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Description[edit | edit source]

An apocalyptic event where a worldwide "rumble' triggered a total collapse of humanity and wrestling as we know it. The event was planned by a group of chosen people in order to create a world where the most pure humans shall all be.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 6[edit | edit source]

"Project Rumble-17" was a top secret project by Sminem Corp, a company under control of The Three Kings, whose goal is "guiding humanity towards the right path", which meant only having their chosen ones survive such an event. Such was the scale of the success that the project's activation had already been decided at a given date, coincidentally when the Backstage Uprising began, and only those who were on the kings' favor would be guaranteed certain survival, with the only safe area beyond the ones planned by the kings being ones known by Delta.

The apocalyptic world set the stage for the kings to rebuild society and give a positive image, an important milestone towards their ultimate goal.

Somehow even after 12 years since the collapse, TFR survives with enough budget to still hold wrestling competitions and even the King of The Boards tournament. Though this comes at a cost where it's currently being fought over by the remaining factions after the Rumble-17 occurred, mainly Law and Chaos who claim true ownership of a portion of TFR, while Neutral.