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A character from Fate/Zero.

HARD WORK[edit | edit source]

A hard working man. Wants to save wormslut. Is a wormanslut too. Has magic cancer.

Season 0 (original)[edit | edit source]

Originally part of Season 0.

TFR/Season 0[edit | edit source]

Matou Kariya was Kiryu Kazuma's sworn brother after they grew up at Sunflower Orphanage. He was rejected by his family after running away from their inhuman practices.

When both of them were adopted by the Sonozaki Family, they were taught many things by Steven Sonozaki. Alongside them in the orphanage also was Jill Stingray, whom they shared a friendship bond with, and Kariya harbored romantic feelings for, although she in turn loved Kiryu.

During the time when his niece was about to undergo an operation to remove her worms, Kiryu takes the blame for him killing Sakura's mother, so that he can be with his niece. However, the operation turns out to be a scam, and instead she's pumped full with even more and bigger worms.

This drives Kariya into despair, and he decides he will work hard to reach the top, and injects himself with worms to that extent. He reformed his family, the Matou Family, and became a subsidiary of the Sonozaki. He forged an alliance with Sudou Tatsuzou, a politician with ties with the Sonozaki Family that could help him gain control of it, and the man leading a keyboard smuggling ring. The remnants of his once venerable family rallied under his flag, igniting an insurrection within the Sonozaki.

However, a single woman possessed the key to thwart their plan, Jill Stingray, and allowed the Sonozaki to strike back. Atop Millennium Tower, the conflict reached its zenith, and Kiryu appeared to confront him and Sudou. However, Sudou reveals he's betraying Kariya and the Sonozaki and attempts to kill Kiryu, but Jill sacrifices her life to save him. Her death prompted Kariya to realize what wrong he's done, and despite Sudou fatally wounding him, he uses his magecraft to blow themselves up along with the keyboards.

This character is Dead

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

During the 10 years Kiryu was in prison, Kariya's desire to obtain power and climb the ranks of the Sonozaki Family was ruthless, to the extent he tried to marry the daughter of the head of the allied Sumadera Family, Sumadera Kasumi, in a calculated, strategic arranged marriage. However, he never held any love for Kasumi, for he only had eyes for childhood love, Jill. Unexpectedly, the Sumadera patriarch was found hanged in his room, so the role was passed to his eldest daughter, Kyrie, and Kasumi and her son were banished. Kiryu knew nothing on this due to the shortwinded nature of his encounters with Kariya.

Kariya: ...It's been ten years since I've drank with you.

Kazuma: Yeah.

Kariya: Visitation didn't fit into my schedule.

I've been pretty busy, you know.

Kazuma: I'm sure...

After his death, his family was forcefully disbanded and dispersed amongst other clans.

Episode 6

Much later, his son Kieran would re-assemble the family to get back at the Sonozaki Family and Kiryu Kazuma who lived in spite of his father.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Record Singles Details
Royal Rumble Full List Lose Game: 2K18
NON-CANON Kiryu Kazuma Lose 『TFR's 3rd Anniversary』
Stage: Top of Coolsville Hills