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The gigantic five-level glacier that has encompassed the Eurasian continent. Mostly the territories of the Ex-USSR.

History[edit | edit source]

For most of the existence of Earth, the territory of Russia, and, by extent, the territories of former USSR, have been... encased, for the lack of better term, in a glacier-like level of ice. Ancient, primpordial Magics had infused and reinforced the ice, allowing the slavs to be more attuned to what can only be called "Wild Magic". What is believed to be the remnants of the magic from Age of Gods. Random, unrestrained. Entirely unlike Mexican magic, where the adepts had tamed and gained control over it. Tensions grew higher and higher, until the Russian-Mexican war of 1984 had broken out. Wizards of Mexico and Sorcerers of Russia fought over many a battlefield, unwilling to give even an inch of advantage. It is at this point that Russia's previously majorly monotheistic beliefs have shifted into polytheistic, offering sacrifice for even the smidgens of Old Magics, on a degree entirely unlike the magics of now.

So it had continued for two whole years, devastating the areas of war. Yet, the stalemate presisted. Until a joint force of Mexican Magi and a faction of Russian traitors have induced the blowout of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Be it the amount of magic flung around the area, sheer circumstance or some other whim of fate, the result was all the same. Magics, both controlled and unrestrained have numerously amplified the destructive power of CNPP. But, the Ice that had granted shelter to slavs for many centuries had protected the folk once more, taking in the power CNPP had produced. Overnight, the glacier multiplied and grew in size. Once, Twice, Thrice, until the fourth and final new layer had appeared, towering 8 kilometers above the sea level. Uneasy peace treaties were made, and the war was over.

What had followed was a period of unrest in Russian society. The previous Continental Glacier had become what could only be called a Supercontinental Glacier, changing the landscape and means of existence forever. The four added layers have been put into a state of prepetual winter, thus making any farming efforts there fruitless. It is the bottommost layer, what had once been the sole layer of Russia, that had undergone some serious changes. Seasons have only changed there, and there alone. Crops grew, in insurmountable sizes, with the Wild Magics and Anomalies promoting their growth. The topmost layer had been... locked, for a lack of better word for years, till a few brave souls, amongst which was the first Father-Sky, managed to get there. The entire layer was practically filled with magic. And in it, had ruled one lone person. Cirno, the Strongest Fairy. Life... had changed.

Layers[edit | edit source]

As a result of the Chernobyl Impact, Russia had been separated into five different zones, or layers. A ginormous network of trains connects all of the layers.

Layer Zero[edit | edit source]

This is where the working class of Russia resides, making crops, harvesting anomalies, and generally providing for the entirety of Russia. It is also here that many a being of folk and myth took residence. Demons, sprites, witches, you name them, they live there, almost as if called forth by the nigh-infinite amount of Wild Magic. There have been reports of a piece of Australian Black Forest existing somewhere near the CNPP. Those rumors have yet to be proven or disproven.

Layer One[edit | edit source]

Some call it an extent of the Zone. For this is where one of the most magical beings exists. All the countries in the world have their names for him. Santa Claus, Saint Nick, Papai Noel, El Ninito Dios, the list goes on and on. But to the natives of the SRG he is known simply as "Dedushka Moroz". Those who get on his naughty list turn into one of his diligent workers. Stuck watching their bodies doing the same work, over and over.

Layer Two[edit | edit source]

The proverbial heart of the SRG. Government, churches, pantheons, factions of mafiya are stretched across this layer. It is also one of the layers used for training of young sorcerers. The churches here play a crucial part, as they are the centre of various sorcerous factions. Some say that Vladimir Putin resides at the heart of it, his reign eternal. Be it by magical immortality, or by a clone ready to step in the moment the current one expires... No one knows for sure.

Layer Three[edit | edit source]

The communal layer. This is where the majority of Russian populace lives. Primarily in tribe-like communes, where secrets and magics are passed down alike a hereditary positon. It is the second layer where the ways of sorcery are taught, usually in communes themsleves. Fairies have also taken their residence there, eager to make mischief. This is also where the production of Magical Vodka takes place, after distillment through three other layers under it.

Layer Four[edit | edit source]

The highest layer, the one that has no ceiling to speak of. This is where the primordial magics, after undergoing the infusions through several layers of magical ice is gathered. Few live here, amongst them are those patient and talented to be worthy of a "Grand Sorcerer" title. And those of that title are eligible to duke it out with the current Father-Sky for the title of Father-Sky, the grandest sorcerer of them all. This is also where Cirno, the Strongest and Smartest of them all resides, willing to bestow upon those patient enough her secrets.