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Battler real

The Rainmaker[edit | edit source]

What is he without his bloons.

TFR/Season 5[edit | edit source]

Becomes a furry to hide his identity and teams up with Raiden.

TFR/Season 6[edit | edit source]

Ditches Raiden and now serves Joe along with Adachi.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

A legendary, world renowned fighter from NJPW, and leader of CHAOS. Or maybe something more...

Episode 1

A rich old man pays him 500 balloons to fight his strangely similar looking son and beat his ass.

Episode 7

As Kasuga Ichiban and his friends make their way out of the area after their encounter with Seeker, Okada walks into the alley they previously were and silently observes them leave...

Episode 10

After an incredible bowling strike, Okada walks up to Kasuga Ichiban and introduces himself: Okada has been scouting Ichiban and asks him to join his cause, but Hayashi Hiroshi comments on Okada's choice since he seems "far below The Dragon's level", when Jack calls them CHAOS and lunges at Okada only to be blocked by Heat O'Brien and Bob Utsunomiya. Ichiban is surprised Chaos is actually real and rejects their offer because he hates when party members leave, but Sinbad tells him to be careful since they are as formidable as KaibaCorp, and since he won't join them the easy way, Okada decides it's time to test Ichiban.

Okada gives credit to Ichiban for his potential as leader, and their team escapes. Sinbad tells Ichiban to calm down since pursuing them any further would be pushing their luck, but the remark makes Jack exclaim that they aren't taking Chaos as serious a threat as they are, and runs off to purse Chaos by himself. Ichiban tries to tell him to come back, but it's not use, and hopes he'll be back for the next boss battle...

Episode 11

Arriving at a fancy restaurant, Ichiban tries to order Peking duck before entering a room where Okada and Seeker were waiting for him. Okada talks about the current state of Coolsville and how after the president's assassination and closure of the biggest house of the entertainment district, the riots are intensifying and Coolsville is figuratively and literally in flames. Seeker continues that despite KaibaCorp's "ambitious" goals, the situation is overall detrimental meanwhile their complex relation to the ones pulling the strings, The Shimano Family, worsened since they kidnapped their lead scientist. All three have something against Shimano, but Ichiban remembers him being a big deal before he went to prison and doesn't have any direct business with him. Seeker asks them to sign a deal and join them, but after both reject it, Seeker calls out one of his new boys: Jack himself arrives pissed off at Chaos for refusing peace and brings his entire squad.

Sinbad signals Ichiban from the door, and Okada also follows, managing to escape the ambush. Sinbad knew KC wasn't trustworthy, but he's surprised that their very Jack was the leader of a legendary mercenary group and now works for The Dragonlord.

Okada again asks Ichiban to join CHAOS, but Ichiban instead asks him to join his party this time. Okada's gaze is lost for just a moment before Hayashi Hiroshi reminds him of his duty with CHAOS, and they leave. Before Ichiban get to leave, Hayashi stops him and tries to make sure he'll never get to join them.

Episode 12

Ichiban's Parry arrives at KaibaCorp's entrance with oddly little trouble, only to notice the area had been taken over by CHAOS. Okada, Heat and Bob challenge Ichiban, while Hayashi is busy running away from the police (...seriously, Date?), and Ichiban faces off against CHAOS once again. However, they are too fierce this time.

Okada recognizes Ichiban's formidableness, and he likewise praises him, but by fighting in front of KC, Okada's plan is realized when they attract their attention and Jack appears with his squad to block the entrance. Okada is prepared this time, and joins Ichiban's party now that their goal are aligned and he has tested Ichiban enough.

Before he challenges Jack, Okada holds their position so Ichiban can complete all the substories.

Episode 13

After losing a bunch at Dragon Kart, Ichiban returns to the entrance to KC HQ where Jack's team continues to stand guard until they make their move. Now that Ichiban's back and the teams are balanced, the party makes their move, and Jack reveals his squad members: Depp, Bathhouse Owner and Hopper. The party is easily wiped out by such legendary mercenaries, and Jack is left but no choice but reveal why he left Ichiban; he's not only sided himself with Chaos, but with a mass murderer who enacted a death game and led the world to ruin along with anyone who rejected his lead. These memories within him are what are telling him he must stop Chaos, no, KILL Chaos. Neither Sinbad nor Ichiban have heard of anything like it, and the only thinkg Okada can muster is that... he got it all wrong, his group is CHAOS, not Chaos. Upon learning of such revelations, he apologizes to Ichiban for the misunderstanding, and him and his squad leave.

Episode 14[edit | edit source]

Remembering to equip his substory-obtained armor, Ichiban's group charges on into KaibaCorp HQ. Seeker warns them that he was lucky to escape alive the first time, but Ichiban then notices the place looks exactly the same, which Seeker admits is because their chief engineer is gone, but they still managed to produce enough models to take over the world. Jason ambushes the party with two brand new Robo-Kiryu models, but before the situation turns hopeless, Jack make his return; while he was gone, he came to understand what Chaos' nature truly was, something that destroys friendships, and because of that they need to take down Chaos together... even Okada too.

As Ichiban has something to settle with the Dragonlord, his party takes on the threat while he stays in the backguard in a support role. After (half of) the group beats their asses, Ichiban finds the key to the main office, but they feel the entire rest of the production line coming for them. Before they have a chance to stop them, Okada's CHAOS' allies show up to back him up, and Evil Itself admits that even if he may not be as powerful as Kiryu, Ichiban really can be a Dragon too after all. However, the robot army arrives and still far outnumbers them... but the person who has witnessed Ichiban's adventure from the start arrives: The Bartender, who brings along three mercenaries who were having a drink at his bar: Depp, Hopper and Bathhouse Owner. With so many people helping them, the party ventures further into the Dragonlord's lair.

What they find, instead, is an empty office. Sinbad moves away from the party and congratulates Ichiban, because the Dragonlord has been slain... many weeks ago, in fact, all thanks to Ichiban drawing his attention, as Sinbad infiltrated while they were disposing of his body and headcranked his neck. Sinbad became CEO of KaibaCorp which is now part of Sindria Trading Company, and Ichiban getting thrown into a dumpster instead of a hospital was also all arranged by him. But why would someone do that to the very knight he hired, asked Ichiban, and the answer is... he's not even really sure himself. Kasuga can't take the betrayal trope anymore, and even if Sinbad tells him to control his emotions, he can't take someone betraying his quest like that, so Sinbad arranges a deal: defeat him and he'll get his quest reward, lose and... he'll see.

But a hero never stops fighting, even if he has to overcome the unexpected. So even if he's not good enough to defeat the legendary ruler of the seven seas, he can give his all in one last attack in his final turn, leaving both on their knees. Suddenly an opportunistic old man enters and shoots at one of them, but Serge takes the blow as he says "I've been waiting for this" and Sinbad tries to congratulate him for doing as they planned, but another blast was more than he expected and blows him away. This man, Tengan Kazuo, was the reason Sinbad put on such a show on the first place and attacked Ichiban to lure out; this man was the person pushing KaibaCorp as its real chairman towards the path of world domination, his goal to make KaibaCorp so abominable to create the greatest despair, which would birth the greatest hope.

However, what he hadn't realized is that he lost the moment Serge drew him out from the shadows and made him visible on-screen; Sinbad's plan B activates and Sakakura Juzo lands over the chairman while on top of 20 or so piles of ladders. Sinbad thanks him for accomplishing the favor he owed him, and Juzo leaves thanking Sinbad instead for welcoming Yu into their country now that Chuck's closed. Ichiban is still confused, but now that its all over Jack and the rest go give the Karaoke machine a rematch, leaving Ichiban behind as he keeps asking questions...

Now that it's in postgame, the party relaxes at the Survive Bar. Ichiban plays modern FF games with Jack, who explains the action gameplay makes it faster to kill Chaos. Serge puts his great voice to work on the karaoke, and Sinbad has gathered new stories from this adventure. Okada smirks at Ichiban being the same, and hopes he can spar with CHAOS in the future as well, but Ichiban remembers he can't... because he has to defeat that fat plumber in Dragon Kart!

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Returned to Japan a while ago, but various rumors say he'll likely return to Coolsville soon.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Ushiromiya Battler Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
2/3 Falls
Agent 41 (2-1) Lose
Kofi Kingston & Triple H

Okada Kazuchika & Agent 41

Ichiban's Party


W1 L1 0
1 1 P
W2 L1 1
2 1 P
Ichiban's Party

Jack's Squad

W2 L2 0
2 2 P
Note: Serge did the thing again. Ichiban got unlucky. Sinbad tapped out despite being only a few minutes total tagged in. Okada was 1v4.

Ichiban's Party

W3 L2 1
2 3 P
-Iconic Match-

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since CHAOS is a reference to Season 6's chaos-aligned faction, Okada represents BANS, as being Ushiromiya Battler and the leader.

Gallery[edit | edit source]