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Prologue - The Beginning of the Tale[edit | edit source]

...But grandpa... What happened after Wright quit?
Many things, my dear... I'll tell you what I can recall...
Once the draft was completed and the new split was set in stone, the war between brands continued.
TFR, who had no GM in charge anymore, had to put the spot up for grabs on a Royal Rumble match.
One man came out victorious. His name was Maximillion Pegasus.
Meanwhile, on the BCW side, a new talent was rising.
A man was developing quite a streak there... What was his name again? I forgot...
But, if I may continue, I couldn't enjoy the locker room atmosphere much at the time.
People were very happy to be there back then. They wanted to take down the big bad federation.
But in the middle of it all, there still were fights, politics and betrayals.
Such as the time Rakesh stabbed Kaidou in the back. That's a story for another time...
Back to TFR, Pegasus had big responsibilities to take on from the very beginning.
And to make matters worse for him...
Not only did he have his old partner and now rival, Kirei, looking to make his life difficult, but also...
A mysterious gentleman, named Furio Tigre, insisted on interrupting his work with his own ideas.
He and the now-gone Wright were very alike, if I may say.
And he was granted some sort of creative power by Sminem.
The time for the final tournament was now upon them. Tensions were high everywhere you went.
And then, the big day arrived.
The two brands went at war, putting their best competitors against each other.
TFR got the head start, but they were quickly overtaken by BCW...
The show went on, and it was as unpredictable as you could imagine.
Amidst it all, even a triple title exchange happened!
Then, at a crucial moment, BCW's Jet-Black Wings fell prey to TFR's Golden Eagle.
Sminem's brand had the lead once again.
And that lead was further cemented in a huge four-on-four elimination tag team match.
Now, with a three-fall lead on TFR's favor, came the final match.
An Iron-man contest to settle it all.
Each pinfall or submission would count for a full point towards the participating wrestler's brand.
Kyle Hyde, BCW's ultimate underdog.
The man who carried the hopes of the entire company in his hands, would face none other than...
The mysterious gentleman, Furio Tigre himself.
And he won... Right, Grandpa?!
If this was a fairy tale, maybe, my dear. But that kind of story is for a different time...
Little did Kyle know, he had no chance of winning from the start.
The Mysterious Gentleman suddenly grew to be twice his size!
A-Are you sure this isn't a fairy tale?
Oh, I most definitely am. I witnessed it with my own two eyes.
And when the bell rang for the last time, BCW... Was finished.
That was not the end of it.
In a sudden move by the Okonogis, the police, and a group of young wrestlers...
Sminem's reign had come to an end.
The mysterious gentleman had been arrested on multiple charges...
And the owner of TFR himself was nowhere to be seen.
The death of one company, and the heavy damage done to the other...
Had created a vacuum in the wrestling world.
Due to that, the hierarchy of power in Coolsville changed.
People who were waiting in the wings rose to the top in order to fill those spots that were left vacant.
And among it all, came the start of a new company.
One that would become home for those unhappy with the current state of things.
The former Amon Elite Wrestling had been bought out by the Okonogis...
The men in charge of the original BCW project. They put it in the hands of their protegé...
A man by the name of Amakusa Juuza, who renamed it to Amakusa Elite Wrestling.
Now, the ratings war, which had just ended, was bound to start once again.
Many people, mostly those who were unhappy or had contracts about to expire, left for this new place.
But no one at the time was aware... That real darkness was about to take over the world.
From where they least expected, a new evil was about to be born.
Oh? Sounds fun! Tell me! Tell me! What is that?!
Hmmmm... It's getting late, isn't it? Let's leave it for another time...
Come on! I wanna know now!
Okay. It's been a while since we could talk like this after all.
This is a tale that starts off innocent.
But that innocence is soon corrupted...
As the squared circle became the stage for horrors never seen before...
It will make you experience many different things: Fear, terror, sadness.
Like being stuck in a pitch-black void, unable to see the light...
Unable to even know if a light still existed at all.
The world was headed into infinite darkness.
And with each passing moment, with each new obstacle...
That uneasiness in the hearts of everyone grew, bit by bit.
But through it all, our heroes held on to even the faintest hopes.
Are you ready to know if that perseverance paid off, my dear?
...Then pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you...

OPENING[edit | edit source]

TFR OPENING 12 "Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye"

Mr. Beast Titan[edit | edit source]

Melanin therapy... A very expensive and newly developed treatment for those lacking in pigmentation.
This man here with me has a dream. One that can only be achieved through that.
You wanna be a basketball player, right, Albert?
Do you dream of playing in the NBA?
No need to go that far! As long as I can learn some moves, it's enough for me.
No professional aspirations, I see. Just wanna impress your friends or something?
Y-Yeah... My friends... Haha...
Anyway, Albert here reached out to us in order to make his dream come true.
He will be the lucky first man to ever experience this amazing new treatment!
That's right! I'll be ballin' in no time!
And to help him out with that, we have one of the best specialists around. That's my old friend Samuel!
As you can see, the treatment has already started.
It's been only a short time, but you can already see the results!
He even got himself a new haircut to complement the look!
So, what do we have for today?
I'll be injected with a few more micrograms of melanin, I believe.
I've been taking small doses. The only minor issue I have is that they need to be reapplied constantly.
So the doc has been giving me a daily dose, pretty much.
I see! Well, the doctor that was originally taking care of you was called to help develop a different drug that will improve the life of many!
It's a shame for us he can't be here for the rest of the treatment but hey, all in the name of science, right? Good for him!
Thankfully, you're still in good hands, as Professor Samuel here is a true veteran of the industry!
Now did that sound about right to you, professor?
Micrograms... YOU WERE CLOSE!
Take the first part out, and it sounds about right!
We need to speed things up a little, don't we?
Now, take a seat! Welcome!
Have fun in there, you two!
Regardless, the only reason we were able to go through with this treatment is due to our humble melanin donors!
And we got it all through our friends at Gas Chamber. Go check them out, their channel is on the description below!
They make some pretty great songs, too!
And as you can see, we've just fulfilled Albert's dream. And he's just another one of our subscribers! That means we could fulfill YOUR dream, too!
So if you want to have the chance to take part in one of our challenges... Just click that button and join our team!
Until next time!

Opening Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Sareth
  2. Rando
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Rando Winner

Letter Addressed To Staff...[edit | edit source]

For the person reading this...
Allow me to start with one simple question:
"TFR is in trouble". "TFR is finished". "There's no way TFR can survive this".
How many times have you heard those phrases?
If I were to guess... Probably as many as I did.
They might even be right, sometimes. I do not believe we are in a good state right now.
If you have taken a look at the latest batches of talent that came in...
None of them seems to have "it".
Looking at our latest #1 contender to the world title, you could have an idea of what I'm talking about.
Yet, every single time, night after night, we lived through it.
That "final rumble" never came. Because the show must go on, above all else.
The rumble must continue. That is also what I wish for.
However, my loyalty lies somewhere else. Or, to be more precise, with someone else.
And that person, the one I owe it all to... Is out there.
That's why I cannot waste any more time.
I need to find them. I need to repay my debts. And I need to fulfill my promise.
Because of that, you will not hear of me for quite some time.
Until we meet again, Pegasus.
...That's where the letter ends. I found nothing else at his desk.
What about the title?
Nowhere to be seen. He took it.
Ugh. I don't get paid enough to deal with this!
He's right that we've persevered for a long time, but...
I think this time it might really be over. This is the dark age of TFR.
Is there anything we could even do about this?
Well... You're asking the right man.
I've got years of production experience. I know exactly what those people want.
Just feed them some little crumbs and they'll be eating out of your hand in a minute!
You're right. We can't give up that easily, can we?
We need to sort the world championship situation, first of all.
I'll figure something out as far as that goes.
On the meantime, go out there and keep the crowd hot! Tell them what we have in stock!
Sure. But what do you mean, exactly?
Hmmmm... I would say that... Next up, we have a main event level match!


  1. Sam Stone
  2. Sinbad
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Sam Stone Winner

Sinbad resisted 3 fucking Serious Slams

A New Title Extraction[edit | edit source]

Mmmmmm, yeah, that ain't gonna work for me...
Right now you're just wasting Mr. Death's time. Don't call me if you've got nothing better.
Don't you realize what we've got coming up?
I know! I know, I'm just, uh, working my second job.
I'm part of the security team here... Gotta pay the bills somehow.
Mmmmmmmmm, that ain't good. You gotta learn a thing or two about standing up for yourself.
The Grim Reaper would never be forced into two missions at once.
Know your value, boy. I sure as hell know mine.
Y-Yeah! Okay! I got this! I'll show the general manager who's boss the next time I see him!
Maybe he'll give me enough of a raise that I can quit my second job!
I think I can really make it as a proper wrestling superstar here if given the chance... You've been helping me realize that!
Actually, uh, whatever you're getting, you deserve a lot more, Mr. HUNK!
W-We should go ask for a raise t-together!
Way ahead of you.
I've already got people eating from the palm of my hand. The big money is coming in left and right.
But enough with the chitchat, where is my extraction?
I-It's ready! I've left the engine running, everything is working well!
Now that's truly badd ass.
And what I have coming up is even better!
I've got a surprise for you, Mr. HUNK! You'll see when we're on our way to that ring!
The only surprise I want is a quick win. I don't get paid by the hour.
You got it! I-I'll do my best!

  1. The Agents of PayneAgent 47 & Max Payne
  2. The Extra-ctionHUNK & Extra
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Contendership: TFR Tag-Team #1 Contenders
  • Tag-Team

Elimination By
HUNK Agent 47
The Agents of Payne Winner

Fucking clown pin by 47

Dutch's Spicy New Plan[edit | edit source]

Tch... He's in the main event tonight? For the world title, too?
Just as I thought, this place has no standards. It sucks to be here.
Not having the best of days, huh?
I could help you out with that.
Colombo Spice doesn't take anyone's advice.
That's what I like about you. Hell of a personality.
You're a rebel. You don't follow any rules, and you sure as hell don't respect any general managers trying to boss you around.
So why don't you tell me. What do you have your eyes on, right now?
...The new championship.
Oh, you mean the world title? The champion that'll be crowned tonight? He's the one on your "hit list"?
No, not that. That title is devoid of any significance, it doesn't have any presence, any aura, any edge around it.
Now, the Bad to the Bone championship? That's what I want around my waist.
I see...
Well, I have a few goals of my own. But sadly, I'm not a lone wolf like you are. I can't accomplish them by myself.
And those old partners of mine... They've burned me one too many times. Seems like you can't trust anyone around here.
And I know you feel the same as far as that goes. You trust no one but yourself, right?
As you said, there's a reason I'm the Lone Wolf of Infamy himself, gramps.
And that's the reason why I'm coming after you. Because I know exactly what I'll be dealing with.
I already told you, I ain't buying into anyone's bullshit.
Now, I'm not saying I'll be your partner. I'm not saying I'll be your friend.
All I'm saying is that... I have a plan.
So I'll give you some time to think about it.
You're lucky you got out of my sight before I crushed you into pieces.
Plan... The hell do you even mean with that?

Badass to the Bone Edgelords[edit | edit source]

  1. Colombo Spice
  2. Sandro
  3. Red
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Contendership: Bad to the Bone #1 Contender
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Sandro Colombo Spice
Colombo Spice Winner

Amakusa Introduces The Latest AEW Hirings[edit | edit source]

What a hot fucking crowd we have tonight! Do you hear me well, Amakusa Elite Wrestling fans?!
Seems like we have another RECORD BREAKING sold-out crowd! WE JUST CAN'T STOP DOING IT, HUH?!
Because as always, while those senille old men at "the fed" are on a steady decline, we're hitting ALL FUCKING TIME FUCKING HIGHS!
Like at my birthday party! You guys remember that right? The greatest night in the history of our sport?!!!
Yes I said SPORT and you can suck a FAT ONE if you want to call it entertainment or whatever else!
We went head-to-head with them back then and I PITY the fools who didn't get to witness the amazing SPECTACLE we put on that night!
I already know our first-ever eight star match is right around the corner. I heard it from a good source and trust me I have the best ones around.
Talking about journalists let me tell you one thing some of those guys are goddamn FRAUDS
We just sold 200 morbillion tickets for our house show in Greeland 32 months from now.
They can take the fraudulent money they got from their Industrial Illusions sponsorship that I KNOW they have and SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASS
Because here at AEW we only believe in the real truth verified by professional FACT CHECKERS and TRUTH-FINDERS with 99.7% accuracy
Now let me tell you the real reason I came out here of course I came out here to talk about how great AEW is and how your support is very important for us
Thank you very much guys you really are the reason that we can keep going and fighting the good fight
But I also came here to tell you about our newest hottest debut here at Amakusa Elite Wrestling those guys have wrestled all over the world and they aren't just the hottest tag team around
They might as well be the entire tag team division!
Trust me when I say this but you've never seen a team with such chemistry and such impressive and amazing moves they've got it all
They can sell out arenas here or in mexico or in japan anywhere ANYWHERE THEY GO they've just got the IT factor
Allow me to introduce you to our newest hiring...
Those guys are about to put on a MIND BLOWING match...
The greatest tag team in professional wrestling, yes PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING TODAY, and possibly the next AEW tag team champions...

  1. The U.S.S.VECTOR & Ghost are #AllElite
  2. Kaidou Shun & Rakesh Kumar Orton are #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Championship: AEW Tag-Team
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Tornado-Tag

Elimination By
Rakesh Kumar Orton VECTOR
The U.S.S. Winner

The AEW Title Tournament[edit | edit source]

Soooooo... What do you guys wanna talk about?
Well, I sure know what I DON'T want to talk about.
I don't want to come out here and talk about "the fed".
I don't want to come out and talk about Wright's scummy tricks. Backstage or in the ring.
I don't want to talk about Pegasus COWARDLY walking away, leaving everything behind and not even having the BALLS to come here and defend that title of his against me!
Now, what I do want to talk about... Is the future.
The future of Amakusa Elite Wrestling. The future of this place that's now the home for everyone actually worried about the sad state of this business.
The future of those that believe in the Okonogis' project. Their vision.
Those that believe in those great young competitors. The next big stars.
Names like Rance. Like Kaidou. Like Komaeda, even!
People that were mistreated. That didn't get the opportunities they deserved.
The brass ring has always eluded them, no matter how hard they tried.
But here... I'd like to think of this place as the de-facto land of opportunity.
So let's give those people a shot! A fair one, at that!
And what could possibly be more fair than a WORLD TITLE TOURNAMENT, STARTING HERE, TONIGHT?!
You'll get to see all those amazing competitors, and more, as they fight for the ultimate glory in our sport.
And sadly.... I won't be a part of it.
I have my own obligations here. I'll instead be sharing the spotlight with someone else later tonight.
Someone with a lot of promise. A wrestler who has held prestigious gold in the past.
And he'll be making waves as he arrives in AEW to face me, the Grandson of Sparda himself, one-on-one!
By the way, here's a little spoiler... I heard they've been calling him "the silent badass". Guess I'll have a lot on my hands, eh?
No problem, I can handle it. But can YOU GUYS handle the awesome show we've got coming up?
It's time to get the tournament rolling!

Round 1-1[edit | edit source]

  1. Majima Goro is #AllElite
  2. Teddy Maxis is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

Majima Goro Winner

Round 1-2[edit | edit source]

  1. Ushiromiya Battler is #AllElite
  2. Ryuki Kuruto is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

Ryuki Kuruto Winner

The Tournament's Upcoming Debuts will Shake the VERY FOUNDATION of the Business[edit | edit source]

As you've heard from Nero earlier tonight, we have a big debut coming up!
However, here at AEW, we like to exceed your expectations!
So, coming up next is a first round match valid for the World Title Tournament!
And we'll have not one, but TWO exciting debuts in this one-on-one!
A tremendous acquisition for us. An absolute star, and this very place is his new home!
John Witcher
AEW management has done what a few people were too scared to do...
Give me a microphone and a title opportunity on live TV!
So that's why I'm coming out here to tell you nothing but the pure, unfiltered truth.
Because now, for the first time in my career, the playing field is even.
No bad gimmicks, no tired jokes. Nothing but pure, raw talent will do!
This is what I've been waiting for. A place where I can do what I was born to do, and nothing else!
A place where I can have a physical, hard-hitting match, leave everything I have in that ring and be rewarded for my efforts.
Rewarded not just by the fans, but by the company itself!
This is why, my "former employers"... This is the reason why you're in such deep, deep trouble right now.
This is why everyone, myself included, is jumping ship as soon as they can!
And I, together with anyone in that locker room who shares a similar opinion...
Will change the VERY FOUNDATION of this business!
Now... Whoever my opponent is, I'm sure it'll be a fresh, exciting matchup! I'm ready to take them head on!
Come on out, I've been waiting long enough!
And there he is! One of the hottest free agents in wrestling today...
That's ZOOM! That's ZOOM right there!
A cold-blooded individual. No gimmicks, only fists!
We're about to witness one of the matches of all time, everyone!

Round 1-3[edit | edit source]

  1. John Witcher is #AllElite
  2. ZOOM is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

John Witcher Winner

Round 1-4[edit | edit source]

  1. Komaeda Nagito is #AllElite
  2. Arisato Minato is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

Arisato Minato Winner

Mahjong, Drinks and Contracts[edit | edit source]

I lost........ AGAIN?!!
Nfu-fu-fu-fu-fu! Better luck next time! RON!
Sorry, buddy! Just saw something that says there's HOT SINGLES in MY AREA!
Whoaaa, baby! Look at this hot mama!
Aiba... Aiba, please! Why aren't you helping me?
You think any of my functions include "cheating at Mahjong"?
So you can't do it?
I can. But seeing you lose is amusing.
You know what? I'm done with this game. I need a break.
Awwww, I was having fun!
Ooishi, next time I'll catch you off guard! You can bet on it!
Bet on it? I'll gladly take your entire magazine collection! Na-ha-ha-ha-ha!
I-I'll pass... Anyway, see you guys around!
Good evening!
Hm, is the bartender not around?
...He has some errands to run, I guess. Should be back soon.
Already got my bourbon so I'm all good for now, myself.
Guess I can wait, then. So, what are you up to?
I thought you'd have an AEW contract for sure by now. Any reason why you still haven't joined us there?
I've... Still got obligations with TFR.
Oh, so you mean you're still under contract with them for a while. I guess your release clause is expensive? Or is it a non-compete clause?
I'm sure you're having a great time there. I'll be fine, don't worry.
Date, this isn't an investigation. You can stop now.
I was just curious. Geez.
Date. Haven't seen you in a while.
I should be the one saying that. Life keeps dragging you back here, doesn't it?
Heh, sounds about right.
Well, there's not much going on, so why don't you take a seat and have a good time with us?
Yeah, I could use some rest.
So, Date, you've recently joined AEW, have you not?
I know some people involved with the company, although I haven't had the opportunity to check it out myself.
I was just wondering, how's it going there? Are things developing as well as people say they are?
Well, it has got some issues, for sure. But most of them are due to how new the company is.
Overall, I've had a really pleasant work experience!
Me and the guys even have our own locker room. And they allow my mags in there. Isn't that great? No way we could get that in TFR!
TFR is in a bad shape, isn't it? I wonder if they can recover.
Yeah, management was definitely involved in some deep schemes.
I'm glad we shut those down, though. I don't know much about what else was found but it did look pretty scummy.
Hey, guys. I'm done with my drink so I'll be going now. I gotta crash.
I'll leave you two to catch up with each other. Seems like you have plenty to talk about.
That's a shame. It'd be good to have you around.
Long day of work ahead of me tomorrow. Sorry...
Have a good one, then!
Anyway, let's pick up from where we left off...

Rivalry Reignited with a Twist[edit | edit source]

  1. Peppino is #AllElite
  2. Joe Merrick is #AllElite
  3. Zag "5'0" Reus is #AllElite
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Zag "5'0" Reus Joe Merrick
Joe Merrick Winner

The Fortuna Nightmare vs. The Silent Badass[edit | edit source]

  1. Nero is #AllElite
  2. Alucard is #AllElite
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Stage: AEW Arena
  • Singles

Nero Winner

Melanin Overdose[edit | edit source]

Sheiit, i can feel mah motha fuckin' basketball ability risin' already!
Dis be great. Dat doctor be rite aftah all, a big dose like dat was all I needed!
DAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Where the fuck have you been?
Yo, son, check dis out! I'm ballin' now!
Shit dad, you really became a nigger!
Heheheheh, Vorgin, Vorgin! Look! I said the funny word! Vorgin! Did you hear it?
Sorry, bro. You'll never be bad ass like I am now.
You haven't let go of that belt for a second ever since you won it...
Dad! Tell him it's my turn to play with the title!
Stop wit da fight, homies!
This ain't how I raised choo!
You're so lame! I'm going back to my room.
Also... Fuck you! Heeeeeehehehee...
Yo, Vorgin! Go aftah dat nigga!
Tell him he be grounded. Dat ain't how yo treat yo own fathah!
Sorry, dad. That isn't worth my time.
I'm too busy with the *stick shift* now!
Git back here!
Agh, sheeeeeit... I ain't be feelin' well...
Da fuck is dis inside me...?
I feel like I'm finna...
Ugh.... Ack....
What the? It's moving?
Wait... Get back here...
No! My basketball prowess! It's gone!
How will I saturate Rebecca's globes now?

Back to TFR's Antidimes Midcard[edit | edit source]

  1. Potemkin
  2. Jacket
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Singles

Jacket Winner

World Championship: Chamber of the World Title[edit | edit source]

  1. Jonesy #6
  2. Ryan Rave #4
  3. The Prince #5
  4. George Jackman #3
  5. Manny Pardo #1
  6. Chris Redfield #2
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K23
  • Championship: World
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By Details
George Jackman Ryan Rave submission
Manny Pardo
The Prince Chris Redfield
Ryan Rave
Chris Redfield Winner

Ryan Rave succumbed to his anger and became... Ryan Rage, but not even then could he hope to defeat Chris Redfield.

Spear of the Dark[edit | edit source]