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Literal Jobber Championship: Nintendo Fights for the Perfect Score[edit | edit source]

  1. Jacopo Bearzatti
  2. Champion Mario
  • Game: WWE 2k22
  • Championship: Literal Jobber Title
  • Singles

Mario Winner

Undisputed Tag-Team Championship: Clash of Champions[edit | edit source]

  1. Champions Killer2Donte & Vorgin
  2. The Sons of SperdoGarcian Smith & Andrei Ulmeyda
  • Game: WWE 2k22
  • Championship: Undisputed Tag-Team Titles
  • Stage: V3irtual Arena
  • Tag-Team

Wrestler Elimination
Andrei Ulmeyda Vorgin
Killer2 Winner

Long match.

Ulmeyda fell on top of Vorgin so hard he floated. Later, when Vorgin was about to finish Garcian, he stood in place after accidentally seeing a creature so horrid from one of the screens that it froze him on the spot... because he liked it.

Blood, Chaos & Justice[edit | edit source]

  1. Robert
  2. Richtofen
  3. Francis York Morgan
  4. Dante
  5. Komaeda Nagito
  6. George Jackman
  7. Apollo Justice
  8. Arkantos
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2k22
  • Contendership: Literal Jobber Championship
  • Stage: V3irtual Arena
  • Elimination
  • First-Blood
  • 8-way

Wrestler Elimination Details
Edward Richtofen + Dante Robert 'tofen grabbed Robert while Dante delivered an airborne kick to the head
Dante Nagito Komaeda dropkick while Hopeman was preparing to end Richtofen
Edward Richtofen Arkantos
Francis York Morgan Edward Richtofen
Francis York Morgan somehow made himself bleed during the animation of slamming someone into a ringside post where his head barely scrapped against it
Dante Apollo Justice
George Jackman Dante purest fucking strike
George Jackman Winner

Somehow, Dante jumped from the top rope but ended under Apollo and ref cringed.

Arkantos sawdusts himself after seeing >Shadman in one of the screens and proceeding to throw himself outside the ring. Tofen finds the situation amusing.

Then, SOMEHOW, York threw Jackman into the ringpost and made himself bleed effectively eliminating himself by his own move. A detailed examination reveals the blood suddenly appearing as Jackman does a fast hand motion, meaning he could have been incriminated thanks to the null window of time to confirm or even suspect such a thing in the minuscule amount of time the spot takes place. An impressive 300IQ move on part of George's quick thinking.

In the end, the force of Jackman's strike that eliminated Dante was so strong that blood reached the camera (and then Dante no-sold it).

SSS rank match.

Real American Martial Arts[edit | edit source]

  1. The Real AmericansSenator Armstrong (0) & Third Carlos (2)
  2. Gregory Edgeworth (2) & Narushima Koga (2)
Iconic Match
  • Game: WWE 2k22
  • Contendership: Undisputed Tag-Team Championship
  • Stage: V3irtual Arena
  • Tornado-Tag
  • Ironman 20'
  • Tables

Wrestler Fall Details
Gregory Edgeworth Gregory Edgeworth not counted
Third Carlos ×2
Narushima Koga Senator Armstrong
Third Carlos Narushima Koga the table was on the floor folded, but still broke
Narushima Koga Third Carlos
Third Carlos Narushima Koga
Team Gregory Edgeworth Winner

The match was filled with bizarre but funny shit by Greg and Koga's shenanigans.45 seconds into the match, Greg dived over the top rope, falling in top of Carlos and bouncing out of the now hurt Carlos into a table (which wasn't counted as a point). And Koga laughed at it from behind.

Greg got 2 points against Carlos practically one after another. Koga also broke himself into a table with the tip of his shoe while attacking Armstrong, which unsurprisingly wasn't counted.

When Carlos was about to score with Koga, Greg tried to play smart and knocked down the table, but that only prompted Carlos to hit Koga with such force that it shattered through the folded, completely flat table. Brutal.

Then, when Koga was down and Carlos was getting up, Greg got onto the top rope, prompting Carlos to rush into attacking him; but before it could could connect, Greg swiftly jumped far away leaving Carlos with no way to avoid hitting his fist into the corner, and then the now fully recovered Koga attacked from behind and delivered powerful kicks as Greg safely landed and rolled before rushing to aid Koga. A superb combination strategy showing the true power of their team. Koga even oversold when one of Greg's kick accidentally brushed him, throwing himself outside the ring.

5-Way of Beasts[edit | edit source]

  1. Lucid
  2. HUNK
  3. Jacket
  4. Sinbad
  5. Sakakura Juzo
  • Game: WWE 2k22
  • Contendership: /v/ World Championship
  • Stage: V3irtual Arena
  • Extreme Rules
  • 5-way

Wrestler Elimination
Sakakura Juzo Jacket
Sakakura Juzo Winner

SmackDown Preview Next Week[edit | edit source]

  1. Saihara Shuichi
  2. Vacant
  • Game: WWE 2k22
  • Singles

Saihara Shuichi Winner