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Rokkenjima Special, also retroactively known as Rokkenjimania I, is a special event taking place very nearly after Season 3's conclusion on the special date.

X-COM was streamed as pre-show.

Final Rumble of Sorcerer and Assassin[edit | edit source]

There you are! Still hanging around here... huh?
What were you doing in that corner? Crying? No... right? Not this time.
You were trying to hide evidence, once again...
Agent 47
What? No... That's a lie! I... I don't have anything else to hide...
You won this battle, Faggler, but this war is not over yet!
What war are you talking about? I've done nothing to you!
Besides... We've found evidence that leads to another part of your little plan...
You really should have made your locker password less obvious...
Among other things, we found different types of minerals and stones...
This leads us to believe you were trying to craft your own... holy artifact...
Sadly for you, a holy artifact like that stone can only be created by the church!
We also concluded that you got those materials from Steve. Care to explain why he's missing?
Agent 47
It-It doesn't matter! You have nothing to do with any of that!
Oh, don't worry, I'm not done just yet. We also found notes, regarding a certain place and date...
Rokkenjima, October 4th, 1986... Was it your backup plan? Trying to send "Black Battler" there?
To the place we were stuck on for weeks? At that time, so many years ago?
Agent 47
No! No! STOP! You're making this all up! You didn't find anything!
And... I challenge you yo a match! It's time for us to finish this! Once and for all!
Damn... Just when I was getting tired of kicking your ass.
I know the perfect place for us to settle this... October 4th, 1986. Rokkenjima Island...
In the Ushiromiya secret wrestling ring, where I got my training ever since I was little.
47 & Battler
Let's end this!
"My Way" Promo Package

  1. Agent 47 (The Agents of Payne)
  2. Ushiromiya Battler (The Mystery Masters)
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Stage: Ring of Rokkenjima
  • Singles

Agent 47 Winner

The "final" battle of the eternal rivalry, with Max Payne and Mystery Masters as support.

He finally won against Battler. All 47 did, all he ever wanted, was for this, this victory, he finally won against Faggler.

Off-Season 3[edit | edit source]

Afterwards it continued into Off-Season 3 as the X-COM stream resumed.