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The main character for most of the Harvest Moon series.

The Farmer

He leaves his parents to take care of his grandfather's old farm. Eventually his spirit appears and tells him to fix it up. He hears of a nearby village having economic troubles and volunteers to fix an old farm before it's turned in an amusement park over a 3-years period. As he did a good job, the mayor tells him that a friend of his has passed away and his daughter, Sara, left in the island doesn't know the first thing about farming so he sends him there to help her, eventually marrying her. Years later, his descendant, also Pete, inherits his farm in Flowerbud Village. His descendant moves to Mineral Town, and the mayor again gives him 3 years to make the best of his situation, but also marry. Later his descendants grew away from farming until they showed their child the countryside, where an old man who owned their old farm wrote it to his name, and he later took care of it. His descendant then took over a farm in Forget-Me-Not Valley and rescued the Harvest Goddess.

Season 4

However, his farm has run into economic trouble and the only way to save it was to join TFR. At this point, who knows how many generations of Pete's there was and which one this is.

Episode 7

After losing his first match, Kojima just inflicted the BLUE CURSE upon him! That's totally rude.

Episode 8

Now he has made to fight another match to get it off?

And he lost it?

This Kojima guy is a prick!

Season 5

He went to a special conference hoping to find any way to save his farm, but was trapped in the DEATH GAME in Universe 2K20 by its skeletal host.

Episode 1

He participated in the non-candidate Death Rumble where the first 10 eliminated are sentenced and the winner and highest killer wins Immunity. He is the 5th elimination of the second rumble and is sentenced to the wild ride.

What will be of his farm now?

Episode 2

Has a chance to escape death and swap places with a living participant, but doesn't make it.

Pete (HM) has expired.

This character died in the Death Game

Match History

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Triple-Threat Kyle Hyde, Calypso, Pete Lose
W0 L1 -1
0 1 P
TV World Fools, Farm Crash, China Number One
W0 L2 -2
0 2 P
For Title: /v/ Tag Team #1 Contenders
Royal Rumble S4E11/Royal Rumble Lose
W0 L3 -3
0 2 P
For Title: /v/ #1 Contender

Note: First Royal Rumble CRASHED.

Royal Rumble
  1. Kevin Nash
  2. Strelok
  3. Terry Davis
  4. Pete
  5. Ricardo Milos
  6. Donald Mustard
  7. Samoa Joe
  8. Max Payne
  9. Jeff Mangum
  10. Brendan Fraser
  11. V
  12. Garcian Smith
  13. Gippo Dudee
  14. Calypso
  15. Duke Nukem
  16. Mastema
  17. Akagi Shigeru
  18. Louis
  19. Tommy Wiseau
  20. Patrick Bateman
W0 L4 -4
0 2 P
Death Rumble
Elimination №5
  1. Donald Mustard
  2. Sam Hyde
  3. Garcian Smith
  4. Old Man Henderson
  5. Pete
  6. Postal Dude
  7. Terry Davis
  8. Dr. Salvador
  9. Ricardo Milos
  10. Strelok
  11. Brad Pitt
  12. MC Ride
  13. Gippo Dudee
  14. ZUN
  15. HUNK
  16. Human Holocaust
  1. Max Stirner
  2. Dr. Salvador
  3. Max Payne
  4. MC Ride
  5. ZUN
  6. Human Holocaust
  7. HUNK
  8. Brendan Fraser
  9. Gippo Dudee
  10. SANS
W0 L5 -5
0 2 P
Wild Ride Rumble
Elimination №2

Note: First Royal Rumble CRASHED.

Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Game: WWE 2K20
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Past Rumble Arc
Game: WWE 2K20
NON-CANON Brad Pitt Win Game: WWE 2K22