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A wrestler in AEW.

Buck A[edit | edit source]

The gay one. Also has darker hair.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

Participating in more dimeless NJPW gaijin matches.

Episode 3

While searching for "That Man" in NJPW, Maximillion Pegasus and Kaiba Seto are approached by Ryuki Kuruto, claiming he came to see Toru Yano but couldn't help but notice Pegasus in the crowd, and despite still trying to make it big in AEW because he loves wrestling so much, asks an autograph of his TFR hero, but Pegasus is too busy to care for that pissant company and redirects him to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Once gone, Pegasus repeats what he told Kaiba countless times, this new generation... they're "just happy to be there", they "love the sport", such attitudes disgusts him profoundly.

Such words being uttered are picked by the worst ears possible, as Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson, whom they say are "killing the business", even if that were the case, they're doing it to protect the ART, not make money but FRIENDS, have FUN, and make wrestling BETTER than how they found it. And that's why Illegal Rumblers like themselves must put an end to his power trip... with a SUPERKICK PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! As his mood starts to sour, Pegasus asks Kaiba why they are like this, who brings up the information that they're "the wrestlers that love to wrestle wrestlers in the wrestling ring, The Young Bucks, superkicks and canadian destroyers specialists with multiple 7-star bouts" who can kick out of anything he throws at them, so Kaiba takes special pills that will allow him to wrestle through his injury.

Half an hour, tons of superkicks, several double 630s, and one Meltzer Driver later, the bucks finally realize Pegasus and Kaiba have disengaged and left the arena, who call them out for not allowing them to restart their 3-hour match since they can't reach enough kicked-out-of finishers to get 8-stars anymore, and call Pegasus a senile, toxic old worker who hates bangers.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Singles Details
Tag-Team The Young Bucks

Maximillion Pegasus & Kaiba Seto

W1 L0 1
0 0 P
Stage: Tokyo Dome

Note: Count-Out