I gotta say... It was quite impressive.
Now, it's just a time of "when" my title shot will come.
Dutch van der Linde
And if they dare pass anyone ahead of you in line, they'll suffer the same fate.
But first, you have to defend that belt of yours.
Colombo Spice
Easy. The Lone Wolf of Infamy isn't afraid of any challengers.
If Adol thinks he can just bump into me and that's it, let him see what bumping into a brick wall feels like.
Dutch van der Linde
No matter what he does, anyway, it's not gonna be enough. We'll hunt him down, together.
I don't like the sound of that, Dutch.
Billy Herrington
You used to be different. Well, not so much, but still.
You had more honor than that. You could endure the lash of the spanking.
But now, all you do is taking advantage of others.
It's gonna catch up to you... Unless you bring an end to it yourself.
Dutch van der Linde
Heh... Exactly what Chris says... You think us old timers are all the same?
We're a different beast, you and I.
I'm a predator. And if you don't want to be the prey, you better step back.
Billy Herrington
All I'm doing is letting you know that you're making a lot of people unhappy.
And I'm not even talking about others backstage who also have their sights set on that bounty. I'm talking about people who want this place to be a fair environment.
Ricardo gave us an idea. We went to management about it and Van is getting a rematch tonight.
They think that he could've beaten Retinz if not for your interference... So you guys are banned from ringside, too!
Colombo Spice
What... Do you think... You're doing?
Billy Herrington
Showing you what the real power of the people is. When we get together for something... Ass, we can!
Dutch van der Linde
Colombo... Not now.
Colombo Spice
Billy Herrington
Good luck on your match.
Colombo Spice
Why didn't we make an example of him, right now?
Dutch van der Linde
This isn't how we work. We don't do things on the heat of the moment.
First, we need a plan. And I have one.
Ricardo, he says... We'll hit those guys where it hurts the most.

It's Time to Move Out, Isn't It, Zach?[edit | edit source]

Francis York Morgan
...If there's one thing you didn't forget, it's how to make a good coffee, right, Zach?
This cup is looking just the way we like it.
Francis Zach Morgan
It smells good, too.
Francis York Morgan
Yep. Coffee... One of the only things we can always rely on. Other than each other, of course.
Now, why don't we check the news?
Francis Zach Morgan
"Dynamite Ratings SKYPLUMMET after strong "The Big Bang Theory" lead-in"...
"New, innovative line of TFR merchandise coming to Sex Shops worldwide?"
"Tyrone Ngubu with a last-minute header to win the game as fans go crazy in the stands."
"Series of brutal murders haunts Coolsville in the past few months."
That's a big tone shift.
Francis York Morgan
There's a small section dedicated to each recent murder case the public knows about.
Francis Zach Morgan
Might be a pretty interesting read. But first, there's something else that concerns me.
Kamogawa Genji
Francis Zach Morgan
He's looking quite anxious, isn't he?
Francis York Morgan
That's true. It's quite unusual for Kamogawa to stay quiet for this long.
Francis Zach Morgan
Usually he'd be yelling at us to stop wasting our time and to get back to training.
Francis York Morgan
Exactly. Is something wrong, I wonder?
Francis Zach Morgan
The door... Should I go answer it?
Might be a customer. I'll handle thi-
Heeeeeeey, Kamogawa... I see you're still kickin'. Well, more like still punchin'...
Kamogawa Genji
Yeah, yeah, of course. Is business boomin' then?
Kamogawa Genji
 Well, you see... 
Nah, let's cut right to the chase. The thing we talked about last time. Surely you've got the cash, right?
Kamogawa Genji
   I... I don't.   
The fuck do you mean you DON'T?


Well, that doesn't mean I'm gonna have any mercy on you. You've crossed the line, big time.
Get the camera, boys! I'll take my time with this one...
Francis Zach Morgan
...I believe this has gone too far.
Where the hell did this guy come from?
Hey, asshole, who the FUCK are you?!
Francis York Morgan
I don't think he wants to hear our introduction this time, Zach. Maybe later.
Susuhara Suzumu
...Our sincere apologies. He's new here.
There's a few things he still needs to learn.
Yeah? Teach him who he shouldn't be messing with, then!
But heh... Hey, old cunt. Look at me. Still can't get up?
You finally scammed another idiot into paying for your shitty lessons?
...Guess I can let you off with an extension this time, then.
Don't think this is gonna last, though. If you're empty-handed next time I'm here for a visit...
You can't even begin to imagine what we're gonna do to you and to this place.
Either way, I'll be looking forward to it. Tell Ippo I said hello, if he's not braindead yet.
Francis York Morgan
Well, Zach, looks like we've just met the local despot. And I don't think we'll be on good terms with him.
And to assault someone out of the blue like that... The behavior of a low-level thug.
Francis Zach Morgan
 So... Who was that? 
Susuhara Suzumu
One of the guys in charge of Mafia City. They took over the entire region a while ago.
I'm sorry for what I did just now, by the way. It also pains me to see such injustice.
We just... Can't afford to confront them at the moment. They have too much power and resources.
Kamogawa Genji
This is all my fault...
They can only come barging in and demanding things like that because of the state of this place.
You might've figured it out by now, boy. You only arrived recently, but you must've noticed how we're in the shitters.
We've had to deal with a declining customer base for a while. But we could still stay afloat thanks to the money Ippo brought.
But with him out of commission... Basically our only income comes from Susuhara.
I don't even have anything to teach the kid at this point, but because he hangs around and trains here all by himself...
He gives us a cut from his salary as a wrestler.
Either way... I'm heading back to the office. It's my job to figure out a way to deal with this.
Susuhara Suzumu
...I really hope he pulls through.
As I was saying... Mafia City... They've been growing exponentially as of late.
Their numbers continue to grow day after day. And with that guy, V, as the underboss, they're more ruthless than ever.
There are rumors that they force those under their "protection" to fall into debt and even kill those who don't pay them.
Kamogawa Genji
Come on, stop scaring the boy with your horror stories! He's still recovering from that accident!
Francis Zach Morgan
 Right... The accident... 
I forgot to ask, but did you end up recovering any of my belongings?
Kamogawa Genji
Yeah, actually. We got a few things from the crash site.
Susuhara! Bring them over!
Susuhara Suzumu
    Will do!    
Kamogawa Genji
Some documents seem to have been lucky enough to survive. Much like you.
Maybe those will refresh your memory.
Susuhara Suzumu
I've got them. Here. Take a look.
Francis Zach Morgan
  Case files, huh...  
Hmmmm... Murders... I see...
Got it.
Francis York Morgan
It's time to move out, isn't it, Zach?
Francis Zach Morgan
Yeah. I shouldn't be staying here much longer.
Thanks for the help, you two. There's important work I need to get done.
Kamogawa Genji
I see... Don't be a stranger, though. There's plenty I still need to teach you.
Susuhara Suzumu
Let's have a proper rematch sometime, alright?
Francis Zach Morgan
I'm sure I'll be back soon enough.
Francis York Morgan
Isn't there something you're forgetting, Zach?
Francis Zach Morgan
Oh, right... The coffee!
Not good. It's gone stale.
Francis York Morgan
Just when we thought we had perfected the formula...
Wait a minute, Zach. The newspaper. Right where we left the cup...
It's a section about the murder of James Tomitake.
The coffee is telling us this murder must be important.
The police has already been taking care of it... But we just can't ignore such a sign, can we?
Guess we know our next destination.
Francis Zach Morgan
Sneed's Feed & Seed. Formerly Chuck's.
I better hurry. It's never good to be this late to a crime scene.

Bad to the Bone Championship: Bump into an Hungry Wolf in a Dark Night[edit | edit source]

  1. Adol Christin
  2. Champion Colombo Spice
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Championship: Bad to the Bone
  • Singles

Adol Christin Winner

※Colombo grabbed the ropes, but Refxtra ignored it

Three True Underdogs of Hope[edit | edit source]

  1. Ryan Rave
  2. Rean Schwarzer
  3. George Jackman
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Extreme Rules
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Rean Schwarzer Ryan Rave
Ryan Rave Winner

Tough Enough STAGE 1: Take a Bump[edit | edit source]

Kyle Hyde
There's so much to teach... I wonder if we have enough time to do it in just a few weeks.
I wonder if this project was properly designed with that in mind. Well, I still have questions about the talent that was scouted.
It's the first episode and that kid with the big chin already hasn't shown up. Guess he wasn't "Tough Enough" after all.
Sure, if anything, he made my job easier.
But still...
Jingu Yugo
Kyle, old friend, there's nothing to worry about.
Someone with as much passion for wrestling as Mr. Wright couldn't have possibly made a DUD.
I'm confident the future of TFR will be in good hands, and they'll carry this great legacy forward.
Kyle Hyde
(Jingu... I personally requested him as one of the main trainers in Tough Enough.)
(He's nothing but a humble janitor nowadays, but for a long time he was one of the most knowledgeable people in this industry.)
(And he brought with him possibly the greatest coach of the modern era, his star pupil, Phi.)
I don't care how green they are, if they're not in great ring shape by the end of this, you can put all the blame on me.
I can say in good authority that they'll all be capable of five-star bouts by the time the final episode airs.
Kyle Hyde
Well, show's about to start. Do we have the greenlight from Mod to go out there yet?
As the current general manager he owns the whole show now, I guess...
Roger Retinz
We're good to go. The audience has already seen the introductory interviews, so we can go straight into the first challenge.
They just need to take a simple bump, right? Can't be that hard.
Kyle Hyde
I sure hope so...

Roger Retinz
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever TFR Tough Enough challenge!
As you may know, in this revolutionary show, your voice will be heard!
Those 9 competitors will be guided by our trainers and face each other in all kinds of tests.
In the end, all the abilities that make a great wrestler will be tested, and YOU will decide who is TOUGH ENOUGH!
The winner, of course, gets a guaranteed big money TFR contract, with a title match clause to go alongside it!
Voting will happen at the end of each challenge. For this first one, the winner will get 3 points. Second place will get 2, and third place gets 1.
Well, its about time we start this off with a bang. Or better yet, a bump!
But first, our good friend Kyle, who's in charge of this whole thing, has a little speech himself.
Kyle Hyde
I don't wanna make this too long, so I'll keep it simple.
No matter how you look at it, this is an unique opportunity.
You're getting to skip straight to the big leagues, without paying your dues, without going through what everyone else went... All you gotta do is come first.
Still, that doesn't mean it's all flowers. This business gives, and this business takes.
It brought me good times. It brought me friends. It gave me a purpose.
It also took that away from me. It brought me sadness. It brought me betrayal. It brought me pain.
But if you're willing to endure all of that... Then, and only then, you can be called "Tough Enough".
Let me give you a better example.
You over there... Chai, right? What's your favorite match?
My favorite match... Uhhh... Junpei vs Kong Wenge.
Kyle Hyde
Well, I just lost my train of thought...
By the way, just for further notice, one of your nuts is hanging out of your pants. There's a big hole.
Narushima Koga
Kyle Hyde
Oh? You look pretty energetic. Why don't you go first?
The first challenge is pretty simple, but it'll allow us to determine how far along you are in your journey. Just a regular bump.
Now, let's start. Take a bump.
Narushima Koga
Leave it to me, boss!

(Koga bumps into Kyle)

Kyle Hyde
What the hell?!!!
I didn't mean THIS bump!

(Cumshotta slowly descends to the map)

Too slow, too sloppy! Be more intense!
Ricky Cumshotta
...That's what I heard all the time on set.

(Boogie does a dancing bump)

Jingu Yugo
Cut the theatrics next time.
Flat back. Come on!

(Reize does 4 fast bumps)

Jingu Yugo
Just one is fine! And slow down a little.
Kyle Hyde
If you "sell" like that in the ring, I'd tag you for real.

(Samurai Flamenco jumps into the air and falls)

Jingu Yugo
Don't oversell. They're gonna think getting beat up is all you're good for.

(Chai jumps into the rope and falls after a springboard)

Who said you could springboard?
Kyle Hyde
Are you trying to impress someone?

(Gregson lifts himself into the air and piledrives himself)

Kyle Hyde
...How do you even do that?!
Is there anyone who knows how to take a simple, normal back bump in here?

(Mechazawa takes a bump)

Jingu Yugo
Good snap. Flawless.
That looked cool...
Kyle Hyde
Jesus Christ, finally!

(Tatsuya takes a dramatic bump)

Suou Tatsuya
Oh, that's all you want? Alright!
Jingu Yugo
...Okay, I guess? Can use some improvement...
Roger Retinz
Aaaaand that makes it everyone.
Who did you like best?
Voting is now open, let your voice be heard!
We'll be back for more next week... On Tough Enough!
Kyle Hyde
(I really need a drink after all that...)

»VOTE: WHO BUMPED BEST«[edit | edit source]

  1. Mechazawa [+3pts]
  2. Samurai Flamenco [+2pts]
  3. Tatsuya [+1pts]
  4. Koga
  5. Boogie
  6. Gregson
  7. Chai
  8. Reize
  9. Ricky

His World or His World[edit | edit source]

  1. Mario
  2. Wayne
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • Singles

Mario Winner by CO

Cedric Alexander invaded for mysterious reasons to distract Wayne... THEN Mr. McMahon CAME OUT WITH A CHAIR TO ATTACK MARIO, probably chasing Cedric like a scooby-doo segment.

King of Jobbers Championship: The Ruthless Plan of Revenge[edit | edit source]

(Van Darkholme and Ricky both come to their entrances normally)

(a transmission hijacks the titantron)

Dutch van der Linde
Heeeeyyyy, Van, having a good time, friend?
Apologies for the sudden appearance, I just figured you might want to take a look at something.
They banned us from being at ringside, would you believe that?
Well, I decided I'd obey, just this once. So I'm staying in the back.
It's a shame, though. It looks like there's plenty of idiots here backstage who think it's smart to get involved in other people's business.
Right, Ricardo?
Don't worry, though. We're about to teach him a lesson. If he can survive it, that is.
And would you look at that? His little friend Aniki got the rest of the day off.
It's sad he won't be here to witness it. Or maybe he should consider himself lucky.
So... What are YOU gonna do about it, huh?

(Van runs backstage)

...Dammit... I can't just stand here and do nothing.
But Chris is off today. I'm all by myself here!
Van is not gonna make it in time. I have no other choice. Someone needs to save Ricardo... Alright! Bring it on!
Colombo Spice
You've gone and made a big mistake.
End him, Red!

(Red throws Ricardo from the rafters)

Colombo Spice
Should've worried about yourself first!

(Colombo throws Therapist from the platform into the searchlight, then the feed cuts)

(while winning by count-out, Elias Samson illegally attacked Ricky)

The Fucking Main Event[edit | edit source]

  1. Donte
  2. Sinbad
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Referee: Refxtra
  • 20-Count
  • No-DQ

Sinbad Winner

※Sinbad was counted out but match wasn't supposed to have count-outs

Vorgin's theme played but no one got distracted and no one came out.

Extra's "MyRISE" Continues[edit | edit source]

...Here we go for yet another addition to my diary.
I think I figured a good name for this series. I'm gonna call it "MyRISE".
You know, it's documenting "my rise" to the top and everything. Hah. Stylish.
Anyways, business as usual. People in the crowd keep coming up with new insults for us refs. Last one I heard was "ugly rigger".
I mean, I gotta commend them. At least they're creative.
But yeah, would you look at that! I said I'd record some of my daily life next time, and there we are! Man of my word.
I'm gonna be eating some tasty Mapo Tofu this time around.
Originally, I wanted to record this over at Jack's Steakhouse, but, uh, they didn't allow me entrance...
It's a pretty iconic restaurant for us wrestlers, but apparently I'm... Not "enough of a wrestler" to go in.
I tried telling them I was a former tag-team champion but they didn't believe me. I mean, I don't know how anyone could forget that run.
Hard to argue with them when I'm not getting booked right now, though. But that'll change! Soon!
Thought I'd be all by myself here, but some big dude just came in. From his looks, no way he doesn't wrestle...
I gotta say he looks familiar, but I don't really recall why...
Him and the owner are talking about something... I can't quite hear.
Uhm... I think my presence became a topic in their conversation... Just saw one of them point and laugh...
I think he's happy to have a customer like me! Maybe he can see my potential just from looking?
Well, one thing is for sure: No matter how crappy the day was at work, some good tofu can make me forget about it!
Aaaand it just arrived. How about we review it on camera?

AEW Opening Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Rance is #AllElite
  2. ZOOM is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Extreme Rules

Rance Winner

Spurring the Motivation[edit | edit source]

Last week, you were given a shot. A chance to grab that brass ring that has eluded all this time.
I had thought the fed was limiting your power...
But yet, once again, you failed.
And you lost that match to an injured man, nonetheless.
A man that isn't even able to come to work today, after unleashing his ultimate technique in that ring.
Did he want it more, Dante? Or is he simply stronger than you?
I believe Nero already realized it. That's why he formed his own stable instead of sticking with his family.
Have you given up? Have you reached your ceiling?
I hope not. I wish to restore the feeling. The desire to be the best professional wrestler in this wrestling ring.
Because then, I can defeat you at your best.
So, it's time to make a choice...
In the coming weeks, you'll face many fearsome foes. Young talent. The future of this business.
Prove your worth to me. Show them your power, if you still have any.
Then, and only then, I'll allow you to stand in the same ring as me again.
Show me your motivation!

The G1 Dream Match[edit | edit source]

  1. "Alucard" is #AllElite
  2. Mike Haggar
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

Alucard Winner


All-Artic Circle Championship: Golden Ladders[edit | edit source]

  1. Date Kaname is #AllElite
  2. Champion Steve Burnside is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Championship: All-Artic Circle
  • Ladder

Steve Burnside Winner

Stress Within the Soul[edit | edit source]

Date Kaname
After a hard-fought match like that, I do need a break...
Maybe I should go for a stroll around the red-light district...
Hm? Wait, is that over there-
Maebara Keiichi
Date Kaname
Man, it's been a while! Haven't seen you backstage at AEW or anything.
How are things going?
Maebara Keiichi
I'm, uh... Good, good... Yeah good very good doing great!
Date Kaname
O-Oh... Headed somewhere?
Maebara Keiichi
I think I was, uh... Going to Angel Mort, probably?
Sorry, I've been feeling a bit lightheaded or... Something...
Date Kaname
I see. Are you sure you're fine?
Actually, thinking about it... I could use a cake. Or a waitress. I'll tag along!
Yeah... Those waitresses... Such beautiful, well-shaped hip bones...

Maebara Keiichi
Hmmm... I'll have an Affogato this time around. What about you?
Date Kaname
One waitress, please! Covered in whipped cream!
Maebara Keiichi
Date Kaname
Uh, I mean... Cake. A strawberry cake with whipped cream on top. That's what I meant to say.
Maebara Keiichi
Coming right up!
Date Kaname
Anyway, Keiichi...
...You know, out of all those mafia families we had running around Coolsville...
I think the Sonozakis had the right idea.
Lately it seems like they just used their money and influence to expand whatever legal businesses they had.
Those new Angel Mort joints are a good example of that.
And you just don't see them making the news all the time like Mafia City.
Maebara Keiichi
Yeah. I'm sure Mion and Shion have been trying their best.
What about you? What are you up to?
Date Kaname
U-Uh, you know, uh, I've been having a lot of success on AEW Rampage!
We won a tag-team tournament there recently.
Did some great work on Dark, too!
Maebara Keiichi
   I see...   
Well, don't take this the wrong way, but... Do the people at AEW even care anymore?
TFR is very much still around. And I know you're worrying about your own show and all but have you guys been doing anything to stop their evil deeds?
Date Kaname
I don't know what you're saying. Of course we are!
We've been putting on all those "bangers" lately... We'll beat "the fed" soon enough, you'll see!
Maebara Keiichi
Yeah... I'm sure that'll help... Wrestling in front of 12 people for a hotdog and a handshake...
Date Kaname
12? Did Rampage beat their previous attendance record? Hell yeah!
Maebara Keiichi
I'm sorry, but I don't see how goofing around like kindergarteners on the ring is gonna bring TFR's demise.
What kind of change is a failed re-do of BCW gonna bring?
Date Kaname
I mean, we're having fun. Changing the locker room culture, you know. Getting rid of the rotten apples, wrestling the way we wanna wrestle...
Sounds like change to me.

(K1 punches the table)

Maebara Keiichi
Wrong! What you guys are promoting isn't real change.
We, at the Yeagerists, are the only ones doing actual activism and trying to expose their dirt!
Date Kaname
What do you mean "we"? Did you... Join them?
You, of all people? I thought you had a good head on your shoulders.
Those guys look like violent animals sometimes.
Maebara Keiichi
Listen, we just do what we need to do to damage TFR and its reputation.
Date Kaname
But most of the time you don't even do anything that affects them directly!
Those people just cause problems around town and leave pubs ruined after soccer games.
And after all is said and done, the police is the one who has to do the cleanup.
Anyway... I don't even know why you think all that "activism" is necessary. The fed is on the brink of death anyways.
It's bleeding money from all sides. Both from corruption and issues like that invasion they suffered a while ago. It's a complete sloppy shop.
More than that, the major threat the Bogdanoffs presented is gone now that they've passed away.
Guess they couldn't handle being behind bars and paying for their crimes.
There's no way Sminem, by himself, would be that much of a problem, if he were to show up again.
We've got way bigger threats to worry about. Like gang violence itself.
Ever since the deaths of Steven Sonozaki and Shimano, and with G-Man's extended absence, Mafia City has become increasingly uncontrollable.
They took the opportunity and not only absorbed the remnants of the Shimano Family...
But also managed to bring G-Man's Conseguenza Consortium under their thumb.
It's very likely they're involved in the recent series of unsolved murders.
Their influence allows them to silence any opposition and disrupt those who want to find the truth.
That deliberate interference in our investigations makes it incredibly difficult to arrest the culprit.
It's like trying to navigate through a maze with invisible walls.
Maebara Keiichi
Excuse me, gentlemen! Your order is here!
Maebara Keiichi
Oh... Thanks!
(In the middle of our conversation, the food arrived.)
(We ate in silence for around ten to fifteen minutes.)
(Then, I heard a familiar voice.)
Ooishi Kuraudo
Na-ha-ha-ha! Am I interrupting anything?
Well, it's good to see two old friends catching up.
But you're gonna be late for your shift, Date. Time for us to go.
Don't worry, my car's got the air conditioner on!
Date Kaname
Already? Damn, time flies.
Well, guess I'll be off, then. Hope you keep what I told you in mind, Keiichi.
Ooishi Kuraudo
Oh, one more thing, by the way... Make sure to open the window when you vomit.
I don't want this filthy Sonozaki pig slop anywhere near my car.
Date Kaname
...Hey, come on... The food was pretty good!
Maebara Keiichi

Future of Wrestling Championship: Hacking the Cage of Chaos[edit | edit source]

  1. Zag "5'0" Reus is #AllElite
  2. Travis Fuckhead is #AllElite
  3. Captain Soap is #AllElite
  4. Champion Eugene Chaud is #AllElite
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Championship: All-Artic Circle
  • Steel Cage Escape
  • Scaffold

Eugene Chaud Winner

What? How? Why?

Searching for Wayward Hope[edit | edit source]

Maximillion Pegasus
Unbelievable... We've traveled all over the world.
The UK, Mexico, and now Japan. All over the world.
And still, no sign of him...
I had a feeling he would be here, too. I was almost certain. Not sure why.
But it seems my instincts have failed me. We went straight to Japan's biggest company. Searched all over their roster...
Yet, all we could find were some midcard geeks. What kind of name is "Ricky Bobby" anyways?
If someone like that ever stepped foot on TFR, I'm sure they'd get pinned in record time.
Kaiba Seto
One of them is stealing my gimmick, too.
If we weren't so busy, I'd teach him a lesson!
Maximillion Pegasus
Now... This promotion might be our last hope. If Erwin isn't there, then...
Ryuki Kuruto
Excuse me... Mr. Pegasus?
Maximillion Pegasus
Ryuki Kuruto
Well, I came here to watch Toru Yano... But I couldn't help but notice you in the crowd!
I'm a big fan of your work, uh, despite you being in TFR and all. Could I get an autograph?
I've been trying to make it big myself over at AEW, but really, I just love wrestling in general.
Maximillion Pegasus
That pissant company? I see... Well, it doesn't seem I can help you at this time. Maybe you should go look for the Make-a-Wish foundation?
Ryuki Kuruto
Oh... Sorry to bother you...
Maximillion Pegasus
See, Kaiba? What did I tell you before? This new generation... The marks are now in the ring after all.
They're "just happy to be there". They "love the sport". That attitude disgusts me.
So, it's as we suspected, then?
Nick Jackson
And they say we're the ones "killing the biz".
Yeah, but even if we are... We're killing the BUSINESS to protect the ART!
Matt Jackson
We aren't here to make money. We're here to make friends and have fun! To make wrestling better than when we found it!
Nick Jackson
But you, Pegasus... You're just here to take what we've been building, aren't you?
Matt Jackson
That's why us Illegal Rumblers will put an end to your power trip!
Nick Jackson
Maximillion Pegasus
Kaiba... Can you please enlighten me on why they act like this?
Kaiba Seto
They're The Young Bucks. Professional wrestling tag team.
They love to wrestle wrestlers in the wrestling ring. They also specialize in superkicks and canadian destroyers.
With multiple 7 star bouts under their name, they can easily kick out of anything you throw at them!
Maximillion Pegasus
Allow me to see if that's true, then.
Kaiba Seto
Not a good decision to take them on by yourself.
Thankfully, I brought some special pills in my suitcase.
With those, I can wrestle through my neck injury.
Maximillion Pegasus
A tag duel... Interesting. Let's play the game!

  1. The Young BucksMatt Jackson & Nick Jackson
  2. Maximillion Pegasus & Kaiba Seto

Elimination By Details
Kaiba Seto Buck A Count-Out
The Young Bucks Winner

Nick Jackson
Time for the Meltzer driver!
Matt Jackson
Don't forget the double 630 afterwards.
Nick Jackson
And then we'll superkick them at the same time!
Matt Jackson
Then they'll superkick us!
Nick Jackson
We'll stagger and superkick them back!
Matt Jackson
We hit the pose, and then I go to the top rope while you get ready to springboard...
Nick Jackson
...Wait, where are they?
Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson
Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson
...They're gone... Damn.
Matt Jackson
That senille old man Pegasus just hates bangers. The idea of having a good match must make him tremble.
Nick Jackson
Yeah, we were about to carry his ass to one, but I guess he doesn't want it.
What a toxic worker...

Maximillion Pegasus
Tch... Truly a waste of our time...
Kaiba Seto
If he's not in Coolsville, and not in any of the countries we visited... Where could he be?
Is it possible he's not involved with wrestling at all?
Maximillion Pegasus
No. The Erwin I know always dedicated his heart to this.
He's out there... Somewhere...
And I won't give up. I won't fold on his gamble.
We need to think this through again.
Kaiba Seto
I know a good place to gather our thoughts. There's a hot spring not far from here.
The owner is a bit of a weird one. I heard he collects his nail clippings. But it's a fine place.
Maximillion Pegasus
There are no planes back home available until tomorrow...
Well, I did visit a hot spring with Erwin once. It might bring back memories.
We can plan our next step there...

Bonding and Reconciliation of the Enigmas[edit | edit source]

I have a few things I wanna talk about, guys.
First of all, I liked what I saw last week.
You were up against the tag team champions, the strongest team in the business, in your first match, and you took them to their limit.
Still, there's many things to improve on.
We need to work on building up that chemistry.
Battler, starting with you. Have you said you're sorry yet?
Ushiromiya Battler
  Sorry for what?  
I mean, have you apologized to Kaidou for burying him?
We need to build a healthy backstage environment, after all.
More video game tournaments, less drugs and drama.
Ushiromiya Battler
O-Oh, right... Kaidou... My bad for that one, hahah...
Kaidou Shun
It's alright. I don't care about what you did in the past.
What matters is who you are now and who you'll be in the future!
As long as you're on my side, helping me take down the Dark Reunion and their puppets in the fed, we're all good!
Ushiromiya Battler
You bet! Let's aim for the top spot!
See, that's what I'm talking about!
Anyway, talking about video games... I think I just came up with a great idea.
I said we need to bond and develop chemistry, right?
Well, what better way to do that than to play together?
Hmmm, we can't play Zelda together, sadly... How about some Halo, then?
Ushiromiya Battler
Is it gonna help me get rid of the "stink"?
Hell yeah it will!
Ushiromiya Battler
  Count me in.  
Kaidou Shun
Our battle shall decide the fate of the world! Let's do this!
Come on over to my tour bus. It's got plenty of space for all of us.

Rakesh Kumar Orton
...Am I not invited... Sir Kaidou...?

Rejectors of Morality[edit | edit source]

  1. HUNK is #AllElite
  2. The Grinch is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

The Grinch Winner

Collecting Thoughts[edit | edit source]

Kyle Hyde
Been a while.
The Bartender
Hey there. It's alright, I can only guess how busy things have been.
Kyle Hyde
Yeah... It's rough.
The Bartender
Your bottle is still waiting.
Kyle Hyde
You read my mind. Fill it up.
(As I took the first sip, I let it sink in how that was the first real break I had in a while.)
(I looked concerned at my cellphone, expecting a text to pop up at any moment.)
(Either an issue to deal with at work, or those Blacklist Brotherhood assholes bothering Jack again.)
...Hell of a year, huh?
The Bartender
Sure is. And there's plenty ahead of us still.

Kyle Hyde
(I started recollecting my thoughts. Taking in all that's been happening these past few weeks.)
(Last time I was in this bar was when it all started.)
(I got a call from the Board of Directors. They summoned me to the meeting room.)
(I left this bourbon I'm drinking right now and went there, as asked.)
(They told me the company was in danger, and that they needed me to take charge of a project.)
(A project that Wright left behind, much to my dismay.)
(Of course I wasn't happy about it. But there's no way I could deny it, considering what it meant.)
(Understanding the mind of the man who betrayed me...)
(And then, like that wasn't enough...)
(In came the Blacklist Brotherhood, breathing down my neck like vultures circling their prey.)
(And they aren't gonna be satisfied until I'm left to rot in this industry the same way they were.)
(Ever since that day... My match with "Furio"... I've heard the same insults over and over again.)
(And I'd like to say they don't get to my mind. That I don't care what Bolo and Gene say.)
(But... Deep down, I think they have a point. If I didn't fail, none of this would've happened.)
(I still want to beat the shit out of those bastards, though.)
(...And then we get back to today. The day Tough Enough started.)
(When I interviewed those kids, I realized... There IS some potential there, somewhere.)
(But I never thought of myself as a mentor.)
(If anything, Wright was the one who had me under his wing.)
(Nevermind my doubts about the nature and integrity of the whole thing, being his project and all...)
(As I sat there, nursing my drink...)
(I couldn't shake off the nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe, I'm not cut out for this gig.)
(Like, with Chinman... Did I scare him off with my hard-nosed approach?)
(Or was he just not forged to endure this rough business?)
(Did I conduct the interview the right way? Or have I scared a good prospect away?)
(The weight of Wright's legacy pressing down on me like a ton of bricks...)
(...Reminding me of the shoes I'm supposed to fill.)
(No matter what, he was still very important to this company when he was here.)
(...I'm thinking too hard about this shit...)
(All in all, if you asked me what I think about Tough Enough so far...)
(I don't think I'd know how to answer.)

The Bartender
You're looking better.
Kyle Hyde
Huh? Where did that come from?
The Bartender
You've been sitting there in silence for a while.
I have no idea what you're thinking about, but I just remembered how you looked a few weeks ago.
And comparing that to now... I can see a speck of hope in your face that wasn't there before.
Whatever's been keeping you busy, I guess it's been good for you.
Kyle Hyde
Hah. Get the hell outta here with this cheesy talk.
The Bartender
Gotta lighten up the mood sometimes, y'know?
Kyle Hyde
 I guess... 
Pour me another one. Gonna be a long night.

AEW Championship: Door to Order and Hope from Chaos[edit | edit source]

  1. Komaeda Nagito is #AllElite
  2. Champion Arisato Minato is #AllElite
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Championship: AEW
  • Singles

Komaeda Nagito Winner


Investigation: James Tomitake ― Vs. Mysterious Assailant[edit | edit source]

Francis York Morgan
There we are, Zach. It's where James Tomitake met his end.
This location has a special aura, doesn't it?
It's said big moments of Coolsville's history took place at this establishment.
Francis Zach Morgan
The police has definitely taken a good look around already. But there are things they could've missed.
Francis York Morgan
Have you noticed anything yet, Zach?
Francis Zach Morgan
The blood splatter... The marks are still there.
Looks like a stabbing. There's definitely a blade involved, at least.
And considering the outline of where the body once was...
Hmmm... There it is!
This small piece of glass. It probably went unnoticed because it flew towards a bunch of garbage.
But this is part of the lens on his eyeglasses. And it could've only broken like that on impact, when he fell to the ground.
There's more, though. Around the room are plenty of footsteps.
All from the same type of shoes, but in varied sizes.
There was a group of different people here, but they all dressed the same way...
I see. This whole place looks perfect for a secret meeting.
A man of James's position... It's unlikely he'd be here unless he sought a private rendezvous. So...
Francis York Morgan
Are you beginning to see it, Zach?
What happened here...

(Profiling Start)

Can't you see it? We have the power to do exactly that...
Your men and my men, together.


...That way, we'll rise to relevancy, we'll be bigger than ever...
And this city will be free from that old man's claws...




...Ugh... Aaaahhh...
Didn't... We... Have a deal...?

Francis York Morgan
...So, what do you think, Zach?
Is it as we thought?
Francis Zach Morgan
Yeah... A tale of men with too much power and money for their own good...
And still, they wanted more.
It's all coming together... What led to James's demise...
Francis York Morgan
That's what us FBI Special Agents are here for.


It sure is a dangerous job, though... Zach, it doesn't seem like we're alone.
Francis Zach Morgan
Perhaps, someone looking to silence us.
Isn't that right?
You better not move a muscle.
Francis York Morgan
Well, whoever that is, we're prepared. Let them bring it!

  1. Francis Zach Morgan
  2. Mysterious Assailtant
Iconic Match

Francis Zach Morgan Winner

Francis York Morgan
Zach... This isn't like the sparring we did at the gym...
This is some real trouble we've gotten ourselves into.
Your fifteen minutes of fame are over.


Francis York Morgan
Wait... Zach! That's Manuel "Manny" Pardo. The most tenacious detective in this town. He's very peculiar. I could recognize him anywhere.
Francis Zach Morgan
Manny Pardo
Hm? Wait...
Well, I'll be damned. Here I was thinking I had the Coolsville Cutthroat cornered and ambushed, but it's you, Zach?
Where have you been, Zach?
I figured you got called by the higher ups and told to drop the case because of how deep this shit goes.
The Coolsville Cutthroat case is pretty dark after all... Dangerous just to touch it.
Even if they told me to drop this one, though, I'd never stop. I'd catch that bastard all by myself if I needed to!
Francis York Morgan
Manny has always been very determined when it comes to this. Don't you admire his resolve, Zach?
Manny Pardo
Anyway, uh, I think I dropped something the first time I was here.
Have you found anything?
Francis Zach Morgan
Not any belongings, no.
Manny Pardo
Either way, you don't plan on tackling this case alone, do you?
You never know... Might be a bad idea... With the Coolsville Cutthroat out there...
Francis Zach Morgan
I'm not afraid of that. But I'm not gonna deny any help.
Manny Pardo
Well, there you go. I'll help you out, then.
Francis York Morgan
Seems like we got ourselves a strong ally, Zach.
Francis Zach Morgan
...Wait a minute, what's that smell?
Manny Pardo
 Huh? ...Shit... 
It's fire. This whole place is gonna burn down soon!
Knew it. The Coolsville Cutthroat was watching our every step!
We gotta make a run for it. Let's get the hell out of here!