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Match 1[edit | edit source]

  1. Jonesy
  2. Central
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Central Jonesy Pin
Winner Central

Lore 1[edit | edit source]

Wright, how are things going? Did you get our spy in?!
Seems like he managed to sneak into the company... Got his ass handed to him, though.
Well, that's bad... We'll have to address it sometime. I wonder if he got any info.
When he recovers I'll ask him. We need everything we can get.
On a different note, did you sign any new people?
Oh, right... A bunch of backstage staff from BCW, I guess...
Any wrestlers?
Ah, that old man, Kinzo. Seems pretty experienced in the ring.
He did give us one condition, though. He'd only sign if his grandson, Battler, came in as a package deal.
I thought it was worth it, so I just gave the kid a shitty low-card contract.
Maybe he can fill in a few spots, like at tonight's Rumble. Don't know how well he can wrestle, though.
Heard he used to be a champion there back in the indie days... Maybe he's got some skills.
I see. A promising young talent, isn't he? Ahahahah, I wish him all the best!
That said, he'll need to prove himself. Lower card seems like a good start.
Yeah... He could stay there for a while...
I'm not too sure about what to think about him, though. He brings me weird feelings.
Don't think too hard about it. Just book whatever you want to book.
I'll be off now. I've got an important meeting. Good luck with the show!
Thanks, boss. Have a nice one!

Match 2[edit | edit source]

  1. The Sons of Sperdo (Donte & Vorgin)
  2. The Servants of God (Joshua Graham & Roman Reigns)
  • Tag-Team

Wrestler Fall Method
Vorgin Joshua Graham Count-Out
Winner The Sons of Sperdo

Lore 2[edit | edit source]

Great job last week!
I, uh, ended up interfering in that match... B-By accident of course!
I-It's just that Brendan guy w-wasn't in day with his alimony payments, and...
...It was a honest mistake, alright? Anyway, I see you can handle yourself out there!
I'd like to see more of you up close!
I booked you in a singles match tonight. I'll warn you, though, the guy you're up against likes to cheat, so beware.
He has done dirty stuff even to me recently. Truly someone with no love for this business.
In fact, because of that... I'll accompany you to the ring, to make sure everything goes smoothly!
Sure, boss. I'm happy I made you proud.
Whoever that guy is, I bet he was a real pain in the ass to you!
You're right, he needs to be taught a lesson.
As General Manager, it's my duty to correct roster members's behavior when they aren't acting according to the rules!
You're someone I look up to, y'know?
You should be looking up to Sminem instead. He's the one who made me what I am today.
Ah, I see what you mean... I'm not too close with him, but he seems like a good guy.
You bet he is. Shall we go now?
Yeah! I'll give that cheater a taste of the big apple!

Match 3[edit | edit source]

  1. Bolo Reynolds (w/ Phoenix Wright support)
  2. Nero
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Nero Bolo Reynolds Pin
Winner Nero

Lore 3[edit | edit source]

Agent 47
Now that was a good deal.
Trading that case of sperm for the real Money in the Bank briefcase... I can cash-in anytime now!
Good to see my contractors still have everyone's best interests in mind.
I'm surely taking my time, though. I won't be hasty. I need to do it on my own terms.
Hey, I'm sorry, but do you know where the locker room is? I'm new here.
Agent 47
Oh, uh... Ah... It's... I-It's over that way!
Thanks! Oh, by the way, I heard what you were talking about. You can cash that in anytime, right?
You're not doing it right now because you're afraid of HUNK, aren't you?
Ihihihihi, I heard he's pretty strong!
Just kidding! Thanks again! I'll see you around later!
Agent 47
...God, what a faggot.

Match 4[edit | edit source]

  1. Ushiromiya Kinzo
  2. Mario
  • Tables
  • 2/3 Falls

Wrestler Fall Method
Ushiromiya Kinzo Mario Table Break
Mario Ushiromiya Kinzo Table Break
Mario Ushiromiya Kinzo Table Break
Winner Mario

Lore 4[edit | edit source]

Arikado Genya
WWE Universe, I'm feeling a little heated right nwo, so I'm going to get right to the point.
There's a guy in the back who thinks he's real funny. Well, this clown doesn't know what's about to hit him. He's going to find out what happens to smart mouth punks who think they can go up against the best in this business. A day of reckoning is about to dawn!
This is the end of the line for this guy. He could have walked away, and maybe I'd have let it all go. But, he kept pushing, kept rocking the boat and now he's got my attention. ALBERT WESKER, I'm asking that you come out here right now and answer for everything you've said!
Albert Wesker
Yappity, yappity, yap! Is he done flapping his gums yet? Well, I guess it don't matter anyway 'cause I'm out here now, and everybody knows I love to talk!
Arikado Genya
You've got a lot of nerve coming out here and thinking you can get away with interrupting me. You're either crazy or stupid to pull a stunt like this. I'm going to go with...stupid! What do you think, WWE Universe?
Albert Wesker
Hey, it's you! I've heard about you! Yeah, you're famous! Give it up, WWE Universe, for the amazing, walking, talking, big-headed idiot!
Arikado Genya
Shut up! All of you can shut up now! Listen, you call me a big-headed idiot - or anything else - one more time, and I'm going to put you down right here and right now!
Albert Wesker
I'm out here because I need to prove something - not to the WWE Universe, not to management, but to myself. I need to prove that I can hang...that I belong in the upper echelon. I'm obsessed with it. And, around here, you're the best. So it's nothing personal. You just got something that I want: a reputation.
Arikado Genya
Look, pal, I eat punks like you for breakfast without breaking a sweat! But, the fact is, I'm not feeling hungry right now. You're boring me. But, don't worry, when I feel like making the time to beat you senseless, you'll know it!
Albert Wesker
It seems like you want to fight, but I'm sensing some apprehension there too. You'd better decide what you want, because patience isn't something a lot of Superstars have. If you want, I can make up your mind for you, but I don't think you'll like the answer I'll give.
Arikado Genya
Well, gee golly gobstopper, I didn't see that one coming. What a bunch of nasty words. Maybe I should give you what you want now, right? Nope! Listen up, dumbbell, The WWE Universe and I guarantee one thing, you will never be a hero in the WWE. So, beat it!
Albert Wesker
Oof! Look at the time. Well, I got a lot of stuff to do, all of which is more important than entertaining your delusions of grandeur. Tell you what, though: at some point, we'll do this. I'll prove to you that I am the best at what I do, and you can learn a valuable lesson about saying in your lane.

Match 5[edit | edit source]

  1. Albert Wesker
  2. Champion Arikado Genya
  • For King of Jobbers Title
  • Extreme Rules

Wrestler Fall Method
Arikado Genya Albert Wesker Pin
Winner Arikado Genya

Match 6[edit | edit source]

  1. Chris Redfield
  2. Brendan Fraser
  • Backstage Brawl

Wrestler Fall Method
Brendan Fraser Chris Redfield K.O.
Winner Brendan Fraser

Lore 5[edit | edit source]

Van... You're my opponent tonight.
It's weird to think how, in so many years in the wrestling industry... We never had an one-on-one, huh?
Yet, they kept me booking against Aniki over and over again...
Either way, let's get this done with fast. I have a client that wants to be taught a few thi-
I unlocked a new stage! Didn't know they had a Gym hidden somewhere in this!
You should've told me about this, Doktor!
Ohhhh baby, and what are those two hotties over here?
A brazilian babe with an USA bikini, and a cute asian goth wearing leather?!
Now that's what I'm talking about! I can't believe Armstrong left such a great company behind!
...Is that your client?
No, actually...
But I can see he has some deep dark fantasies to be taken care of.
This is now a three-way, then?
I guess...
Heh, you want to meet Billy?

Match 7[edit | edit source]

  1. Ricardo Milos
  2. Van Darkholme
  3. Raiden
  • Triple-Threat

Wrestler Fall Method
Raiden Van Darkholme Pin
Winner Raiden

Lore 6[edit | edit source]

...What is this place?
I know Dutch told me I should wait for Fred, but...
Those vents just don't seem normal... I want to see where they lead me to.
Maybe... Maybe Ada will be waiting for me on the other side... Yeah... Ada...
...What is this...?
Where... Am I?
Huh, a village? Seems peaceful enough...
Ah, some asian people around, too! I was right! Ada must be somewhere nearb-
Where is that coming from?
Mmmmmmmmm... An outsider, I see...
You can't just walk into this town emmmmmmmpty handed... Where are mmmmmmmy bottles of Jack?
Jack? I rarely drink that. I'm more of an apple juice guy!
Then mmmmmaybe I'll just snap a few shots of you laying face down on the mmmmmmat...
C-Come out, wherever you are! I'll beat you up and find Ada!

Match 8[edit | edit source]

  1. Leon S. Kennedy
  2. Tomitaker
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Tomitaker Leon S. Kennedy Pin
Winner Tomitaker

Lore 7[edit | edit source]

...So, how are things on your end?
I heard there was a murder, right?
Yeah, pretty rough stuff. Boss doesn't want me to get too involved in it, but I'm doing some investigation work myself.
...That's why you didn't see me wrestle this past week, by the way.
Huh, I heard rumors about you going to a hostess club to enjoy your last win...
Nope! Lies! I was 100% focused on my job!
That girl I beat, though... She was saying something about wanting to "take me home"... I was looking forward to that.
But as soon as the ref hit the mat for the 3 count she stopped acting that way. Weird.
Date... Isn't she 13?
S-She is?! I-I d-didn't know!
W-Well, like you're o-one to talk! W-What about you and that little girl?! Rika was her name, I think?!
W-What are you on about? I just promised I'd protect her!
Yeah, yeah, sure! Anyway... How are things on your end?
I've been looking into that Sminem guy, but I can't seem to find any dirt on him.
You can't find dirt on the Bogdanoffs because they keep their stuff really well hidden, right?
Seems like it.
Well, with Sminem, things are different. He's been pretty open, it seems...
But I'm starting to think there just isn't any evidence that he's been involved in wrongdoings, financial ones or otherwise.
Interesting... So maybe the only dirty federation around is BCW after all...
Yeah, seems like it. If you find anything, let me know. About the murder case, too.
Sure! I-uh... I gotta go now... The hos- I mean the trainer is waiting me!
You're doing more wrestling training?
Hahah... Just some drills, y'know? The usual thing, I'm working on a... "pinning" technique!
Well, good luck with that. See you soon.

Match 9[edit | edit source]

  1. The Augmented (Adam Jensen & JC Denton)
  2. Champions The Sparda Bloodline (Dante & Vergil)
  • For /v/ Tag Team Titles
  • Tag-Team

Wrestler Fall Method
JC Denton Dante Count-Out
Winner The Augmented
Note The Sparda Bloodline retains titles

Match 10[edit | edit source]

  1. The Augmented (Adam Jensen & JC Denton)
  2. The Sons of Sperdo (Donte & Vorgin)
  3. Champions The Sparda Bloodline (Dante & Vergil)
  • For /v/ Tag Team Titles
  • Tag-Team
  • Triple-Threat
  • Tornado

Wrestler Fall Method
Donte JC Denton Pin
Winner The Sons of Sperdo

Lore 8[edit | edit source]

...You said you wanted to become a stepping stone for my hope, didn't you?
I granted your wish. The only way I knew how.
By taking you out... I have surely climbed up the ranks in this company.
If I keep this up, in no time I'll be handled title match after title match, and then...
Only then, my goal becomes reality.
That's the game you wanted to play, isn't it, Hope-boy?
Splendid. What an amazing job you did out there!
...You... May I ask what is your objective here?
Oh, you know very well why I am here.
Your display of cruelty last time around. That was truly commendable!
I sense it within you. You have just what it takes to help me reach my objective.
I appreciate your thoughts, but I have goals of my own to take care of.
Your goal is the Holy Belt, isn't it?
And how do you know about that?
Maybe do your monologues more quietly next time around. Besides, I have for long studied its story.
Many have tried, but no man has ever been able to put it together. It might be nothing more than a legend.
Still... I am gambling on it. I made a promise.
And to get there, you need the Tag Team Titles, correct?
Yet, it doesn't seem like you have a partner...
Hahaha! I see where you are going with this, Kirei.
But... No one is worth of being my partner anymore... No one is worth of taking your spot, Erwin...
Still... There's only one way to make that promise come true...
If you prove yourself worthy of being my partner, by beating me in a match... Then I'll accept your offer.
We shall mark this as the start of a lengthy partnership, then!

Match 11[edit | edit source]

  1. Maximillion Pegasus
  2. Kotomine Kirei
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Kotomine Kirei Maximillion Pegasus Pin
Winner Kotomine Kirei

Lore 9[edit | edit source]

...A Royal Rumble match... To determine the #1 Contender to my World Title...
A match for a spot that wouldn't even be there, if Armstrong hadn't walked out.
I want to say Armstrong was too weak to face me, and that's why he ran away, but...
I know exactly how he feels. In my field of work, too, it's not always that you get jobs that pay well.
Sometimes you just want to cancel your plans and move on to the next one.
...But once I sign up for a mission, I don't stop until it is completed.
And that's how I got here. That's how I became number one in this industry.
But my objective this time around, it's not only to defend this title. It's not only to stay at the top of the mountain.
My mission... Is to take down BCW.
So, whoever challenges for this title next, you better keep this in mind:
You're standing between me and my goal...
And the Grim Reaper always harvests every soul in his path.

Match 12[edit | edit source]

  1. Kyle Hyde
  2. Agent 47
  3. Aniki
  4. Bane
  5. Adam Jensen
  6. Gold
  7. Arthur Morgan
  8. V
  9. Ushiromiya Battler
  10. Max Payne
  11. Majima Goro
  12. Junpei
  13. Fred Jones
  14. Chad
  15. Albert Wesker
  16. Tazuna Joe
  17. Brendan Fraser
  18. Dutch van der Linde
  19. Yuki Makoto
  20. Hijiri Jyoji
  21. Big Smoke
  • For /v/ Title #1 Contendership
  • Royal Rumble

Wrestler Eliminated
Gold Agent 47
Arthur Morgan V
Arthur Morgan Bane
Kyle Hyde Arthur Morgan
Adam Jensen Aniki
Gold Kyle Hyde
Ushiromiya Battler Gold
Fred Jones Adam Jensen
Chad Max Payne
Fred Jones Majima Goro
Albert Wesker Ushiromiya Battler
Fred Jones Junpei
Fred Jones Tazuna Joe
Chad Brendan Fraser
Chad Albert Wesker
Chad Hijiri Jyoji
Note The match crashed during Big Smoke's entrance

  1. Ushiromiya Battler
  2. Dutch van der Linde
  3. Yuki Makoto
  4. Fred Jones
  5. Chad
  6. Big Smoke
  7. The Joker
  8. Ruber
  9. Joshua Graham
  10. Mario
  11. Rean Schwarzer
  12. Jonesy
  13. Central
  14. Geralt of Rivia
  15. Chris Redfield
  • For /v/ Title #1 Contendership
  • Royal Rumble

Wrestler Eliminated
Yuki Makoto Dutch van der Linde
Fred Jones Ushiromiya Battler
Chad Fred Jones
The Joker Ruber
Mario The Joker
Big Smoke Yuki Makoto
Central Joshua Graham
Chad Rean Schwarzer
Geralt of Rivia Mario
Note It crashed again, after Chris's entrance

  1. Chad
  2. Central
  3. Big Smoke
  4. Jonesy
  5. Geralt of Rivia
  • For /v/ Title #1 Contendership
  • Royal Rumble

Wrestler Eliminated
Central Chad
Note Rumble crashed again

  1. Central
  2. Jonesy
  3. Geralt of Rivia
  4. Chris Redfield
  5. Akasaka Mamoru
  6. Saihara Shuichi
  7. Bolo Reynolds
  8. Phoenix Wright
  • For /v/ Title #1 Contendership
  • Battle Royale

Wrestler Eliminated
Geralt of Rivia Saihara Shuichi
Jonesy Bolo Reynolds
Jonesy Central
Phoenix Wright Akasaka Mamoru
Chris Redfield Geralt of Rivia
Jonesy Chris Redfield
Phoenix Wright Jonesy
Winner Phoenix Wright

Lore 10[edit | edit source]

...I told him to wait in that vent, because I was off to get Fred...
And then, he just disappeared! Poof! Nowhere to be seen!
I have no idea where that feller went... And now Chris is on a rampage backstage, looking for him!
You gotta help me out here! You're good detectives, aren't you?
The only other detective agency I know is the one belonging to those damn Pinkertons!
Yeah, I heard about them! They sound like they SUCK!
My best friend is missing, and if he doesn't come back soon, Chris might get even more violent!
...I'm willing to help, but I need to check with Sminem first...
We've been handling quite a few things for him lately. If he needs us to do something else, I might have to reject.
That Leon guy... I met him at the bar once.
Seemed like a decent fellow when he's not drunk out of his mind... Which is... Almost never, it seems.
He reminds me why I like to drink alone.
Listen, I know what you might think, but you have to help us out here! It's an urgency!
This is the only request I'm making you! Once Leon is back, I'll make a plan for us and Fred! We'll all be off to Tahiti in no time!
You'll never have to hear from us again!
It's alright, Kyle. It's our duty after all.
Right... But you're the one going inside the vents. I'm too tired for this shit.
Sure. I'll go.

Bonus Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Big Smoke
  2. Big Show
  3. Nakamura Shinsuke
  • TLC

Winner Big Smoke