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Match 1[edit | edit source]

  1. Jayden
  2. Morgana
  3. Shinguji Korekiyo
  • Triple Threat
  • Extreme Rules

Wrestler Fall Method
Morgana Jayden Pin
Winner Morgana

Match 2[edit | edit source]

  1. Hisoka
  2. Chrollo Lucilfer
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Hisoka Chrollo Lucilfer Pin
Winner Hisoka

Lore 1[edit | edit source]

...Guess if I don't hurry up, I'll be late again...
Well, I don't care that much about that, to be honest, but-
...The details about the murder are still unknown...
A body of adult man was discovered this morning at the backstage area, near catering.
The culprit is still unknown, but it seems like people within the company itself are trying to solve the murder.
Despite the circumstances, the police seems to have mostly stepped back.
The investigation teams inside BCW will take the reigns instead.
It is said that management has a very high prize set for whoever manages to solve the case first.
A murder case... Maybe Katsuya knows about it...
I'll ask him about that later, but what really interests me is... "BCW"?
That's the new wrestling company, right? Pro Wrestling really is all over the place all of a sudden.
We have interviewed some of the BCW roster members about their opinions on the case.
I'm glad there's not any bloodstains in my newly bought Cresta!
Does anyone know what house that dead man was part of?
If the answer is Slytherin, then well deserved!
Wait, someone died? Well, rather him than me! Gahahahaha!
...That's quite the roster you have there...
That girl near the end though... There's something about her...
Why do I feel... Sad?
Moving on to better news, BCW is about to announce the biggest signing in the company's history!
We're proud to announce that BCW has settled on a contract vith a big name in this industry.
After quite the long negotiation, Senator Armstrong vill be joining us immediately!
More than zat, he will be fighting for the World Title in our main event tonight, against a very strong rival.
Huh, they're going all in, aren't they? They're competing with that other federation... TFR, or something.
Those guys seem to be a big deal. Maybe I should try out wrestling sometime...
Hahahah, who am I kidding?
Still... Why do I feel so inclined to stop and watch every time I see it...?

Match 3[edit | edit source]

  1. Johnny Knoxville
  2. Bevi
  • Falls Count Anywhere

Wrestler Fall Method
Johnny Knoxville Bevi Pin
Winner Johnny Knoxville

Match 4[edit | edit source]

  1. Ares
  2. Jevil
  3. Stork
  4. Charles
  • Fatal 4-Way
  • Extreme Rules
  • Elimination

Wrestler Fall Method
Stork Charles Pin
Stork Ares Pin
Jevil Stork Pin
Winner Jevil

Match 5[edit | edit source]

  1. Regigigas
  2. Waterboy
  • Falls Count Anywhere

Wrestler Fall Method
Regigigas Waterboy Pin
Winner Regigigas

Match 6[edit | edit source]

  1. Mishina Eikichi & Nanjo Kei
  2. Laius Thorden & Kaidou Shun
  • Tables
  • Tag-Team
  • Tornado
  • Elimination

Wrestler Fall Method
Nanjo Kei Kaidou Shun Table Break
Mishina Eikichi Laius Thorden Table Break
Winner Mishina Eikichi & Nanjo Kei

Lore 2[edit | edit source]

Bonjour. Have you heard about Deid Mann's murder?
Nothing escapes a witch's ears!
Good. Zey better stay sharp from now on.
And why do you say that?
There are multiple teams investigating that case. We're putting one together ourselves.
Ze rewards vill be truly wonderful.
A group...
Yes. In fact, your partners are already here.
Zey have been handpicked by me.
May I see them?
Zey're right there. Go on, greet the two other members of the "Bystery Busters"!

Match 7[edit | edit source]

  1. Gale
  2. Cronos de Medici
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Cronos de Medici Gale Pin
Winner Cronos de Medici

Lore 3[edit | edit source]

Did you hear the news?
The murder case? Yeah, of course I did.
So, what do you think...?
Quite the unsafe workplace, isn't it?
No, I don't mean that... I mean... The prize they're offering for whoever solves it!
You aren't thinking about getting involved, are you, Tre?
I mean, if you helped me, as an assistant, I bet I could solve it in no time!
...You're a bad security guard and I'm a janitor. We have nothing to do with it.
Besides, if you had the brains to figure out a murder, you wouldn't be here in the first place!
Ouch... That was unnecessary.
You're unnecessary.
I know...
Aaaanyway, let's hold back on the negativity for now, shall we?
I've got good news! The guy who died was booked on a match tonight!
...And how exactly is that good news?
Well, I mean... He's leaving a legacy behind! That spot on the card!
I've talked to management, told them about my past experience... They'll allow me to fill in!
What? Don't you think you convinced them waaaay too easily?
Isn't it too good to be true?
C'mon, Red, a man just died! I'm sure they wanna honor his memory just as much as I do!
I'll get in there and make everyone proud! The dead man included!
Well... Good luck...
What do you mean, good luck? You're gonna watch it! I need emotional support, y'know?
Am I getting paid for it?
Half of my hotdog.
All of it.
...Deal, but only if I win.
Alright, alright... Let's go.

Match 8[edit | edit source]

  1. Bell & Russell Adler
  2. Rakesh Kumar Orton & Extra
  • Tag-Team

Wrestler Fall Method
Russell Adler Extra Count-Out
Winner Bell & Russell Adler

Susuhara Destroys the Competition[edit | edit source]

  1. Susuhara Suzumu
  2. Cabanela
  3. Gregory Edgeworth
  • Triple-Threat

Winner No Contest
Note Cabanela, Greg, and White Ref died on the ring and Susuhara just left.

Match 10[edit | edit source]

  1. Sam Stone
  2. Albus Dumbledore
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Sam Stone Albus Dumbledore Pin
Winner Sam Stone

Match 11[edit | edit source]

  1. Kusabi Tetsugoro
  2. Francis York Morgan
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Kusabi Tetsugoro Kusabi Tetsugoro Count-Out
Winner Francis York Morgan
Note Kusabi left the ring and coutned himself out

Lore 4[edit | edit source]

The car that guy used...
That's my car! That's mi Lan Evo!
The King of the Mountain! The one that belongs to the King of this Ring!
I can't allow this mierda! That car is Team Emperor's greatest property!
He probably doesn't even know what the Misfiringu Syshtem can do...
And it's all because of those two old men! Those bitches will pay me some day!
But I will get it back... With my secret, forbidden technique...
It's time to engage Simulation X.

Match 12[edit | edit source]

  1. Power
  2. Ryuuguu Rena
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Ryuuguu Rena Power Pin
Winner Ryuuguu Rena

Match 13[edit | edit source]

  1. Kubota Zen
  2. Champion Eren Yeager
  • For Literal Who Title
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Eren Yeager Kubota Zen Pin
Winner Eren Yeager

Lore 5[edit | edit source]

...He should be back anytime now...
Those two guys, I don't remember them at all, and those weird packages they carry around...
Maybe they know more than they show.
At least I know that, out of everyone here, I can trust Keiichi with all my heart.
He helped me many times before. Even if he doesn't remember... It still happened.
Now, it's my turn to pay it back. I need to do this for everyone's sake.
Haaaahh, I got it! That package those guys were hiding!
That's why you shouldn't challenge me!! I'll do anything it takes to win!
FUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! As expected of a LabMem!
Now, now, what will you challenge me to do? Hououin Kyouma refuses to be punished!
I will do it, no matter what it is!
Well, first... What did you want that for?
The package... I'm afraid it might contain top-secret info from... From SERN, of course!
I mean, why else would those two suspicious individuals treat it so carefully?
I see what you mean! Well, my challenge to you is...
We're gonna have to take them down in the ring!
They'll be coming for us anytime now. You'll see! If you want to investigate that package, we'll have to defend it!
Did one of them spot you?! They could be sending spies anytime now!
I-It's a long story, alright?! And I don't want to call Ooishi over this!

jesser wheres the methé i thoughhe you were guarding it
ah mr whidth its surely here hold on a second...
did you hide it somewhere else jassr??? i cant find
no mr woite it shood be in tha same places
jesde methamhpetanime is not here did you allow somone insidd?
sorry mr what some kid from bcw want to see it so i show him i dont know where cocainer is now
jessr how
im high xDDDDDDDDDdf

Match 14[edit | edit source]

  1. Okabe Rintarou & Maebara Keiichi
  2. The Methé (Walter White & Jesse Pinkman)
  • Tag-Team

Wrestler Fall Method
Okabe Rintarou Jesse Pinkman Pin
Winner Okabe Rintarou & Maebara Keiichi

Match 15[edit | edit source]

  1. Senator Armstrong
  2. Ebisumaru
  • For BCW Title
  • Singles

Wrestler Fall Method
Senator Armstrong Ebisumaru Pin
Winner Senator Armstrong

Bonus Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Vinegar Doppio & Ukyo Tatsuya & James Tomitake
  2. The Soul Brothers (Ooishi Kuraudo & Irie Kyousuke & Tomitake Jirou)
  • Tag-Team
  • Elimination

Wrestler Fall Method
Ooishi Kuraudo Vinegar Doppio Count-Out
James Tomitake Irie Kyousuke Pin
Ooishi Kuraudo James Tomitake Submission
Ooishi Kuraudo Ukyo Tatsuya Pin
Winner The Soul Brothers