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    Leon's Time At Chuck's...?[edit | edit source]

    Haaahh, do you believe it?!
    She had to become a hostess because of them. A HOSTESS!
    In Coolsville, that has to be the dirtiest job anyone could take.
    She was probably surrounded by terrible people, too!
    Cum Bucket
    But Fred told me... He's right...
    I need to support her. How is she gonna get through this otherwise?
    How can she endure working at such an awful, vile place?
    Cum Bucket
    Yeah... You're right in supporting her, indeed.
    But, if I could give you some advice, maybe you should reconsider your views on hostesses?
    They aren't that bad. They're honest people, I assure you!
    Ahahahaha, you kidding me? Come on now.
    The only hostesses I've heard of are whores who scam rich old men for money!
    They're as bad as they come.
    Cum Bucket
    ...Really? I'm sorry you've had such awful experiences though.
    But don't worry, I'll cheer you up real good. Show you how things can be different...
    Why don't you lay down for a moment?
    Man, what a great place! I've never heard of bars with such comfy beds in them, free for clients to use.
    You're making for good company, too. Although I don't know why you've been around me all night.
    Cum Bucket
    Don't worry about it... You'll se-
    Stop what you're doing right now! That's MY Cum Bucket!
    Huh? Who the hell are you, old man?
    I've picked plenty of bar fights before, if that's what you're here for!
    Pardon for the intrusion, gentlemen. But rules are rules, VIPs get top priority around here.
    Listen, if you didn't realize... That's the President. I must follow his orders no matter what.
    And so should you, really!
    Huh? That walking cadaver is the President?
    I don't remember him looking so old...
    Just understand what I'm doing here, alright?
    Cum Bucket, if you would, can you please head to the premium suite with Mr. Hazz?
    He's requesting your exclusivity for the night.
    Cum Bucket
    Well, I guess it is what it is... I've got no choice here.
    Goodnight, Leon.
    I'm sorry, but if I can make up to you in any other way, do tell.
    Wait, what's going on here?
    Did he just get taken away like that? Against his will? That's kidnapping! He said he had no choice!
    I've worked for the government, I know what happens when the president issues an order like that!
    Are they gonna imprison him and make him into a test subject? Are they gonna make him glow in the dark?! Or kill him and pretend it's a suicide?
    Sir, there's nothing like that. It's just business.
    Just business, huh? Bullshit! That's the excuse they always use!
    I'll send you our number 2 as an apology. Big Pussy should be arriving right now.
    Who are you calling a pussy? Do you really think I'm just gonna sit down and take it like that?
    What do you think this is? A hostess club? Where the richest guy just comes in and does whatever he wants?
    Uh, well, actually, yes, this is o-
    I've had it. I'm gonna tell that guy what I think about his attitude.
    I gotta do it, for Ada too...
    He's gonna regret what he did! I just need another bottle first.
    Now leave me alone!
    If it's alone time you want, sir... As long as you're paying...
    Just one more sip... And there'll be hell to pay.

    Descending Into Fragments[edit | edit source]

    ...Mmmmmmgh? W-Where am I?
    Oh, right, I must've taken an accidental nap. It happens.
    What was I going to- RIGHT, THE PRESIDENT!
    Alright, the private suite... Why does a bar have a private suite again?
    Well, apparently it's over there. Alright, I'm going in.
    Cum Bucket
    M-Mr. President... W-What...
    He- He got shot?! What the hell?!
    Wait, the window is broken! Did it come from over there?!
    Dammit, what's going on?
    I didn't even get to tell this guy how much I hated his guts!
    Can I catch up with that hitman? Shit, gotta run to the first floor!

    Come on now, the door is right over there!

    What the...
    What are you doing here?
    You see Fred, I was gonna tell that prick to go fuck off, but when I arrived there, he was already dead...
    And then I looked out of the window and saw the assassin, we gotta catch him!
    There's nothing to worry about, Leon.
    Let's just go back and order more drinks.
    It's dangerous for you to be sobber for too long.
    Fred? What the hell are you talking about?
    Actually, that sounds like a cool idea, but...
    Ada would like it more if I caught that guy!
    Remember, Leon? Good old times...

    Vs. Fred Jones, CEO of Mystery Inc.?[edit | edit source]

    1. Leon S. Kennedy
    2. Fred Jones
    • Steel Cage
    • KO

    Winner Fred Jones

    A Pure Fragment[edit | edit source]

    1. Furude Rika
    2. Houjou Satoko
    • Steel Cage
    • KO

    Winner Furude Rika

    NXT Fragment[edit | edit source]

    1. Triple Rika
    2. Stephtoko
    • Steel Cage
    • KO

    Winner Triple Rika (KO)

    The Classic Fragment[edit | edit source]

    1. Furude Rikaler (3)
    2. Agent 34 (1)
    • Ironman (20)

    Winner Furude Rikaler

    I Came, To Save You, Rikas...?[edit | edit source]

    1. Furudo Erika
    2. Furuta Rika
    3. Furude Ouka
    4. Piece
    5. Takatori Fuuka
    6. Furude Rika (HBS)
    7. Sakaki Yukari
    8. Akasaka Mamoru
    • 8-man
    • Elimination
    • No-Ring-Exit

    Wrestler Elimination Details
    Piece Sakaki Yukari
    Furuta Rika Piece
    Furude Rika (HBS) Furude Ouka
    Takatori Fuuka Furude Rika (HBS) Double Finisher
    Furudo Erika Akasaka Mamoru
    Takatori Fuuka
    Furuta Rika Furudo Erika
    Winner Ichiban's Party

    The Expys[edit | edit source]

    1. Furude Rika & Houjou Satoko - St. Lucia (team)
    2. Bernkastel & Lambdadelta - The Witches
    3. Maricarmen & Valentina - LATO
    4. City Sneeder & Chuck - The Farm
    • Elimination
    • Tag-Team
    • 8-way
    • KO

    Wrestler Elimination Details
    Maricarmen Houjou Satoko
    Sneed Furude Rika
    Bernkastel Maricarmen
    Sneed Lambdadelta
    Valentina Sneed
    Chuck Valentina Double KO Elimination
    Winner The Farm

    Rikatables[edit | edit source]

    1. Virgilius
    2. Stella Maiougi
    3. Furuwada Serika
    4. Higanbana
    5. Baby Rika
    • Elimination
    • Tables

    Wrestler Elimination
    Higanbana Italianon
    Baby Rika Furuwada Serika
    Stella Maiougi
    Winner Baby Rika

    Armed Forces[edit | edit source]

    1. Okonogi Tetsurou
    2. Chloe, Koshka, Lilja - Grave Mole
    • Elimination
    • First-Blood
    • Tag-Team
    • No-DQ

    Wrestler Elimination
    Higunogi Chloe
    Ciconogi Lilja
    Winner Okonogi Tetsurou

    Witch Autism Battle[edit | edit source]

    1. Featherine Augustus Aurora
    2. Eua
    3. Hachijo Tohya
    • Triple-Threat

    Wrestler Elimination
    Eua Hachijo Tohya
    Winner Eua

    RIKA RUMBLE[edit | edit source]

    1. Leon S. Kennedy
    2. Konohana Akari
    3. Seshat
    4. Baby Rika
    5. Sneed
    6. Bernkastel
    7. Bernkastel (cat)
    8. Triple Rika
    9. Oyashiro Rika
    10. Lilja Viljakainen
    11. A. H. Haworthia
    12. Furudo Erika
    13. Rika's Mother
    14. Robo-Rika
    15. Rikaler
    16. Furude Rika
    17. Hachijo Ikuko
    18. Frederica
    19. Furude Riku
    20. Tsukuyami Rika
    21. Mishirushi Matsurika
    22. Kurusugawa Serika
    23. Koshka
    24. Furude Ayaka
    25. Furuta Rika
    • Royal Rumble

    Wrestler Elimination
    Winner Crash

    RIKA RUMBLE FINALE[edit | edit source]

    1. Mishirushi Matsurika
    2. Kurusugawa Serika
    3. Koshka
    4. Furude Ayaka
    5. Kurokami Toe
    6. Eua
    7. Kushinada Nemuru
    8. Lady Mii
    9. Lambdadelta
    10. Takatori Fuuka
    • Royal Rumble

    Wrestler Elimination
    Mikubi Matsurika Koshka
    Furude Ayaka Kurusugawa Serika
    Kurokami Toe Mikubi Matsurika
    Furude Ayaka
    Kushinada Nemuru Kurokami Toe
    Lady Mii
    Takatori Fuuka Kushinada Nemuru
    Winner Takatori Fuuka

    The Mastermind[edit | edit source]

    1. Triple Rika
    2. Vinceua
    • Steel Cage
    • KO

    Winner Vinceua
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