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The main protagonist of I⊃:INVΛ⊃≡⊃.

Brilliant Detective[edit | edit source]

The original "brilliant detective", he traverses the ID wells of serial killers in an endless loop to try to uncover the truth behind the murder of Kaeru.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

An ex-detective who used to work for the police, he takes an interest in wrestling as his alter-ego "Sakaido".

Episode 1

Debuts in a match against Okabe Rintarou.

Episode 2

As he awakens without knowing his last name, Shingo reminds Sakaido that they are in a tag team together since 15 minutes ago and they need to head to the ring.

Episode 3

Once again awakens and is reminded by Shingo that they are a tag team, and did great when racing on Mount Myogi. Now they have a championship match up next and he better remember their strategy.

Episode 7

After The Disaster that rumbled the world, Narihisago was never able to become Sakaido again.

Him and Shingo go looking for "The Janitor".

Episode 8[edit | edit source]

Narihisago Akihito, working late one night after becoming a wrestler, finds The Janitor attacking his daughter, who brutally murdered her to prove "Cunny isn't real".

His friend Shingo would later go visit Narihisago's house while he went to buy a gift to cheer his wife after the fact, and found her bleeding out in the bathtub. Shingo raced to the hospital, but couldn't make it.

Shingo accompanied Narihisago to avenge both of them, and after Narihisago defeated and fatally shot The Janitor, he told him that he can finally forgive himself, because his accident while rushing to the hospital wasn't his fault, and Shingo vanishes.

Episode 10

During the Resistance Christmas Party, still can't stop thinking about his family and Shingo's sacrifice. When the exits close and the Troubleshooters go on a mad rampage, he, Okabe Rintarou, and No More Vidya end up facing The Split and The 92th Reich. He can't let Shingo's sacrifice go in vain and pushes himself to the limit, being a hair away from victory, but M'Rizen overpowers him and wins the match. They are executed.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

Narihisago Akihito is a young detective who works large shifts and despite loving his family, rarely sees them.

Episode 3

One night, horrible scenes flash through his mind, indescribable things are done to his family.

This pushes him to start working out and spending more time with them. However, after months of workout, he still has nothing to show for it.

One day, he meets a powerful looking man. The man offers him a demonstration, and the match is so intense that he comes out of it having got a clue. Narihisago thanks "Kiryu" deeply for this.

Episode 8

After getting ripped and having enough training, Narihisago decided to prove himself in the ring. In a chaotic match, his sturdy body resisted all blows, becoming the #1 contender for the KoJ title after defeating his rapist and a weeb.

Episode 9[edit | edit source]

He faces the Red Swordsman, Adol Christin, as his opponent in a fierce match for the title. If it weren't for him remembering Kiryu's teaching he wouldn't have lasted, but even then Adol was no pushover and had scouted his technique beforehand and was prepared for most of his moves, so near the end of his rope, Narihisago had to pull out something else he had learned from Kiryu, and ended the match by using his Dragon Bomb which Adol couldn't see coming, taking the title from the surprise move.

Episode 11

Against a towering opponent like Kane's Potemkin, Narihisago somehow manages to prevail.

Episode 14

Meanwhile, having learned of Hazz Maticus' true intentions, Leon Kennedy and Fred Jones inform Kiryu's friends and along The Cagist, Date Kaname and Suou Katsuya arrive to the top of Coolsville Hills in an helicopter, just after Hazz is done explaining how he hid his past in his son, artificially aged himself, and faked his own death. Before Hazz can end Kiryu, Leon and Fred drop down and confront him, as Kiryu is taken away in the helicopter. Hazz's presidential guard of 4 S.W.A.T. Members challenges them, but, they are mowed down by the paranormal patrol, and at last Hazz fights them directly with the S.W.A.T. Captain. Despite all this power, his plan, his gun, and his complex old age, Hazz couldn't stop Leon and Fred from ending his reign and saving China, not only because they had apple juice and a dilapidated van, but comrades by their side; Kiryu Kazuma... Suou Katsuya... Date Kaname... Shoji Shingo... Majima Goro and his brother... Warden Osborne... Officer Joe... Osama bin Laden... Kasai Tatsuyoshi... Van Darkholme... The Cagist... Hanyuu... Extra... Vergil... Dante... HUNK... Zagreus... Ryback, Chris Masters, Sheamus... Narihisago Akihito... Zoomer... Tomitake Jirou... Hassan and Kojima... Chuck... and Gregory Edgeworth... all irreplaceable people whose bonds have carried them to defeat him.

Narihisago and Micah Bell hear Deid Mann's announcement on TV about a future new wrestling federation being founded to help the recently unemployed by the TFR scandal.

Narihisago thinks of joining, but Micah is worried that TFR has the Mr. America gimmick trademarked....

The Dark Web Rumble[edit | edit source]

Wrestles in TDKR to obtain some extra income for his family.

Episode 4

Becomes TDKR champion by defeating Bevi.

Episode 5

Loses the title to a serial pure-striker.

Season 7[edit | edit source]

Makes it into Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling, and meets a racer whom he hits it off with for some reason. Feels like they've met before...

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Okabe Rintarou Win
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Tornado-Tag Persona

Sakaido & Shingo Shoji

W2 L0 2
1 0 P
The Daily Dose

Sakaido & Shingo Shoji

W2 L1 1
1 1 P
For Title: /v/ Tag-Team
The Janitor Win
W3 L1 2
2 1 P
W2 L0 2
2 0 P
Note: Revenge for his daughter
The Split & The 92th Reich

No More Vidya & Okabe Rintarou & Sakaido

W3 L2 1
2 2 P
Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Rokkenjimania II
Manuel & Powerful T, Burgerberg Q-taro & Satou Gashu, Shoji Shingo & Narihisago Akihito Lose
W3 L3 0
2 3 P
Royal Rumble
  1. Sneed
  2. Kaidou Shun
  3. Delta
  4. Ushiromiya Battler
  5. Jayden
  6. Jevil
  7. Eren Yeager
  8. Gregory Edgeworth
  9. Gokuhara Gonta
  10. Jacopo Bearzatti
  11. Morgana
  12. Emperor
  13. Rakesh Kumar Orton
  14. Zeussu
  15. Extra
  16. Apollo Justice
  17. YandereDev
  18. Fatlus
  19. Our Black Friend
  20. Narihisago Akihito
  21. Deid Mann
  22. Store Manager
  23. Shinguji Korekiyo
  24. Hagakure Yasuhiro
  25. Mishina Eikichi
  26. Nanjo Kei
  27. Saihara Shuichi
  28. Manuel
  29. Ushiromiya Kinzo
  30. Bevi
W3 L4 -1
2 3 P
Elimination #19
Fatal 4-Way Morgana, The Brawler, Narihisago Akihito, Regigigas Lose
W3 L5 -2
2 3 P
Champion Bevi Win
W4 L5 -1
3 3 P
W3 L0 3
3 0 P
For Title: TDKR
Extreme Rules
2/3 Falls
Susuhara Suzumu (2-1) Lose
W4 L6 -2
4 5 P
W3 L1 2
4 2 P
Kaidou Shun, Narihisago Akihito, Mishina Eikichi, Amami Rantaro, Regigigas Lose
W4 L7 -3
4 5 P
Tag-Team Shoji Shingo & Narihisago Akihito

Mafia City

W4 L8 -4
4 6 P
Royal Rumble
  1. Gale
  2. Albert Wesker
  3. Kubota Zen
  4. Chuck
  5. Leo Shishigami
  6. Takahashi Ryosuke
  7. Mario
  8. Delta
  9. Tonegawa Yukio
  10. Ruber
  11. Yuki Makoto
  12. Fatlus
  13. Charles
  14. Store Manager
  15. Jevil
  16. Aniki
  17. Adam Jensen
  18. Richter
  19. The Father
  20. Sigma Klim
  21. Francis York Morgan
  22. Shoji Shingo
  23. Hisoka
  24. Narihisago Akihito
  25. Arthur Morgan
  26. The Brawler
  27. Ricardo Milos
  28. Cabanela
  29. YandereDev
  30. Eren Yeager
W4 L9 -5
4 6 P
For Title: Literal Who #1 Contender

Elimination #19

Tournament Kyle Hyde Lose
W4 L10 -6
4 7 P
W3 L2 1
4 3 P
Tag-Team Narihisago Akihito & Shoji Shingo

The Circus

W4 L11 -7
4 7 P
Extreme Rules
Ricardo Milos, Manuel Calavera, Narihisago Akihito Lose
W4 L12 -8
4 8 P
「Tournament Qualifiers」
→Qualifiers Phase 2
17?-Man Royal Rumble
Full List Lose Note: Crashed
Kubota Zen Win Note: Every match laster 40 minutes on average
Sam Stone Win
Sugimoto Saichi Win
Jonesy, Stork, The Father, Narihisago Akihito Win
Royal Rumble Full List Lose
W4 L13 -9
4 8 P
For Title: Literal Jobber #1 Contender
Agent 47, Stork, Zagreus, Regigigas, Narihisago Akihito Lose
Suzuki Taichi Win
W4 L14 -10
4 9 P
W3 L3 0
4 4 P
Stork, Zagreus, Robert, Simon Blackquill, Raiden, Narihisago Akihito, Komaeda Nagito, Central Win
W5 L14 -9
4 9 P
For Title: King of Jobbers #1 Contender

Note: Narihisago got raped by Central in a corner as the rest of the wrestlers saw in fear.

Note: Narihisago tried to get ignored by kneeling breathing heavily while others fought, but Raiden kicked him and sent him flying.
Falls Count Anywhere Champion Adol Christin Win
W6 L14 -8
5 9 P
W4 L3 1
5 4 P
For Title: King of Jobbers
Potemkin Win
W7 L14 -7
6 9 P
W5 L3 2
6 4 P
Tag-Team TFR Champion Maximillion Pegasus & KoJ Champion Narihisago Akihito

KoJ Contender Sakakura Juzo & TFR Contender Bevi

W7 L15 -8
6 10 P
Falls Count Anywhere Sakakura Juzo Lose
W7 L16 -9
6 11 P
W5 L4 1
6 5 P
For Title: King of Jobbers

Gallery[edit | edit source]