TFR Season 2 Episode 12

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Opening Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Walter
  2. Tatsuya Suou
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Tatsuya Suou Winner

Erwin's Last Gamble[edit | edit source]

I've failed the King...
I've failed my soldiers...
I've failed my comrades...
I've failed as a commander.
Someone like me only deserves one fate. Hell.
And that's exactly why i'm paying it a visit.
By performing the summoning ritual, i'll call out Todd's caged beast.
Fighting him to the death will be the only way to create a distraction until Todd is gone.
So, whatever comes of me... I hope you carry my will forward, Pegasus...
Remember me, old friend...

TFR vs. WWE: Can't See[edit | edit source]

  1. Raiden
  2. John Cena
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

John Cena Winner

ROYAL RUMBLE[edit | edit source]

  1. Aleksandr Pistoletov
  2. Raidou Kuzunoha
  3. Mastema
  4. Nagito Komaeda
  5. La Creatura
  6. Rance
  7. Albert Wesker
  8. Gene
  9. Ethan Winters
  10. Aniki
  11. Dr. Piccolo
  12. Rando
  13. Big Smoke
  14. Shuichi Saihara
  15. Yu Narukami
  16. The Chosen Hunter
  17. Joshua Graham
  18. Edward Richtofen
  19. Bane
  20. /v/ Rage Guy
  21. Spider-Man
  22. Alucard
  23. Adam Jensen
  24. JC Denton
  25. Jacket (Brandon)
  26. Mr. X
  27. Serge
  28. Delta
  29. Jack Baker
  30. Maximillion Pegasus
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Contendership: /v/ #1#2 Contender
  • Royal Rumble

Elimination By @
Aleksandr Pistoletov Ridou Kuzunoha 03
Ridou Kuzunoha Nagito Komaeda 05
Nagito Komaeda La Creatura 07
Albert Wesker Rance 08
Rance Gene
Mastema Ethan Winters 10
Gene Aniki
La Creatura Ethan Winters 11
Ethan Winters Dr. Piccolo 16
Rando Big Smoke
Big Smoke Aniki
Dr. Piccolo Saihara + Aniki 18
Edward Richtofen The Chosen Hunter
Yu Narukami Bane 19
/v/ Rage Guy 21
Aniki The Chosen Hunter
Shuichi Saihara Alucard 23
Joshua Graham Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen Alucard 24
Spider-Man JC Denton
The Chosen Hunter
Alucard Bane 26
Bane Mr. X
Jacket JC Denton 29
Serge Maximillion Pegasus 30
JC Denton Mr. X
Mr. X Jack Baker
Jack Baker Maximillion Pegasus
Maximillion Pegasus Winner

Pegasus used his financial (and kingly) power to swap his spot with the last entrant, and with his millennium scouting of the other entrants, ensured his win went as planned.

※Raidou was supposed to be #30, but the game still shuffled him into the rumble, so instead the winner will face him.

Broken Assassins Kicking Debtors when they are Down[edit | edit source]

  1. Drake & JUSTDrake Bell & Brendan Fraser
  2. The Agents of PayneAgent 47 & Max Payne
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Tag-Team

Elimination By
Brendan Fraser Agent 47
The Agents of Payne Winner

For -$10 debt.

After weeks of drinking cheap wine in an alley, 47 and Payne finally got new targets (regardless of how pathetic they are) to beat up.

The Demonic Detective and the Toon King[edit | edit source]

  1. Raidou Kuzunoha
  2. Maximillion Pegasus
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Contendership: /v/ #1 Contender
  • Singles

Maximillion Pegasus Winner

Relinquished... OBLITERATE.

King of Jobbers Championship: Holy Job War[edit | edit source]

  1. Extra
  2. Arthur Morgan
  3. Kotomine Kirei
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Championship: King of Jobbers
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
Extra Kotomine Kirei
Kotomine Kirei Winner

Attack on Todd's Unpaid Minion[edit | edit source]

  1. Fred Jones
  2. The Janitor
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • For: Mind-Link Breakage
  • Singles

Fred Jones Winner

Janny stole /v/-tan's theme.

/v/ Tag-Team Championship: Deep Dark Mystery[edit | edit source]

  1. Champions The Mystery MastersBattler & Phoenix Wright
  2. The GymGold & Van Darkholme
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Championship: /v/ Tag-Team
  • Tag-Team

Elimination By
Battler Van Darkholme
The Gym Winner

VHS Talent Scouted[edit | edit source]

  1. Sou Yaguruma
  2. Peleador Ushiromiya
  3. HANK
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Triple-Threat

Elimination By
HANK Peleador Ushiromiya
Peleador Ushiromiya Winner

Attack of Todd's Joker on the Locker Room[edit | edit source]

  1. Nero
  2. Tohru Adachi
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Stage: TV World
  • For: Mind-Link Breakage
  • Singles

Tohru Adachi Winner

/v/ Championship: Moe as a Business to End Moe as a Business[edit | edit source]

  1. Travis Touchdown
  2. Champion Senator Armstrong
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Championship: /v/
  • Singles

Senator Armstrong Winner

Sacrificial Liberation from a Commander[edit | edit source]

Battle Against a Demon King: Devils Never Cry[edit | edit source]

  1. Demon King Todd
  2. The Sons of SpardaDante & Vergil

Elimination By
Demon King Todd Dante
The Sons of Sparda Winner

Witness the power of Sparda, Demon
Alright, time to finish this, Vergil! Once and for all.
Get the Yamato ready, we're splitting this poor bastard up.
...Hey, Dante...
...Just this time, you can say it...
I never thought you'd ask...

(the power of Yamato is invoked in a double kick to the demon's head)

Backside of the TV: New World Deadweight[edit | edit source]

You stupid kid, look at what you did!
Kid? Who are you calling a kid?!
You're the brat with zero brainpower doing things before thinking!
Is that supposed to be insulting coming from a murderer?
Hey, i didn't kill those sluts, the TV did!
Talk dumb to me again and i'll hit you so hard it'll make you dumber! Where am i and how do i leave?!
Or else i'll knock the information out of you along with your teeth!
How to get out?
...ehhh, ummm... I...
What's so funny?
About that, i, uh, don't think there even is a way out.
And, eh, even if there was, I-I wouldn't know where to find it...haha?
And, uh, if we don't get out soon, we're going to, hehe, be in r-real trouble...
Woah woah! you know if you hurt me or worse, t-then the possibility of the two of us escaping...
Will actually become zero, right?
I can survive just fine on my own!
Hey! we need to put aside our differences here, or else the two of us are going to die!
Who knows when that fog will come back??
You're stuck with me, and i'm stuck with you, we can either live with that or die!
...Fine... I only have one stipulation.
A-And that is?

Premonitions: Distorted Paraphony[edit | edit source]

...As expected, the outcome did not change the oncoming future."
Did you fail, Teddy?
Nein. As a matter of fact, it's the total opposite.
Everything is going according to plan.
Was my host body being murdered part of the plan?
That was an unexpected outcome. But worry not, your part in this is done, Samantha.
I must return you to the MPD while i still can, before the distortion grows stronger.
But for now, while we still have time...
Let's read up on the universe's future even after the distortion...
Hmmm... "Law and Chaos"... boooooring.
"Knee Deep in the Locker Room", sounds like a bad porno
"The Great Seal und the Gods Rejected", doesn't sound appealing.
"The Battler Dilemma", sounds pretentious.
"Half-Life 3 still isn't released", don't know what that is...
...Wait... WHAT IS THIS?
That's... the stone of Shangri-La? Who is that guy holding it? What is that necklace?
...Hold on, there's something written under ze picture...
"...Don't call anybody"?

EPILOGUE: A Demon Down, Two Devils Battle[edit | edit source]

  1. Dante (2)
  2. Vergil (0)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Stage: The Throat of the World
  • 2/3 Falls

Dante Winner

Post-credits final rival fight.

BONUS: Another World's Battle Against a Demon King: Demon King Extraction[edit | edit source]

  1. HUNK
  2. Demon King Todd
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Stage: The Throat of the World
  • Singles

HUNK Winner
"i can confirm this match takes place in the universe where gachi became a global trend" ― OP
  1. Battler Ushiromisha (Magia no son reales)
  2. Agente 47 (Contratos Fallidos)
  3. Ricardo Milos (El Mariposon)
  4. Aniki (RIP)
  5. Nero (Peso Vivo)
  6. Shuichi Saihara (Maestro del misterio)
  7. La Baine (Fuego resucitado)
  8. Jack Panadero (Saludador Familiar)
  9. Joe Panadero (Puñetazo el Pozo)
  10. Senador Armstrong (El Gobernador de nanomáquina, hijo)
  11. Zumbarer (El Bogdabots de infectado)
  12. Dante (Forma del Boomer)
  13. Dorado (Líder de este gimnasio)
  14. Van Oscuroholme (Vete a la mierda)
  15. Santiago (Él Está Adentro)
  16. Federico Jones (Freskociudad Chupar)
  17. El Cazador Elegido (Cueva del NEET)
  18. Fénix Wrecto (Objeción!)
  19. Holandés Van Der Linde (Su Plan se Dio Cuenta)
  20. Arturo Morgano (me temo debo persistir)
  21. Mastema (El Judio En Los Cielos)
  22. DELTA (Motivo Complicado)
  23. Maximillones de Pegaso (El Gobernador de Cuadrilátero)
  24. Travis Tocarabajo (El Otaku)
  25. Sarga (El Lince Embodimenta)
  26. Lee Siemprett (Negro del Cunny)
  27. Señor Estados Unidos (No Hulk Hogan)
  28. Shingo Shoji (deriva de doble vía)
  29. Kotomine Kirei (regocijarse hijo)
  30. Erwin Smith (Morir por mi)
  31. Goma (El tiene un plan)
  32. Kenny (barco absorbido)
  33. Geraldo de la Riviera (Juan Brujo)
  34. Vergil (Motivado)
  35. Peleador Ushiromisha (AY AY AY NO BRUJAS)
  36. Dracula alreves (Interesado en esto)
  37. Máximo Pena (Regresado de muerte)
  38. Señor X (va a dar eso a ti)
  39. Adan Juarez (Nunca pregunto por esto)
  40. Rando (No lo hizo cualquier cosa incorrecto)
  41. Tatsuya Suou (El Broom Brooms)
  42. Jesus Cristo(JC) Abollaron (qué vergüenza)
  43. Gene (MY BRAZO)
  44. Señora de X (MAMI)
  45. Goro Majima (Loco Perro de Shimano Familia)
  46. Pieck (baldado cambio de titanio)
  47. Corriótaro Amami
  48. /v/ Furor Tipo (taladro para perforar los cielos)
  49. Pato Campana (Deuda de 600k)
  50. Walter (SMT) (Hombre de HOY)
  51. El Conserje (Comedor de bolsilloscalientes)
  52. Tohru Adachi (Perras y putas)
  53. Asaltoen (Reglas de naturaleza)
  54. Eduardo Ricotofen (Primero Cadáver y Niño Joder Basado)
  55. Asaltou Kuzunoha el XIV (Aspecto de Radio)
  56. Rance (El Espadachín Cogedor Andante)
  57. Ada Wong (Fiebre amarilla de Leon)
  58. Juan Locoden (Aeiou)
  59. Julia Valentines
  60. Comisionado Gordon (violar el guason)
  61. Hombre Araña (El Humano Holocausto)
  62. Fargoth (siervo del demonio traicionado)
  63. Alberto Wesker (7 minutos hombre)
  64. Extra (Forma del Campeon)
  65. Chaqueta (Gusta lastimar gente)
  66. (You)Narukami (Chad Electropene)
  67. Jose Grajam (Crímenes de Guerra)
  68. Hadomamarracho (RASGÓN Y LACERAR)
  69. Sou Yaguruma (PateaSalteador)
  70. Clara Camporojo (Ladrón de esperma de la goblina)
  71. Mariano Branaja (El príncipe de Bel Air)
  72. Etan Inviernos
  73. Brendan Fraser (EL JUSTO)
  74. Nagito Komaeda (Espero hombre)
  75. Rebeca Recamaras
  76. El grando Smokio
  77. Botaloner (El sips)
  78. Kinzo Ushiromiya (Oh anhelo)
  79. Mujer Misterio (Esposa de Richtofen, cucker del OP)
  80. Doctor Piccolo (Dosis diaria administrada)
  81. La Creatura (el 56% blanco americano)
  82. Ja/ck/ (salmonella absorbida x4)
  83. Tomás Branda
  84. HANK (Gas Propano Y accesorios del Propano)
  85. Virgen (tengo polla más grande)
  86. El Donte (Primero Exterminador de Demonios)
  87. Zombi-chan

Doesn even appear anymore lol