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"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'M GONNA KMS" ― OP when his internet upload speed is 0kb/s

The ISP of OP, known by many names; the Destroyer of Streams, the Showstopper, or the NETstroyer.. Always ruins fucking kino finales with lags, freezes, and frame rate drops all over the place.

As with its younger brother Skynet, NET is sentient and seeks to fuck OP over for its own sadistic pleasures.

The Sadistic Broadband Provider[edit | edit source]

NET started operations by Brazil's Roberto Marinho family's part of their Rede Globo empire. In March 2005, Embratel, a subsidiary of Mexico's Telmex, took a controlling stake in NET, paying 570 million reais.

The company announced in late 2006 that it would buy Vivax, then the nation's second-largest cable company. The transaction was approved in May 2007 and completed in June 2007. Rollout of the Net brand in Vivax areas was completed in December 2007.

On 10 August 2010, NET became the first cable operator in Brazil to offer all the Discovery Latin America channels: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, People+Arts, Discovery Travel & Living, Discovery Home & Health, Discovery Science, Discovery Civilization, Discovery Turbo, HD Theater and TLC.

Nowadays they spend most their time torturing OP by throttling his internet and gas lighting him by saying its an issue on his end, they also try to him to keep quiet by tempting him with the promise of a depressed customer service lady's cunny.

Originally, they were employed by The Bogdanoffs to have his streams BOGGED like during early Season 1, but once they were defeated their power started diminishing and they had to find another contractor; that's when Big Show enters and offers his alliance with the single goal to destroy TFR broadcasts. As one who could crash both streams AND games, just a single WEEEEEEEEEELL soon became enough to send shivers into any rumble streamer, as he started attacking TCR as well. When their combined power wasn't cutting it anymore, Nakamura Shinsuke shows up to delay OP's and GnOP's game each time they had to boot up post-crash to 25 whole minutes. Soon enough, most rumbles cowered in fear at their combined might.

Apparently, as Janny confirmed by his own account, they have giant mechs called NETGEARS that they send to disrupt signals and use concentrated wifi to kill people (still a good source of free wifi if you are a few kilometers away). It seems he was targeted by them due to being a friend of OP.

An ally of them known as COMCAST is currently focused in its task to destroy TSR, but rarely also annoys G1 and other rumbles from the lands of "freedom".

Notable NETenings[edit | edit source]

  • S3E5: After NET delayed the stream, OP put Hopeman against Big Show to see if he should stream the episode.
  • S3E8.2: Absolutely destroyed the stream when OP tried to start the finale, being hardly able to stream a wrestler's full entrance without the stream dying and had to delay by 2 days.
  • S4E11: SMASHED and SLAMMED his connection so hard he put Hopeman against Despair Priest and only would start the stream if it got 60 viewers, which it did just as Hopeman won. Afterwards it got so bad that he tried to use a wifi hotspot (and failed), tried to steal his uncle Quinzo's internet (and failed), and was reduced to a gibbering man-ape until his internet decided to return at 3AM and he continued the stream after most of the viewers already fucked off.
  • After a long period of inactivity where OP enjoyed having lag free streams, NET came back with a vengeance and absolutely raped OP's internet before he could even start a stream and preventing him from streaming at all for the entire day.