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Match 1[edit | edit source]

  1. Pixy
  2. Joker
  3. Komaeda Nagito
  • Triple-Threat
  • Extreme Rules

Wrestler Fall Method
Komaeda Nagito Pixy Pin
Winner Komaeda Nagito

Lore 1[edit | edit source]

Wright... What was that all about?
It... It couldn't be helped...
HUNK is just, he's just too much!
That powerful move took the wind right out of me! I had no chance!
I haven't been in the ring with him myself, so I'll believe that.
However, HUNK doesn't seem to be happy with it at all.
He stormed out of the building, saying that it was a "waste of his time"...
And that he could be doing much more valuable missions instead.
It's a shame... What will you do?
We can't just strip him out of the title just like that. I'm not having a repeat of the Armstrong situation.
I take it we're going to have to negotiate.
Giving him a deal he can't refuse, right? Got it, I'll get on that, Boss.
But, now that you've mentioned the "Armstrong Situation"... How did those meetings go?
Oh, I haven't told you? We're doing it. Next week.
Guess it's worthy of an announcement, then?
Yep. Go out there and hype them up!

Match 2[edit | edit source]

  1. V
  2. Hijiri Jyoji
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Hijiri Jyoji V Pin
Winner Hijiri Jyoji

Lore 2[edit | edit source]

Thank you, thank you, everyone! It's thanks to the power of the people that we are still going strong!
Last week, we hit record high ratings yet again!
Of course, the rest of the card was great, too, but how could we not hit those numbers with such an spectacular main event?
I'm sure you all enjoyed it! I did, too!
Now, we do need more than what we currently have, though. Because here, at TFR, we ALWAYS want more.
As you've seen lately, we've been dealing with contractual issues with a few wrestlers.
Business just hasn't been very fair all over the board. And that was bringing down the industry as a whole.
However, after a long series of meetings with our rival federation...
Our great leader and CEO, Sminem, managed to come to an agreement with the Bogdanoffs.
We have established a mutual non-agression pact when it comes to signing talent...
That said... As a measure to shake things up, just this once...
Wrestlers from both brands will be available for trade in the first-ever TFR and BCW draft!
It will happen, of course, next week, as a fresh start for both shows.
Not much will change in terms of our rivalry, however...
We can at least agree to respect each other when it comes to talent, contracts and legal issues.
Now, of course, there are a few rules to the draft.
One, for example, is that champions from either brand aren't available in the pool.
But, everything considered, the most important thing is that it will be a very fun night! Just like every night, here, in TFR!
Because, with all of you cheering us on... Wright will make rig-
...May I know why you're not wearing your real outfit, Nero?
I thought you had come here to thank me for your career resurgence under that amazing gimmick...
But that doesn't seem to be the case.
Oh, come on now, just cut the shit already!
Nero, this is a PG progra-
I'm not having any more of that! And neither are many of the people backstage!
We're tired of you, Wright. We're tired of your egotistical bullshit, playing favorites and always being partial.
Now, I can't stand up for every guy in the back. They're gonna have to do that themselves.
But you screwed me, and you screwed my family! And I speak in their name when I say this...
...How disrespectful. As I would expect from a cheater like you.
Don't you think about other families, at home, with young children, having to see you use such language?
Having to cover their children's ears and tell them that it's a bad word?
You don't, right? Because you can only think about yourself. About YOU and YOUR family!
There's no need to drag this any further. I know what you want from me.
You want to have creative control, right?
And you'll say that this is justified, because management is "against you".
You're going to play the rebel card and try to look cool.
But I see through it, Nero. I know you'd just use it to hold back the people backstage.
So, why don't we make a deal?
You're mad about the draft too, aren't you? That we can just send you to another show whenever we want...
Well, that won't be a problem anymore.
Let's solve this in a fair way. Let's have a match.
If you win, you get a creative control clause written into your contract. But if I win...
You're out. And you'll be deemed unable to be drafted by either show.
Oh, you bet I'll accept that! I'll take any chance to kick your ass!
But don't you think we're done here just yet! I have a lot of shit I need to get out of my chest!
We're done here.
... ... ... ... ...
I'll see you for the main event.

Match 3[edit | edit source]

  1. The Servants of God (Roman Reigns & Joshua Graham)
  2. The Hacks (Ilya Kuvshinov & Andrew Dobson)
  • Tag-Team

Wrestler Fall Method
Andrew Dobson Joshua Graham Pin
Winner The Hacks

Lore 3[edit | edit source]

Where we droppin', boss?
Alright, here's how your lesson for today will go...
I've hired the services of a highly trained soldier to help you out.
He has years of experience under his belt. You could learn a lot from him.
He should be arriving right about n-
Sorry, I just had a party with a few girls from all over the world! Europe, Asia, Africa... Everywhere!
They'll be calling me Mr. Worldwide in no time, the way I'm going!
Now, now, I didn't think someone would actually hire me to pleasure them like that!
Have I been this good lately? Has word gotten around backstage?!
...Is that really him? What do I do?
Good luck, Jonesy. This will be one hell of a lesson.
Wait, the MILF is leaving? So I take it she just wanted me to teach you the ropes, huh...
Well, I don't mind. Just had a bit of a rough experience with one of those myself.
Now, a young blonde on a military outfit? Man, things just keep getting better and better for me!
Let's start your drills!

Match 4[edit | edit source]

  1. Raiden
  2. Jonesy
  • Falls Count Anywhere

Wrestler Fall Method
Raiden Jonesy Pin
Winner Raiden

Lore 4[edit | edit source]

...Where am I? How did I even end up here?
The last thing I remember is going inside those vents, and then...
My memory is just a blur. No wonder Leon disappeared like that.
This is definitely weird... I need to investigate further.
Hmmm... How come nobody is around?
I can't hear any footsteps at all. That probably means Leon isn't here.
Should I go back? Or...
Oh? What's that?
How convenient. Someone left a diary behind.
Did they expect anyone to find it? I'll take a look.

I still don't know how I ended up here. This is certainly an adventure, though. And a more mysterious one than any of the adventures I've been through in the past...
I'll go back inside those vents. There's a lot to explore... Maybe, that way, I could find them...
Before I forget. I found out some very precious information. I think I finally understand how the vents work. The extents of my discovery will be documented...

...In the next page...?
What? But there's no next page!
It must be hidden somewhere else. Dammit, that's so unlucky!
Either way, it seems like whoever wrote this is in a similar situation to me. They were also looking for someone.
All I can do right now is to follow their footsteps...
Maybe if I find the next page of that diary I can also find Leon and escape this place.

Match 5[edit | edit source]

  1. Big Smoke
  2. Big Show
  • Tables
  • 2/3 Falls

Wrestler Fall Method
Big Smoke Big Show Table Break
Big Show Big Smoke Table Break
Big Show Big Smoke Table Break
Winner Big Show
Note Show 2-1

Lore 5[edit | edit source]

You understand now, don't you?
You are not in control here.
You believed that I needed you, and that you were the one in charge of this tag team...
But all that has happened at our last match was such a thing being proven untrue.
At that moment... I saw you standing above me.
You could have broken up that pin anytime.
Yes, indeed, I could. But we agreed to stay out of each other's ways, didn't we?
So that's what you meant... Interesting, Pegasus. Very interesting indeed.
I've always known you lack good intentions... But you lack something else, too.
And that something is the ability to cooperate.
A few minutes in the ring with you was all I needed to know. You deserved to be taught a lesson.
And now, you believe yourself to be above me. Such hypocrisy.
Personal feelings are personal feelings.
What is important, however, is that we, as a team, were not ready to win those titles.
But I am a man of my word. We shall work our way up from the bottom of the ladder.
And if you truly have become someone worthy of the belts, we will reach the top again in no time.
Are you willing to play the game, priest?
I will give you one last chance.
If we fail even once more... Then I shall add a new goal to my list.
Your suffering will become something I will crave for.
Are YOU willing to accept this?
Believe it or not, that was the answer I was waiting for.
It has been enjoyable doing business with you, Kirei.

Match 6[edit | edit source]

  1. Mystery Inc. (Fred Jones & Shaggy Rogers)
  2. Kotomine Kirei & Maximillion Pegasus
  • Tag-Team
  • Elimination

Wrestler Fall Method
Kotomine Kirei Fred Jones Pin
Kotomine Kirei Shaggy Rogers Pin
Winner Kotomine Kirei & Maximillion Pegasus

Lore 6[edit | edit source]

Arthur! I'm begging you here! Listen to me!
I don't know about that, Dutch... Tahiti doesn't sound so nice anymore.
I heard of a place, called Camelot. Ruber says I can become King of the whole damn thing if he brings me there!
So why don't you just leave the two of us alone?
He's deceiving you, Arthur! He's ill-willed!
And he can't even back up his own words with strength. You saw how Fred beat him last week.
Come with me, boy! You were never power hungry like that!
I just wanna settle down, Dutch. This life ain't for me anymore.
Becoming King is the best move here! We can just move the entire gang to Camelot!
We won't need to keep runnin' from feds anytime we're not wrestling to pay the bills!
Pinkertons will get off our asses, John will be able to raise his boy without any issues, the girls will walk around freely...
What's the problem here, Dutch? You know I'm not doing this for myself!
Arthur... The mangoes...
Listen, Dutch, if you don't stop, I'm afraid I'll have to insist me and Ruber get drafted to BCW...
Where did he go now? Did he finally give u-

Match 7[edit | edit source]

  1. Chris Redfield
  2. Arthur Morgan
  • Extreme Rules

Wrestler Fall Method
Arthur Morgan Chris Redfield Pin
Winner Arthur Morgan

Lore 7[edit | edit source]

...Still no comfortable bed... Still no Ada by my side...
I went back into those vents myself... And now I'm here again.
Where to, this time?
It's been too long, I'd be fine returning home without her right now...
I just want to see Fred again, and the Apple Juice I stole from that old man isn't gonna last forever.
Let's see... Where could I be?
A... A school?
I don't see any reason Ada or Fred could be around at all.
It doesn't seem like any students are here right now.
Maybe there's people in the staff room, though?
The teachers could be around, or the headmaster...
At this point, even the janitor would do, honestly. As long as he's not like the one we have backstage, that is.
Let's look around for a bit...
Maybe this one? Nope, that's the bathroom.
This one? Agh, another classroom!
And this is DEFINITELY not the staffroom...
God dammit, what the fuck are those characters anyway? How do people even read them?
I should've learned Chinese back when I first met Ada...
Wait! Is anyone there?
Shit, I might be being followed... And I don't think I brought my Red9 to deal with it!
Kukuku. My deepest apologies...
If you're looking for the headmaster, he is absent today.
I shall offer you my help in his stead.
Hey, Leon... You're finally awake...
I've been waiting for you for so long, man!
Thanks. I missed you too!
...Can you please get me something to drink?
Don't worry about that! I even set up a locker room party to welcome you back!
Ada came by, too. She can't wait to see you!
Ada?!! I've been searching for her all over the place!
Fred... Since when do you support my relationship with her?
What are you talking about? I always thought Ada ROCKED!
Fred would never, ever say that.
And he wouldn't give me free alcohol either!
What did you do to him?! YOU DEMON, GIVE FRED BACK!

Match 8[edit | edit source]

  1. Leon S. Kennedy
  2. Black Tea Gentleman
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Black Tea Gentleman Leon S. Kennedy Pin
Winner Black Tea Gentleman

Lore 8[edit | edit source]

Arikado Genya
I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood to glad-hand y'all tonight! I've come out here for one reason, and that's to speak my mind about some things that have been said lately. You want to insult and degrade me? Fine! But, you've got to do it to my face! You've got to do it when you're in striking distance!
There's a guy who really gets on my nerves. It'd be one thing if he had any talent or ability. But, as it is, he's just a knuckle-dragging mouth-breather with a room-temperature IQ! One flick of my finger, and I'll knock this flea into next week.
Are you ready for this, WWE Universe? Are you ready to see the match-up of the century? Are you ready for WWE history to be made right here in this very ring? Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for ALBERT WESKER!
Albert Wesker
I remember when I used to be a fan in the WWE Universe, feeling the excitement in the air, never knowing what's going to happen, and being in awe of all of the great Superstars. Now's my chance to give something back and make new memories for all of you great fans.
Arikado Genya
I appreciate your desire to have a talk with me, but clearly you don't understand the hole you're digging yourself into. My patience is limited, especially when someone like you comes out here and interrupts me. Get to your point and get to it fast, or else I'll make you second guess having come out here.
Albert Wesker
For some reason, I've been hearing people backstage mentioning our names in the same breath. Which is weird, right? Because I don't have any beef. And, I know you don't have any beef because you'd say it to my face. Right? Unless you're one of those guys who, you know, isn't man enough to say what you have to say to my face.
Arikado Genya
I know what you're trying to do, and it's not going to work. You're not going to get me riled up. You're not going to make me angry or distract me. Right now, this ring is my ring. I'm going to say what I came out here to say, then I'm going to go in the back and act like none of this happened.
Albert Wesker
I think we've heard enough of you. You can talk all you want, but that doesn't mean anything in the WWE. The way we settle things is inside this ring, one on one. You bring everything you got, and we'll see who the better man is.
Arikado Genya
We can talk in circles all night. I'm sure you'd prefer that. Me? I don't like to talk. I like to bash skulls in. So, why don't you give ol' papa what he wants, and we'll waltz. Or, what, you want to run? Because I'll find you. I always do.
Albert Wesker
I've given it some thought, and I can't give you a match tonight. But, I don't want you to think that your skills have been ignored. So, if I ever need my toilet cleaned, you're going to be the first guy I call.
Arikado Genya
My mother always told me two valuable lessons. One, there's a time and a place for everything, and, two, to pick and choose my battles. Now, I'm willing to take you on in a match, but tonight in this city is neither the time nor the place. I value my mother too much to go against that.
I've been around the block, my friend. I've seen them come and go in this business. You? You're going to be one of the ones to go. And me? I'm going to be the one to send you on your way!
Winner Arikado Genya

Match 9[edit | edit source]

  1. Tazuna Joe
  2. Mario
  3. Max Payne
  4. Majima Goro
  5. Junpei
  • For King of Jobbers Title #1 Contendership
  • Fatal 5-Way
  • Extreme Rules
  • Elimination

Wrestler Fall Method
Mario Junpei Pin
Tazuna Joe Mario Pin
Majima Goro Max Payne Pin
Tazuna Joe Majima Goro Pin
Winner Tazuna Joe

Lore 9[edit | edit source]

Hey. You there. Yep, you again.
...Hey. Sorry about the loss last week. I should've done better.
You know I don't give a damn, right? That match shouldn't have happened in the first place.
Wright setting it up was complete bullshit. Besides, Saihara has been missing and he hasn't done anything about it.
That said, you'd consider what I did a favor, right?
Yeah! Thanks! I got to wrestle in front of my sister. I think that meant a lot to her.
I'm gonna ask something of you right now.
I'm not in the mood to deal with Wright's bullshit at the moment, but he's been bothering me all night...
He wants me to accompany him to the ring tonight. Guess he needs someone to cover for him when he fucks up.
Point is... I'll get you a spot on the card again. Against me.
And what is this leading to?
If I beat you, you take care of being his bodyguard. I'll go buy myself a beer or something.
I just need an excuse to stay the fuck away, really.
But... Wouldn't he prefer to have the guy who actually won with him?
Who cares about what he prefers? Just pretend I got injured or something.
You need to be taught a thing or two about having a backbone.
Acting like the rookie you are isn't gonna get you anything in here.
Aaargh! Me being a rookie doesn't mean anything, dammiiiiiiiiittt!
You've got me fired up now!

Match 10[edit | edit source]

  1. Ushiromiya Battler
  2. Kyle Hyde
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Kyle Hyde Ushiromiya Battler Pin
Winner Kyle Hyde
Note Battler will have to accompany Wright in his match

Lore 10[edit | edit source]

Heeeeeyyy, we're up next, dickhead!
Donte! You won't believe it! I've seen what our opponents are capable of doing first hand!
You scouted them? How?!
...Well, first I had to go to a place called "The Dungeon"...
...Then he asked me for 300 bucks...
He used some sort of submission maneuver in me, I wonder if we can figure out a counter for that?
Here, let me demonstrate it on you! First, pull your pants down, then get on your fours...
Fuck you!
What? I already know how small your cock is, why would you be so ashamed of it?!
No, just think about it, there's no need to test it out!
If the move requires you to have your pants down...
Then all we have to do is wear TWO belts! There's no way they'll be able to strip us that way!
I might have the bigger dick, but I think you have the bigger brains!
So, why don't you tell me more about how scouting went?
Okay... He laid me down, then picked up that thing called the "ball stretcher"...

Match 11[edit | edit source]

  1. The Gym (Van Darkholme & Gold)
  2. Champions The Sons of Sperdo (Donte & Vorgin)
  • For /v/ Tag Team Titles
  • Tag-Team

Wrestler Fall Method
Donte Van Darkholme Pin
Winner The Sons of Sperdo

Lore 11[edit | edit source]

Agent 47
I know what you're thinking. I know what all of you are thinking!
"Oh, why didn't that Assassin cash-in last week? Did he pussy out? What a bitch!"
And I say... Screw all of you! You don't know anything about the truth!
Wright, that little faggot Wright, he laid down early just to make my job harder...
But even then, I was determined! I was gonna cash in that night, no matter what!
My theme song played, and as I was ready to come out...
Battler! That's right, that red-haired faggot, he took my briefcase and ran!
As I was prepared to cash in my contract, and defeat HUNK for the world title...
He took that opportunity away from me!
And now, HUNK is on the run! He knows he couldn't retain the title if I were to challenge him!
But I still won't give up, I'll-
...Good evening!
Agent 47
H-He has the g-gall to pretend he did nothing?!
People around here truly have no shame! This should be called the FAGGOT rumble instead!
That's it, I'm gonna take out my anger on the first homo that appears!
Hey, so you're the guy!
I was waiting for my DNA test results! You've got them in that briefcase, right? Haha...
I mean, Albus deserves to know, right?
Hmmm? Why are you giving me that face?
Hey, haha... You want to fight over this in the ring? Looking for some fun, I see!
Or did Albus ask you to not show them to me? That kid... Haha...
Alright, if I win, you'll let me see the results right now!

Match 12[edit | edit source]

  1. Agent 47
  2. Rean Schwarzer
  • For Money in the Bank
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Agent 47 Rean Schwarzer Pin
Winner Agent 47
Note Rean was holding back...

Match 13[edit | edit source]

  1. Nero
  2. Phoenix Wright (w/ Bolo Reynolds, Ushiromiya Battler, Roman Reigns support)
  • 2/3 Falls

Wrestler Fall Method
Phoenix Wright Nero Pin
Phoenix Wright Nero Pin
Winner Phoenix Wright

Match 14[edit | edit source]

  1. Nero
  2. Phoenix Wright & Bolo Reynolds & Roman Reigns
  • Tag-Team
  • Handicap

Wrestler Fall Method
Bolo Reynolds Nero Count-Out
Winner Phoenix Wright & Bolo Reynolds & Roman Reigns