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    Since this stream is completely lost, this page has been reconstructed with thread hints and match histories; information could be missing.

    Opening Match[edit | edit source]

    1. Albert Wesker
    2. Big Smoke
    3. Delta
    4. Joshua Graham
    5. Raidou Kuzunoha
    6. Rando
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Contendership: /v/ #1 Contender
    • Elimination
    • 6-way

    Elimination By
    Big Smoke Rando
    Rando Raidou Kuzunoha
    Raidou Kuzunoha Winner

    Uoooooh Beatoriche's Card[edit | edit source]

    1. Raiden
    2. Kinzo Ushiromiya
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    Raiden Winner

    Kinzo did a rope break, but White Ref somehow didn't notice, and the replay was mysteriously erased.

    Mystery Masters of the Dungeon[edit | edit source]

    Van Darkholme isn't happy about being dethroned by a bunch of pussy-ass investigators, and wants the belt that righteously belongs to the GachiMuchi men. These pansy so called "Mystery Masters" aren't the masters of no dungeon. If Battler wants to be a master, his Deep Dark Fantasies can be fulfilled, and this time, a baldy won't fail any contracts, the fun begins and ends here.

    Sidekicks Showoff[edit | edit source]

    1. Shuichi Saihara
    2. Gold
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    Gold Winner

    This match DQ'd Saihara from supporting Mystery Masters next title match

    Sweet Pareidolia[edit | edit source]

    Continuing right off the discovery that the pages of Kronorium have been changed, Richtofen confirms the fact that distortions have begun. With the trials ahead, he has no choice, but to put on his gameface. And as such, the recap begins. It is revealed that Robert and Mr. America have been trapped from existence in a timeloop, and no one had noticed that. Their match has even been replaced almost instantly. The loop seems... familiar to him. He continues on, citing that later, a match between a man from another timeline and two men who should have been banished fought, as if it was supposed to be. No one had even batted an eye. Peering into the Kronorium, Richtofen screams in horror, because the Temple of Shangri-La and The Focusing Stone have been found. But... by who?

    Zoomer Brutalized[edit | edit source]

    1. /v/ Rage Guy
    2. Zoomer
     Iconic Match
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    /v/ Rage Guy Winner

    A match that was more a murder than an official fight, /v/-tan used his inner RAGE to fucking punch, kick and beat the shit of Zoomer without giving him even a second of respite to counter-attack or rest. A fucking brutal match that BTFO Zoomers forever. LONG LIVE OLD /v/

    Downfall of a Commander[edit | edit source]

    1. JC Denton
    2. Erwin Smith
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    JC Denton Winner

    The Wheel for Contendership[edit | edit source]

    1. Arthur Morgan
    2. Extra
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Contendership: King of Jobbers #1 Contender
    • Singles

    Extra Winner

    A Stepping-stone for Rejecting Despair[edit | edit source]

    1. Battler
    2. Nagito Komaeda
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    Battler Winner

    Demons Hunting Demons[edit | edit source]

    After recovering from Dante's severe beating, Nero rushes backstage to find him leaving along Vergil. Nero finds they are gonna do what Demon Hunters do best: End Todd Howard. Maybe Vergil doesn't want Nero inexpertly trying to help them, or maybe he cares about his son, but he assures Nero that they can take him alone. The Yamato's power can separate things, and Howard's power doesn't belong to him, so it should be able to separate the humanity from him, and make it like he originally was. And being his power unnatural to him, it won't last long disembodied. Nero's not happy that they will fight someone who controls reality, but Dante reaffirms that Nero must defend the Locker Rooms, since that "Joker" guy could strike under Todd's order at any time. But do they really expect Nero to stay while they go? It is just because of that they can go with peace of mind, because they are sure Nero will protect everyone. And most importantly...Nero has to stay and protect Kyrie. And with that Vergil reminds Dante to make haste, for it's time to go, and they leave without saying even their goodbyes, for Nero knows they will return.

    Preparing for a Senator[edit | edit source]

    1. Travis Touchdown
    2. Bane
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    Bane Winner

    After defeat in the hands of a Big Guy, Armstrong comes into the stage to taunt Travis about their future match, and the both exchange hits a few times.

    Also Suda51 retweeted an image of Travis' CAW someone sent him so it started the meme of him being on the streams' chat.

    Attack on Todd's Merchandise[edit | edit source]

    1. The ButterfliesAniki & Ricardo Milos
    2. Men With a PlanDutch van der Linde & Ruber
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Tag-Team

    Elimination By Details
    Ruber? Aniki? speculation
    The Butterflies Winner

    The war begins, with the first match to decide the fate of a mind-link. In their defeat, their connection was broken.

    Attack on Todd's Middle-ranked Minion[edit | edit source]

    1. Goro Majima
    2. Fargoth
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Singles

    Fargoth Winner

    The mind-link remained.

    The Demon King War Rages: Todd Howard's Gamble[edit | edit source]

    The Demon King is well aware he is being hunted, he begun all of this and he was human once after all, but that leaves him no choice but end this war - by force. However, focusing on shaping reality, he is in no condition to step on the ring to destroy the resistance himself, so he has to rely on making a gamble: He will release a terrible caged beast to destroy his opponents, however this very beast could destroy him on the spot if he saw him in such state. Despite how foolish it is, the risk must be taken.

    A Bloodstained VHS Tape[edit | edit source]

    1. HUNK
    2. Jacket
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Stage: ???
    • Singles

    HUNK Winner

    ※the tape was acquired by TFR from the russian mafia in exchange for 2kg of drugs.

    BONUS: Heroes of Darkness[edit | edit source]

    1. Battler
    2. Ja/ck/
    3. Van Darkholme
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • TLC

    Ja/ck/ Winner
    1. Peleador Ushiromisha (Magia no son reales)
    2. Agente 47 (El asesino de Payne)
    3. Ricardo Milos (El Mariposon)
    4. Aniki (RIP)
    5. Nero (Peso Vivo)
    6. Shuichi Saihara (Maestro del misterio)
    7. La Baine (Fuego resucitado)
    8. Joe Panadero (Puñetazo el Pozo)
    9. Jack Panadero (Saludador Familiar)
    10. Senador Armstrong (El Gobernador de nanomáquina, hijo)
    11. Zumbarer (El Bogdabots de infectado)
    12. Dante (Forma del Boomer)
    13. Santiago (Él Está Adentro)
    14. Señor Estados Unidos (No Hulk Hogan)
    15. Federico Jones (Freskociudad Chupar)
    16. Lee Siemprett (Negro del Cunny)
    17. El Cazador Elegido (Cueva del NEET)
    18. Fénix Wrecto (Objeción!)
    19. Holandés Van Der Linde (Su Plan se Dio Cuenta)
    20. Shingo Shoji (deriva de doble vía)
    21. Arturo Morgano (me temo debo persistir)
    22. Erwin Smith (Morir por mi)
    23. Travis Tocarabajo (El Otaku)
    24. Mastema (El Judio En Los Cielos)
    25. Goma (El tiene un plan)
    26. DELTA (Motivo Complicado)
    27. Maximillones de Pegasus (El Gobernador de Cuadrilátero)
    28. Kenny (barco absorbido)
    29. Sarga (El Lince Embodimenta)
    30. Geraldo de la Riviera (Juan Brujo)
    31. Vergil (Motivado)
    32. Dracula alreves (Interesado en esto)
    33. Máximo Pena (Regresado de muerte)
    34. Señor X (va a dar eso a ti)
    35. Adan Juarez (Nunca pregunto por esto)
    36. Rando (No lo hizo cualquier cosa incorrecto)
    37. Chaqueta (Gusta lastimar gente)
    38. Jesus Cristo(JC) Abollaron (qué vergüenza)
    39. Dorado (Líder de este gimnasio)
    40. Van Oscuroholme (Vete a la mierda)
    41. Señora de X
    42. Goro Majima (Loco Perro de Shimano Familia)
    43. Pieck (baldado cambio de titanio)
    44. Corriótaro Amami
    45. /v/ Furor Tipo (taladro para perforar los cielos)
    46. Pato Campana (Deuda de 600k)
    47. Arma Jesus (la luz es el fogonazo)
    48. El Conserje (Comedor de bolsilloscalientes)
    49. Tohru Adachi (Perras y putas)
    50. Asaltoen (Reglas de naturaleza)
    51. Eduardo Ricotofen (Primero Cadáver y Niño Joder Basado)
    52. Asaltou Kuzunoha el XIV (Aspecto Radio)
    53. Ada Wong (Fiebre amarilla de Leon)
    54. Juan Locoden (Aeiou)
    55. Julia Valentines
    56. Comisionado Gordon (violar el guason)
    57. Hombre Araña (El Humano Holocausto)
    58. Fargoth (siervo del demonio)
    59. Alberto Wesker (7 minutos hombre)
    60. Extra (Forma del Campeon)
    61. Kotomine Kirei (regocijarse hijo)
    62. (You)Narukami (Chad Electropene)
    63. Jose Grajam (Crímenes de Guerra)
    64. Clara Camporojo (Ladrón de esperma de la goblina)
    65. Mariano Branaja (El príncipe de Bel Air)
    66. Ethan Inviernos
    67. Brendan Fraser (EL JUSTO)
    68. Nagito Komaeda (Espero hombre)
    69. Rebeca Recamaras
    70. El grando Smokio
    71. Botaloner (El sips)
    72. Kinzo Ushiromiya (Oh anhelo)
    73. Mujer Misterio (Esposa de Richtofen, cucker del OP)
    74. Doctor Piccolo (Dosis diaria administrada)
    75. La Creatura (el 56% blanco americano)
    76. Ja/ck/ (salmonella absorbida x4)
    77. Tomás Branda
    78. Virgen (tengo polla más grande)
    79. El Donte (Primero Exterminador de Demonios)
    80. Zombi-chan
    81. Shaggy (Verde)
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