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The Berserker Brawl - Qualifiers Finals A-D[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the third and final week of the Berserker Brawl tournament qualifiers!
Tonight, we'll get to know which 8 warriors will be moving on to the final stages.
We've got so many important matchups coming up, I don't even know where to start!
That's why we'll keep the pedal to the metal throughout the show tonight.
So, let me ask you something: What match are you looking forward to the most, tonight?
Personally, I'm excited to see what my former student, Jonesy, can bring to the table!
He's sure to have a hard-hitting match with V from Mafia City, who isn't someone you'd like to mess with himself!
Well... Power?
Ahhh! Uh... Ahhhhhh!
Did you hear what I was just saying?
O-Of course I did! When did I EVER not pay attention?!
So, what match are you looking forward to the most?
Ah, hmmmm... Red vs Power, of course!
...But why?
Because I'm in it, dumb human!
No, I mean... That's not even related to Berserker Brawl... Actually, it's not even on the card!
'Tis... Not?
That explains why we're in the dark age of wrestling! The prime minister of this company doesn't know anything about attracting interest!
But worry not. When I take his place, I'll make sure to put myself in every main event!
Y-Yeah. Bet a lot of people are looking forward to that.
Moving on, though. we have our first match. And I just know this is going to be special.
The young up-and-comer, "The Heart and Soul of TFR", Ryan Rave faces our legend, "The FR Killer", Shingo.
Will "FR" finally be avenged? I'm on the edge of my seat!
You better be, because when Ryan Rave gets in the ring, you're guaranteed to see a instant classic.
And as you'll see on this video package we put together... You can underestimate him at your own risk.
My road to TFR was a long one...
I started off as just a kid with a dream.
And for over 10 years... I traveled all around the world.
Japan, Mexico, The UK...
Nothing was too much. No achievment was too far from my reach.
That's what I always believed.
But on my way here, I've faced my hardships.

@RyanRaveNXT You better be careful, kid. You aren't getting a fair shot while those senille old men are in charge. Big guy knows it best! #Hungry

I've been told I'm not good enough. That I'm not big enough...
But despite that...
I made it to the top of NXT.
I held its prestigious world title multiple times.
And I've made many tap out to the Rave Escape.
And now... I'm looking to cement my status as a "Supernova" in TFR...
So go ahead... Underestimate me...
That... Is where I thrive.
I might not be the biggest... But I have the highest workrate in all of TFR.
And day after day, I'm looking to hone my high-flying skills.
That's why my next objective is winning Berserker Brawl.
And that's why... I'm happy to be here.

Pool A End: Road of the Supernova of NXT[edit | edit source]

  1. 'The FR Killer' Shoji Shingo
  2. 'The Heart and Soul of TFR' Ryan Rave
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Ryan Rave Winner
submission Note

Pool B End: Mexican Execution[edit | edit source]

  1. 'Extra Spicy' Mexican Goku
  2. 'The Executioner' Jacket
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Jacket Winner

Jacket fucking squashed him in a single Axe Kick.

Pool C End: The Camera Men[edit | edit source]

"One-Two-Tre", Extra

So, you're the one I'm up against?

"The Lock", Sareth

Seems like it.
That's funny, you know? I've actually been keeping my eye on you for a while.
...Any reason for that?
N-Not really. It's just that, uh, you remind me a lot of myself in my earlier days.
Is that a good thing?
I mean, of course it is! It makes me kinda nostalgic.
I was a very promising up-and-comer once.
I'm surprised. It doesn't seem like you've been here for very long.
Well, most of my career took place elsewhere.
A good chunk of it in kitchens and bathrooms, actually.
Guess your early success didn't translate into... You know...

@OneTwoTre Remember when I kicked your ass👊? Would love to do it again🙏😄😄 #Hungry

You can say I've made a few mistakes along the way.
But that's why when I see you, I feel like I need to help you out somehow!
I can't be your manager or anything, of course, but, like...
Oh, I've already got a manager. But it doesn't hurt to hear from someone with more experience than me!
Well, the best advice I can tell you is exactly that!
You need to learn from the best to do it. Make full use of every opportunity you get to share a ring with them!
It was only when Mr. HUNK took me under his wing that I finally found my way again!
I see where you're coming from. I've had a mentor myself.
So I'm gonna extract everything I can from my opponents from now on!
"Extract"... Yeah, that's it, boy! Mmmmmmm, badd ass!
...You okay?
Uh, just forget it. But yeah, you're right!
Also... Always read the fine print when you sign a contract! Now THAT'S something you need to know!
I'll make sure to follow it.
Alright! Ready to give it your all out there against me?
Of course! Can you just tell me one thing first?
Oh? Need more expert advice, per chance?!
Just... Why have you been staring at Kat like that?
My manager.
That's me.
Oh, you mean... The camera, yeah! Well...
Force of habit.

  1. 'One-Two-Tre' Extra
  2. 'The Lock' Sareth
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Sareth Winner

Pool D End: Iron Punishment[edit | edit source]

  1. 'The Sadistic Thug' V
  2. 'The Iron-Clad Man' Jonesy
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Extreme Rules

V Winner

Terribly brutal match.

The Price of Information, For Date's Sake[edit | edit source]

"The Dragon of Kojima", Kiryu Kazuma

...Didn't think I would be back to this place so soon.

"The Annihilator of AEW, The Burier of B+ players, The Conqueror of CUNTs, The Drawer of Dimes, The Emperor of Entertainment, The Favourite of Fans, The God of Gains, The Hunter of Hound-wankers, The Imprisoner of Indies, The Jeopardizer of Jobbers, The Killer of Khans, The Lyncher of Lowborns, The Murderer of Manlets, The Nightmare of N-----s, The Obliterator of Opposition, The Punisher of Pissants, The Queller of Queers, The Raiser of Ratings, The Smiter of Smarks, The Tormentor of T------s, The Undertaker of UAMFBNs, The Vanquisher of Vanilla midgets, The Woe of WCW, The X-Pac of Xenophobia, The Yakuza of Yumminess, The Zapper of Zealots, The Indomitus Rex, The Cagist, The Terror That Rises, The Alpha of Alphas, The Creator, The Destroyer, The Cerebral Assassin, The Lord of Lords, The Kings of Kings, The Game", Hunter Hearst Helmsley

The Cagist
You already know what I'm here for, correct?
The Cagist
I have my suspicions.
Is it about Date... Or is it about Big Pussy?
Big Pussy...
Former Platinum hostess at the "Eden of Coolsville", "Chuck's Fuck & Suck"...
Date had his fair share of meetings with him.
I never got to talk to him much myself... But I did hear good things about his "customer service"...
So you mean that Big Pussy... No... Not him too...
This is going too far...
The Cagist
If you're looking for information on that, then you know you've come to the right place.
But I must warn you of the great danger ahead.
I'm... Well aware. But I won't back down.
The Cagist
This is a dire situation.
One of Coolsville's "safe havens" has been compromised. Perhaps the city's most dear emblem.
You can't mean...
The Cagist
Coolsville Hills was raided by an unknown creature.
Then... That black thing really is that strong...
The Cagist
My cameras haven't been able to capture much, but from what I've heard from the midcarders...
The creature should still be somewhere around that area, looking for more victims in alleyways and such.
Guess I know where to look next.
I need to put an end to this. For Mizuki...
The Cagist
You really have no fear after all.
I have some good news for you, though. I was also told Date was spotted around the same area.
So he's alive? That's a relief.
I'll make my way there right now.
The Cagist
Wait a second. You see Kiryu, in this business, you know how things work, right?
This time, I gave you the information before asking for payment.
But that doesn't mean you aren't going to pay at all...
Heh. Been a while since I've fought here.
Let me guess... NXT Rules?
The Cagist
What else?
Good luck with that. Your foe likes his lengthy matches more than anything.
Then I'm ready to change his mind on that!

  1. Kiryu Kazuma (2)
  2. Topik Theory (0)
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Steel Cage
  • 2/3 Falls
  • KO

Kiryu Kazuma Winner

The Berserker Brawl - Qualifiers Finals E-F[edit | edit source]

Pool E End: A Clowning in Good Measure[edit | edit source]

  1. 'The Magician' Hisoka
  2. 'The Unbreakable General' Rando
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Hisoka Winner

Pool F End: The Plan in Action[edit | edit source]

As promised, Dutch knelt for the 3-count.

VOD (Part 2/2)

Therapy for Loss[edit | edit source]

"The Skilled Shrink", TheRapist

So, how have things been? Have you been doing as prescribed?
You're looking better. To me, at least.

"Alpha", Chris Redfield

Y'know, doc, I've been through a lot...
But I guess there are few wounds that can't be healed with time.

@LEOOOOOOOOON I bet we could put on a BANGER!!! C'mon let's give the crowd what they want to see 💪 #Hungry

So I've been keeping myself busy. Trying not to think too much about things.
I've visited an old friend recently, Had some fun with him, even. And I've been doing better in the ring as well.
You can probably guess by my World Champion status, eh?
Keeping yourself busy is always nice, just make sure to not engage in too much... Escapism, if you get what I'm saying.
That whole Virtual Reality thing didn't work as well as you'd hope.
Nah, I'm not gonna escape anything.
I've met a guy in the waiting room a while ago. He's been consulting with you.
The Grinch... We've had some long debates about all kinds of stuff.
Turns out that the reason he came here the first time around was because he was facing a dilemma.
Should he become a sainte... Or a grunch...
Life made him understand the only way to get past that was to face it head-on.
That story really inspired me. So I decided that from now on I need to carry on. To honor those that are gone.
And one day... I'm sure it'll all be worth it, somehow.
I see hope in your eyes, Chris. Something I haven't seen in a long time.
Well, I guess I can thank you and The Grinch for that!
You know what? Next time he comes around, I'll give him a special discount.
Bet he'll like that!
I mean, it's not every day you can get theraped this cheap...

The Berserker Brawl - Qualifiers Finals G-H[edit | edit source]

Pool G End: Shifting Clay[edit | edit source]

  1. 'The Clayman' Wayne
  2. 'American Hero' Third Carlos
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Wayne Winner

Pool H End: Skin and Bones[edit | edit source]

  1. 'The King of Kings' Lucid
  2. 'Thick Skin' Manny Pardo
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Falls Count Anywhere

Lucid Winner

Evil is on the Move[edit | edit source]

Hmmmmm... Interesting...
So this is what you call your "most promising gladiators".
Those past few fights sure made for an entertaining show.
But nothing more than that. A show. Child's play.
And those children... They have nothing on my "pupil".
Let's hope they're ready to get squashed like bugs.
We will be on the move soon.
Isn't that right... Balrog?
So we ain't even gonna need to crash the tournament after all?
Your little "pupil" will be takin' care of everything?
Long as I get my money in the end, this sounds good to me.
You'll get that and a lot more.
Because, soon enough... "Berserker Brawl"... No, the entire world... Will be ours to rule.

News Broadcast: Departure from Eden[edit | edit source]

...And we have just gotten confirmation of some terrible news we received earlier.
Former hostess and renowed Coolsville personality, Big Pussy, has been found dead.
Initial reports from the crime scene indicate he was another victim of our ever-increasing crime rates.
In what appears to be a violent murder case, we have once again lost one of our greatest citizens.
Our most sincere condolences go to Big Pussy's family, friends and former customers.

Captain Soap's Great Debut[edit | edit source]

  1. Notorious Talent Rising (Majima Goro & Teddy Maxis) + John Witcher are #AllElite
  2. The U.S.S. (VECTOR & Ghost) + Captain Soap are #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Tag-Team

Elimination By
Ghost Teddy Maxis
Lucid Winner

Never Stop Mining[edit | edit source]

Well, I finally got myself a win around here!
But still, things just haven't been going right. The crowd didn't react well at all...
And I've heard all sorts of things... Something about having "the fed stink" on me.
Come on, I've showered plenty! You can call me whatever you want, but not stinky!
The connection just isn't there... And I don't have any friends around here, either...
Honestly... It makes me kinda miss the time when I was still learning.
Sure, maybe some of that crowd was paid off by Grandfather, but still!
Ange was there, Gohda was there, everyone was excited... Even my start in TFR was pretty good!
I figured things would just be better around here. Was I wrong? Or am I the problem after all?
Everyone else seems happy to be here. They seem like they're having fun.
You alright? Looked like you were rambling to yourself.
Yeah! It's just that... Well, I guess I'm doing a bad job as a wrestler?
I've been thinking, maybe I should just start from scratch. Go back to Rokkenjima, ask Grandfather if he could teach me anything else.
I'm not really a good fit at this locker room. Everyone looks at me with weird eyes, and the crowd doesn't seem to like me.
Kinzo? Tell him I said hello!
But seriously, Battler... You still have some friends, you know? Well, at least I can say I'm here!
That's true. We did get ourselves into quite a bit of trouble before, right? Hahahahah!
Been a while since we talked, though.
But hey, I think I've got some advice to help you out.
You know... I don't think you should go back and throw it all away now. Not at all.
If there's one thing life taught me...
Even if you're having a hard time, and you're exhausting yourself and yet getting nothing but coal, dirt and cobblestone out of it...
You need to keep on mining.
A cave full of diamonds could be just a few blocks away!
Yeah! The only thing you might need to do sometimes... Is changing your approach. Digging another way!
You mean I just need to change how I handle things around here?
That could be the answer, yes. Just do something different from what you're doing now. You don't need to give up, or to restart.
I see...
Thanks! I'll pull myself together now!
Well said! Just remember to never dig straight down.
And I can always help you out if you're in need.
The same goes to you. It's good to have someone to rely on around here.
Alright! I've got something to do, so... See you around!
Until later!

The Forbidden Door's Open Challenge[edit | edit source]

  1. Nero is #AllElite
  2. Yamada
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

Nero Winner

Amakusa's BONE-CHILLING Announcement[edit | edit source]

Thank you all for joining us here once again at AEW Dynamite as we're looking to announce yet another huge announcement
And to let you all know about the massive progress our company has been making in multiple aspects
First of all we all got to witness the legendary debut of Captain Soap a superstar we've been looking into signing for such a long time and he's finally here with us tonight
It's been a long time coming but here we always deliver what we promise unlike those senille old men at "the fed"
Moving on before we make this game-changing announcement
I would like to thank all the professional wrestlers in the locker room who've been putting in great work
Sure we still have some people with "the stink" but it's going away with time and eventually they'll learn how to wrestle in a truly AEWsome way
Also we can't forget to congratulate people such as Teddy Maxis who have been doing a great job not just in the ring but backstage as well
Helping us get a wonderful atmosphere with his lessons in science and others such as Rakesh putting on videogame tournaments for the boys
This is how we cultivate a healthy company culture
Of course we also had an amazing episode of Being the U.S.S uploaded to their youtube channels last week and AEW has been making impact all over social media
We're looking to overtake "the fed" on every platform imaginable because just outselling them in tickets just isnt enough you know
We gotta really spread the word we gotta make everyone know about how talented our professional wrestlers who wrestle wrestling matches are
Anyway all of those are just small topics compared to the huge announcement we have coming up but don't get out of your seat just yet
Because first I'd like to tell you guys about the merch sales they've been through the roof all month long
Pride month has truly been a success for AEWstore DOT com as we're breaking records left and right we've got great designs I'm sure all of you would love to wear in public
Like the latest Rakesh pajama and more we're also launching a new collection consisting of AEW Dark talent
Because like Demifiend likes to say AEW is forever and AEW is foreveryone
So you'll have to wait no longer to proudly wear your Alex Mercer shirt and elevate yourself in your friends's eyes
I personally think my favorite shirt when talking about the new generation of talent is "Load Chaud" now that's a inspired design by our marketing staff
They truly deserve all the recognition on this one they just work tirelessly much like the talent they make those designs for do in the ring
Talking about workrate I couldn't proceed without mentioning some of what are sure to be our best matches ever coming up still tonight
On this very show AEW Dynamite on Twitch.tv June 16th tonight on Twitch at this very arena
We still have two title eliminator matches coming up which might or might not depending on the challenger's performances
Determine a new #1 contender for the AEW Twitch Championship and the AEW World Title respectively

@TurnItOff Are you going to announce my debut? I'm #Ready and #Hungry

We have some very hungry very dedicated competitors who are happy to get this opportunity they wouldn't get anywhere else but in Amakusa Elite Wrestling
Live tonight the 16th of June of 2023 on Twitch
And before I continue I'd like to pay tribute to one of the greatest not just in the bed not just in the ring but one of the best at what he did during his time on this earth
A very comforting a very warm person we will all miss very much I'd like to pay tribute to the Great uh i mean the Big Pussy a very respected individual in the AEW locker room
Even if he didn't wrestle here we all miss him dearly and we'd all like to salute his contributions to the business and to the people of Coolsville
Yeah uh rip Big Pussy

@TurnItOff You should stop being a cocaine-snorting COWARD and listen to the fans they all want to see the Senator (trademark) on Dynamite! #Hungry

But also coming up next the greatest announcement the most earth-shattering the most game-changing thing you've been waiting for all night
We at AEW are very proud to say that.......
We're excited to announce exciting new announcements coming in the coming weeks
I expect to see you all here then and I hope you're all excited to hear those exciting announcements
AEW is hard at work twenty fourty/seven to bring you the best announcements of the best wrestling product on the market
So you can look forward to some crazy stuff in our future that's for sure!
So enjoy the rest of the AEW Dynamite episode tonight on Twitch on the 16th and... LET'S FUCKING GO!

Twitch Title Elimination[edit | edit source]

  1. ZOOM is #AllElite
  2. Rakesh Kumar Orton is #AllElite
  3. Kaidou Shun is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Contendership: AEW Twitch.tv #1 Contender
  • Title Elimination
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Kaidou Shun ZOOM
ZOOM Winner

PriDEMONth Crashed[edit | edit source]

As you might know... We lost someone very important today.
And what worse time for such a loss to happen than priDEMONth?
Still... We can always turn something sad into something great.
So, why don't you, yes, YOU at home, watching this, head over to AEWshop.com right now and buy yourself one of those magnificent pride shirts?
Don't forget to use code "DemifiendFOREVERyone" to get a 5% discount on your purchase!
I'm sure y'all already know, but part of the profits go to charities looking to help people all over the world!
Personally, I think that's a great way that we at AEW came up with to pay hommage to those like Big Pussy!
And I think that Big Pussy, above everything, was someone that represented "pride" more than anyone else.
As wrestlers, we've got our own pride, too.
And we're all proud of being here, at AEW!
Because AEW is forever... And AEW is for everyone!
Do you want to be part of the club?
Then you know what to do...
I don't care, slapnuts.

  1. Demi-fiend is #AllElite
  2. Arisato Minato is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Contendership: AEW World #1 Contender
  • Title Elimination

Arisato Minato Winner

Future of Wrestling Championship: Legend to the Future[edit | edit source]

  1. Eugene Chaud is #AllElite
  2. Steve Burnside is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Championship: AEW Future of Wrestling
  • Singles

Eugene Chaud Winner

Most AEWtastic match ever.

Steve had shoulders up though so result was voided...

  1. Eugene Chaud (5) is #AllElite
  2. Steve Burnside (1) is #AllElite
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Championship: AEW Future of Wrestling
  • Ironman 25'
  • Pure Rules

Eugene Chaud Winner

Three finishers - three pins, 20 seconds.

Miner makes a Wrong Turn[edit | edit source]

If it's for a good friend, I guess I can take a detour once in a while...
I bet if I got Battler a gift he'd cheer up!
Maybe some kind of cool armor or something... Heh, wouldn't it be funny if he started wearing it to the ring?
I'm sure the crowd would love it, too!
There was that store near Coolsville Hills... Where was it again? I should've crafted a map.
Just gotta find the guy with the big nose and exchange my "shekels" for a gift.
Weird that he doesn't accept my emeralds, though. And he doesn't go "hrrrrr" like the other merchants I met at the village nearby.
Hmmmm... Should be right around the corner...
...Wait... What are you two doing here...
G-Guys? A-Are you okay?
I... I gotta get some help, quick!
But what is this- What is this presence I felt just now?
Was it an enderman?!
Okay... I just need to NOT look at it and I'll be fine... I'll be just fi-