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ROYAL RUMBLE[edit | edit source]

  1. Goro Majima
  2. Max Payne
  3. Menace
  4. "Dante"
  5. Mr. Bones
  6. Agent 47
  7. Geralt of Rivia
  8. Peleador Ushiromiya
  9. Dutch van der Linde
  10. Arthur Morgan
  11. Wesker Blanco Forma Negro
  12. Leon S. Kennedy
  13. Claire Redfield
  14. Marvin Branagh
  15. Chris Redfield
  16. Ada Wong
  17. Mr. DMX
  18. Fred Jones
  19. Senator Armstrong
  20. Tohru Adachi
  • Game: MDickie MPire
  • Explosive Barbed Wire Deathmatch
  • Royal Rumble

Elimination By @
Goro Majima Max Payne 08
Agent 47 Menace
Dutch van der Linde Arthur Morgan 10
Geralt of Rivia Wesker Blanco 13
Menace Arthur Morgan
Chris Redfield Marvin Branagh
Claire Redfield 14
Mr. Bones Mr. DMX 19
Wesker Blanco Fred Jones 20
Fred Jones Peleador Ushiromiya
Peleador Ushiromiya Senator Armstrong
Senator Armstrong Mr. DMX
Ada Wong Tohru Adachi
Leon S. Kennedy Mr. DMX
Tohru Adachi "Dante"
Marvin Branagh Mr. DMX
"Dante" Max Payne
Max Payne Mr. DMX
Max was missing a foot and Mr. DMX had long lost most of his limbs
Mr. DMX Winner

Payne's Revenge[edit | edit source]

Hey, what kind of name is 'Max Payne'?! Were you born with that or did you CHOOSE it?!
Do you think I got where I am with a name like 'Max Payne'?! Give yourself a chance!
But don't worry - it doesn't matter what your name is since it's going to be HISTORY after this match!
Max Payne
Yeah, my name IS going down in 'history' - as the guy that kicked your ass and tore the house down!
  1. Mr. DMX (2)
  2. Max Payne (1)
  • Game: MDickie MPire
  • Explosive Barbed Wire Deathmatch
  • 2/3 Falls
  • Promo

Mr. DMX Winner