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    TFR OPENING 3: "Club Foot"

    Dungeon Under the Church's Basement[edit | edit source]

    1. Kotomine Kirei
    2. Van Darkholme
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    Kotomine Kirei Winner

    The Virgin True Identity vs. THE CHAD PLOT TWIST[edit | edit source]

    Sup, virgins?
    I haven't been wrestling much lately, as i've been busy with something important.
    I've been trying to reach out to the truth about this "Skyrim" person.
    That, slaying puss, and making new friends.
    Don't worry about the last part, you wouldn't understand that. Especially not you, Joker.
    Whoops. I meant Adachi. The "Joker" was just a "Persona", as it seemed.
    Well, to be honest... "Chad" is also a "Persona" of mine.
    That's right, you weren't the only one hiding behind a mask!
    I have a hunch you're working with Todd and helping cause all of this.
    Even if you aren't, you're still going back to your old ways of trying to hurt people.
    I'm done being an observer. This is going to end here and now.

    White Knights Shall Pay[edit | edit source]

    1. Edward Richtofen
    2. Tohru Adachi
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    Tohru Adachi Winner

    (Yu Narukami came out after the match to talk to Adachi)

    The Masters of Payne have an Announcement[edit | edit source]

    Max Payne
    Last week was such a wild ride eh, partner?
    Agent 47
    It sure was.
    Sadly, our target got lucky.
    So, was Brazil any good?
    Max Payne
    Kind of a shithole, to be honest. They did have some hot chicks though.
    I might be getting too old for that, thought. Maybe being alone isn't so bad.
    Hey, but i'm not really alone if i've got you, right, pal?
    Thanks for paying for the vacations. Pretending to be dead sucked ass.
    Agent 47
    It matters not now. As far as i know, the contract is complete.
    What also doesn't matter is last week. Because tonight, we'll eliminate all targets.
    So let me propose a toast!
    To the Tag Team Championships!
    Max Payne
    A toast!
    Payne & 47

    (applause and screaming begins)

    1. The Mystery MastersBattler & Phoenix Wright
    2. The Agents of PayneAgent 47 & Max Payne
    3. FOOTBALLJohn Madden & Tom Brady
     Iconic Match
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Contendership: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contenders
    • Triple-Threat
    • Tornado-Tag
    • Elimination

    Elimination By
    Agent 47 Battler
    John Madden Phoenix Wright
    Tom Brady Max Payne
    Max Payne Phoenix Wright
    The Mystery Masters Winner

    47 had an announcement to make during his entrance:

    "I have an announcement to make.

    Battler is a shitter who cannot escape me forever, he can suck my fucking dick. Also BATTLER. IS. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

    Terrorizing Mercenary of the Underworld[edit | edit source]

    1. Alucard
    2. Bane
    3. Raiden
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Contendership: /v/ #1 Contenders
    • Triple-Threat

    Elimination By
    Bane Raiden
    Raiden Winner

    King of Jobbers Championship: Innocent Half-Monsters[edit | edit source]

    1. Rando
    2. Champion V
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Championship: King of Jobbers
    • Singles

    V Winner

    A Mexican VHS Tape[edit | edit source]

    1. EL HUNKO
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Stage: Mexico
    • Singles

    HUNK Winner

    ※the tape was acquired by TFR for 10000$ps

    RAW ROULETTE BEGINS[edit | edit source]





    1. Ricardo Milos & Kenny
    2. Joe Baker & Shuichi Saihara
    3. Joshua Graham & Jack Baker
    4. Yu Narukami & Dr. Piccolo
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Tornado-Tag
    • Fatal-4-Way
    • Elimination

    Elimination By
    Yu Narukami Shuichi Saihara
    Ricardo Milos Joe Baker
    Dr. Piccolo Jack Baker
    Jack Baker Joe Baker
    Kenny Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham Joe Baker
    TEAM Joe Baker Winner

    Wheel Demands a Test of Hope[edit | edit source]

    1. Nagito Komaeda
    2. Senator Armstrong, The Chosen Hunter, Lee Everett
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Tag-Team
    • Handicap

    Elimination By
    Nagito Komaeda Lee Everett
    TEAM Lee Everett Winner

    Dutch, Pegasus, and the Plan to Stop the Demon King[edit | edit source]

    Pegasus! I have a plan! We can stop Todd!
    No worries, i WILL stop him. And i already have my "Plans" guy.
    Well, you see, when MY plan works out, i'll be RICH!
    EVERYONE will buy my merch! EVERYONE will love me!
    Heh... Sorry, Dutchy-boy.

    Million Dollar Championship: Arthur Morgan vs. The Wheel[edit | edit source]

    1. Champion Arthur Morgan
    2. Steve
    3. Adam Jensen
    4. Ethan Winters
    5. Ruber
    6. La Creatura
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Championship: Million Dollar
    • Ladder

    La Creatura Winner

    TFR vs. WWE (AEW)[edit | edit source]

    1. Albert Wesker
    2. Chris Jericho
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Hell-in-a-Cell

    Chris Jericho Winner by Sub

    A Lament of Lost Humanity[edit | edit source]

    Beating him... should have been enough... but it wasn't.
    He... should have been restored by now...
    But that evil only grows stronger.
    What... should i do?
    What... can i do?
    I don't have much time...

    A Mad Dog saves another Victim from The Order[edit | edit source]

    1. Fred Jones
    2. The Order of ToddThe Janitor & Fargoth
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Tag-Team
    • Handicap

    Elimination By
    Fred Jones Fargoth
    The Order Winner

    Fred nearly crashed his Van into the arena while demanding a match against Todd, and the call was answered but Fred's life would be on the line...

    The King Demands a Tribute Summon from the Wheel[edit | edit source]

    1. Maximillion Pegasus (2×Pin)
    2. JC Denton (6×Pin)
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Ironman 15'

    JC Denton Winner
    # Name
    01 Peleador Ushiromisha (Magia no son reales)
    02 Agente 47 (El asesino de Payne falso)
    03 Nero (Peso Muerto)
    04 Aniki (RIP)
    05 Ricardo Milos (El Mariposon)
    06 La Baine (Fuego resucitado)
    07 Shuichi Saihara (Maestro del misterio)
    08 Joe Panadero (Puñetazo el Pozo)
    09 Holandés Van Der Linde (Su Plan se Dio Cuenta)
    10 Jack Panadero (Saludador Familiar)
    11 V (El Gobernador de Intermediario)
    12 Mastema (El Judio En Los Cielos)
    13 Fantasma (Los esbirro de PEDAZO)
    14 Senador Armstrong (El Gobernador de nanomáquina, hijo)
    15 Zumbarer (El Bogdabots de infectado)
    16 Federico Jones (Freskociudad Chupar)
    17 Santiago (Él Está Adentro)
    18 DELTA (Motivo Complicado)
    19 Eduardo Ricotofen (Primero Cadáver y Niño Joder Basado)
    20 Sarga (El Lince Embodimenta)
    21 León Kennedy (De Ninguna Camino Marica)
    22 Maximillones de Pegasus (El Gobernador de Cuadrilátero)
    23 Dante (Forma del Boomer)
    24 Roberto (El Senor Las Palomitas de Maíz)
    25 Goma (El tiene un plan)
    26 Asaltoen (Reglas de naturaleza)
    27 Van Oscuroholme (Vete a la mierda)
    28 Linea del vector (pupilo del PEDAZO)
    29 Geralto de la Riviera (Juan Brujo)
    30 Botaloner (El sips)
    31 Nelo Angel (Vergil negro)
    32 Dracula alreves (Interesado en esto)
    33 Máximo Pena (Regresad de muerte)
    34 Erwin Smith (MALDITOS GIGANTES)
    35 Señor X (va a dar eso a ti)
    36 Arturo Morgano (me temo debo persistir)
    37 Adan Juarez (Nunca pregunto por esto)
    38 Rando (No lo hizo cualquier cosa incorrecto)
    39 El Cazador Elegido (Cueva del NEET)
    40 Jesus Cristo(JC) Abollaron (qué vergüenza)
    41 Disparo Todoroki (Cuckeado del Pegasus)
    42 Señora de X
    43 Fénix Wrecto (ÓjíécÍón!)
    44 Señor Estados Unidos (No Hulk Hogan)
    45 Fargoth (siervo del demonio)
    46 Corriótaro Amami
    47 /v/ Furor Tipo (taladro para perforar los cielos)
    48 Arma Jesus (la luz es el fogonazo)
    49 El Conserje (Comedor de bolsilloscalientes)
    50 Sminem (Mente Maestra)
    51 Tohru Adachi (Perras y putas)
    52 Lee Siemprett (Negro del Cunny)
    53 Ada Wong (Fiebre amarilla de Leon)
    54 John Madden (Aeiou)
    55 Dorado (Líder de este gimnasio)
    56 Goro Majima (Loco Perro de Shimano Familia)
    57 Jill Valentines
    58 Comisionado Gordon (violar el guason)
    59 Travis Tocarabajo (El Otaku)
    60 El Humano Holocausto
    61 Alberto Wesker (7 minutos hombre)
    62 Chad (Persona de Yu)
    63 Extra (Forma del Jobber)
    64 Kotomine Kirei (Grito de Pamela)
    65 (You) Narukami
    66 Jose Grajam (Crímenes de Guerra)
    67 Kenny (barco absorbido)
    68 Vitalik (/biz/ billetera destructor)
    69 Clara Camporojo (Ladrón de esperma de la goblina)
    70 Marvin Branagh (El príncipe de Bel Air)
    71 Ethan Inviernos
    72 Brendan Fraser (EL JUSTO)
    73 Nagito Komaeda (Espero hombre)
    74 Rebecca Camaras
    75 Terapeuta de Chris
    76 El grando Smokio
    77 La Creatura (el 56% blanco americano)
    78 Kinzo Ushiromiya
    79 Yasuhiro Hagakure
    80 Mujer Misterio (Esposa de Richtofen, cucker del OP)
    81 Doctor Piccolo (Dosis diaria administrada)
    82 Shingo Shoji (deriva de doble vía)
    83 Ja/ck/ (salmonella absorbida x4)
    84 Tomás Branda
    85 Vorgin (tengo polla más grande)
    86 El Donte (Primero Exterminador de Demonios)
    87 Zombie-chan
    88 Shaggy (Verde)
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