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A character from Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice.

The Ratings Rajah[edit | edit source]

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

One of the main dimes producers for The Three Kings, being the announcer of the King of the Ring Board Tournament III and working on one of The Factories

Episode 9

After being informed about the invaders from the BANS army, rushes to help the other employees.

Episode 10

Fights Aniki for the sake of dimes, and after losing tries to talk him into joining Three Kings' side, but fails.

Episode 12

Instructs Tazuna Joe to make dimes against Agent 50 to get his redemption but actually tricks him into testing their latest lethal weapon. Also under "Hideo"'s instructions negotiates with an ex-chaos member.

Episode 14

Instructs the Kings' servants on what to do with the matches against the oncoming guests. Also welcomes Kojima's special guests.

Episode 16

When Sandro, CJ, Raiden, Emir and Elite C. plan to stop the kings' plan by enacting a bombing just like 12 years in the past, they are intercepted by Roger Retinz, Robert, Arthas Menethil and Kaz "Skeletor Disappearer" Miller, who promptly massacre them outside the camera, as to not lower the dimes.

Episode 17

Teams up with Wright? for one final dose of dimes.

TFR/Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

A TV producer known for his excellent audience-drawing skills.

Episode 55

Participates in the Bad to the Bone Tournament.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

Recently has been hired by TFR to help on directing some episodes.

Episode 1

For the person reading this, allow me to start with one simple question:

"TFR is in trouble". "TFR is finished". "There is no way TFR can survive this".

How many times have you heard those phrases? If I were to guess... Probably as many as I did.

They might even be right, sometimes. I do not believe we are in a good state right now. If you have taken a look at the latest batches of talent that came in... None of them seems to have "it".

Looking at our latest #1 contender to the world title, you could have an idea of what I'm talking about.

Yet, every single time, night after night, we lived through it. That "final rumble" never came. Because the show must go on, above all else. The rumble must continue. That is what I wish for.

However, my loyalty lies somewhere else. Or, to be more precise, with someone else. And that person, the one I owe it all to... Is out there.

That's why I cannot waste any more time. I need to find them. I need to repay my debts. And I need to fulfill my promise.

Because of that, you will not hear of me for quite some time.

Until we meet again,


That's what the note found on the GM Office's desk by Central and Roger Retinz said. Central believes they truly have reached the dark age of TFR, and Retinz, while not paid enough to deal with this, is tragically the right man for the situation and knows giving out just enough crumbs they can have everyone eating out of their hand once again. First of all, the now-absent world title situation that Pegasus left them in must be sorted, so while they scramble to figure out something for that... next up, main event level match!

TFR/Off-Season 9[edit | edit source]

Episode 2

Since Ricky pulled a stunt in his home turf, Sinbad decided to accompany Jonesy, and Retinz coming in place of Central who was still in the hospital (Spazz invited himself and just walked in).

But the retards won by DQ so it doesn't count...

Episode 5

Despite being part of TFR staff, he won the Christmas rumble to become World Title contender. Certainly doesn't do TFR's current look any help...

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

With TFR and potentially western wrestling itself standing on a brittle pillar, TFR must go to any extent to increase the viewership.

Episode 1

Although booking himself for the title might have been too bold a move, Retinz also set up the gauntlet match winner, Kido Reiji, to also be joining the match.

He ended demonstrating his poor ring fitness after receiving one hell of an expert MMA kick from Reiji, ending Potemkin's reign without pinning.

Episode 2

Since football season started, they really need to pop a bigger rating, more than that, the company must be respected again. And for that, Retinz states they need to recover what they lost. Either because poor luck or sheer incompetence, those imports from Japan have kept the King of Jobbers title... and that's a bad look. Yet it's also made it as valuable as ever despite making it the butt of a bad joke, so after talking with some "investors", there's now a high price on Ricky Bobby's head, and whoever puts him down will walk away a rich man. For his outstanding performance recently, Van Darkholme will be given the first title shot.

The first to gawk at the news are, obviously, The Plan. Colombo Spice not getting the shot is nothing short of a disgrace, but despite his outrage, Dutch van der Linde still sees the opportunity clearly; He always had a plan... he always had a vision for them, and now he has the money to accomplish it at hand. Colombo and Papillon will accompany him to the ring, and Red will make sure nobody wants to mess with them. Outside the gathering... Chris Redfield heard everything.

Episode 3[edit | edit source]

With just a few weeks of runtime of the project, Kyle wonders if it's enough time to teach everything there is to know. Was it even properly designed? He still got his reservations about the scouted talent, and Chinman already hasn't shown up... it makes his job easier but still. To help, Kyle personally requested Jingu Yugo as one of the main trainers for the project; he may be nothing but a humble janitor nowadays, but he used to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, and along with him he brought the greatest coach of the modern era, his star pupil, Phi. Jingu affirms Mr. Wright couldn't possibly have made a DUD, and Phi says in good authority that, no matter how green they are, by the final episode they'll all be capable of five-star bouts. With the show about to start, Kyle asks if they got the greenlight from the "show-owner" GM Mod, and Retinz says the introductory interviews have been shown to the audience and they're ready to go out there for the first challenge: taking a bump...

Retinz welcomes the audience to the first ever TFR Tough Enough challenge, in this revolutionary show, the audience will be heard: the 9 competitors will be guided by trainers and face each other in all kinds of tests, and in the end, all the abilities that make a great wrestler will be tested, and THE AUDIENCE will decide who is TOUGH ENOUGH! The winner gets a guaranteed contract with a title match to go alongside it! Project Manager Kyle steps in with a short foreword. This is a unique opportunity, whoever wins skips straight to the big league, skipping the dues and tribulations everyone else did, but it's not gonna be a fun time still. This business gives and takes, it brought Kyle good times, friends and purpose, and then it took it away, and brought sadness, betrayal, and pain. But if they are willing to endure all of it... then they can be called "Tough Enough". To expand further, Kyle asks Chai for his favorite match, but "Junpei vs. Kong Wenge"... he doesn't even remember who that is, and loses his train of thought. Also, just for further notice, one of Chai's nuts is hanging from his pant, he's got to fix that big hole.

Seeing as how Koga is really energetic, Kyle tells him to go with the first bump, but he bumps into Kyle. Ricky goes second with a slow, sloppy bump which Phi calls out and tells him to be more intense... just like they said on the set. Right next Boogie with a theatrically slow descent, which Jingu tells to cut out and Phi just wants to see a flat back. Reize does 4 fast bumps, which Jingu tells him to slow down and Kyle says if he "sells" like that he'd tag him for real. Samurai Flamenco jumps into the air and falls, but Jingu says overselling just makes him look like a jobber. Chai jumps into a rope and falls, but he's called out by both Phi and Kyle for using a springboard and "trying to impress". Gregson... lifts himself in the air and piledrives himself, more than wondering how that's possible, Kyle just wants a normal bump delivered. At last, Mechazawa delivers a good, flawless snap, impressing everyone. As the last one, Tatsuya tries to impress, but Jingu and Phi just think he could use some improvement.

With that, the first challenge is over and it's time for the audience to vote: Mechazawa accrues 3 points, Samurai Flamenco gets 2, and Tatsuya gets the last one.

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

Last time they tested how comfortable they were in the ring, now it's time for the other major aspect: mic work. Retinz welcomes the audience again to the second challenge of Tough Enough.

First up is Samurai Flamenco, making a promo around the word "Thunder", on Reize:

Only one path leads to justice. And it's... THUNDER!

Somewhat impressive to the judges. Next, Reize will use "Apex" on Chai:

Only one path leads to such a glorious end... And that is by passing through the AEW Women's World Champion...

"AEW Women's World Champion"...he said something he shouldn't have. Next, Chai will use "Radiance" on Ricky:

And most importantly, I'll get delivered fresh Radiance Milk straight to my bed at night!

The best part is, I don't even need to pee out of it anymore!

At some point he really lost them... Jingu even fell asleep! Next, Ricky will use "Rampage" on Boogie, and he better not mention other companies:

See, when I fight, I always bring an extra dose of energy... It helps me out in the ring. And when I'm doing my camwhore job on Chat, too!

That's why I decided to take some Extra Strength Raperampage XL before coming here today.

The power is mine! The power of RAMPAGE!

Good selling for an energy drink, not so much for a match. Next Boogie will use "Punishment" on Tatsuya:

They could feel just how I felt back when I was dating that bitch Kimberly back in NXT (or whatever her name was) The PANIC that set in when I discovered she was SCAMMING ME! Thanks to that, I ended up becoming a BEASTLY BADMAN who lives off the GRANNY RACK!

Jingu liked it, good escalation, audience had places to pop, but content needs work. Next Tatsuya will use "Mental" on Gregson:

So, I've been diagnosed with a "mental disorder".

Have I truly gone mad?!

Or maybe... I was the demon the entire time.

And the man I tried to murder last week... Was simply a victim of my own personal justice.

Creativity is there, but don't need to get too outlandish. Next Gregson will use "Timeless" on Mechazawa:

I have a theory, Mechazawa!

When it comes to the Timeless... So, yeah... About that... Uhmmm...

...What? I forgot my lines.

Theories schmieries! Next up is Sudou! Let's go!

No words. Next Mechazawa will use "Life" on Koga:


The very essence of what I've fought for.

...And now it's gone. Everything I held dear...


There's only one thing left for me to do. I shall take his life, and make him understand the torment he put me through!


It stops here. It ends with him. That's the meaning of life. For me, that is the truth.

That was good enough to get the judges emotional, even Kyle thinks he was really cool. Next and lastly, Koga will use "Moment" on, since he's last, Kyle:

That starting in this moment... From now...

From this moment on... This I'll be the moment... Starting now... In the near future... Presently...

At this moment... This will be the moment... The start of this moment... Will be... Right now...

In this moment... Starting now... The moment... Of the Genesis... Of the Kengan Omega, Narushima Koga.

...Kyle just tells Retinz to get the vote up.

Mechazawa scores 3 points, racking up 6 total. Tatsuya gets 2, bringing his total to 3. And the last one goes to Samurai Flamenco, who is also at 3.

Episode 5

The last two weeks explored two dimensions of what constitutes a wrestler: The in-ring ability and the promo skills, but there's more aspects than that, and this week they'll delve a bit deeper into them. Retinz welcomes the audience once again to a highly-anticipated edition of Tough Enough!

For this challenge, each contestant will be presented with an entire new character, after all a major character turn can happen as easily as from one day to another. Once they've defined their new role, they'll bring the character to life with an entrance. So right from the left field, it's time to assign the names the assistant writers have come up with.

With assignment done, the contestants will head backstage, where a great number of attire choices and the best makeup crew on the planet will make the characters come alive in record time. After a short delay, the participants come one after the others to their entrances. John Guy definitely left a lasting impression on the judges, and Retinz prepares to set the poll, but things have been changed around: Top 5 will get points this time, and audience will get to vote twice! S. Harrasment comes first with 5 whole points. E. Stixx next also with his first 4 pts. El Flojo comes in 3rd for a total of 6 pts. CJ "Potential" Worthy is 4th and "is" at 5 pts. Last but not as late as his age, A. Washington gets the last point.

Episode 6

It's another earth-shattering edition of Tough Enough, but this time, Retinz announces that the audience will finally get what they've been waiting for: classic, one-on-one wrestling! The winner of each match shall be awarded with two points, along with the four rookies at the top of the poll also accruing points. Sadly, through no fault of his own, Narushima Koga won't be competing, so he'll be awarded a pity point and still be able to participate in the poll. As a final note, some of the best in the TFR locker room will be watching those matches backstage, because they'll each be picking one competitor to mentor for future challenges! Without further ado, the bell rings!

Chai and Reize put on something, it can't be called a match and it can't be explained with words, but someone pinned another so it was something. Boogie and Ricky put on an actual match, which sadly hit the audience wrongly after the crazefest that came before. Samflam and Gregson also go a little crazy but more choreographed and with some nice spots. And finally, Tatsuya and Mechazawa go extreme but in a good way that impresses the audience.

Mechazawa goes first along with the victory bonus, reaching an impressive 12 points. Tatsuya from the same match gets second and is up to 8 pts. Gregson is third and with the bonus goes to 5 pts. And last also from the same match is Samurai Flamenco, now with 7 pts. With the bonus, Chai gets to 6 pts. Boogie gets the victory bonus for his first 2 pts. And with his pity point, Koga is at 6 pts.

Episode 7

Another week, another time for the moment the audience has been watering their mouth for: Tough Enough! Last week they demonstrated their ring prowess, now mentors will choose their disciples! Without further ado, Retinz will introduce them...

First of all, the creator of the Coldsteel Style: Rean Schwarzer, thinks Reize Seatlan has a lot of potential... even if Koga is right there, he has to spread the Coldsteel Style, you know? Reize hopes to become good enough for his dream match against AEW star Saihara. Mom said it's Donte's turn to pick, so he gets the funny chinese guy because his name is funny, so in retaliation Vorgin gets the NXTer with the bigger dick (he'll send the proof later)! A harbinger of JUSTICE, George Jackman could not see himself picking anyone but the real Samurai among them, who much like him has studied the Katana (he doesn't actually have one), and calls that shounen to protect the world together! After so many years of training, Wayne is glad Son of Greg is finally worthy of his title, as many don't understand the rules of this game like he does, but look around and realize that upon a time neither of them would be good enough to stand amongst the "Knights of Coolsville"... Gregson thanks him for the 12 years they've spent together. Tatsuya's potential is clear as day... and that's why Sareth wants to temper it with his knowledge of wrestling from around the world, but most importantly improving his kicks, but only part Tatsuya isn't looking forwards to is the camera always up to his nose. Koga must be used to sexually harassing men, because his promos are GAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, so The Professional will take him under his wing. Kido Reiji saw the many pathetic attempts at strike combinations, and Mechazawa stood out, so he'll teach him not to be so stiff. Retinz thinks that about concludes it, but adds that Chai's training will be done by Kyle, the later who wasn't even informed about it and it being this guy... Now, to test the chemistry, Retinz announces three tornado matches, winners will get 2 points, and the audience will yet again vote on the top 4.

Boogie went above and beyond his master by singlehandedly winning the HiaC, and for that got both the victory and the first place in voting, totaling in 6 pts. The Samurai of Justice demonstrated their bushido and might, getting the victory and second place for a shocking 12 pts. Koga is third and ranks up to 8 pts. And Kyle's disciple Chai gets the last point, up to 7 pts. For grabbing the top of the ladder, Ricky also got his first 2 pts.

Episode 9

With TFR being finally back, Tough Enough is as well, and Retinz welcomes the audience to this long-awaited edition! They've already explored vital aspects that constitute a star, but now they'll navigate into uncharted waters: The participants will collaborate with their mentors not in the ring, but in creating music! Music can be key in a wrestler's presentation, sometimes even getting over just due to it (like a certain Snorious example). They have some very talented staff, so their challenge is helping them come up with a new theme song―will they be able to keep it? That's up to creative, but for tonight all goes! Jingu isn't a music instructor, but even he is excited to see what they can make.

Koga felt he wanted to be a trap GAWD his whole career, and since this is his shot at it, he's gonna spit TWO whole bussin' tracks at once so his huge Latino fanbase can get that fire shit, just like Bad Bunny... 47 isn't happy he didn't ask for advice, so he'll show him himself. Gregson already knows he'll get with the times and make the new hotness, Disco, and Wayne agrees to shuffle the universe's lexicon into a disco fever of cosmic serendipity. Boogie will put on his A-game after seeing Gregson knows how to boogie, and the only missing piece to his homeland-inspired creation is provided by Donte: Fuck You! This time around Ricky doesn't want to lose to his NXT partner, but luckily Vorgin claims to be a master DJ. Reize finds music-making boring and would rather pick a royalty-free, but Rean tells him not to worry since he'll make a song that'll recount the story of Rean Coldsteel. Reiji doesn't even care and tells Mechazawa that this one's on him, who takes the burden with pride. Tatsuya doubts he can do much with a fighter jet's, a motorcycle's, or construction's noises and maybe should text Eikichi or Ginko, so Sareth asks Kat if she could get a music video out in time, and she'll try sending some footage to record labels. Samurai Flamenco thinks he won't be able to surpass La Parka's "Thriller", but Jackman's got the perfect idea of a song telling the story of the modern samurai! This entire opportunity itself... it was made for Chai, and certainly Kyle can't trust him with anything else but if it's music surely he won't mess up.

After debuting their songs, Tough Enough participants are made to contest in the rumble for MITB, with the stipulation that if they make it to the last 5 they'll win 2 additional points, and another 2 if they win the rumble itself. Only Samurai Flamenco lasts until the Top 4. Tatsuya's "From the world I've left behind" is ranked as the #1 hit, gaining 5 pts and jumping to the top of the rankings with 14pts. After boogie'ing it up, "Boogie Woogie FUCK U" gets Boogie 4 points, up to 12 total. The bussin' songs of Koga prove straight FIRE as he's third, going up to 11pts. Disco revives with "The Lawyer's Groove" and Gregson's score slightly as well making it up to 7pts. For his rumble performance, Samurai Flamenco ranks up to 14pts with 2 bonus points.

And... although not a participant, 47 would get the last point if he was able to, making the tragic score of Reize remain at zero after not even being able to accrue one single point in the entire tournament.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Aniki Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
Ushiromiya Battler, Raiden, Albus Bernstein, Okabe Rintarou

JOKER, Fred Jones, Roger Retinz, Mario

Royal Rumble
  1. Suou Tatsuya
  2. Okabe Rintarou
  3. Narushima Koga
  4. Second Carlos
  5. Phoenix Wright
  6. Ooishi Kuraudo
  7. JOKER
  8. The Necrodancer
  9. Lucifer
  10. Kotomine Kirei
  11. Head Doctor
  12. Rean Schwarzer
  13. Tricky
  14. Extra
  15. Raiden
  16. Roger Retinz
  17. Travis Touchdown
  18. Maebara Keiichi
  19. Bevi
  20. Elite Crew
  21. Ushiromiya Battler
  22. Kasuga Ichiban
  23. Demi-fiend
  24. Haze
  25. Arthas Menethil
  26. Komaeda Nagito
  27. Dutch van der Linde
  28. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  29. Cam on Ingurland
  30. Philip U. Butler
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon #1 Contender

Elimination №: 16

Ladder Van Darkholme, Chris Redfield, Sakakura Juzo, Pixy, Dimitri Blaiddyd, Galo, Aleph, Roger Retinz Lose
W0 L2 -2
0 1 P
For: Money in the Bank
Royal Rumble
  1. Mario
  2. Galo
  3. Balthios James
  4. Fred Jones
  5. Dr. Piccolo
  6. Raiden
  7. Rance
  8. Bevi
  9. Fat Albert
  10. Geralt of Rivia
  11. Joshua Graham
  12. CJ
  13. Tyrone Ngubu
  14. Gene
  15. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  16. Demaro
  17. Aniki
  18. Roger Retinz
  19. Narushima Jakob
  20. Albus Bernstein
  21. Rean Schwarzer
  22. Narushima Koga
  23. Sandro
  24. Zoomer
  25. Kazuhira Miller
  26. Matador
  27. Van Darkholme
  28. Hell Biker
  29. Boomer
  30. Arthas Menethil
W0 L3 -3
0 1 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Elimination №: 22

No Homo, The Daily Dose, Phoenix Wright? & Roger Retinz Lose
W0 L4 -4
0 2 P
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE 2K19

Note: Season 6 save.

NON-CANON Sinbad Lose Game: WWE 2K23
Royal Rumble
Full List
W0 L5 -5
0 2 P
Iconic Match
For Title: Literal Jobber #2 Contender
Roger Retinz & Kotomine Kirei

Phoenix Wright & Nero

Win Referee: Saihara Shuichi

For Title: World Tag-Team

Royal Rumble
Full List
W0 L6 -6
0 2 P
For Title: TFR #1 Contender
War Ring
Falls Count Anywhere
Extreme Rules
Colombo Spice, Roger Retinz, Zeke Yeager, Sandro, Adol Christin, Phosphophyllite NC
W0 L6 -6
0 2 P
「Bad to the Bone Tournament」

Note: Crashed

Backstage Warfare
Colombo Spice, Roger Retinz, Sandro, Adol Christin, Phosphophyllite Lose
W0 L7 -7
0 3 P
「Bad to the Bone Tournament」
Royal Rumble
OS8E56§#TFR Japan Tour Lost Match #8
Full List
W0 L8 -8
0 3 P
『TFR Japan Tour Lost Tapes』
Full List
W0 L9 -9
0 3 P
Iconic Match
For Title: world title #1 Contender
Supporting Jonesy
Note: Count-out (no title exchanged)
Royal Rumble
Full List
W0 L10 -10
0 3 P
For Title: world title #1 Contender
Ooishi Kuraudo, Dante, Roger Retinz, Teddy Maxis, Andrew Dobson, Zagreus Lose Rokkenjimania V』– Schizophrenia Arc
Royal Rumble
Full List
W1 L10 -9
0 3 P
『Christmas Miracle Special』
For Title: world title #1 Contender
Extreme Rules
Roger Retinz, Kido Reiji, Potemkin(Champion) Lose
W1 L12 -11
0 4 P
For Title: world title

Match History/AA Rumble[edit | edit source]

AA Rumble
Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 0 P
Zak Gramarye Win
W1 L1 0
1 0 P
W1 L0 1
1 0 P