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Bonus test match with a showcase of 2 matches and.

  1. /v/453032727

Opening Match[edit | edit source]

  1. Mr. X
  2. Bane
  3. Shingo Shoji
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Triple-Threat
  • Hell in a Cell

No Contest Winner

OP stopped the match because the AI kept spinning around the ring inside the cage, and then they kept spinning around the ring outside the cage, and no pins were had.

Boulder Payne[edit | edit source]

  1. Max Payne
  2. Chris Redfield (Leon RE6 bonus outfit)
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Singles

Chris Redfield Winner
Count-Out Note

Bane's theme started playing halfway through Chris' entrance.

ROYAL RUMBLE[edit | edit source]

  1. Ethan Winters
  2. Kotomine Kirei
  3. Battler
  4. Max Payne
  5. Leon S. Kennedy
  6. Albert Wesker
  7. Dutch van der Linde
  8. Aniki
  9. Fred Jones
  10. Arthur Morgan
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Championship: Million Dollar Title
  • Singles

Elimination By @
Ethan Winters Battler 03
Leon S. Kennedy Kotomine Kirei 06
Kotomine Kirei Battler 07
Albert Wesker Aniki 10
Battler Arthur Morgan
Fred Jones Aniki
Max Payne Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde Aniki + Arthur Morgan
Aniki Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Winner

BONUS[edit | edit source]

Bonus entrance showcase of Dante (real)

  1. Brainfuller
  2. Mr. IQ
  • Game: WWE 2K19
  • Big Head Mode

No Contest Winner

Match did not even begin beyond entrances as OP's PC was melting down.