TFR Season 3 Episode 8

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The ninth episode of TFR Season 3.

Pre-stream: Call of Duty Zombies

Due to OP being late, everyone in chat started uncontrollably shitposting, including pre-stream host Janny himself.

When the stream started, while checking his internet capacity to not shit itself to death, OP played an audio of the Navy SEALs pasta but with Wesker.

Plane Crashers[edit | edit source]

  1. Bane
  2. Osama bin Laden
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Osama bin Laden Winner

As a fellow terrorist, Bane shook his idol's hands.

Dreaming Detective Finding the Mastermind...?[edit | edit source]

  1. Delta
  2. Kaname Date
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Kaname Date Winner

Kaname Date looked like fucking Waluigi because he forgot his coat, also his entrance theme was way unfitting.

Delta's complexness reached new peaks as he shaked Date's hand afterwards.

Volcel vs. Incel[edit | edit source]

  1. Zeke Yeager
  2. The Chosen Hunter
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

The Chosen Hunter Winner

Big Show crashed OP's stream for a while just as the match was beginning, his fifth victory so far in TFR.

Alliance of the Black Sorcerer[edit | edit source]

Agent 47
Dear The Faggot Rumble, I have yet another announcement to make. IT WAS ME, I DID IT, I put the hit on Kinzo, I made that lasagna. Also Battler Negro is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaal.

Thrice the Fuckhead[edit | edit source]

  1. Travis Touchdown
  2. Donte (The Fuckheads)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Travis Touchdown Winner

Wesker stole Travis' tagteam name when joining back to Donte's side.

During the match, Donte delivered an amazing flying kick while Travis was cornered, making him be sent flying out of the ring.

Lovebreaker's Retribution[edit | edit source]

(Majima beats up Walter in the parking lot)

Pole Genocide Interrupted by Italy[edit | edit source]

  1. Edward Richtofen
  2. Geralt of Rivia
  3. G-Man
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Geralt of Rivia G-Man
G-Man Winner

Around Blacks...[edit | edit source]

  1. Kazuhira "drop the fat man in the 'hood" Miller
  2. Big Smoke
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Kazuhira Miller Winner

Robert shut down the stream (on Big Show's suggestion) because the ensuring violence could upset some of the moviegoers. Then the Game was stuck loading as Big Show celebrated his third win of the night.

The Infamous Ladder for the Money and the Miles[edit | edit source]

  1. Rance
  2. Dan Schneider
  3. Drake Bell
  4. /v/ Rage Guy
  5. V
  6. Van Darkholme
  7. Raidou Kuzunoha
  8. Kotomine Kirei
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • For: MITB Case
  • MITB Ladder

Dan Schneider Winner

In less than 5 minutes, Dan Schneider won without anyone trying to stop hin, so OP arranged a rematch.

(Raidou Kuzunoha and Kirei Kotomine summoned "Made in Heaven" to reset the universe, is what chat believes)

  1. Rance
  2. Dan Schneider
  3. Drake Bell
  4. /v/ Rage Guy
  5. V
  6. Van Darkholme
  7. Raidou Kuzunoha
  8. Kotomine Kirei
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • For: MITB Case
  • MITB Ladder

Kotomine Kirei Winner

Wright's Update on the Endgame of the Black Sorcerer[edit | edit source]

Everyone! Please calm down! We have another update!
We've got reports about attacks on different wrestlers backstage tonight.
They've all been sent to the hospital, and we don't know who the attacked may be.
Or, should i say, attackers. Evidence indicates that two people are behind it.
Those attacks started once Agent 47 showed up... And he had disappeared for a while...
This makes him a prime suspect. When asked about it, all he had to say was "Black Battler did it all".
We'll keep track of him, and security backstage has been reinforced.
The victims who were attacked today are: Gordon, Ja/ck/, Serge, The Bakers and Gold.
They're expected to recover soon.
As for the way to get our comrades back, we're drawing blanks. We don't have the resources to do so.
The situation is looking dire, but I ask for all of you to stay calm. We'll never stop our search.
Until then, though, I hope everyone enjoys our match tonight!
And please, root for us!

Super Persona Rider[edit | edit source]

  1. Tatsuya Suou
  2. Sou Yaguruma
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Falls Count Anywhere

Tatsuya Suou Winner

Extra's Declaration of Innocence[edit | edit source]

So, you guys think I'm the one who did it?
You think i ran over Aniki?
Well, guess what? I DIDN'T! But thinking about it...
Maybe I should have done so. The guy was always an asshole. Just like that pussy, Majima.
I remember how back in the day I got rejected in one of All World's Production's casting tests.
And you know what Billy did about it? NOTHING! He didn't help me get that job!
I could have been a star! I could have been as big as Mark Wolff or Van Darkholme!
But that didn't happen, because that son of a bitch refused to help me!
So yeah, I WISH I was the one behind it, but trust me, I'm not!
And this is a warning for everyone that still thinks that I've done it. I'll kick your ass and shut you up!

Champions vs. Contenders[edit | edit source]

  1. /v/ Champ Maximillion Pegasus, KoJ Manny Pardo, /v/ TT Champs Killer2 (Garcian Smith & Andrei Ulmeyda)
  2. /v/ #1 Cont Chris Redfield, KoJ #1 Cont Fred Jones, /v/ TT #1 Conts The Mystery Masters (Phoenix Wright & Shuichi Saihara)
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Elimination
  • Tag-Team

Elimination By Details
Fred Jones Manny Pardo this pinfall somehow ended the match

match restarted with Fred already out

Phoenix Wright
Andrei Ulmeyda Shuichi Saihara
Chris Redfield Garcian Smith
Shuichi Saihara
TEAM Garcian Smith Winner

Manny won by pinning Fred due to the rules suddenly changing away from elimination (possibly another Big Show attack) thanks to JewK coding, OP restarted the match.

Battle of Rokkenjima: Golden Sorcerer vs. The Grim Reaper[edit | edit source]

Aaagh... It's useless! I can't find a way to locate the artifact! Not even the best detective around could do so!
And i don't think there's anyone in this island right now who could help me with that...

(helicopter noises)

Huh? W-What is that noise?
...I better go investigate, I guess.

I think it came from... around here?
Nighthawk, this is HUNK. I think you dropped me at the wrong place. Is the info on the target right?
Hey, you! What are you doing here? ...Wait... is that the... holy artifact?
Give it to me! Now! I need it!
I don't know who you are, but i've got no business with you. That stone is worth way more than you can afford, either way.
I'll... I'll fight you for it if i need to!
Are you willing to go so far for this? I'll give you a chance, then. Be warned, you'll regret it.
I know just the right place where we can settle this. Nighthawk, I need info on my extraction. And I'll be bringing someone with me.

  1. Battler Ushiromiya
  2. HUNK
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Extreme Rules

HUNK Winner

An epic Extreme Rules match taking place in the Meta-World. The legendary Ushiromiya Battler, fighting for the Focusing Stone to save his friends from Rokkenjima, against the "Human Unit Never Killed", sure to finish his mission once more. A match for the ages that demonstrate the core spirit of both fighters in full.

Nighthawk, this is HUNK. I've taken care of the target.
I'll drop him off where i met him. Need info on my extraction.
...Are you sure the offer is worth it? We can make a lot of money with this...
Understood. That does seem like a good price.
Well, aren't you lucky? It seems like someone bought the stone. And they want you to keep it.
I don't know who it is or why they want this, but they described themselves as a "nameress benefactor"
Now take it, and maybe we shall meet again one day...

Cope Island Intermission IX[edit | edit source]

Jonathan climbed Mount Cope to the top, another win for lawfags. Pixy admitted to being brain damaged. B. Battler loves MOE~. Chris-chan wants to die, probably because he's dead in the canon timeline. OP is finna about to cuck Tifa by giving Trish his "noodle". Trish also got a cat. 47 decided to scream "BATTLER IS GAAAY" on his own, lol. OP also revealed the cut version of 47's speech "Also BATTLER IS GAAAAAAAAAY. Now Max, rise from your grave and let us put Battler in his. All of you tonight witness pain like none other, tonight the witch hunt will end. For we are The Agents of Payne". Erwin tries becomes friends with Jeanette, but fails. Battler dreamed of the Ushiromiya family reunion and about murdering them all. Pegachad, for some reason, dreams of being there too along with Erwin...?