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The first episode of Season 3.


Prelude: The Fate of a Demon[edit | edit source]

After the Yamato split the Demon King in two, the human part of Todd appeared. However, in such a weakened state, Todd was, ironically, put in a coma, in the same state some Mind-Link victims were in. As for the King's demon half, it's whereabouts are unknown. It is speculated by some that it might have been sent back to Hell, maybe to seek revenge one day...

Recent Newjobbers Face Off[edit | edit source]

  1. Aleksandr Pistoletov
  2. Gene
  3. Rance
  4. Balthios James
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Falls Count Anywhere
  • Fatal-4-Way
  • Elimination

Elimination By
Rance Aleksandr Pistoletov
Aleksandr Pistoletov Gene
Gene Balthios James
Balthios James Winner

Balthios refused to go down.

The Champs Face Returning Opposition[edit | edit source]

  1. The Sons of SperdoDonte & Vorgin
  2. Champions The GymVan Darkholme & Gold
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Tag-Team


Due to the sudden forced end of the match and the ref's fuckup earlier, The Sons of Sperdo are ruled victors

Men of Punished Love[edit | edit source]

  1. Goro Majima
  2. Brendan Fraser
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Brendan Fraser Winner

-$10 to Drake's debt by taking them from Majima

Forgiven Jobbers Returning[edit | edit source]

  1. Alucard
  2. Agent 47
  3. Dr. Piccolo
  4. /v/ Rage Guy
  5. Raidou Kuzunoha
  6. Fargoth
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Contendership: King of Jobbers #1 Contender
  • 6-way

Elimination By
Dr. Piccolo Agent 47
Agent 47 Winner

Revengeance back from Hell[edit | edit source]

  1. Jacket (Ted)
  2. Doomguy
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Doomguy Winner

Doomguy entered the match wearing Demon-half Todd's severed head/armor, as he went down to Hell to take revenge.

Cope Island Intermission I[edit | edit source]

Somehow, we were able to gaze at a version of the Off-Season 2 that differs from what we had previously espectated. In this timeline, Armstrong sacrificed himself out of his sheer admiration of OP, and decided to date La Creatura instead. This would have a tremendous cascade effect that would cause events to differ from the Cope Island we had seen, such as the Emperor proposing to Mitsuru, Ryan Gosling becoming friends with Armstrong, and ultimately concluding in Tifa proposing to OP, which would change the fate of this reality compared to the original timeline.

Personas and Demons of Chaos and Law[edit | edit source]

  1. Tatsuya Suou & Yu Narukami
  2. Walter & Mastema
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Tornado-Tag

Elimination By
Matema Tatsuya Suou
TEAM Tatsuya Suou Winner

Pegasus Confronts His Loss[edit | edit source]

Erwin... My dear friend...
You... were the only one left for me...
The one i could trust. My right-hand man. The best strategist i've ever met.
You helped me when my wife was gone. You... even replaced her, in a way...
And now, you're gone. Do you want me to "carry on" your legacy?
Because... This is what i'm doing. This is all that matters for me.
The money... This crown... They're all useless.
All i've ever wanted, and all i've ever needed...
Was a friend.
So, Stevie-boy, prepare yourself. Because tonight, Erwin becomes champion.

Battle Against a Propanic Mercenary[edit | edit source]

  1. Battler
  2. HANK
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Battler Winner

Battler took 6 (six) Propa-neckbreakers without dying and ended HANK in one (1) pure BTB.

Different Transhumanisms[edit | edit source]

  1. Serge
  2. Albert Wesker
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Serge Winner

Glimpse of the Past that Never Happened[edit | edit source]

  1. Arthur Morgan
  2. Dante
  3. Aniki
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Contendership: /v/ #2 Contender
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Dante Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Winner

During the match, everything suddenly distorted and was replaced with a different location, where a man who should not exist as he is was fighting a man erased by time. Just as suddenly, everything went back to normal and the match resumed normally.

Monochromatic World Outlook[edit | edit source]

  1. Dutch van der Linde
  2. Edward Richtofen
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Dutch van der Linde Winner

Somehow, reality seemed to have distorted to lose all color and degraded into a monochrome look. Richtofen was less affected because he already got used to it after witnessing it a few times in the past.

/v/ Championship: Erwin's Toon World[edit | edit source]

  1. Maximillion Pegasus
  2. Champion Senator Armstrong
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Championship: /v/
  • Singles

Maximillion Pegasus Winner

With the loss of his best (gay) friend Erwin, Pegasus vows to defeat the then-current /v/ champion in honor of his lost comrade. However, the mental trauma he suffers seems so big that Pegasus begins to develop some sort of mental illness, as during his ring intro he seemingly walked to the ring as if accompanied by someone, as if Erwin was walking along with him. Even more perplexing, reality had left its previous monochromatic visual and now looked cartoon-ey (which Pegasus didn't seem to mind, but likely contributed to his current state).

As his finishing move, Pegasus employed the Die For Me, Erwin's move, and it put away Armstrong instantly. Just like he desired, Erwin had defeated the champion and gained the title.

The Final Frontier of Distortion: Dimensional Resolution Shift[edit | edit source]

  1. The Paranormal Patrol (NWF) — Leon S. Kennedy & Fred Jones
  2. The Therapy (FMS) — Chris Redfield & Redfield's Therapist
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Tag-Team


After the already strange reality-bending phenomenons before, a dimensional resolution shift lands the climactic entrapment of Chris, Leon, Therapist, and Fred at an strange PS1-esque graphics distortion. And then, when Fred was just about to pin...

What's happening??? Chris?
WHEN are we!?

BONUS[edit | edit source]

VOD: The Court of the Sethig King