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Operation: Gatecrasher[edit | edit source]

Pictured left to right: Wesker, Sam, Nero, and Sminem
Operatives: Jetstream SamNero 'Dead Weight' SpardaAlbert Wesker, Boy Sminem

Date: March 1, 2035

TFR losses: Wesker was wounded and had to spend 24 days resting

Bog losses: 1 Statue and 6 Bog Troopers

  • The Final Resistance bombed a Bog statue
  • Sam got a participation promotion for playing the objective and planting the bomb
  • Dead Weight got 1 Kill  with a Critical hit on a Bog Troop that got his cover destroyed by Wesker and moved furthest
  • Wesker got 1 Bog Troop Kill with a Frag Grenade, 1 Kill on the last Bog Troop and was most under fire
  • Sminem got 3 Bog Troop Kills with Breaching Charges, avoided getting shot even after Janny left him out of Cover and made the most attacks

Downtime[edit | edit source]

  • Dead Weight was promoted from Devil Hunter to Squaddie and became a Corpsman
  • Sam was promoted from Mercenary to Squaddie and became a Weapon Specialist
  • Wesker was promoted from Researcher to Squaddie and became a Grenadier
  • Sam and Sminem gained a Bond
    Sam and Sminem's Bond

Operation: Diamond Fist[edit | edit source]

Raiden (MG)

OperativesLarry 'Pixy' Foulke , Tohru Adachi , John 'Jim Milton' Marston , Jack 'Raiden'

Date: March 8, 2035

TFR losses: Adachi was wounded and had to spend 8 days resting

Bog losses: Important documents, 7 Bog Troopers and 2 Bogoids killed

  • Members of Chat hacked into the Bog database and Bogs deployed squads to DUMP EET, TFR sent in a squad to gather the intel
  • Pixy got 1 Bog Troop Kill with a Frag Grenade, 1 Bog Troop kill where he clipped through a wall, and 1 Bog Troop Kill through half-cover
  • Adachi got 1 Bog Troop Kill with Flanking, shot by a Bogged Marston, resisted Bogoid control twice, then Flanked the Bogoid, put down the other Bogoid, moved the furthest, was the most under fire, and was
  • Marston got Bogged by a Bogoid, killed 1 ZomBog, resisted Bogoid control and was dabbing before janny changed his pose
  • Raiden killed 1 ZomBog (which immediately got revived again ), dodged gunfire from a Bogged Marston, killed another ZomBog, then whiffed a point blank shot, getting the most attacks and violating the Geneva Convention by executing a Bog Trooper in the mission's group photo (even though he fucking whiffed the point blank execution)

Downtime[edit | edit source]

Pictured: Wesker and Raiden getting drinks from Kirigiri while Sam and Sminem talk in the background
  • After losing the rank of 2nd Lieutenant for unknown reasons, Pixy was promoted to Squaddie and became a Sniper
  • Adachi was promoted from Detective to Squaddie and became a Sharpshooter
  • John Marston was promoted from Rancher to Squaddie and became a Ranger
  • Raiden was promoted from Mercenary to Squaddie and became a Ranger
  • Agent 47 contacted TFR, revealing that he has disguised himself as a Bog for multiple years and is now siphoning funds to TFR

Operation: Purple Wolf[edit | edit source]


Operatives: Sq. Raiden , Kyoko '???' Kirigiri , Sq. SamEdward 'The Doctor' Richtofen

Date: March 15, 2035

TFR losses: OP's respect for Richtofen

Shithead losses: 29 Shitheads killed

  • 2 important Members of Chat found themselves stranded in Shithead(The Lost) territory and TFR sent in a squad to extract the pair
  • Raiden Headshot 10 Shitheads, cut down 2 more, and carried The Boy With The Bandana  out of a horde of Shitheads, and got literally every in-game accolade, cementing himself as the protagonist of Off-Season 1
  • Kirigiri Killed 2 Shitheads
  • Sam Killed 5 Shitheads, laughing like a madman,  then Killed 3 more for fun and hit another with a grenade (it unfortunately lived) on his way out of the mission area
  • Richtofen killed 4 Shitheads, missed 5 shots out of 10 on literal zombies standing up out of cover then dabbed during the photo anyways,  beginning the legendary OP-Richtofen Feud and instantly making him a Fan-Favorite

Downtime[edit | edit source]

  • Sq. Raiden was promoted to Corporal
  • Kirigiri was promoted from Schoolgirl to Squaddie and became a Point Man
  • Richtofen was promoted from Scientist to Squaddie and became a Operator

Operation: Steel Strike[edit | edit source]

John Marston

Operatives: Sq. Sam , Sq. Dead WeightSq. Sminem , Sq. Marston

Date: March 21, 2035

TFR losses: 1 Normie got executed by a Bog Trooper

Bog losses: The Chosen Warlock, 3 Bogoids, 3 Bog Troopers, 1 Extra

  • Claire Redfield was skyping with White Ref and Janny when Bogships came in with heavy artillery to DUMP EET right on her TFR base, TFR immediately sent a squad to kill all Bog scum in the vicinity and save as many Normies as possible
  • The Chosen Warlock made his first appearance by coping every single time one of the Bogs died by pretending that he meant it to happen, pretending that all his wiffs didn't happen, and reading off a /pol/ copypasta on human inferiority when Marston cut down the Trooper he just teleported into the fight and when Sam hit the zombie he just summoned with a grenade,  he died after taking a grenade from Sam, 2 shots from Sminem, and Shotgun blast from Marston
  • Sam killed 1 Bog Trooper and was the most under fire
  • Dead Weight got Bogged by a Bogoid on the first Bog turn but resisted the second attempt to control him and moved furthest
  • Sminem killed 1 Bog Trooper and 1 Bogoid, and made the most attacks
  • Marston cut down the Bogoid Bogging Dead Weight and a Bog Trooper, shot 1 Spectral zombie summoned by Chosen Warlock, 1 Extra,  and Chosen Warlock, and dealt the most damage

Downtime[edit | edit source]

  • Sq. Sam was promoted to Corporal
  • Sq. Dead Weight was promoted to Corporal
  • Sq. Sminem was promoted to Corporal
  • Sq. Marston was promoted to Corporal
  • Crew Cut , JC Denton , and Nagito Komaeda were recruited
  • The Rogue Bogs were contacted and Nemesis was recruited as a Squaddie
  • Todd Howard was promoted from Skyrim Salesman to Squaddie and became a Specialist
  • Goro Majima was promoted from Yakuza to Squaddie and became an Akimbo

Operation: Shadow Wheel[edit | edit source]

Nagito Komaeda

Operatives: Cpl. Raiden , Sq. Majima , Sq. Nemesis , and Nagito Komaeda

Date: March 29, 2035

  • TFR found a Bog relay with a hole in its defenses and seized the opportunity
  • TFR losses: Raiden was wounded and had to spend 16 days resting  Majima was wounded and had to spend 8 days resting
  • Bog losses: 1 Bog Priest, 5 Bog Troopers 2 Bogoids 1 Bog Officer, and 1 Bog relay
  • Raiden killed 1 Bog Stun Lancer, 1 Bog Trooper, destroyed the relay, and moved the furthest
  • Majima killed 1 Bog Trooper, 1 Bog Officer, 1 Bogoid, dealt the most damage and was most under fire
  • Nemesis pretty much just had his turns wasted by Janny trying to postion him with the grapple hook
  • Komaeda killed 1 Bog Priest, 1 Bogoid, 2 Bog Troopers and made the most attacks

Downtime[edit | edit source]

  • Cpl. Raiden was promoted to Sergeant
  • Sq. Majima was promoted to Corporal
  • Nagito Komaeda was promoted from Stepping Stone to Squaddie and became a Technician