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"A fff-fa-face is nothing... The inside... It's... It's what matters." ― Rando proving that he is pure and did nothing wrong.
A character from LISA: The Painful

A Broken Man[edit | edit source]

An orphan who has grown into a silent marauder.  When a catastrophe devastates the central United States town of Olathe, Rando is amongst the survivors. Due to the catastrophe, women cease to exist, leading the surviving men to depravation and debauchery. Bearing too many scars from his past, Rando reinvents himself by putting on a mask and refraining from speaking. Using his intimidation and strength, Rando is able to form an army that becomes a dominating force in Olathe.

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

Now looking to demonstrate his martial prowess, Rando has wandered out of the wasteland and into the ring. He hopes that by fighting in The Final Rumble, he will be able to surpass his mentor in the fighting arts. Rando also hopes that the power he earns will one day bring peace to the wasteland he calls home.

Episode 1

Debuts to a match of strong participants.

Episode 2

Makes to last three before being eliminated.

Episode 4

Wins his first match, and a chance at the Title at that.

Episode 7

However, doesn't win the title.

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

Rando hasn't been much in the wrestling scene since season 2, apparently something about a little girl.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

Makes a brief appearance in a rumble.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

From the tragedy, one must rise again to make everything right, and so Rando returns to inspire people to right the wrongs.

Episode 1[edit | edit source]

Dante, Date, Aniki and Fred welcome Rando

Rando has not only made an impressive comeback by winning Season 6's first Battle Royale, thus making him the fifth Master of the Locker Room, he also fought against Cam On Ingurland, and despite losing, survived four CAM ONs, a feat no one has been able to do before.

An absolute fucking beast with the heart of an angel.

Episode 2

Got out of the hospital after being attacked by Rean Schwarzer who was under the impression that he was Mr.BANS due to his skull mask.

He wins the right to have a rematch with Ingurland for the belt after defeating Rean Schwarzer,Kaname Date, and Raiden (MG) in a fatal-four-way.

Episode 3

Fresh out of the hospital, Rando challenged Ingurland for the belt and tied with him after a grueling 30 minute iron-man match.

Episode 4[edit | edit source]

Acting as the fifth lord of the Locker Room he defended his friends from the TFR rioters.

While Nagito Komaeda is searching for people who may have been left behind, most unlucky for him, he encountered a powerful demon in his way, buy luckily, Rando appeared just in time and defeated the demon.

However, Helltaker and Duke Nukem came to finish the job when he was weakened, but Miyao didn't give up on him and came to assist Rando. After the fight, Rando is unmasked by Duke who wished to taunt him but he proceeds to absolutely demolish the horrified traitors using the Armstrong style.

After all that, Mr. BANS considers him interesting and a worthy opponent to test his new body on.

"The Broken Man" engages in combat with BANS assisted by Kirei Kotomine, severely weakened through being put through a gauntlet of opponents the same day.

However, even then Rando stands victorious. BANS wonders why the body refuses to let him control it properly, and noticing the increase in rumblings, he and Kirei Kotomine take their leave along with their minions, saying farewell.

As the tremors increase, a broken man looks a the camera and wonders, "D-Did I... Make you p-p-proud...?"

Episode 8

A mysterious masked man appears in the remnants of Ruber's Castle wondering if he can get inside, hoping that there won't be... NO FAGGOT RED HAIRED DETECTIVES AROUND.

Agent 49 then gets smacked by Joshua Graham, who is accompanied by Dutch van der Linde and Ubergestalt Rando. He has apparently been brainwashed and/or revived by The Three Kings.

Rando and Graham invade Rean Schwarzer and Albus Bernstein's match against Doctor Piccolo and Galo, taking the titles themselves.

Episode 9

When the nukes are dropped on Ingurland, Rando and Graham instruct the Troubleshooters to follow them, choiceless. They take them to a safe area from the missile strike, where they claim they were saved by God's plan.

As Dutch and Dlanor A. Knox wait in a McDonalds impatiently, she asks Graham for games on his TempleOS phone. Rando orders McMango, a Holy Burger and a McChicken. Dutch berates him for forgetting that Dlanor will only eat Happy Meals despite taking care of her for so long. Dlanor asks specifically for the one with LEGO Big Chungus and apple JUICE. Graham wonders if it's ok for children to drink Apple Juice, but remembers it's not Leon the one ordering.

Episode 11

After the massacre on The Final Resistance by part of the Troubleshooters, Rando is accompanied by the revival of Yuki Makoto, The Messiah, patrolling the city for any surviving Resistance members. They contact HQ and ask for secondary objectives, when they are assaulted from behind by Adol Christin and Jacket. Rando takes Jacket out of the way of the messiah, while Adol praises him for taking out the weak before they can get up, but challenges him to prove real strength.

Rando defeats Jacket, and takes the defeat Messiah away after his loss.

Episode 12[edit | edit source]

Rando after having The Bloon blown in his face.

Dlanor cries at the Messiah thinking she made Rando upset, saying that her bloon popped in his face and he walked away... Messiah says that HQ has put a search warrant on him since they can't let anyone walk away with a belt.

Episode 13

Rando is sighted... but he is looking quite different and is accompanied by Clownmaeda. Messiah understands the situation and is sent to recover the belt, but Rando defeats him and keeps his half.

Episode 14

The clowns instantly knew he was good with children and task him with protecting their baby boy Clownmaeda. As they make their way through Chris' Dungeon, Clownmaeda's rambles about his wish to make talents be recognized above everything else, the way the kings squander it, as it happened with Yuki. Tatsuya, however, still holds that same hope, the one to change the world. makes Rando doubt himself.

Episode 15[edit | edit source]


The clowns are set up against Tatsuya's Party, and Komaeda states that they plan to take the Summoning Key in this battle of hopes. Tricky is sent to collect clown farts to brainwash them. However, before the 3-on-4 fight can begin, Rando decides he will not let this continue, having steeled himself to do the right thing. This incurs the fury of the betrayed clowns, who destroy Tatsuya's team in the rage of battle.

As everyone's on the ground and the clowns move in to finish them, Kadoya's voice resonates within Tatsuya and encourages him to defy his destiny, and summoning a Kamen Rider Persona, he wills himself to stand up and protect everyone. Casting Deadly Burn on JOKER starts to burn away his mask, and the sheer force of his determination in his eyes is enough to scare even the clowns into fleeing. Clownmaeda stares at him and smiles, saying that he's glad he could embolden his hope, and walks away.

Episode 16[edit | edit source]

As Tatsuya and party move to catch the General Manager, he realizes he's actually Kojima instead of Hideo, and accompanied by him are Todd Howard, Black Battler and Chris-chan. As Tatsuya claims again that he doesn't have the Summoning Key, Serge takes Power again to get it. As they prepare to engage the "Divine Powers", temporary party member Agent 49 joins them for this fight.

The behemoths of Rando and Todd clash, but Rando ends up victorious. Ichiban takes out Chris-chan, but then Black Battler defeats both him and 49. Kojima turns into "Super Kojima" but for the sake of everyone's hope, Tatsuya doesn't falter and defeats him.

As Tatsuya thinks the battle is over and sends Ichiban to fetch Power, Kojima reiterates that nothing is over, and the Great Flood begins. And the rumors of Coolsville Skycity come true.

Kojima tells Tatsuya that the truth lies not in chaos or law, but inside the Cosmic Egg. 49 leaves now that he's done with faggler, and the party heads to their final destination.

Episode 17[edit | edit source]

The resistance heads inside the egg as well and splits up to put an end to both BANS and The Three Kings' plan.

As the party heads to the heart of the egg, Kojima promises the truth, but first they will face very special matches against their very own psyche.

Ichiban is put against Metal Pixy, but just like he already did, he overcomes it.

Rando faces against a metallic version of Master, but overcomes it.

Power, as a fiend, is unaffected, but instead Philip U. Butler shows up for her. She manages to defeat him despite her hate for veggies and fear of the army.

Kojima finally reveals himself: Mitake Toujirou states that he put them against who they wanted to fight the most... because this world and all it's inhabitants are his mere toys, such is his power as the father of rumors.

A flying city. A holy belt. It's not fake but the opposite, rumors have made such ideas into reality. Including his favorite rumore, the one that changed the very destiny of the world, that destroyed the script at the very beginning... Battler Can Win.

With the heart of the Cosmic Egg upon them, Toujirou walks away and tells Tatsuya to "put on a show". Before that, a complex voice resonates and gives his guidance: Nyarlathotep gives power to the darkest of humanity's wishes. Such one is The Plan, and a such Men With a Plan believe it will create paradise on earth. But The Plan starts with nothing but the extinction of the human race, that if the "Oracle of LEON!" is fulfilled, it will grant a new ascended humanity, and thus they wished for the Holy Belt. Delta then explains that without him, he would have no chances of winning as his victory is assured, but with the very Summoning Key he holds, if humanity wills it, he would be trapped in it forever.

Tatsuya arrives to the place where the final battle for humanity will take place, to end it once and for all. After waiting twelve years, Toujirou is ready for the battle of his eternal life. Before the match, however, he uses his power to swipe the Summoning Key from Tatsuya "until the victor is decided". Thinking he really does have a way with booking matches, hee believes wrestling will flourish with the few remaining humans in this new world, a New World RumbleTM.

And thus, they shall have this world's Final Rumble.

At the end of the fight with Tatsuya's victory and his friends cheering him on, he is ready for it to end. Before that though, Nyarly has one last thing to do. He opens the briefcase he won and turns into "Butler"... and shoots power with the gun within. The "Job In Cutscene", "BCW", "Cope Island Gun" rumors combined make such wound impossible to survive, and Power vanishes fast.

"The undeniable truth of the world that some things cannot be changed!", is what he just teached Tatsuya, and the fury within him only fuels Nyarlathotep further.
I will never, EVER forgive you!
Nyarlathotep just laughs, as his new world is about to be born, Tatsuya's time is up. To trust the crawling chaos to give the key back is truly within humanity's foolishness. With it, his plan will come at last... but...
That finish doesn't work for me, brother!
Instead, hope will guide us towards a different future!
You tell them, Yu...
Why are you filled with so much aggression and hatred?
This... Is what La Familia can do... Salud.
It's game over for you.
If I can b-beat M-Master... Then I can b-beat y-you too...
You couldn't possibly think you'd just job me out in a cutscene and get away scot-free, could you?
Hahaha... To see everyone's hopes shine this bright! This is what I wished for!
Even if I'm not me anymore... Deep down in my heart... I know what I want.
Tatsuya... I told you... Things would be different this time around.

Humanity's collective wishes make him drop the key and Tatsuya uses it to seal finish him, forever.

However, Delta shows up to explain... that all of the power of the key is used to keep Nyarlathotep sealed, and it cannot stop the birth of the Cosmic Egg any more. It was all for Delta's plan to stop him. Delta asks Tatsuya to wait for his friends to gather here.

The Key can't stop the new universe, but it can change it. The world the kings desire will be undone as long as he wills it. With small changes, eventually a domino effect will bring forth a way to stop the king's plan. The party promises to remember each other, and everyone wishes for something in this coming new world.

Tatsuya, however, questions why Delta never said any of this or took a more hands-on approach. From the start, Delta believed in his potential, his goal to get him into this current state of mind to bring forth the change into a new world. It was all part of his plan, starting from scratch but with the scenario set up to prevent the casualties that brought this broken world. A "happy ending". Tatsuya can't muster the words at being played with this entire time. Before it all ends, Delta gives Tatsuya one last choice.
>Punch him

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

A young kid son of Ingerland. He has a terrible terminal illness.

Episode 6

His dad takes him to meet his idol, but the security guard blocks their path. Being a proper Ingerlander, his dad doesn't give up the fight for his son's dream. Then, his and his son's idol, Eren Yeager tells the guard off for restricting his freedom, and he quickly retracts and leaves. As one of his followers, Ingerland wants an autograph, but his son speaks up and, as part of his Make-a-Wish, wants to wrestle him. Eren questions his decision, but Jr., as Eren always says, is free and his dream is to fight him. Eren sees the freedom inside him and grants his request, but he is free to kick his ass as well. Ingerland cheers for Eren instead of his son as well...

Episode 7

While on the Yeagerist Parade, Ingerland tells that his son had a deadly illness: he was terminally ginger, and after a match with Eren, he became cured, and even got taller!

Off-Season 8[edit | edit source]

Putting on a mask, Rando at last arrives to the ring to deliver his Armstrong Style.

Episode 22

By winning the rumble, he gets to challenge another mysterious contender and wins to compete for the /v/ World title.

Episode 33

Participates in the TFR Championship Return Tournament.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

With his mask and strong style, Rando quickly rose to be known as a ring general, and gained the nickname of The Unbreakable Man.

Episode 3

"The Unbreakable General" Potemkin participates in the Berserk Brawl tournament in Pool E.

With two big meaty men in the ring, there was only one way this match could have gone, and that is as a victory for all of the viewers. Still, his Armstrong Style shone a little brighter than Aniki's Gym Style, and so he advances further into the tournament.

Episode 4


TFR/Off-Season 9[edit | edit source]

Episode 3

Coming out at 26, Rando proceeded to btfo almost everyone, and then win the rumble fittingly for him, becoming the next in line for the...uh...TFR "World Title"...*cough*.

Episode 4: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

NXT has acquired four top TFR talent, but their gimmicks aren't quite right... yet, with Triple H's careful watching eye, they might just become the future of NXT!

First off is Bradley Christofer, from red swordsman to a novice at the peak of making it in the industry. "The Lock"? Now he goes by Ariani Sana, a mystical indian man! Jackman... nah that's bad, doesn't roll off the tongue, so how about "The Man" Jack Offstein. And lastly the guy who wasn't getting anywhere under a mask... now Gashu Matsuyama, a Japanese guy who trains under the legendary Bitchu Matsuyama dojo.

But the best part, will be them learning of their new profiles just when coming back from the break...

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Witnessing the decadence and desolation settling on Coolsville, Rando abandons the company that was origin point to that chaos; as the Yeagerists lacked a definitive leadership, Rando quickly stands out and rises to become the leader of Yeagerism and it's forces, set against the wrestling promotion whose bloated corpse can only cause more damage.

Episode 2



The Yeagerists gather and chant at their base, the Coolsville Stadium, as their leader arrives. The original leader and founder had gone missing sometime ago, and it's most notable member Rando quickly rose to the position. Accompanying him is as always Zeke Yeager, not only his second-in-command but mouthpiece at all times. Zeke's speech about staying together against TFR's evil menace goes on... since he doesn't have reach or appeal outside the group, his speeches are mostly destined towards firing up their supporters, while Maebara Keiichi works out Public Relations outside the group. At the end, through the fervent roaring of the stadium, Zeke asks everyone to move on with their routine as it's time for the scheduled meeting between leaders.

Under the stadium, Zeke gets the meeting started. Arthur Morgan, their embedded informant, reports TFR has a new program called "Tough Enough", and through his connections and some digging around has acquired the participants list. This leak will prove itself a giant weakness, and they'll expose the corruption with a well-produced video; Keiichi will write the script, and Ame will present it in a convincing way to the audience. The information itself, presents two candidates as very suspicious: first is Reize Seatlan, his wealthy father has made several donations to TFR, and then got a special spot on the show. Second and more important, the person known as Chinman is related to someone influential of a different variety: his legal guardian, Kiryu Kazuma, is a legend of the underworld, a very dangerous man who put many through a lot of pain. Although Keiichi understands the first point, he had to say something about the second; Shion and Mion have said nothing but good things about the guy. But Zeke argues he must've deceived them for he's nothing but a hard-boiled gangster, and Ruber claims his actions puts most of the people of the underworld he knows to shame... Keiichi finds it hard to argue against experts like Zeke when Ruber sides with him, and begins doubting if there's not more than meets the eyes to Kiryu. With the meeting concluded, Zeke counts on the tasked ones to deliver the truth.

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Went through an insane gauntlet of THREE MATCHES IN ONE FUCKING NIGHT and WON ALL OF THEM.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Fatal-4-Way Serge, Rando, Joshua Graham, Alucard Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
Battle Royale Steve, Boomer, Spider, Joe Baker, Shingo Shoji, Kirei Kotomine, Rando, Mr. America Lose
W0 L2 -2
0 1 P
Fatal-4-Way Big Smoke, Kinzo Ushiromiya, Rando, Phoenix Wright Win
W1 L2 -1
2 1 P
For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender
Champion V Lose
W1 L3 -2
2 2 P
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
For Title: King of Jobbers
Wesker, Big Smoke, DELTA, Joshua Graham, Raidou Kuzunoha, Rando Lose
W1 L4 -3
4 3 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender
Royal Rumble
Full List
W1 L5 -4
4 3 P
For Title: /v/ #1#2 Contender
  1. Doomguy
  2. Raiden (MK)
  3. Zeke Yeager
  4. G-Man
  5. Sminem
  6. Gene
  7. Marco Rossi
  8. DELTA
  9. Sou Yaguruma
  10. Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV
  11. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
  12. Van Darkholme
  13. Jeff Mangum
  14. Louis
  15. Tatsuya Suou
  16. Rando
  17. Bane
  18. V
  19. Nagito Komaeda
  20. /v/-tan
  21. Joshua Graham
  22. Doctor Piccolo
  23. Tsukasa Kadoya
  24. Drake Bell
  25. Kaname Date
  26. Chosen Hunter
  27. Dutch Van Der Linde
  28. Vergil
  29. Big Show
  30. Rance

Doomguy ➡ Raiden
Zeke ➡ Doomguy
Sminem ➡ Gene
Zeke ➡ Marco
G-Man ➡ Sou
tofen ➡ Sminem
Delta ➡ Raidou
tofen ➡ Van
Zeke ➡ Louis
G-Man ➡ Delta
G-Man ➡ Zeke
Tatsuya ➡ tofen
Bane ➡ G-Man
Bane ➡ Jeff
V ➡ Rando
/v/ ➡ Bane
V ➡ Komaeda
Tatsu ➡ V
Graham ➡ Tatsu
/v/ ➡ Drake
Doc ➡ Hunter
Vergil ➡ Doc
Date ➡ /v/
Graham ➡ Vergil
Date ➡ B.Show
Graham ➡ Rance
Graham ➡ Date

W1 L6 -5
4 3 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender
Royal Rumble
Entry Order
  1. Central
  2. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
  3. Arthur Morgan
  4. Vergil
  5. Chosen Hunter
  6. Rando
  7. Doctor Piccolo
  8. Fargoth


NC Game: WWE 2K19

Note: Crashed, restarted next match with different orders.

Entry Order
  1. Battler Ushiromiya
  2. Shingo Shoji
  3. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
  4. Rage Guy
  5. G-Man
  6. Mean Mark Calloway
  7. Rance
  8. Adam Jensen
  9. Archer
  10. Chosen Hunter
  11. Tatsuya Suou
  12. Louis
  13. Albert Wesker
  14. Rando
  15. Osama Bin Laden
  16. Vergil
  17. Van Darkholme
  18. Doctor Piccolo
  19. DELTA
  20. Arthur Morgan
Lose Game: WWE 2K19
Royal Rumble
  1. Fred Jones
  2. Tom Brady
  3. CJ
  4. Rance
  5. Hisoka
  6. /v/ Rage Guy
  7. Marco Rossi
  8. The Protomen
  9. Demaro
  10. Kazuhira Miller
  11. Shingo Shoji
  12. Pixy
  13. Fargoth
  14. Extra
  15. Serge
  16. Nagito Komaeda
  17. Archer
  18. Zoomer
  19. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
  20. Elite Crew
  21. Zeke Yeager
  22. Tatsuya Suou
  23. Rando
  24. The Janitor
  25. Tsukasa Kadoya
  26. Travis Touchdown
  27. John Bradford
  28. Ichiban Kasuga
  29. Joshua Graham
  30. Chosen Hunter
W1 L7 -6
4 3 P
Elimination №25
38-Man Royal Rumble
  1. Sakakura Juzo
  2. Geralt of Rivia
  3. Zoomer
  4. Balthios James
  5. Shoji Shingo
  6. Aniki
  7. Van Darkholme
  8. Joshua Graham
  9. Door-kun
  10. Osama bin Laden
  11. Kazuhira Miller
  12. Tazuna Joe
  13. The Protomen
  14. The Chosen Hunter
  15. Rean Schwarzer
  16. Rance
  17. Kadoya Tsukasa
  18. Pixy
  19. John Bradford
  20. Alucard
  21. King
  22. Suou Tatsuya
  23. Boomer
  1. The Chosen Hunter
  2. Rean Schwarzer
  3. Pixy
  4. Suou Tatsuya
  5. Boomer
  6. Kuzunoha Raidou the XIV
  7. Kasuga Ichiban
  8. Fred Jones
  9. Arthur Morgan
  10. Gene
  11. Marco Rossi
  12. Rando
  13. Serge
  14. Robert
  15. Hisoka
  16. /v/ Rage Guy
  17. Demaro
  18. Demi-fiend
  19. Komaeda Nagito
  20. Mario

W1 L8 -7
4 3 P
Elimination №32
Royal Rumble
  1. Van Darkholme
  2. Leon Kennedy
  3. Kuzunoha Raidou the XIV
  4. Alucard
  5. Maebara Keiichi
  6. Kazuhira Miller
  7. Yuki Makoto
  8. John Bradford
  9. The Janitor
  10. Tazuna Joe
  11. Kasuga Ichiban
  12. Aniki
  13. Demi-fiend
  14. Geralt of Rivia
  15. Pixy
  16. Narukami Yu
  17. Rando
  18. Fred Jones
  19. Albert Wesker
  20. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
  21. TheRapist
  22. Big Smoke
  23. The Necrodancer
  24. Rean Schwarzer
  25. Date Kaname
  26. Komaeda Nagito
  27. Zoomer
  28. Arthas
  29. Raiden (MG)
  30. Joshua Graham
W2 L8 -6
4 3 P
For Position: 5th Master of the Chivalric Order of the Locker Room.

Note: Won it after a very impressive showing from 17.

2/3 Falls Cam on Ingurland Lose
W2 L9 -7
~4 5 P
W0 L2 -2
1 3 P
Note: For winning the previous royal rumble. He was given the privilege of fighting the champion.
Fatal 4-Way
Raiden, Date Kaname, Rean Schwarzer, Rando Win
W3 L9 -6
~6 5 P
Note: He also JUST got out of the hospital.
Ironman 30' Cam On Ingurland (4-4) Draw
W3 L9 -6
~10 9 P
W0 L2 -2
5 7 P
For Title: /v/
Minotaur Win
W4 L9 -5
~11 9 P
W1 L2 -1
6 7 P
Rando & Mitake Miyao

Hellcarder & Duke Nukem

W5 L9 -4
~12 9 P
Miles Edgeworth Win
W6 L9 -3
~13 9 P
W2 L2 0
7 7 P
Tornado-Tag Heavy Machinery, Rando & Joshua Graham, The Daily Dose Win
W7 L9 -2
~13 9 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team

Note: Rean was holding back...

NON-CANON Queen of Ingurland Win Note: Rule 63 Episode
Pamela Win
Suou Tatsuya Win
Royal Rumble
  1. Yuki Makoto
  2. Suou Tatsuya
  3. Queen of Ingurland
  4. Rena Schwarzer
  5. Randa
  6. Ushiromiya Battler
  7. Pieckstra
  8. Haze Stratos
  9. Agent 63
  10. Pamela
NON-CANON Date Kaname, Suou Tatsuya, Randa, Rena Schwarzer, Win
Steel Cage
Hell Biker, Rando, Aleph, Red Lose Note: simps
Extreme Rules Jacket Win
W8 L9 -1
~14 9 P
W3 L2 1
8 7 P
NON-CANON Date Kaname Lose
Yuki Makoto Win
W9 L9 0
~15 9 P
W4 L2 2
9 7 P
For Title: 1/2 of /v/ Tag Team

Note: Had Komaeda Nagito as support

NON-CANON Big Show Win
Royal Rumble
  1. Demi-fiend
  2. Kasuga Ichiban
  3. Albert Wesker
  4. Fred Jones
  5. Kuzunoha Raidou
  6. Lucifer
  7. Geralt of Rivia
  8. Leon Kennedy
  9. Narushima Koga
  10. Fat Albert
  11. Van Darkholme
  12. Rean Schwarzer
  13. Extra
  14. The Headmaster
  15. Bevi
  16. Komaeda Nagito
  17. Elite Crew
  18. Haze Stratos
  19. Narushima Jakob
  20. Rando
  21. Second Carlos
  22. Dimitri Blaiddyd
  23. Suou Tatsuya
  24. Arthas Menethil
  25. Yuki Makoto
  26. Kotomine Kirei
  27. Big Show
  28. Phoenix Wright
  29. Johnny Gat
  30. Ooishi Kuraudo
Lose For Title: King of Noncanon #1 Contender

Elimination №20

Tatsuya's Party

The Circus

W9 L10 -1
~15 10 P
2/3 Falls Todd Howard Win
W10 L10 0
~17 11 P
W5 L2 3
11 8 P
Ironman 30' Metal Master (2-3) Win
W11 L10 1
~20 13 P
W6 L2 4
14 10 P
Kadoya Tsukasa & Komaeda Nagito & Yuki Makoto & Mitake Miyao

Rando & Kasuga Ichiban & Power & Suou Tatsuya

Royal Rumble
  1. Sakakura Juzo
  2. Fred Jones
  3. Aniki
  4. Rando
  5. Suou Tatsuya
  6. Chris Redfield
  7. Bevi
  8. HUNK
  9. Coyote
  10. Van Darkholme
  11. Kasuga Ichiban
  12. Adol Christin
  13. Mitake Toujirou
  14. Jacket
  15. Leon S. Kennedy
  16. Kotomine Kirei
  17. Gene
  18. Ooishi Kuraudo
  19. Rean Schwarzer
  20. Second Carlos
  21. Mario
  22. Mr. BANS
  23. Agent 49
  24. Narushima Koga
  25. Aleph
  26. Haze Stratos
  27. JOKER
  28. Rance
  29. Kido Reiji
  30. Date Kaname
Lose Elimination #7
NON-CANON Power Lose
Royal Rumble
  1. Narushima Jakob
  2. Johnny Gat
  3. Suou Tatsuya
  4. Gene
  5. Geralt of Rivia
  6. Rando
  7. Kido Reiji
  8. Komaeda Nagito
  9. Jacket
  10. Adam Jensen
  11. Dutch van der Linde
  12. Kasuga Ichiban
  13. Gold
  14. Harrier Du Bois
  15. John Bradford
  16. Coyote
  17. Head Doctor
  18. Ooishi Kuraudo
  19. Maebara Keiichi
  20. Haze Stratos
  21. Narukami Yu
  22. Kuzunoha Raidou
  23. Narushima Koga
  24. Aniki
  25. Mario
  26. Chris Redfield
  27. Rance
  28. The Headmaster
  29. Aleph
  30. Extra
Lose For Title: King of Uncanon #1 Contender

Elimination #2

NON-CANON Adol Christin Lose TFR's 2nd Anniversary
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Popularity Poll Rumble
Place: 18th〈25 votes〉
The Soul Brothers

Tatsuya's Party

NON-CANON Zagreus Win
Johnny Knoxville Win
Eren Yeager Lose
W11 L11 0
~20 14 P
W6 L3 3
14 11 P
Tatsuya's Party

Hunter's PartyTriple H, Mitake Toujirou, Adol Christin, Dlanor A. Knox

Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE 2K19

Note: Season 6 save.

Chosen Hunter, Rando, Manny Pardo Lose
Tatsuya's Party

The Coomer Gang & Maebara Keiichi

Iconic Match
Ooishi Reaches L6
TFR's 3rd Anniversary
Note: Ooishi pinned everyone except Rando
NON-CANON Date Kaname Win
Iconic Match
FAST Long Awaited Re-Debut

Note: ×2 speed match
Extreme Rules
Dan Schneider Win 「2K22 GM Mode」
Note: ★★★½
Royal Rumble Full List Win
W12 L11 1
~20 14 P
For Title: /v/ World #2 Contender
Falls Count Anywhere Agent 47 Win
W13 L11 2
~21 14 P
W7 L3 4
15 11 P
Iconic Match
Rumble Winners Making Great Returns

For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender
Ironman 30' Champion Kasuga Ichiban (13-9) Lose
W13 L12 1
~28 24 P
W7 L4 3
22 21 P
For Title: /v/ World

Note: They got so into it that they stopped trying to resists pins or subs.

NON-CANON Dante Lose
Tatsuya's Party

Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy

Win 『Tatsuya's Birthday Bash』
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W13 L13 0
~28 24 P
For Title: /v/ World #1 Contender
Max Payne Lose
W13 L14 -1
~28 25 P
W7 L5 2
22 22 P
「TFR Championship Return Tournament」
→Round 1
Rando, George Jackman, Mr. McMahon, Samoa Joe, Raiden, Saihara Shuichi, Chinman, Arkantos Win Rokkenjimania IV』– Ladder Arc
Joker, Black Wesker, Ooishi Kuraudo, Kevin Nash, Â***Â** Ó**ÁÑ*S**Å**, Stork, Parco Folgore, Rando Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Ladder Arc
Apollo Justice, Bolo Reynolds, Raiden (MG), Raiden (MK), Francis York Morgan, Vorgin, Rando, Majima Goro Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Blood Arc
Arkantos Win Rokkenjimania IV』– Sumo Arc
→Round 1

Stage: V3irtual Arena

Kevin Nash, Jacopo Bearzatti, Rance, Roman Reigns, Big Boss Man, Rando, Ryan Rave, Rey Mysterio Win Rokkenjimania IV』– End of Sumo Arc
→Round 2
Boomer, Rando, Hisoka, Kyle Hyde Win Rokkenjimania IV』– End of Sumo Arc
Rando, Donte, Stork, Angry Video Game Nerd

Darkiplier, My Movie (Hellguards), Purple Guy

Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Darkness Incarnate Arc
The Ironmen, Kaidou Shun & Raiden, FUCK YOU Win
W14 L14 0
~28 25 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contenders
Tag-Team The Ironmen

The Coomer Gang

W15 L14 1
~28 25 P
For Title: Undisputed Tag-Team

Note: Such a fantastically terrible match that the titles were immediately scheduled for decommission.

Dante, Joshua Graham, Amami Rantaro, Extra, Van Darkholme, Raiden, Lucid, Rando Lose
Professor Oak, Rando, CASH-IN: HUNK Lose
Hell in a Cell
The Sparda Bloodline, Agent 47 & Rance, Kyle Hyde & Rando Lose Game: WWE 2K23
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Game: WWE 2K23

Note: DL'd CAWs were so OP that the match's contendership was cancelled

Royal Rumble
Full List
W15 L15 0
~28 25 P
For Title: Mystery Prize
NON-CANON Perc Jones Lose
Iconic Match
Suplex Addiction Conference

Note: 37 fucking suplexes.
Extreme Rules
Rando, George Jackman, Potemkin, Adam Blade, Chris Redfield Win
Iconic Match
Unsanctioned NXT Contendership Behind Haitch's Back

For Title: NXT #1 Contender
NON-CANON Champion Ryan Rave Win For Title: NXT
Kaidou Shun Win
Sareth Win
W16 L15 1
~29 25 P
W8 L5 3
23 22 P
Aniki Win
W17 L15 2
~30 25 P
W9 L5 4
24 22 P
「Berserker Brawl」
→Pool E
Hisoka Lose
W17 L16 1
~30 26 P
W9 L6 3
24 23 P
「Berserker Brawl」
→Pool E Final
Kyle Hyde Lose
W17 L17 0
~30 26 P
W9 L7 2
24 23 P
Note: Count-out.
Third Carlos Win
W18 L17 1
~31 26 P
W10 L7 3
25 23 P
Royal Rumble
Full List
W18 L18 0
~31 26 P
Iconic Match

For Title: World Title #1 Contender
Full List
W19 L18 1
~31 26 P
For Title: World Title #1 Contender
NON-CANON Ariani Sana Lose Rokkenjimania V』– WrestleDream Arc
Stage: NXT

Note: Count-out

Ironman 60'
Ricky Cumshotta (?), Brute Force (?), Matsumaya Gashu (?), Slade (?) Draw Rokkenjimania V』– Vengeance Arc
Stage: NXT
Elimination Chamber
Matt Ador #5, Aniki #6, Ariani Sana #3, Jake Xanadu #4, Bradley Christopher #1, Matsuyama Gashu #2 Win Rokkenjimania V』– Vengeance Arc
Stage: AEW
Animatronic Yo + Red Among Us, Vatman, Freddy Fazbear

Bradley Christopher + Matsuyama Gashu, Ariani Sana, Jack Offman

Lose Rokkenjimania V』– Light vs. Dark Arc
Stage: NXT

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Is the only character that was absent from Season 3 credits.
  • His post-TS design is inspired by Commander Gore from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

Gallery[edit | edit source]