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NMS (New Millennium Special, sometimes referred to as New Millenium Special or New Millennium Rumble) is a Wrestling Federation hosted on by MimiHanaka, a brand separate from The Final Rumble. It's most notable difference is the use of The Sims 4 for lore.

Description[edit | edit source]

A trait unique to NMS is it's use of The Sims 4 for it's lore.

The New Millennium Special originated as a two night event hosted on January 9th, 2022 & January 16th, 2022, and featured a myriad of characters originating from a wide variety of racing games, strategy games, and properties of yesteryear. The 2 night special featured a limited amount of lore, giving some basic background for Season 1, which would be announced for December 29th, 2023 January 29th, 2023.

The story takes place in a fictional version of the American Midwest, centering around a small town called South Harteria (Referred by its citizens as Sharteria). Overwhelmed by the amount of debt the town owes to the state, the town is one day approached by the Amazon Corporation to purchase the entire town and level it to turn it into an Amazon Warehouse. This idea is resisted by several of the town's inhabitants, who band together to form the New Millennium Special to raise money for the small town.

The last match of the second night of the 2022 Special, Amazon approaches the New Millennium Special and offers an all-or-nothing 3v3 match between South Harteria's best wrestlers and Amazon contract wrestlers. The fight ends in a victory of the New Millennium Special, which results in Amazon being kicked out of South Harteria.

Season 1 takes place directly after the defeat of Amazon, centering around the growth of the town and the New Millennium Special, and the continued efforts of Amazon to subdue it.

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season 1
NMS/Season 1
Season 1 begins after the defeat of Amazon's warriors. The New Millennium Special is able to continue in the small town of South Harteria, and continues to grow.