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A luchador from Lucha AAA.

The Bone Man[edit | edit source]

A legendary luchador from the world of Mexico's Lucha Libre. He was later in life known as L.A. Par-K, which stands for "La (Autentica) Parka".

TFR/Season 3[edit | edit source]

Unlike most people, this person wasn't granted eternal rest upon his death; instead his soul was chosen to be placed along the names engraved in Hell's eternal throne. Mr. Bones had chosen this man to be his chosen physical avatar, made to be puppeteered to wrestle in Hell to demonstrate the might of its ruler, and maybe participate in the Holy Grail Wars, but mostly wrestling.

He is vulnerable to holy weapons such as Holy Light Tubes. When these weapons are used against La Parka it will heavily weaken him to the point that he needs to go back to his phylactery to recover. It was this way that he was defeated by La Parka Negra, a cursed being that attacked La Parka on a few occasions.

Ever since his legendary victory found in an old tape, the current location or mission of La Parka, along the holy sword Excalibur, are unknown.

Episode 9

However, he appeared with the AAA champions when TFR had a crossover match with the promotion. They were likely souls.

TFR/Season 4[edit | edit source]

As an avatar of Mr. Bones, he appears occasionally when he needs to materialize, most commonly to severely punish souls or some of his other servants, or when he accepts a worthy challenger.

Episode 3

He stole Doomguy's soul, and accomplished it using The Grimoire.

Episode 8

Mr. Bones was challenged by a holy man, however, he was not an ordinary human, but an expert in Magecraft and a Master participating in a holy grail war. Not only did he come to this fight fully prepared, he used every underhanded trick he could, and was somehow able to defeat La Parka, dethroning the king of hell for the first time in recorded history. Just what could he be planning?

Episode 11

After the erasurement of Mr. Bones and apparent destruction La Parka, something more evil appeared and took a new vessel in Hell, known as... La Parka II.

TFR/Season 8[edit | edit source]

A luchador who is very much alive, and has attained the level of living legend in the land of Mexico, so much that he's been called "the one who controls hell"... it's only a nickname.

Episode 2

The Illegal Rumble, a strange underground organization that "shouldn't exist and isn't allowed to exist, but still does", it's said to operate in places like the UK. Because they have an easier time performing overseas where it's not-so-illegal, it also holds a crossover event with some of Mexico's most infamous yet unknown outlaw mudshows... that's where Maximillion Pegasus and Kaiba Seto found themselves in.
Mexican #1: UN FORASTERO!


Then... a legend of Mexico emerges: La Parka. Someone with such a great influence he's been nicknamed 'King of Hell' (naturally, just a funny name), and seems he's related to TIR's operations. He says he "wasn't expecting to see them here but this is as far as they go", "TFR has made them lose important people in the past and they won't import luchadores anymore, and in fact as the outlaws in his kingdom... they'll face the consequences". Pegasus naturally understands nothing of what he says, but if he wants to play the game, his Toon Summoned Skull looks much more menacing.
"The King of Frauds" more like, Parka-boy let down his country, but it seems the mexicans won't let them get away and they don't stand a chance without Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon... just then, a bell rings through the whole city.
Mexican #1: La campana...

Mexican #2: Tenemos que irnos...

La Parka: Tienes suerte, Pegaso.

Es hora... Del nuevo episodio de Dragon Ball Bebé...

Veamos... Bebé Goku vs Bebé J...
...Where's everyone going? Bingo?

Match History[edit | edit source]

Date Type Vs Result Records Singles Details
Vergil, Van Darkholme, Manny Pardo, Kirei Kotomine

Abismo Negro, Konnan, El Zorro, La Parka

W1 L0 1
3 1 P
Iconic Match
BONUS: Team TFR vs. Lucha AAA
Referee: Dad

Note: Btfo most of Team TFR, then was in a 10 minutes stalemate with Pardo until he was finally eliminated by him.

Abismo Negro,El Zorro,Konnan, La Parka Win Note: La Parka once again proved the strongest.
Manny Pardo Win
W2 L0 2
4 1 P
W1 L0 1
1 0 P
Stage: Ring of Hell

Note: Punished Pardo on his masters' behalf.

Kirei Kotomine Lose
W2 L1 1
4 2 P
W1 L1 0
1 1 P
Iconic Match
Confrontation of the Infernal and the Holy
Stage: Ring of Hell

Note: He was finally defeated, but just what does this mortal want?

Royal Rumble
  1. The Prince
  2. Chris Redfield
  3. Duke Nukem
  4. Leon S. Kennedy
  5. Cole Quinn
  6. Manny Pardo
  7. Senator Armstrong
  8. Kazuhira Miller
  9. The Demon of Debt
  10. La Parka
  11. Joshua Graham
  12. Nero
  13. Kyle Hyde
  14. Sam Hyde
  15. Winnie the Pooh
  16. King of Ingurland
  17. Dan Schneider
  18. V
  19. Kaname Date
  20. Char Aznable
  21. Maximillion Pegasus
  22. Drake Bell
  23. Phoenix Wright
  24. Reviewbrah
  25. Terry Davis
  26. Extra
  27. HUNK
  28. Kazuma Kiryu
  29. Max Payne
  30. Goro Majima
Lose Christmas Special
Game: WWE 2K20
Hell in a Cell
Doomguy Win La Parka Commemorative Stream
Game: WWE 2K19
NON-CANON La Parka, Doomguy, Manny PardoHUNK, Kirei Kotomine, Dimitri Blaiddyd Win La Parka Commemorative Stream
Game: WWE 2K19

Note: HUNK and Doomguy were eliminated one after each other, leaving a Parka / Kirei 1v1. Their fight was intense and Kirei broke out time and time again, but his La Parkinator left him weak enough to get defeated.

Maximillion Pegasus Lose
W2 L2 0
4 3 P
W1 L2 -1
1 2 P
Stage: Mexican Outlaw Mudshow

Abilities[edit source]

Avatar of Hell His status gives him incredible endurance, strength and magic resistance.