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Spazz Maticus' career name during the Spazz OVA.

Clad in Mystery[edit | edit source]

McDickie OVA[edit | edit source]

Shortly after Spazz Maticus begins his career, he is given the ring name Rob Wellington. He leads the attitude of bloodthirsty madman in his career, beating opponents until unconsciousness with flaming weapons and sending dozens to the hospital, but making many allies as well.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

Spazz now wrestles under his true name ever since leaving the indies behind, although his legacy still follows him.

Episode 8

"Rob Wellington" is the one who orders the president Hazz Maticus assassination to the Shimano Family.

Episode 11

In documents Osama bin Laden obtains, "Rob Wellington" is featured as the name that gave Sudou Tatsuzou the money for the keyboards incident.

Episode 12

An old newspaper

Brutal crimes at wrestling event - Are there gonna be repercussions?!

Yesterday night, in a show at Coolsville, Coolsville, the audience were witnesses not only to an in-ring spectacle, but also to absolutely heinous acts.

One of the wrestlers involved in the main event went into a frenzy, mauling his opponent with multiple hits with a flaming object.

The victim, **********, was taken to the hospital, but couldn't survive the internal injuries.

The murderer, ***********, known as ***********, went backstage straight after the incident.

Security staff believed the match was going as booked, so they did not interfere.

The wrestling promotion's backstage staff said "they couldn't foresee what happened" and that it was "a shame".

As for the police, the detective in charge of the case, ********, confirmed the case is currently "under investigation", but refused to elaborate further.

But that was not all as far as crimes related to wrestling go.

Last night, at around 3AM, wrestler ********** (real name *********) was ambushed in a back alley in a location near the arena.

He was then violently assaulted sexually by a group of seven individuals.

One of the culprits caught by the police, ******, had the following to say:

"Ayo, dat nigga's ass was just too damn tight... Well, at least it used to be! His asshole finna be bleedin' all night tho!"

        • was taken to the hospital, where medical staff treated his anal bleeding. Kek, what a bitch.

Episode 14

Rob Wellington was actually Hazz Maticus' ring name, and it being Spazz's career was a fabrication by using a fake name.