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This page is about the event. For other uses, see Rokkenjima

When the clock strikes midnight and the calendar changes to October's 04th, the greatest hour of madness in all of wrestling begins. All of the wrestlers lingering in the space between reality and irreality gather to attend this event in a special place of meta-dimensional space, where a perfect recreation of the land of Rokkenjima takes shape. The most ephemeral wrestling show begins, and the most dazzling matches take place for a slaughtering 48 hours, as the audience fights its own battle in trying to stay alive just enough to witness the entire of the magnificent event without fading away. As the final hours approach, things get frenzier and the insanity increases until reaching the Golden Land. Then everything returns to dust, and everything sleeps for another year, until the gates of the land of slaughter opens again...

List of Rokkenjimania Events[edit | edit source]

Rokkenjima Special
The very first special event taking place on this date (other than the original massacre). The conclusion of the fierce rivalry between a certain Assassin and Sorcerer.
The very event where the name was coined, officially referred as Rokkenjimania II, and also known as "The Biggest, Most Kino, Most Dimes Event in TFR History". 24 hours of maddened wrestling, with a cut in to Sunshine Super Stardom's first episode. Some parts are more insanity than wrestling.
Rokkenjimania III
Now lasting the entire 48 hours, divided in 8 arcs each streamed by a different TFR staff member, and providing incredible amounts of shitposting.
Rokkenjimania IV
Several match-type tournaments divided in different arcs and streamed by different people; the battles concerning Lord Mark, Leon's visit of a sinless world, and a long-awaited arrival.
Rokkenjimania V
A mysterious world. Mysterious people. Wrestling is divided on three fronts: TFR, NXT, and AEW. The Ideal of WrestleDream fights on! But evil soon arrives, as The Dark One and The Light One wreck chaos to destroy each other. And behind everything, stands The Great Destroyer...