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The Nation of Ingerland is a location in TFR.

Description[edit | edit source]

A nation on a remote island south of Africa, sometimes called the "sound of Africa".

It's inhabitants are fond of the sport of Lacrosse, and are as close to british people you can get outside of britain.

A large movement in Ingerland is Yeagerism, with many Ingerlandians moving to Coolsville to follow its leader, Eren Yeager.

They also really hate those fookin wops.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Erwin Smith's Wrestling Dungeon

History[edit | edit source]

The would-be Ingerlandians took over the island of Madagascar and built their colony at the request of their king. Years passed and the island was all that remained of their kingdom.

TFR/Season 7[edit | edit source]

Walter White and Jesser arrive to Ingerland and break into Cam on Ingerland's RV.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Erwin Smith the 2nd, a prominent wrestler of the local Ingerland promotion, issues an open challenge, which is featured all around Ingerland's capital with posters plastered in every wall.

Maximillion Pegasus and Kaiba Seto arrive to Ingerland seeking Erwin Smith, and briefly meet with another person originating from the land, "Mr. Beast", who is recording scenic views for his youtube channel while covering and collaborating with the local promotion. After heading to the match, Pegasus is disgusted from meeting a cheap successor, until meeting Ryuki Kuruto, a former member of "Erwin Smith's Wrestling Dungeons" who offers Pegasus directions. Leading him to Erwin's home, at first he thinks they got the wrong person when an unknown woman comes out, until learning she's Erwin's widow, and Erwin has already passed of old age. The woman was left with a note intended for Pegasus, which quickly recounted Erwin's entire life as a master wrestler and then wrestling mentor, up until remember his past memories when nearing the end of his life. He wrote this note not only to shine clarity on Pegasus' lack of answers but to let him known the result of the gamble... and also a last request, which is finishing the training of his last pupil, Ryuki Kuruto.

Too little selling, too much hurry, Ryuki tries to imitate Pegasus but he is neither at that level nor has he paid enough dues to pull that off. For the time being, Pegasus calls it there, silently becoming more annoyed as Ryuki claims he'll use the spare time to come up with "cool new moves", as if wrestling was all about that. At such lack of understanding of ring psychology, Pegasus questions his efforts and its capacity to bear fruit on such "soil", admitting he's not a qualified teacher for the task with his attitude towards "newcomers"... but he can't give up because of the fundamental reason behind all this... He decides to take a break, and leaves Erwin's training grounds. In town. Pegasus comes across "Mr. Beast" again, who assumes he must have liked the land, and although Pegasus agrees it's a nice place, it's put him through the kind of hard time that has him reevaluating his perceptions and values, and even his entire life. After hearing that, Zeke offers to help since there's this new venture he's investing on, but Pegasus fundamentally rejects the offer since this is task he needs to tackle head-on. Zeke is disappointed, but on the meantime says he'll be on his way to his next destination, since he's recording videos all over the world, although hectic, had him deal with and learn from all sorts of locals and things. Just then "Erwin Smith II" passes by with Zeke's crew, enraging Pegasus at the mere sight, which prompts Zeke to explain they hired him since they were short on staff―their production is global so they need a lot of people, and local talent is a perfect fit so they hire a ton of it. Either way, Zeke notices how dedicated Pegasus is to Erwin, and wonders where it'll take him next, saying a quick goodbye and leaving. From Zeke's words, Pegasus births an idea: maybe what Ryuki needs is exactly that sort of learning.

Pegasus isn't having any luck with Ryuki's training, so he decides to call a break and strolls through the town, thinking about how it's put him through the kind of hardship that makes one reevaluate perceptions, values, and even his entire life. He runs into "Mr. Beast" again who offers him help on this venture he's working, on but Pegasus fundamentally rejects as it's his own task. Zeke gets on his way to his next destination with his staff, which includes "Erwin Smith II" since he hires tons of local staff for the production requirements of his project, and leaves the parting words that he wonders where Pegasus' dedication to Erwin will take him next, which gives Pegasus a good idea on how to teach Ryuki proper wrestling.