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    The very first stream, where it all began (to the audience). Sadly, OP forgot to turn on VODs for this one.


    1. /v/449840898
    2. /v/449859398
    3. /v/449877495
    4. /v/449887801

    Prelude: The Hunger Games[edit | edit source]

    It all began with a big set of coincidences: the FMS vs. NWF shitposting lead to several HG threads (that somehow weren't deleted) of epic proportions where the NWF-FMS score ended in a 3-1. Then "Janny" just so happened to be lurking, and annoyed his friend "OP" to stream WWE 2K19 matches for it since he had most of the relevant characters already made. OP, who didn't want to at first, left instructions in the thread for other people to stream, but since Janny kept annoying him and nobody stepped up, he decided to just do it himself. Thus it begun...
    Alright everyone, all i've gotta do is make a Chris wrestler real quick and i'll have enough /v/-related ones to fill out a 20 man rumble on WWE 2k19.

    The problem being, though, as i already said, the absolutely trash stream quality.

    I'll be waiting on suggestions, but i really want this to be done, so i might just do it myself on a throwaway twitch account.

    The Final Rumble[edit | edit source]

    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Royal Rumble

    Alright, so this is how it's gonna work

    I've got some of the nominations already in the rumble, others will be characters i already have. All of them are from vidya or 4chan(nnel) culture and most of them have already been in a past hunger game. I'll be making a twitch account to use only for this stream and posting it either here or next thread (you better make one when it hits bump limit). I'll probably be starting in around 15-20 minutes.

    The rules are:

    Entrant #1 - Team Chris

    Entrant #2 - Team Leon

    Entrant #3 - Team Chris

    -# 4 - Team Leon


    Until we reach number #20, the final entrant.

    Entrants and entrance order are random, so everything will be a surprise. All you guys know is that Chris and Leon will be in. and Dutch, of course

    See you guys in a few minutes.
    A Royal Rumble with no records, except that it was unfortunately crashed by /ourguy/ Sminem. Based.

    Apparently Battler was in it and was instantly eliminated.

    Fuck My Sister! No Way Fag![edit | edit source]

    1. Chris Redfield, Boomer, Albert Wesker
    2. The Paranormal PatrolLeon S. Kennedy & Fred Jones + Sminem
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Tag-Team

    Elimination By Details
    Fred Jones Albert Wesker Count-Out
    Albert Wesker
    Sminem Boomer
    Leon Kennedy Boomer uncertain
    Team of Chris Redfield Winner

    No records of this match exist, except of Chris' team winning. Eliminations are speculation based on the threads.

    Fred was apparently an absolute beast, but it's unknown if he pinned anyone.

    Dutch's Alliance Begins[edit | edit source]

    1. Dutch van der Linde
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Hell in a Cell

    Elimination By Details
    Dutch van der Linde Winner

    HIAC featuring the appearance of Dutch van der Linde and possibly The Bogdanoffs mentioned in the threads, but everything else is unknown. Dutch won.

    Battle for the Case[edit | edit source]

    1. Dutch van der Linde
    2. Spiderman
    3. Chris Redfield
    4. Agent 47
    5. Battler
    6. Zoomer

    Elimination By Details
    Battler Zoomer
    Zoomer Agent 47
    Spiderman submission
    Dutch van der Linde Chris Redfield
    Agent 47
    Chris Redfield Winner
    The Sperm briefcase match. After the match, Chris left the chamber and climbed a ladder to get it; that single shot of Chris holding it over his head became VERY popular, and was responsible for introducing many and many viewers to TFR.

    Continuing on from /v/, Team FMS won this fight, recovering from the losses seen on the side of FMS seen in The Hunger Games.

    ???[edit | edit source]

    1. Leon S. Kennedy
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • ???

    No Contest

    Only footage of this match is a clip of Leon coming to the ring out first, might be a game/stream crash or just testing, but it's unknown.

    Seekers of Sperm[edit | edit source]

    1. Ada Wong
    2. Claire Redfield
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Extreme Rules

    Claire Redfield Winner
    Submission Note

    Extractor vs. The Source[edit | edit source]

    1. Chris Redfield
    2. Leon S. Kennedy
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Backstage Brawl

    Chris Redfield Winner

    Dante / Vergil Promo[edit | edit source]

    WWE Universe, I wish I could come out here and do the usual, crack some jokes with you, have a little fun. But, something got me in a bad, bad mood.
    I'm trying to figure out, why all of you keep cheering for the same guy week in week out, when you could be cheering for me. There's a word for guys like him. It's the worst word a WWE Superstar can be called in my book. Boring.
    VERGIL thinks he's pretty clever, throwing around those insults! Truth is, I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and puke out something funnier! Now, come out here, ya idiot, so I can smack the stupid out of you!
    I remember when I used to be a fan in the WWE Universe, feeling the excitement in the air, never knowing what's going to happen, and being in awe of all of the great Superstars. Now's my chance to give something back, and make new memories for all of you great fans.
    I ain't good at sharing, but I've always hated being in the sandbox alone. Welcome to my playground! Please have a look, make yourself at home...but, don't you dare get comfortable!
    Every time you open up that squawk box, I want to fill it up with my fist. So, why don't you do the WWE Universe a favor and stop your lip-flapping, and let's get down to business!
    Are you finished? You sure? All right, now that you've got that off your chest, what are you going to do about it? Because these people don't come here to see a conversation!
    You can sit there, and you can talk all night, but it's not going to get you anywhere. It's certainly not going to get you out of this fight. And trust me, it will happen.
    I have to admit, I'm actually impressed at your ability to talk as much as you have without actually having said anything. Seriously, you just went on and on, and managed to not utter a single word of any value or importance. So, since you've wasted so much time, let me make this quick. I want a match with you at the next Pay-Per-View event.
    Ugh, look at you. What on earth are you supposed to be? You look like my mother's casserole. And, bless her heart, but cooking wasn't her strong suit.
    That's real cute, talking about your mom. There's only one thing I see coming out of the kitchen tonight, and it's the smell of me burning your ass in this here ring.
    You know what, maybe a match isn't the best idea. Maybe you just need to get your ass whooped. We need to brawl, fight, beat the living hell out of one another. And, if you don't want it now, that's all good. But, I will find you. And, I will hurt you.

    Dante wins.

    NWF![edit | edit source]

    1. Team Vergil; Mr. X, Zoomer, Fred Jones
    1. Team Dante Blanco; Boomer, Albert Wesker, Dutch Van Der Linde
     Iconic Match
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Elimination
    • Tag-Team

    Elimination By Details
    Albert Wesker Vergil Count-Out
    Zoomer Dutch van der Linde
    Dante Vergil
    Dutch van der Linde
    Team Vergil Winner

    This match is famous for many reasons. First, because it was a good match by itself. But more than that, it contained Wesker's infamous suicide dive, going over Zoomer's head, and most importantly Vergil going absolutely apeshit insane, scoring three eliminations with three Yamato kicks in a row, to Dante, Dutch and Boomer

    Assault of Mr. X[edit | edit source]

    1. Mr. X
    2. Chris Redfield & Leon S. Kennedy
    • Game: WWE 2K19
    • Tornado-Tag
    • Handicap

    Elimination By
    Mr. X Leon S. Kennedy
    Team Leon S. Kennedy Winner

    Bonus[edit | edit source]


    The following entrances were showcased as bonus:

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