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A weak technique used by demons.

Description[edit | edit source]

A technique that is able to connect the host to other beings to draw power from, the amount drawn depending on the host's decision. It is not very hard to severe the link unless the host is careful.

It is a demonic technique born of fury and that Todd feeds with revenge, an unnaturally strong version of the technique created with a unique and hard to detect form of magical energy in his specific application.

History[edit | edit source]

Todd Howard, after awakening his "Demon Powers" from arcane knowledge he gained for unknown reasons, obtains this ability and uses it to gain even more power.

TFR/Season 2[edit | edit source]

At first, he was able to only use a very weak variant of this power, which he applied when he dealt surprise attacks on Chris Redfield, and later on Leon S. Kennedy.

With the power gained from them, he was able to advance on to his next form, "Nightmare" Todd, and drained even more power from his victims, causing them to fall into a coma.

As his strength grew, he was able to apply the Mind-Link to his own allies, minions, and slaves. He had a new surge of power, although he was reaching the limits of what this weak technique would allow him to reach in power. Near the end of his conquest from power, he captured and sealed Doomguy, a being so powerful in raw force that it could barely maintain a Mind-Link yet brought the greatest boost in strength to Todd. With preparations done, Todd reaches for the Demon Tree Qliphoth and ascends to a new form, Demon King Todd (although the power boost wasn't that great since his real power was still comparatively weak).

While concentrating on the Howard Reality, the Anti-Todd Corps launch their counter-offense: Nelo Angelo is restored and his Link is decimated, The Butterflies break Dutch and Ruber's links, Fred Jones likewise breaks The Janitor's connection, and most severely, Erwin Smith is able to unseal Doomguy, whose Mind-Link instantly breaks at the fact.

With only Fargoth and Adachi Tohru remaining, Todd has not enough power to even entertain Dante and Vergil for long before falling.