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A tag-team and organization in TFR.

Plan and Faith[edit | edit source]

The men that have the master plan, except no one knows what the master plan is.

Their one desire is completing what they call "The Plan". What is it exactly? Nobody knows but themselves (or maybe not even themselves), but it is intricate, it is genius, and it has many branching paths that could lead it to be good, be evil, be terribly stupid, or maybe even something beyond. "The Plan" is more like an ideal, a conceptual destiny, or an end. They are always trying to devise new paths that lead to "The Plan", but most end in failure. However, that will not stop them.

Men With a Plan Secret Circle, the version of the group revealed in 2032, is a secret organization dedicated to The Plan, which was the following of the "Oracle of LEON!" and why Dutch has taken interest in Chris ever since Sperm Case Wars: as they interpreted it, it was the plan for humanity to ascend and Claire to become the mother of a new humanity in which everyone is a Redfield-Kennedy. To accomplish the goal, the members seek out the Holy Belt while keeping up the image of working for the different factions or standalone.

Ruber's Men With a Plan, the version founded after Ruber joins with Arthur Morgan instead of Dutch. Their goals are unknown but related to "freedom". Ruber seems to be able to exert control over the Yeagerists, and may employ them in accomplishing their goals.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

After Dutch is betrayed by his friend Arthur Morgan for his ability to see through his plans being mere scams, a new ally-in-the-making appears before him, before he even has a chance to say a word, the man already has a plan that included him. Dutch then knew they both were alike and would make the perfect team.

Dutch tries to ignore Ruber's suggestions to ally themselves with a demon, and he manufactures a path to The Plan that will make them rich by trying to defeat the demon. He just needs funding, and tries to ask King Pegasus for it. However, they are rejected as they are seen as incompetent (through his Millenium Eye) and he already has plans set up.

Let down, Dutch listens to Ruber, and they decide to join The Order for an evil path to reach The Plan...

Having made a deal with Todd, the group was given a power increase, and were now closer than ever to reaching The Plan.

However, they were defeated by a group of handsome men, and all their power, along with their hopes and dreams of mangoes, vanished. Now, they had to find another path to accomplish The Plan.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

The group was temporarily inactive due to the fact Ruber was nowhere to be seen during the Dimensional Merge and Dutch had disappeared for a while in the second half.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

As with a lot of other characters, they were trapped in the Universe 2K19 and any match they participated on before Episode 10 was not recorded.

Dutch was left trapped to die, while Ruber was brought by Kojima to the Universe 2K20, probably for his evil capabilities.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Now back together, it's time to get back on track on fulfilling The Plan.

Their newfound will to fulfill plans is so strong inside them that they managed to become #1 Contender for the tag team title.

And yet when the big chance comes... Ruber runs out during their match, leaving Dutch to the (non-existant) mercy of the priest and his servant. Dutch asks Ruber what the fuck was that, but Ruber HAS A PLAN, something better than those belts, than even a mansion in Tahiti. He even went and scheduled a match for themselves. After their victory however, Dutch left the ring in a rage.

Ruber wonders what was happening for him to leave so angry, and that if he's not gonna help, he'll continue on his own for the plan, but Dutch tells him to have SOME GODDAMN FAITH as he was testing him, and he has a plan of his own. Ruber however isn't very happy with Dutch ignoring his plan...

But... Ruber once again exits the match and leaves Dutch to unsuccessfully fend for himself. Dutch had enough. He tested Ruber time and time again, knowing from the very start that the priest was instructing him ever since that match, but trying to believe in him. But it was useless to have faith time and time again when Ruber had sold all his own faith to the priest, and it needed to end now. As the last chapter of Men With a Plan, they'll fight with their career on the line.

Thus, Ruber was victorious, and Dutch's career and schemes were all denied. But for Ruber, only the pure plan remained.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

After the betrayal, Ruber soon joins the Backstage Uprising, helping take over the GM Office and making Hideo book a match that makes King of Ingurland put his kingdom on the line, Ruber then using his disciple to win it all.

12 years in the future after The Disaster, Ruber became the rightful king of Britannia, and Dutch had completely vanished. When the Troubleshooters began a raid alongside The Final Resistance to Ruber's Castle and Arthur confronts him again, he escapes and Dutch shows up, revealing he had been working for The Three Kings. Ending in the prison cell, Ingurland finds and defeats him, taking everything away but sparing him and reinstating him as a loyal servant.

Once they are in the Coolsville Arena, Ruber reveals he was just bidding his time until another chance at getting the titles, putting on his american football helmet and replacing him with his proper american partner: Micah Bell, the TRUE IDENTITY behind Mr. America, and another Man With a Plan.

But "Men With a Plan"s true nature as an organization, as explained by Bevi to the recently-rescued and potential candidate member Fred Jones, is much different than everyone knows:

A secret organization operating from The Basedment with the intention of fulfilling The Plan the entire time. Their members have searched for it to come true from the shadows behind their apparent allegiances to BANS Army, The Three Kings or even The Final Resistance. Their members had been accomplishing The Plan the entire time, and with Adol Christin, Ruber, & Micah Bell holding all 4 titles between them, are at the cusp of cashing-in the Holy Belt.

At the cusp of accomplishing their plan, they were stopped by a lonesome warrior of great power who somehow had knowledge of them, and The Plan crumbled, and that was it for this world's hope of reaching it.

Season 0[edit | edit source]

In a Yeagerist Parade, Ruber convinces Arthur about their belief for freedom. After a while, Arthur is reminisces about wrestling and Ruber agrees and admits the Yeagerists have lost their grip, and if not following random plans... why doesn't Arthur follow Ruber's plan instead.

Season 7[edit | edit source]

Ruber and Arthur have gotten much closer and together have become... Men With a Plan, much to the detest of Dutch.

They eventually move to Bogdanoff Championship Wrestling.

The Extinct Light[edit | edit source]

With Dutch van der Linde founding his own faction as The Plan, the two organizations might now stand at odds with one another.

Members[edit | edit source]

* Dutch van der Linde, the original accomplisher of The Plan who had become exiled after "being betrayed", resurfacing 12 years working on The Plan but appearing as a Three Kings agent.

  • Ruber, he had "betrayed" Dutch and become king of Britannia, then became Ingurland's "redeemed" partner, and finally betrayed him with Micah Bell, all while still being in on The Plan.
  • Chris Redfield, joined thanks to the Kings' brainwashing which backfired, or perhaps was never succesfully brainwashed in the first place, after being informed of The Plan's nature, possibly by Bevi.
  • Arthur Morgan, a former member of the resistance, was kidnapped by Dutch and seemingly joined The Kings' side, but brainwashed or not, he was let in on The Plan and joined Dutch in pretending to work for The Kings.
  • Micah Bell, as a true american saw how rotten the american people were, and followed the plan to reach paradise. He joined Ruber in obtaining the Tag-Team Belts.
  • Adol Christin, Ruber's disciple, he saw the weakness that plagued humanity and saw it fit to bring forth it's successor. Hinted about MWaP existing to Aleph, and gained the Jobber Belt and /v/ Belt near the end of The Kings' plan.
  • Bevi, rejected all other factions and used his Basement as center of operations for The Plan. He stopped Narushima Koga from obtaining the belt and tried to bring Fred Jones in.

* Ruber, the leader of the group and possible de-facto leader of The Yeagerists.

  • Arthur Morgan, Dutch's former ally and a seeker of freedom following Ruber.
  • Possibly Zeke Yeager.
  • Possible unknown number of Yeagerists.

  • Match History[edit | edit source]

    Date Type Vs Result Record Details
    W D L
    Men With a Plan, The Motel Survivors, The Bakers, The Augmented Win 1 0 0 Members: Dutch & Ruber

    For Title: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contenders

    Tornado-Tag The Butterflies Lose 1 0 1
    Iconic Match
    /v/ Tag-Team Championship: Dutch and Ruber's Dastardly Plan

    Members: Dutch & Ruber

    For Title: /v/ Tag-Team

    The Motel Survivors Lose 1 0 2 Members: Dutch & Ruber
    Tag-Team The Butterflies Lose 1 0 3 Members: Dutch & Ruber

    For: Mind-Link break



    Majima & Kiryu-chan Win Members: Dutch & Ruber
    Men With a Plan, The Paranormal Patrol, 911 Krew Win 2 0 3 Members: Dutch & Ruber

    For Title: /v/ Tag-Team #1 Contenders

    Tag-Team Master & BERSERKER Lose 2 0 4 Members: Dutch & Ruber(temporarily)

    For Title: /v/ Tag-Team

    Note: The match ends shortly after Ruber betrays Dutch and leaves the match.

    The Paranormal Patrol Win 3 0 4 Members: Dutch & Ruber
    The Therapy Win 4 0 4
    The Blunder Kings Win 5 0 4
    The Order of Todd Lose 5 0 5 Members: Dutch & Ruber(temporarily)

    Note: The match ends shortly after Ruber betrays Dutch and leaves the match.

    The Thunder Saints Win 6 0 5 Members: Ruber & Micah

    For Title: /v/ Tag-Team

    Mystery Inc. Lose 6 0 6 Members: Dutch & Arthur
    Jacopo Bearzatti & Fusaishi Haruaki Lose 6 0 7