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The Director, owner, and heir of the WWE empire. Until that happened.

Satan's Role Model[edit | edit source]

Descendant of "Jess" McMahon, Vince McMahon Jr., his father, left with his brother Rod McMahon, so Vince didn't know of his inheritance and lived with his mother Victoria H. Askew as "Vinnie Lupton" with his stepfather Leo Lupton. His grandfather would beat his mother and him when he tried to defend her, but died before, in his own words, "It is unfortunate that he died before I could kill him. I would have enjoyed that".

He first met his father at the age of 12, and followed on his steps, but he was forbidden by his father since "promoters did not appear on the show and should stay apart from their wrestlers". Disappointed, he became a traveling salesman until 1969, when his father offered his spot of commentator in his Capitol Wrestling Corporation, and eventually acquired control of it in 1982 from his ailing father, who died 2 years later.

Renaming it to World Wrestling Federation, he engaged in territory wars with other regional wrestling promotions, stealing stars, and even recruited Hulk Hogan. WWF quickly grew, to the legendary event of Hulk Hogan VS. Andre the Giant. However, WWF was losing the battle to World's Championship Wrestling, Vince had to make a dark turn to save WWF, so he caused the Montral Screwjob, where he denied the Title to Heavyweight Champion Brew Hart who had signed to leave to CWC soon, by ordering the ref to count him out in a Sharpshooter submission hold in which he hadn't submitted. McMahon, who until then was just Vince and not indulged in the wrestling itself, became known as the evil "Mr. McMahon". His plan had worked, as soon after CWC and Extreme Championship Wrestling were absorbed into WWF, leaving him as the supreme ruler of wrestling. However, Stone Cold Steve Austin had called him out when he outed that Gorilla Monsoon was "just a puppet" and that Mr. McMahon was pulling all the strings. When Owen Hart was attacked by Steve Austin, when 5 "cops" appeared McMahon slowly walked to him and said "You could not physically compete", but Steve nevertheless attacked McMahon with a Stone Cold Stunner, which surprised Mahon as he wasn't expecting for him to actually follow suit, he was arrested after by the cops.

McMahon called Mike Tyson to the ring for a major announcement, but before McMahon could make the announcement Austin interrupted and confronted Tyson culminating with WWE security and Tyson's entourage intervening and separating both men. McMahon was incensed by Austin's actions screaming "YOU RUINED IT" and had to be held back from attacking Austin himself. A week later, Austin called out McMahon incensed by Tyson's alignment with Michaels. Austin verbally abused McMahon and attempted to provoke a clearly agitated McMahon into hitting him but McMahon left, as McMahon stated Austin would be unable to compete with a broken jaw.

The night after Austin won the WWF title at WrestleMania XIV, McMahon warned of his rebellious nature. Austin delivered the Stone Cold Stunner to McMahon for the second time. It appeared Austin and McMahon were going to battle out their differences, but was declared a no contest when Dude Love interfered. This led to a title match between Dude Love and Austin, for which McMahon attempted to assist Dude Love. Dude Love ultimately did win by DQ when Austin hit McMahon with a chair, but Austin kept the title. In a title rematch, Austin again retained, despite McMahon being the referee and his "Corporate Stooges", Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson, as timekeeper and ring announcer, respectively. While McMahon was incapacitated by an accidental Dude Love chair shot, Austin delivered the Stone Cold Stunner to Love and used McMahon's hand to count his pinfall victory.

McMahon developed a "master plan" to remove the championship from Austin. By employing the services of The Undertaker and Kane "The Brothers of Destruction", McMahon set up a triple threat match for the WWF championship. Austin lost the title after being pinned by both. The following night, McMahon attempted to announce a new WWF Champion. After saying that both deserved to be the WWF Champion, Austin drove a Zamboni into the arena, and attacked McMahon before police officers stopped him, and arrest him. Because The Undertaker and Kane both failed to defend McMahon from Austin, McMahon did not name a new champion, but instead made a match at Judgment Day between The Undertaker and Kane with Austin as the special referee. This prompted The Undertaker and Kane to attack Mr. McMahon, injuring his ankle because he gave them the finger behind their backs. Austin declared himself the winner after counting a double pinfall three count for both men.

McMahon ordered the WWF Championship to be defended in a 14-man tournament named Deadly Games. McMahon made sure that Mankind reached the finals he had visited McMahon in hospital, and McMahon was acting as he if he was helping out Mankind during the match. At one point, The Rock turned his attention to McMahon, and McMahon turned on Mankind and McMahon ordered the referee to ring the bell, thus giving The Rock the WWF Championship. McMahon referred to The Rock as the "Corporate Champion" thus forming The Corporation with his son Shane and The Rock. McMahon participated in a "Corporate Rumble" as an unscheduled participant, but was eliminated by Chyna.

McMahon had put up $100,000 to anyone who could eliminate Austin from the Royal Rumble match. Thanks to help from the Corporation's attack on Austin in the women's bathroom during the match and The Rock distracting Austin, McMahon lifted Austin over the top rope from behind, thus winning the match and earning a title shot at WrestleMania XV against the WWF Champion The Rock. He turned down his spot, however, and WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels awarded it to Austin, which infuriated McMahon. Austin decided to put his title shot on the line against McMahon so he could get a chance to fight Vince in a steel cage match. During the match, Big Show — a future member of The Corporation — interrupted, making his WWF debut. He threw Austin through the side of the cage thus giving him the victory.

The Corporation started a feud with The Undertaker's new faction the "Ministry of Darkness", which led to a storyline where McMahon's daughter Stephanie was kidnapped by The Ministry twice. The first time she was kidnapped, she was found by Ken Shamrock on behalf of McMahon in a basement of the stadium. The second time she was kidnapped, The Undertaker attempted to marry her whilst she was forcefully tied to the Ministry's crucifix, but she was saved by Steve Austin. This angle saw a brief friendship develop between McMahon and Austin, cooling their long running feud. McMahon became a member of the short-lived stable The Union. McMahon's son Shane merged the Corporation with Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness to form The Corporate Ministry. McMahon was revealed as the "Higher Power" behind the Corporate Ministry. This not only reignited McMahon's feud with Austin but also caused a  disgusted Linda and Stephanie McMahon to give their 50% share of the WWF to Austin.

Vince and Shane defeated Austin in a handicap ladder match to regain control of the WWF. While CEO, Austin had scheduled a WWF Championship match, Austin defeated the Undertaker once again to become the WWF Champion. Austin was again scheduled for a match against The Undertaker. If Austin lost, he would be banned from wrestling for the WWF Championship again; if he won, Vince McMahon would be banned from appearing on WWF TV. Austin defeated The Undertaker, and McMahon was banned from WWF TV.

McMahon returned as a Face and won the WWF Championship in a match against Triple H, thanks to outside interference from Austin. He had decided to vacate the title because he was not allowed on WWF TV, however, Stone Cold Steve Austin reinstated him in return for a WWF title shot. Over the next few months McMahon and Triple H feuded due to Triple H's marriage to Stephanie McMahon. The feud culminated when McMahon faced Triple H in a No Holds Barred match which McMahon lost. Afterward, Stephanie turned on him, revealing her true colors. McMahon, along with his son Shane, then disappeared from WWF television, unable to accept the union between Triple H and Stephanie. This left Triple H and Stephanie in complete control of the WWF.

McMahon then began a public extramarital affair with Trish Stratus, much to the disgust of his daughter. However, McMahon and Stephanie humiliated Trish by dumping sewage on her, with McMahon adding that Stephanie will always be "daddy's little girl" and Trish was only "daddy's little toy". McMahon and Stephanie then aligned together against Shane, who'd returned and had enough of Vince's actions in recent months. McMahon lost to Shane after Linda—who had been emotionally abused to the point of a nervous breakdown; the breakdown was caused after Vince demanded a divorce; the breakdown left her helpless as she was deemed unable to continue being CEO of the WWF at the time, giving Vince 100% authority; finally, she was heavily sedated, in the storyline—hit Vince with a low blow.

At this point, several former WCW members formed an alliance to invade and take over WWF, which prompted McMahon to lead the Team WWF. After crushing the other team, Ric Flair declared himself owner, prompting Vince to face him in a Street Fight hat he lost. This caused Vince to lose RAW to him, leaving him with just SmackDown. He surprise-attacked Ric and became the full owner of the now renamed World Wrestling Entertainment. McMahon tried to derail the return of Hulk Hogan but was knocked out by Hogan. McMahon interfered in Hogan's match with The Rock: Hogan had originally won the match as he hit The Rock with a running leg drop, but the lights went out. When the lights came back on, McMahon came to the ringside to distract Hogan. The ref gave The Rock a chair, which he then hit Hogan with. He ended the match with a Rock Bottom to defeat Hogan. This led to McMahon facing Hogan in a match at WrestleMania XIX, which McMahon lost. McMahon then banned Hogan from the ring, but a strange wrestler under the gimmick of "Mr. America" appeared. McMahon tried to prove that Mr. America was Hogan under a mask but failed at these attempts because it would be stupid for Hogan to wear a mask. Hogan later quit WWE and at which point McMahon claimed that he had discovered Mr. America was Hulk Hogan and "fired" him.

McHamon decided that Bischoff was not doing a good job as General Manager of Raw. He started "The Trial of Eric Bischoff" where McMahon served as the judge. Bischoff ended up losing the trial; McMahon "fired" him, and put him in a garbage truck before it drove away. Bischoff stayed gone for months. Bischoff began blasting remarks at McMahon, saying that there would be no McMahon if not for Bischoff's over-the-top rebellious ideas, and that D-Generation X was nothing but a rip off of the New World Order. Vince McMahon and his son Shane defeated Michaels and "God" (characterized by a spotlight) in a No Holds Barred match. The McMahons also allied themselves with the ECW World Champion Big Show in a Hell in a Cell match to take on D-Generation DX. Despite their 3-on-2 advantage, the McMahons lost again to DX thus ending the rivalry.

McMahon started a feud with the Donald Trump, which was featured on major media outlets. Originally Trump wanted to fight McMahon himself but they came to a deal: both men would pick a representative to wrestle at WrestleMania 23 in a Hair vs. Hair match. The man whose wrestler lost would have his head shaved bald. After the contract signing on Raw, Trump pushed McMahon over the table in the ring onto his head after McMahon provoked Trump with several finger pokes to the shoulders. Later at a press conference, McMahon, during a photo opportunity, offered to shake hands with Trump but retracted his hand as Trump put out his. McMahon went on to fiddle with Trump's tie and flick Trump's nose. This angered Trump as he then slapped McMahon across the face. McMahon was then restrained from retaliating by Trump's bodyguards and Bobby Lashley, Trump's representative. At WrestleMania 23, McMahon's representative (Umaga) lost the match. As a result, McMahon's hair was shaved bald.

On June 11, 2007, WWE aired a segment at the end of Raw that featured McMahon entering a limousine moments before it exploded. The show went off-air shortly after, proclaiming that McMahon was "presumed dead". McMahon returned and said that he faked his death, with Stephanie accused of faking mourning while checking her father's last will and testament. Jonathan Coachman informed McMahon of a paternity suit regarding an illegitimate long-lost child, who was revealed in the following weeks as being a male member of the WWE roster. McMahon appeared and was confronted by his family. They were interrupted by Mr. Kennedy, who claimed to be McMahon's "illegitimate son". He was himself interrupted by a lawyer claiming Kennedy was not McMahon's son and that the real son would be revealed the next week on Raw. His illegitimate son was finally revealed as Hornswoggle. After months of "tough love" antics towards Hornswoggle, John "Bradshaw" Layfield revealed that Hornswoggle was not McMahon's son and that he was actually Finlay's son. It turned out that the scam was thought up by Shane, Stephanie and Linda McMahon, along with Finlay. McMahon, confronted special guest host Bret "The Hitman" Hart for the first time since the Montreal Screwjob at 1997, with the intention of burying the hatchet. The two appeared to finally make pace, but after shaking hands, Vince kicked Hart in the groin and left the arena to a loud chorus of boos and the crowd chanting "You screwed Bret! You screwed Bret!".

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

Despite The Final Rumble's huge popularity, Vince still holds a great deal of power with WWE. Some say OP is terrified of a battle with Vince if he goes 100%, and some say they are the same person. Sometimes appears as a guest commentator on TFR matches.

King Vince, Sr. was believed to have summoned Chris Benoit into our world by creating and using the "Mahhon Machine" in his words, as trying to bring forth a wrestler not for this planet for a new promotion.

Episode 4

When Chris Benoit escapes Hell and climbs out of a wrestling ring in the middle of a WWE show, McMahon calls for everything to be shut down immediately, but just then Manny Pardo arrived and threw him back into Hell, saving the show.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

After NXT continues to be such an embarrassment, Vince gave Triple H an ultimatum: draw some goddamn dimes or his life's project is over. He tried to turn NXT into more than wrestling with his information dealing and even changed his name to "The Cagist" but less and less people kept entering the arena, so Vince had enough and fired all of NXT's talent under 6'0 (which is most of them) and would keep firing them night after they were hired. Thus, NXT would need to figure an ultimate way to secure dimes or it would be all over...

Episode 10.2

An apparition in Leon's dream.

TFR/Off-Season 9: Rokkenjimania V[edit | edit source]

When interviewed, Vince explains how HUNK is his favorite wrestler, and when asked who is his least favorite superstar, obviously he has to answer Saihara Shuichi, always standing around with a dumb face and not helping in investigations.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

"Re ur last picture. U need Ur panties ripped off and 3 BIG BLACK DICKS in ALL 3 holes at the same time!!! Way up ur pussey and Way up Ur ass as far as they will go but even farther. And the thickest cock goes down Ur throat so it makes U gag and convulse as those big black cocks pound away it feels like from the start Ur being assaulted but it's made U cum nonstop. Just one continuous constant orgasm and just before U pass out those big black dicks squirt their loads of cum inside U! As U lay on ur stomach the cum is coming out of all Ur holes, i'll turn U over and jack off all over U"

Episode 3

Cedric Alexander invaded the match for mysterious reasons to distract Wayne... THEN Mr. McMahon CAME OUT WITH A CHAIR TO ATTACK MARIO, probably chasing Cedric like a scooby-doo segment.

Feats[edit | edit source]

  • Indirectly causing Triple H to almost die via heart attack.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Royal Rumble
Entry Order
  1. Zombie Benoit
  2. Louis
  3. Maximillion Pegasus
  4. Michael Jordan
  5. Richtofen
  6. Balthios James
  7. Leon S. Kennedy
  8. Albert Wesker
  9. Dutch Van Der Linde
  10. Andrei Ulmeyda
  11. Chris-chan
  12. Big Show
  13. Max Payne
  14. Manny Pardo
  15. Jonathan
  16. Alex Mercer
  17. Goro Majima
  18. Battler Ushiromiya
  19. John Marston
  20. Yosuke Hanamura
  21. Johnny Klebitz
  22. Doomguy
  23. Chris Redfield
  24. Vinnie Mac
  25. Erwin Smith
  26. Walter (SMT)
  27. Diesel
  28. Fred Jones
  29. Garcian Smith
  30. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)
Lose Game: WWE SmackDown Vs RAW 2011

As: Vinnie Mac

Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Rokkenjimania II
Hell in a Cell
OP Lose
NON-CANON Supporting Zoomer Ref
Vince McMahon×4
Lose Rokkenjimania II
Note: The match was artificially slowed down to like 15fps. It lasted 3hs and had it's first pin after 2, then last three pins were during a span of 15mins.
Steel Cage
2/3 Falls
Triple Rika (1-2) Win
W1 L0 1
0 0 P
As: Vinceua
Hell in a Cell
OP Win Rokkenjimania III』– Rokkenjima Restoration Arc
Royal Rumble
Full List
Lose Rokkenjimania III』– Electric Rumble Boogaloo Arc
Game: WWE Wrestlemania XIX
Extreme Rules
Kiryu Kazuma Win Note: Vince summoned one of his goons, Damien Priest, to attack Kiryu.
NON-CANON Logan Paul Win
Rando, George Jackman, Mr. McMahon, Samoa Joe, Raiden, Saihara Shuichi, Chinman, Arkantos Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Ladder Arc
NaeNae Lose Rokkenjimania IV』– Dark World Arc
→Round 1

Stage: NXT

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • OP kneels to Vinnie Mac.

Gallery[edit | edit source]