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    A place of legend, the desolate arena with but none a soul spectating its matches, WWE's NXT.

    Description[edit | edit source]


    WWE's developmental brand that will create and develop talent so it can move forward to the main roster, but also formidably stand on it's own, and it even had plans to TakeOver the world with it's wrestling. At least that's what it was supposed to be until Triple H and Steph brought it to the ground. Now it's known as a joke that even Vince likes to play with, which has caused Haitch's heart to give in and try to kill him to save him the embarrassment.

    To bury it even further, Steph came up with a hellish construct known as "The Coliseum's Cage" based on Triple H's personal cage that she makes sure he's wearing at all times, even turned the entire place into one giant cage, and along with her pushing on Haitch to create the "NXT Rules" where every match must be 2/3 KO, have brought the place even lower. So, in a stroke of genius, Triple H decided he would use his connections to start amassing information from Coolsville's CCTV cameras as well as NXT's hired homeless people wrestlers collecting it, then brokering it from within the cage to attract potential visitors, and would make them fight in his coliseum for their desired info to generate dimes. He eventually came to be known as "The Cagist" thanks to it, but this only served to further reduce the place's reputation.

    It also has a karaoke bar backstage, which Haitch used to ease the pain when Steph first began locking him.

    The place is so empty, that an unnatural aura of solitude has begun manifesting inside, with the few people to walk into the place exclaiming that they felt intense feelings of emptyness and an instant desire to vacate before the nothingness consumed them.

    History[edit | edit source]

    NXT was founded shortly after Triple H was done with Evolution, and left the group to become The Cagist.

    As Coolsville's premier info brokering location, NXT has had lasting business relationships with Coolsville's numerous mafias, most importantly with the Sonozaki Family's patriarch, and Cagist becoming a friend of Kiryu Kazuma after he helped his daughter.

    TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

    When the legendary dragon, a drunk asshole, some trap-fetishist, a rich oldfart's grandson, and a trainee martial arts jobber decide to fight in NXT, it receives its' first dimes surge in a while, totaling in 0.4 dimes generated from the short time the fighters glanced at the arena while walking for their own matches, and Kiryu using the karaoke.

    Kiryu gets to main event by defeating Evil Itself, and then gets challenged by Evolution's Masters Family patriarch, but after his defeat, he reveals a secret about the very leader of NXT, The Cagist. Meanwhile, after a certain photographer leaves Fred and Leon to the Cagist, he comes to them with one final request, provided by Steph: to draw a single dime, or Hunter's cage will be locked extra tight for an extra month. Fortunately, they managed it thanks to Tomitake returning to watch their match.

    Desperate with NXT at the border of cancellation since Vince fires any new hire one, Cagist consults "Alpha" Chris Redfield and figures a way to draw the required dimes: A tournament made by the King of Kings himself, the King of /v/ Tournament, in which the winner will get any information that they so desire. The plan was a success and there were more persons present at NXT than never before since ages past.

    The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

    As Amakusa Elite Wrestling gains a stronger foothold, NXT starts losing whatever dimes they gained, with all their usual suspects being suctioned away.

    Soon enough, Kiryu returns once again to the desolate cage of information. Awaiting in his office is Hunter Hearst Helmsley, as always. Kiryu expected Cagist to already know he was coming for Date Kaname, but what he wasn't expecting is The Cagist to also wonder if he also came for Big Pussy―a platinum hostess of Chuck's and 'friend' of Date that Kiryu never got to properly converse with—and someone whose a tragic fate has befallen, if Cagist is bringing him up like that. But there's more, as one of Coolsville's "safe havens" and the city's most dear emblem, has been compromised. Not even Cagist's cameras can capture the Black Knight, but the midcarders' talk tells that it is still lurking nearby, preying near the tower's alleyways accompanied by someone that looked like Date. For Mizuki's sake, he must put a stop to this... but first, he'll need to pay for the info in The Coliseum's Cage against a dangerous opponents that likes lengthy matches—and one of NXT's last faithful wrestlers—Topik Theory, although with little time to lose, Kiryu hopes to change his mind on that.

    TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

    Captain Soap's corpse is found in the NXT arena, a perfect place for a murder without witnesses.

    Living Beings who Visited NXT[edit | edit source]

    Known NXT Wrestlers[edit | edit source]

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