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Dante, Date, Aniki and Fred welcome Rando
The Chivalric Order of the Locker Room is a group in TFR.

Description[edit | edit source]

An order formed by wrestlers to create unity in the Locker Room, so that nothing as terrible as The Tragedy would ever happen again. The one leading the order, the appointed Grand Master of the Locker Room, was John "Central" Bradford, specialist in crisis management. Along with him, four experienced wrestlers were appointed as Masters of the Locker Room:

History[edit | edit source]

After the event of the Death Game was revealed and concluded, it was regarded as the greatest tragedy to scar the history of TFR as of yet. In the 2 months following its conclusion, wrestlers fell into depression and despair, and only after that amount of time did they slowly heal and return to wrestling, thus resolving to become even more united.

The initiative of a few veterans caused a club of sorts to begin, more than that, a chivalric order. It existed to make sure nothing terrible would ever happen again.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

A royal rumble is held to become /v/ title #1 contender, and as additional competition, all order participants will get a chance to become a Master: The winner of the rumble, Rando, accepted to becoming 5th Lord of the Locker Room.

However, when BANS' group begins the Backstage Uprising, the whole order itself is disbanded with many members turning sides to either chaos or law, with the Masters themselves being the only ones who keep their ideals at heart.

12 years in the future, of the fates of the masters:

  • Rando is revived by The Three Kings with the power of the Ubergestalt, later on Clownmaeda's bloon turns him into a Clown free from the brainwashing but having given in to his aggressive self, and eventually, he rectifies his actions and joins Tatsuya's Party
  • Date is a member of The Final Resistance until he is kidnapped by The Three Kings and turned into an experimental weapon, but eventually is rescued by the Resistance and thanks to Aiba, cleared of the programming in his head.
  • Aniki continues to fight for the Resistance, being ever so hopeful and an inspiration for the rest, and never giving in to the temptation to return to the past that The Kings offer.
  • Dante fights for the Resistance, but eventually is defeated and erased by The Headmaster, until he is defeated at the end of the war.
  • Fred Jones fights for the Resistance, but is captured by Chris Redfield during a raid. He is eventually saved by Bevi and offered to join Men With a Plan, but he returns to fight for the Resistance to the end.
  • Central himself leads the Resistance until the Christmas Party, where he gives up his position after the massacre he blames himself for.

Season 0+[edit | edit source]

While probably not directly established, wrestlers liked Fred Jones still hold a huge deal of power in the Locker Room.