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    Okonogi Tetsurou (Higurashi)

    For other uses, see Okonogi Tetsurou

    A character from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

    Yamainu[edit | edit source]

    The leader of the Mountain Dogs/Yamainu recognizance unit stationed in Hinamizawa. Unlike the rest, he is a fully trained combat unit, and awaits the moment to engage combat.

    Got jobbed to highschool girl half his size to put her over, and that's NOT fair, brother!

    Season 0[edit | edit source]

    A military member.

    Episode 10.2

    Apparition in Leon's dream.

    The Dark Web Rumble[edit | edit source]

    The Okonogis are the owners and managers of The Dark Web Rumble acting as a single entity.

    Episode 3

    Face off against the owner of NXT, whose chastise pain caused him to multiply.

    Episode 6

    The Okonogis finish the talks with The Bogdanoffs to rebrand the federation while staying as General Managers, changing it into Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling.

    Season 7[edit | edit source]

    The GMs of BCW, always ready to deal with any problems with his trusty subordinates.

     Episode 1

    They appoint The Bystery Busters to investigate the recent backstage murder case of Deid Mann.

     Episode 3

    They begin a meeting about the ongoing murder case but are interrupted by the Gas Chamber.

     Episode 4

    After the Soul Brothers settle things with the Gas Chamber, they manage to finish the conference.

     Episode 5

    They appoint Nero as temporal presentator for the Draft event.

     Episode 5

    During Draft Night, the Okonogis get in the way so they don't play any loud music, but they defeat them and "play their music".

     Episode 6

    They announce a message coming from Igor & Grichka themselves: The show will now be on Friday at 5 CST, not like there's anything else worth watching at that time. All BCW should tune in to put TFR out of business for good.

     Episode 7

    BCW accepts TFR's challenge and will start training to send their best warriors to the tournament as well.

    They also meet El Holandés Volador and El Comisário, enhancement talent for the recently drafted Arthur Morgan and Ruber.

     Episode 8

    The Okonogis explain the workings of hte tournament and the qualified people so far.

    They also talk to Rakesh Kumar Orton to tell him they got rid of the kid big leaguing him and ask him for a last match to give the ratings a bump.

    Episode 9[edit | edit source]

    They motivate everyone in the locker room to destroy TFR before the night starts. Johnny Knoxville convinces them to go first with his new moveset and while his painkillers still last.

    When Zagreus slips into the match against Senator Armstrong, they chastise Extra for doing such a bad job.

    They get Susuhara Suzumu to knock-out Cabanela before his match against Chris Redfield so he can go in instead.

    After The Bogdanoffs and Furio Tigre gets arrested, Date Kaname asks the Okonogis what's gonna happen to the BCW roster, but with the support they got from so many wrestlers backstage, they feel things are gonna be alright. They also thank Johnny Gat's MMA henchmen for the help against the guards, and Maebara Keiichi & Okabe Rintarou for helping discover this conspiracy

    The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

    The Okonogis buy out Amon Elite Wrestling and place it in the full control of their protege, Amakusa Juuza.

    Match History[edit | edit source]

    Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
    Ninetuple H

    Okonogi Tetsurou

    W1 L0 1
    2 0 P
    Ooishi Kuraudo Win
    W2 L0 2
    3 0 P
    W1 L0 1
    1 0 P
    Ryuuguu Rena Lose
    W2 L1 1
    3 1 P
    W1 L1 0
    1 1 P
    Team Reigns (Susuhara Suzumu & Roman Reigns & Regigigas & Okonogi Tetsurou)

    Team Delta (Rakesh Kumar Orton & Ooishi Kuraudo & Gregory Edgeworth & Delta)

    W3 L1 2
    3 1 P
    Royal Rumble
    1. J.J. Racaza
    2. Burgerberg Q-taro
    3. Apollo Justice
    4. Yanagishita Junichi
    5. Satou Gashu
    6. Okonogi Tetsurou
    7. Okonogi Tetsurou
    8. Wang Yuanhong
    9. Agent 17
    10. Laius Thorden
    11. Hagakure Yasuhiro
    12. Deid Mann
    13. Vinegar Doppio
    14. Shoji Shingo
    15. Parco Folgore
    16. Lucid
    17. Okonogi Tetsurou
    18. Store Manager
    19. Gokuhara Gonta
    20. Mishina Eikichi
    21. Our Black Friend
    22. Shinguji Korekiyo
    23. Ushiromiya Kinzo
    24. Takahashi Ryosuke
    25. Ushiromiya Battler
    26. Fatlus
    27. Nanjo Kei
    28. Draco Malfoy
    29. Kaidou Shun
    30. Sam Stone
    W3 L2 1
    3 1 P
    Elimination #7
    Kaidou Shun & Okonogi Tetsurou & Hagakure Yasuhiro & Ooishi Kuraudo

    Parco Folgore & Store Manager & Kubota Zen & Kusabi Tetsugoro

    W3 L3 0
    3 2 P
    Okonogi Tetsurou

    Gas Chamber

    W3 L4 -1
    3 2 P
    Note: Count-out ended the match despite match type somehow
    Tournament Irie Kyousuke Win
    W4 L4 0
    4 2 P
    W2 L1 1
    2 1 P
    Kyle Hyde Win
    W5 L4 1
    5 2 P
    W3 L1 2
    3 1 P
    James Tomitake Win
    W6 L4 2
    6 2 P
    W4 L1 3
    4 1 P
    Elimination Chamber
    1. Maebara Keiichi (#5)
    2. Ooishi Kuraudo (#3)
    3. Irie Kyousuke (#6)
    4. Akasaka Mamoru (#4)
    5. Kasai Tatsuyoshi (#1)
    6. Okonogi Tetsurou (#2)
    Lose Note: GODsai won from #1 and got 4/5 pins
    Royal Rumble
    Full List Lose Maebara Keiichi's Birthday Bash
    NON-CANON Houjou Teppei Lose
    The Sonozaki Twins

    Okonogi Tetsurou

    Royal Rumble
    Full List Lose
    Okonogi Tetsurou

    Grave Mole

    W7 L4 3
    8 2 P
    Stage: Leon's Dream
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